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Jerry Makes Three by SammyO

Jerry Makes Three

Like many people that have been married for a short period of time, I was working two jobs. Through the week, I worked at the local paint shop and on the weekends I had a great job driving limousine. Little was I to know, that this second job was going to help my wife and I open a whole new chapter in our sex lives.

I was scheduled to work a long Saturday driving limousine. I had a birthday party that was to last until 3 o'clock followed by a night at the theater. When I left my wife Bonnie that morning, I told her that I would see her around midnight.

Luckily the birthday party ended right after lunch and I was left with a two hour break between trips. I thought I would bring the limo home and surprise my wife. When I pulled onto our street I was happy to see my friend Jerry's truck parked at our house. He always wanted to see my limo and I thought that this would be the perfect chance.

However, when I walked up to the house I found the screen door locked. I thought this was strange but our kids had accidentally locked the screen door before. I was surprised not to see Bonnie but figured that her and Jerry were at our bar in the basement. Going around back, I unlocked the basement door and went inside, but still no sign of anyone.

I got this sinking feeling in my gut as I headed up the steps towards our bedroom. As I got to the top of the steps, I could see my wife's naked legs in the air and could hear her moans coming from the partially closed bedroom door. I slowly crept to the door and looked in. I was shocked to see my wife on her back while Jerry was fucking her with his huge cock. The look on my wife's face was of pure ecstasy. I could tell that she was really getting off on being fucked by Jerry. His cock looked to be about 9", longer than my 7" tool.

I burst through the door just as Jerry pulled out of my wife's cunt and began spewing his cum over her stomach. You could see the shock on their faces, but they were both so involved in their own orgasms that their faces shown primarily with pure pleasure. I stormed out of the house and took off in my limo. I didn't know if I would come back or not.

That night while waiting on my passengers at the theater, I had plenty of time to think about what I had witnessed earlier that day. I kept coming back to one thing. The picture in my mind of Jerry pounding his cock into my wife, was beginning to turn me on. By the end of the night I knew that I had to return home and confront my wife.

When I got home my wife was waiting for my in the den. I could tell that she had been crying. After much back and forth yelling and accusing, I knew that we were going to make it. My wife was sincerely sorry and asked what she could do to make it up to me. It was at this point that I told her how watching her fuck Jerry had turned me on. I told her that I wanted to have a threesome with her and Jerry. After little discussion, she agreed. We agreed that we would set it up for Friday evening.

When Friday night finally arrived, I could see Jerry's nervousness as soon as he arrived. He began to apologize about what happened. I cut him off saying that what happened was in the past and that we needed to move on. At about that time Bonnie came down the steps dressed as slutty as I had ever seen her.

Part of our agreement was that if she wanted to act like a slut I wanted her to dress like one. She was wearing a pair of stiletto heels that really showed off her long and lean legs. The black stockings she wore only accentuated the shapeliness of her calves and thighs. She was also wearing the sheerest and tightest dress that I had ever seen. Through it you could see the black thong panties that she had on. The lowcut top exposed her braless 36C tits. When she got to the bottom of the steps, she looked at Jerry and I and told us that her pussy was already wet just thinking of the two of us fucking her.

We went to the couch in the den all sat down with Bonnie facing Jerry. She leaned over and snaked her tongue into his mouth. Sitting there next to my wife as she was frenching my best friend, I couldn't keep my hands off of her any longer. I began rubbing her tits as my cock was getting harder and harder inside my jeans.

While I was busy playing with her tits, Jerry had spread her legs and had began massaging her pussy. It was obvious that Bonnie was enjoying all of the attention by the low moans coming from her throat. She already had Jerry's cock out and was fumbling with my belt to release my raging hardon as well.

I pulled her up to her knees on the sofa so I could access her soaking wet cunt. As I did this she began working on Jerry's cock with her mouth. Watching her swallow his tool made me even more excited. I lifted her short dress up over her ass and removed her soaking wet panties. I kneeled behind her and touched her swollen pussy lips with my finger. As she rocked back to my touch, I could here the low guttural moan come from deep in her throat. I got down behind her and began to lick the juices from her slit. As I continued to lick her pussy I reached around her and began playing with her clit. After what seemed like only seconds, Bonnie had an extremely intense orgasm. I looked between her legs and could see that she had swallowed all of Jerry's 9" monster.

I told Bonnie that I wanter her to suck my cock while she fucked Jerry. Without hesitation she moved over Jerry and guided her slick pussy onto Jerry's cock. Seeing my wife's pussy being stretched like that was a real turn on. As I moved around the back of the sofa, Bonnie looked up at me with her "fuck me" eyes as she began to expertly lick my cock. She slowly ran her tongue around the head of my cock. Then opening wide she took my entire 7" down her throat. When I felt my cock against the back of her throat I thought I was in heaven. Here I was having my cock sucked by my wife while my best friend was pounding his meat to her from underneath.

After a few minutes of one of the best blowjob that I had ever had. Bonnie abruptly stopped all of her movements and looked at both of us. She looked at me and said "Fuck me in the ass while Jerry's in my pussy." I was surprised but did not hesitate to move around behind her.

Her ass was already lubed from the overflow of the numerous orgasms that she must have had. I moved between her legs and began rubbing my cock over her ass cheeks. As I moved my cock down the crack of her ass Bonnie began with another orgasm and begged me to fuck her up the ass. Not wanting to disappoint her, I put the head of my cock against her puckered asshole and began to push.

My cock easily slipped past into her ass and I slowly entered her ass entirely. The feeling of being in her ass with my friend Jerry's cock in her cunt was unreal. After a few strokes Jerry and I got our motions coordinated. We were pumping in and out of both of her holes with reckless abandon. Orgasm after orgasm crashed through her pussy. Soon I could feel Jerry tense up and yell that he was going to cum. Bonnie looked back at me and told me she wanted to feel my cum in her ass too. Before I could speak I began shooting one of the largest loads of cum I ever shot deep in her ass. Cum was dripping everywhere, out her ass, from her pussy and down both her legs. We all collapsed on the couch, completely spent.

That evening was the first of many threesomes that we have had. We still meet with Jerry on a regular basis. After all, what are best friends for.

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