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Jennifer's Surprise by Mr. Barefoot

Jennifer's Surprise

My wife, Jennifer, is a lovely brunette with gorgeous eyes, full lips, and nice breasts. She carries a few extra pounds, about what you'd expect from a thirtysomething mother of three. She is conservative, and although she enjoys sex, she was never very daring about it. She was a virgin when we married. Through the course of our marriage, our sex life has improved. I can hold out for a long time; it's not uncommon at all for Jennifer to enjoy 45 minutes of good, deep fucking before I even decide to think about cumming. Jennifer likes most positions, and enjoys oral sex, but her two favorite (at least, judging by her orgasmic reactions) are to have me on top of her in the good old missionary position, screwing her pussy steadily while we squeeze her breasts, or for her to straddle me, while she rides my cock with her hands in the air and me slapping her breasts. In either case, once she gets into the mood, she really loses the ability to feel prudish about anything. When she's getting close to the edge, I sometimes start rubbing my fingers stiffly along her jaw, up to her cheek, then finally to her lips. Sometimes she just enjoys the feeling of my hands on her, but on the occasions (more than half the time) when she immediately opens her mouth and sucks my finger in, I know that she is ready to fantasize with me about my obsession watching my wife suck someone else's cock.

As soon as my finger is in her mouth, I start talking to her, and her body betrays her by responding immediately, despite her conservative values. "Oh yeah, you like sucking on that, don't you baby," I'll start to ask her, all the while slowly screwing her, pushing forward to rub my cock over her clit, then pushing deeply into her. Jennifer is very passionate in bed; she moans, breathes audibly, and yelps. When I start talking about a cock being in her mouth while I fuck her, she really starts to get excited, writhing around, sending little squeezing spasms through her cunt. "You like sucking cock, don't you? A big hard cock in your mouth, sliding across your lips, your tongue, fucking back and forth. Don't you? Don't you, Jennifer." After a while, she'll start talking about having another cock there, in a slutty, lust driven voice. "Oh, that big dick, sliding in my mouth oh, mmm, yes, pump it, fuck my mouth." This really, really turns me on, and I'll then try to make the fantasy better by referring to the imaginary guy. "Yeah baby, he's got his cock out for you, you like it? You gonna take make him cum on you?" By this time, Jennifer is coming to the point of no return, and is liable to say almost anything. "Oh yeah, that big hard cock in my face, rubbing on my cheeks mmm, rub it on my tits mmm, yes, yes, jack that thing off, jack that big hard cock" She starts to talk to the imaginary guy, with his imaginary dick. "Jack it off, rub it on my lips oh yeah, give me your cock, jack it, squirt it on me, squirt that hot sticky cum on me. Oh yeah, I want it all over me." By this time, she is fucking back at me with her hips, hard, or if she is on top, she is pounding and sliding on my cock violently. "Yeah give it to me, cum all over me Oh! Oh, oh." Her voice gets higher and higher. I know she's ready to have an orgasm, so I stuff my fingers in her mouth, and she sucks it like a cock, while I tell her that it is a cock. "Yeah, feel that big cock in your mouth, Jennifer, his big cock, he's pumping it into your mouth" Jennifer is beginning to cum, so I push in another finger or two. My voice gets more insistent. "Suck him," I command her, "Suck his dick for him" She sucks hard on my fingers, and lets out the first a high pitched yelp as she starts to cum, with me biting at her nipple and rubbing three fingers fast in and out of her mouth, across her outstretched tongue. When she cums, she screws up her beautiful face and pushes hard against me, grinding her hips and trapping my cunt deep inside her, yelping, "OH, OH, OH, OH," smashing her clit against my shaft.

After she has cum like that, sometimes I pull my cock out of her cunt and fuck her tits, and cum all over her. She likes for me to cum on her tits and stomach, but her face is just so, so pretty that I always love to see my big ugly dick spurting hot streams of cum on her lips and tongue, and down her chin.

Afterwards, when we are lying exhausted in bed, I sometimes bring up the idea again, but in her more normal frame of mind it makes her feel funny, and she giggles at it. It is a fantasy, but not one that I figured I could ever realize.

One time, after she had several orgasms and I had finally cum by pulling out of her pussy and fucking her tits, we lay in each other's arms talking. "It really turns you on to think about having another guy there when I'm fucking you, doesn't it?" She was a little embarrassed, but gave a "Mmm hmm" yes answer. "You'd like to suck a cock, wouldn't you? While you have one in your cunt?"

She thought about it. "Yeah, but I could never do it."

"Maybe I'll get a banana from the kitchen, and fuck you with it while you suck me off," I said, pretty forcefully.

I was the one surprised though, when my sweet, lovely, proper wife looked into my eyes and announced, "I want to get a dildo." She gave a little half giggle, but didn't break eye contact, and I knew that she meant it. "Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. I could suck on it while you fuck me."

"Wow." That was an incredible turn on, and my dick started stirring again.

"We'll get one, then" I would get her a dildo, which would please her, fulfill some sexual fantasies of hers, and make her feel wild, but my mind was racing; if I could get her hooked on using the dildo, on sucking it into her mouth while I fucked her, and used to fucking it into her pussy while I spewed cum on her face, I could eventually get her to fulfill my perverted fantasy namely, to gangbang my wife. "We'll go to the store and get you one," I repeated.

Well, I got the dildo next week, and it was a huge hit. Jennifer loved to straddle my hips with my cock up her cunt, my hands roughly slapping and pinching her breasts, with her head turned to the side and the big rubber dildo sliding in and out of her mouth, while she came and came. She would lay on her face with her ass in the air and go up and down on that dildo with her mouth, giving it the best blowjob you've ever seen, while I'd fuck her in the pussy. While we were doing that, she really cut loose one time. She could tell that I was going to cum, and pulled her head off of the big rubber dickhead, turned to me, and insisted, "Cum all over my back, cum on my back!" I pulled my cock out of her cunt at the last possible second, pushed it down in the groove of her ass, and shot a big load of cum on her ass cheeks, her lower back, and squirted some up to her shoulder blades and the hair on the back of he head. She was so turned on by that that she reached between her legs and touched her clit, and had another powerful orgasm, with the dildo pressed against her face.

Overall, the dildo was a big hit with Jennifer, and she the fact that she felt like she was really being kinky with it turned her on and made her feel good about herself. I really liked it too, and for a while it sufficed, but the old feeling came back and if anything, became more insistent watching my wife finger her clit and pump that big dildo in and out of her mouth made me want more than ever to see her open her mouth for a real, throbbing, ugly prick, to suck it in, to see her cheeks bulge out and her lips stretched around its veiny girth, and finally to see hot, white, smelly jism shooting out of the head, splashing on my wife's beautiful face, running down her full lips, hanging from her chin, and finally splattering onto her full, pale breasts. Although I wanted it to happen, I knew it never would. Jennifer was too conservative; indeed, the act itself would constitute adultery, something that neither of us would ever consider. The idea of it gave her a thrill during sex, but it drove me crazy, led me many times to kneel at her head and jack off into her open mouth and on her face, while she rubbed my dick and the dildo across her lips.

An old Army friend of mine, Tom, was staying at our house for three days. Tom is married, but he was working on a project down in our end of town. Sleeping at our place cut his driving time down from two hours to about 15 minutes each way, and he was a good houseguest. Jennifer got along well with him (which is more than I can say for a lot of guys I was in the service with if you're a veteran, you know what I mean.) He's a smart guy, well mannered, and nice looking.

We sat around after dinner, finishing a second bottle of wine. Jennifer is not a big drinker, and the wine had really affected her. It was about 8:30 when we said goodnight and went off to bed. Tom was sleeping in the study, at the other end of our modest house from the master bedroom.

Jennifer was really horny. When I got into our room, she kissed me with her mouth wide open, licking the inside of my mouth immediately. I pushed her against the wall and ground my stiff dick against her crotch through our clothes.

"Oh, I'm so hot," she murmured, pulling my shirt out of my pants. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out." She reached down and grabbed at my dick. "Take it out so I can suck it," she demanded. I quit fumbling with the zipper on her dress to quickly do as I was told who wants to delay a drunken, beautiful blowjob and Jennifer dropped to her knees, sucking my dick straight into her mouth, working her lips and tongue as she pumped up and down the shaft. I leaned over and pulled her dress off over her head, which interrupted her time on my cock for a moment, but was worth it because now there was a beautiful, drunk brunette, kneeling in lacy bra and panties, slurping my swollen dick into her mouth violently. I twined my fingers into her chestnut hair, and pumped her head onto me. It felt great, but stopped her and took her to the bed, pushed her onto her back, then stepped out of my pants and laid right on top of her. Our tongues were in and out of each other's mouths instantly, and then I started working my way quickly down her neck to her breasts. Jennifer's breasts are not huge, but a nice large C cup, with large brown nipples. As buzzed as I was, and as borderline drunk as she was, neither of us wanted anything subtle; I undid the clasp in the front of her bra, then sucked her right tit hard into my mouth hard as the lace material snapped to both sides. Jennifer's nipple was stiff against my tongue, while I squeezed her other breast none too gently. I tugged on her panties, and whipped them off violently as she lifted her ass off the bed. I pulled away from her tits, and knelt, going straight for her wet pussy. Jennifer has large hips and a hairy cunt, and she loves having me pay attention to her clit, with whatever's handy. She likes my lips, my tongue, my fingers, the head of my dick held in my hand (or her hand) and rubbed on her clit, or lately, the dildo. I used my lips and my tongue to suck and squeeze and smash her little swollen clit for just a moment, then dipped down into her slick cunt with my tongue, sucking her lips into my mouth.

"Mmmhh. Mff. Mhhhh." Jennifer's moans were a high pitched hum, as I ate her pussy and she rubbed her tits with both hands. She was beautiful, my wife, really beautiful. I wanted to feel her big, pale tits; I reached up and squeezed her, hard, making her cry out. Jennifer pulled her legs apart, to get my mouth on her clit, but I didn't do it. To get what she wanted, I would make her do what I wanted, which was for her to be totally sleazy, and beg for that dildo in her mouth. I started licking her clit with long, light strokes, that kept her stimulated but drove her drastic for the hard pressure that she craved. "Oh, rub my clit, do it hard" She reached for her clit, but I wouldn't let her touch it. "What do you want, Jennifer?" I teased her, while she moaned. "I want you to do my clit," another slow lick from me, "I want you to eat it up OOH!," as I bit my lips hard on her clit, like she wanted. "Oh, yes, I need it, don't stop, please" I pulled my face away from her cunt. A pleading, begging voice, "No, don't stop!" Instead of giving in to her, I slid back up on top of her and put my pussy wet mouth on hers, and she sucked eagerly on my tongue as I took my stiff dick in my hand and rubbed it up and down my wife's clit, dipping it into her wide open pussy, then back to her clit. "Oh yes, do that mmm, MFF! Mmmh, oh." Jennifer was approaching the point where all she could think about was her need for sexual gratification. That was where I wanted her. "That cock, feels SOO good oh, please, you put it there, put it there." Jennifer was arching up against me, pushing her cunt against my dick. Her eyes were closed, her lips pouched as she concentrated. I touched them with my finger, and she pressed it hard between her lips.

"Now baby, tell me what you want," I said softly, in an almost mean voice, as I slowed the pace of hard dick up and down on her clit. "Tell me what you need." With that, I ignored her need for clitoral stimulation and sunk deep into her hot cunt.

"Oooh," she moaned, as my cock moved deep inside her. "Yes, your cock feels so good mmhh." I moved on top of her, rubbing my body up and down, feeling my hairy chest grating across her smooth breasts.

"You need something else, don't you," I asked, then stuck my tongue out as far and as straight as I could; she opened her mouth to it, then gave head to my tongue, pressing her head down against her pillow then raising it up so she could suck my tongue like a dick. I let her do it for a minute, then pulled my face away from her. "I know what you need." I paused. "Don't you, Jennifer."

I paused again, and she nodded, "Mm hm."

"Tell me, Jennifer, tell me what you need." To emphasize my point, I stopped my slow thrusts into her pussy. She wanted that sensation again; "A cock,," she said, her eyes closed, her head facing to one side as she pressed it back against the pillow. "I need a cock"

"Where," I pressed her. "You've got a cock right here inside of you."

Jennifer pressed her finger against her pretty lips, then opened her mouth and slid her finger inside. "Here..," she sucked her finger in, "I need it in my mouth"

I put two fingers in her mouth, keeping up the slow pace of the fucking I was giving her. "That, Jennifer, is that what you want?"

"Mmmmm," she moaned around my fingers. I pulled them out "I want a cock a big cock, bigger" She squeezed her breasts. "You know what I want"

I did know. She wanted me to get her the dildo, so she could rub it all over her face while my cock filled her cunt, and to pump it in and out of her cunt, smash it against her clit, while I pumped hot jiz across her tits.

"I want a cock oh, a big, hard, hot cock." I bent my head and licked her nipple. "I want it here, a big dick on my face, pounding on my tits" She tweaked her nipple. "Do it for me."

"You stay here, I'll get it for you." This interruption sucked, but if I hurried I wouldn't break the momentum. I went to the gun safe by the door of our bedroom, where we kept the dildo locked up; it was definitely not something that we wanted the kids to find. Usually we get it out before we go to bed, but tonight had been so spontaneous, with the wine, and with Tom being here my hand stopped turning the key, my mind spinning. Tom was here should I? Of course not. I didn't know if Tom would do it, and Jennifer would be appalled, worse than appalled, mortified, it could completely ruin our relationship. All of these thoughts took microseconds, and I was turning the key in the bottom lock Jennifer grunted from the bed, where she was sucking her finger and squeezing her breast, her legs pressed together; despite her need, she knew I wouldn't want her to touch her clit and cum without me. But the sound of her moaning made up my mind; in an instant, I wrapped a towel around my waist and ran up the hall to the study, where Tom was sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

I opened the door, and Tom was under the sheet, still awake. "Get up," I hissed exitedly.

"What's wrong," he asked, jumping up. We had known each other for fifteen years, and he could tell by my demeanor that it wasn't time to hesitate.

"Look, man, you know I love Jennifer, but well, listen, you come wait in the hall by our door. I think she'll" My mind was going a million miles an hour again. Now that the moment was here, I couldn't even verbalize what I had been thinking for so long, not out loud, with someone other than her to hear it. Especially the guy who Forget it. I made another instant decision. "We have a fantasy. Stand by the door; if I yell 'Get in here,' you stand by her head" I looked at him intently. "She'll suck your cock" Without another word I ran back up the hall, and as I could hear him following me.

I had probably been out of the bed for only 10 seconds; I grabbed the dildo off of the top of the gun cabinet as I came by. Jennifer lay panting with her eyes closed, one hand still kneading a creamy white breast, the other moving over her clit; I moved that one to my dick, and knelt beside the bed, leaning over and licked my tongue between her parted lips. Jennifer moaned deep within my mouth, letting me know she was still wired. I traced the underside of her breasts with my fingernails, which made her crazy because she wanted hard, firm, squeezing. I starting to realize what might happen in a few minutes; I stood up and my pulsing, swollen cock was on Jennifer's stomach. "That's it mmm, that's what I want," she said, her fingers curling it. I wanted her back at the point she was when I left, about to lose herself in a massive orgasm. Just holding my stiff prick was starting to get her excited again; I leaned over her and bit with my lips at the top of her slit, feeling her rough pubic hair on my face. Jennifer's body jerked "OH! AH!" She pushed her pubic mound up towards my mouth. She tried to pull my cock to her mouth, but I wouldn't let her. She was jacking me and banging the head of my dick on her nipple, which she likes to do when she's close to coming. I didn't need her to cum yet, I needed to own her so she would - the thought made me almost spurt across her tits right then - so she would suck on Tom's cock when he came in, so she would have to get him in her mouth to satisfy her own lust I shifted, pulling my cock out of her hand. I lay on the bed with my face between her thighs, and started to slowly lick from the bottom of her slit to the top, never penetrating, never touching her clit.

"OH, oh, do it, stick it in give it to me" Jennifer's voice was again the high pitched moan. "I want it" I slid my hand up between her breasts, to her throat and kneaded her lower jaw. I could feel the vibrations in her vocal cords. I moved a finger to her cunt lips "Yeah, finger my cunt baby, my clit I need it oh, I need it do it to me"

I darted my tongue from between my nibbling lips and licked a fast swipe inside her cunt and off of her clit "UNGH!," Jennifer jumped. "You need it, baby?" I asked. "What do you need. What do you want, Jennifer, what will make you cum?"

Jennifer's voice started as a high whine. "A cock." It changed to a throaty whisper as her mind visualized what she was saying, and it excited her. "A hard cock on my lips rubbing my face" She was humping involuntarily now, needing that instinctive motion that meant fucking, no matter what. Her hips pumped up and down, twisting slightly, and my face rode up and down with her, my tongue as deep as I could go inside of Jennifer's cunt. "Oh, I want it I want it"

"You ready to take care of his dick, baby? You want to see that big dick over your face? Hmm?"

"Oh yes. Yes. Hanging his dick over my face, rubbing the head on my lips yes, mmm, jack that dick off on my face" Jennifer's hips were pumping wildly now, in a circular motion, but I wasn't putting enough pressure on her clit. "Oh, baby, yes, give it to me, give it to me, gi-MMPH," her words cut off as I put three fingers in her mouth. She sucked them in wetly, moaning insistently. Jennifer going crazy with lust at this moment, the place she had reached, she was likely to do anything, and that was right where I wanted her. "I WANT MMPH A COCK MMMMPH, give me a COCK IN MY MOUTH MMMPH!"

I had never seen her like this. I had to change her sex crazed perspective now, the way I always did, to thinking about A cock, to thinking of HIS cock. That was the final level before a violent orgasm, when she actually imagined not just a stiff object in her mouth and cunt, but imagined another man pumping his big dick into her, using her mouth to get off.

"You want to suck him, Jennifer, to make him cum on you?" She gasped, and started to shake. "You want to feel his body tense, feel him jerk, make him shoot hot cum in your mouth?"


I slid up next to her, on the edge of the bed, put my knee against her cunt, forced four fingers into her mouth and reached for the floor, to pick up the dildo. "You're gonna get in now, baby," I cooed meanly into her ear. She squealed and bucked, grinding her clit against my knee. I made he swing her head back and forth, to keep my fingers in her mouth. Then, loudly, "Yeah, you're gonna suck him off, aren't you?"

"MMMMMMM!!!" A hard squeal.

"Get in here!" I called out. Now was when it came to the wire if Tom would actually do it, and if Jennifer would. I slid down between her legs and started to push my dick into her cunt, and smacked her tits with the dildo. Jennifer grunted as I entered her, and licked her open lips, waiting for me to put the dildo in her mouth. Then Tom appeared. He had been listening from the hall for five minutes, and his dick waved straight out from his naked body. He stood to the side of the bed, looking down at Jennifer. She was the sexiest woman in the world beautiful face tensed in concentration, but with her eyes softly shut. Jennifer's tongue licked her perfect lips, which were parted and begging for something to enter them. She breathed hard through her mouth, and her full, milky breasts wobbled as she moved. She was loving the full feeling from my cock in her pussy. She wanted the dildo in her mouth, to complete her fantasy, and the timing was perfect. As Tom paused and ogled her, she moaned out, "Oh, tell him to give me that big hard cock, baby, I want to take care of his cock with my mouth." I pushed against her clit for maximum pleasure, and she "Aaaahed!" as she opened her mouth for the dildo; instead, I nodded at Tom, who leaned over and touched the head of his dick on her lips. Jennifer reached up and grabbed the dildo like she always did. When her hands felt Tom's balls, her eyes flew open wide. Instead of a rubber dildo, she saw Tom, felt her lips wrapped around the swollen head of his penis, her tongue pushing against his glans. There was only time for a sharp intake of breath, before I said "Suck it, baby, suck that cock. You want to cum? Huh? You want me to stop taking care of your cunt?"

Jennifer's eyes went from surprise to fear; then I pushed against her clit again and her demeanor changed. Jennifer's eyes narrowed, she exhaled loudly, and I watched my wife gulp another man's cock into her mouth like she was dying of thirst, her moans muffled as he pushed his throbbing meat further in. She grabbed her tit, and her hips gyrated wildly. Tom pulled out, thrust his cock back into my wife's mouth smoothly but quickly. Jennifer's cheek bulged out on the other side as the dick filled her mouth. She started a series of high pitched grunts, her back arched and her eyes had a look of agony, and then she started bucking and yelping with Tom's cock in her mouth, as she launched into a shuddering orgasm. It lasted about one full minute. As it wound down, her body was wracked with spasms, and her shoulders flexing and jerking. Jennifer grasped the pole of meat in her mouth and jacked it, while she kept as much in her mouth as she could.

Jennifer held Tom's cock in her hand as she turned her head away, gasping and trying to catch her breath. "Oh oh my so good so good" She held his saliva wet cock in her hand, feeling its hardness and heat.

"You like that cock, don't you Jennifer?" I asked as I watched her. She couldn't speak yet again, just nodded her head as it lay on the pillow, breathing heavily. "You want some more, don't you?"

Her voice was more breath than sound, "Ye-e-e-e-e-s," it came out in a long shudder. "Let me rest a minute I wanna suck..." She hesitated, "I wanna suck some more cock."

I started sliding my cock out of her pussy, and she said "Oh no, don't go away."

Jennifer turned her face back up, and Tom rubbed his dick across her lips. She soundlessly closed her eyes and engulfed his cock in her mouth. As she sucked him, I pushed back into her cunt and began to steadily pump in and out. "You like this, don't you Jennifer," I said. She moaned quietly around the mouthful of erect penis in reply. "You like being," I could hardly believe it, "being gangbanged." Jennifer gasped and her body shuddered she was having another orgasm! Not monumental, like the first one, but this time she was cumming because she was so turned on by what was happening; my wife was naked, in bed with two guys at the same time, taking two cocks at the same time.

I wanted to make this last, but I was desperate to cum. I pulled out of Jennifer's pussy again and climbed over next to her, opposite Tom. I rolled her onto her side; in this position, she could move more freely, and immediately pistoned her head back and forth, her lips sliding across the shaft of Tom's cock. She pulled it out for a minute, and turned her face toward me, rubbing Tom's cockhead on her cheek as she spoke, "My pussy."

I slid up next to her head, and she had already turned back and was already blowing Tom again. Now, the last thing I wanted was to touch another man, especially his cock; that would kind of ruin the whole thing for me. Jennifer turned face up, on her back, and pulled our cockheads right over her mouth, gripping the shafts. Her tongue and lips devoured our glans', and around this mouthful of dick, my wife mumbled "touch my clit." I think that at that point she really tasted the pussy juice on my dick, and turned to take me totally into her mouth. She let go of my shaft, and started finger fucking herself, while she rubbed the head of Tom's cock across her cheek. My wife looked deep into my eyes, while I watched her suck my and my friend. Tom started massaging Jennifer's breasts, and her breathing quickened. I couldn't believe that Tom hadn't blown a load yet; I guess he couldn't either, and decided to remedy the situation. Tom swung his leg over Jennifer's body, then straddled her chest. His hard cock was lying between her breasts, and she knew what to do about that. Jennifer pushed her breasts together, squeezing my buddy's dick in between them. Tom immediately began to pump back and forth. The sight was exciting beyond belief. "Yeah, titty fuck her, Tom. Give her some." Jennifer sucked harder on my dick, but I had been fucking her for a long time and my dick was worn out from staying hard so long without ejaculating. But, seeing Tom fucking my wife's pale, tender breasts was making me crazy. Jennifer's breath was forced out time Tom thrust forward on her chest, but my cock was pumping in and out of her lips so she breathed hard and loudly through her nose. Then, Tom started to grunt, and I knew that my wife was going to catch a load of cum. I pulled my dick out of Jennifer's mouth so I could watch Tom cum all over her face. He grunted, "Yeah, gonna give it to you.. oh, oh. mmph, mmph, take my cum, baby." Jennifer tucked her chin to her chest, and let the tip of Tom's dick into her mouth every time it poked up from between her tits. That made Tom want his dick deeper in her mouth, so he pushed forward until his balls were slamming against the underside of my wife's tits.

"Oh, yeah," moaned Tom, "Take it, Jennifer, gonna shoot off in your mouth Oh, yeah, let me mmph mmph gonna use your mouth to cum Suddenly, Tom pinched my wife's sensitive nipples and pulled her tits tighter together around his cock, and she tilted her head back. With a loud "HUUAAA," Tom's dick erupted, spurting sticky white fluid onto Jennifer's throat. "Oh yes, give it to me!," she yelled, and dropped her chin again, and the next stream splattered against her lips and upper cheeks, with a big gob on the side of her nose. Jennifer opened her mouth and caught the next spurt, which left a trail from her lips down to her tits. I grabbed her head and jammed my cock into her mouth, so she didn't see Tom grab his dick and jack a couple of last spurts onto her tits, grunting and exhaling. Seeing all of that cum shooting on my wife's tits, lips and beautiful face was all I could stand and I started to cum in her mouth. After the first spurt, Jennifer grabbed my dick, held her mouth open, and jacked me off. I could see the cum in her mouth, and the slutty image of my wife lying there with another man's cum running down her face and in her mouth caused jets of semen to shoot out of my penis with amazing force. I bathed the side of her face in cum and her hair had big sticky wads in it. When I was finished, my drooping dick went in her mouth and drained semen, while Tom cleaned his dick off on her tits. Jennifer looked up at me. "I guess you got your wish." I gave her a tired smile. My buddy still straddled my wife's body, his shrunken cock streaming more semen onto her breasts as he leaned back on his hands. Jennifer continued. "I'm not done yet. Will you get me something to clean up with?" Well, of course I would. Do you know how happy I was with my wife at that point?"

She had made my greatest fantasy come true. I got off the bed then leaned down to her ear. "I'm so wild about you. You are an incredibly beautiful woman." In the bathroom, I thought to myself as I let the water run in the sink. I was waiting for it to get hot, so I could bring her a washcloth and towel. To tell the truth, I felt a little sheepish. She would never have agreed to such an escapade, but I had tricked her into it. She had been so incredible! Just the thought of it made me feel horny again. Would she do it again? Would this destroy our marriage? I looked at myself in the mirror as I wrung out the washcloth. Had I really done something stupid? My wife had never had sex with another man before me. The closest she had come was jacking a boyfriend's cock. She had never touched a penis with her lips, or even had fingers inside of her cunt. And now, I had just put her through an experience that is considered pretty perverted by pretty much everyone in the civilized world. I suddenly felt ashamed of what I had done. It really all boiled down to having a good orgasm, and now I had humiliated my wife and made her doubt me, herself, and our marriage. I took the washcloth and towel and went back, feeling thoroughly like a piece of crap. When I came back into the bedroom, I stopped at the door in shock. Tom was kneeling on the bed, his head thrown back, making noises like he has having a good meal. Jennifer lay on her back, her head under Tom's crotch, one hand fondling his balls, the other holding his re-erected cock down into her mouth. As I watched, she took his cock out of her mouth and opened wide around his scrotum. My wife's tongue probed at his hairy balls, as her finger crept around into his crack.

Tom moaned. "God, Jennifer, that's incredible. Oh, God, suck me, suck my nuts" I stood with my mouth open. Jennifer had her knees bent up, with her feet flat on the bed. She began to scoot herself backwards, walking her shoulders and hips across the bed so that her head went further behind Tom. He let out a sigh of disappointment when her sucking mouth left his scrotum, but breathed in sharply with what she did next. While I stood there, Jennifer slid her head completely behind my buddy's ass, pushed him forward so he fell into a 69 position, then my wife licked and probed his asshole with her tongue. Tom moaned into her pussy, and started to lick her. Jennifer wrapped her legs around his head and pushed up into him, but what really got me was the way she crushed her face between his buttocks, apparently really working his asshole with her tongue. I just stood there with my towel and my washcloth and my feelings of contrition, watching the two of them go at it. Tom was sucking loudly at her pussy, smacking wetly and moving his head around. Jennifer pressed her head back into the bedspread, and I could see saliva running down his hairy thighs from where she'd slobbered on his anus. "Ooh. Mmmh. Yes, right there, eat myOH! Oh. Mmmm." Tom's whole body moved up and down where he laid on top of my wife, because she had dug her heels into the bed and was methodically thrusting her ass up and down, with the rhythm of her orgasm. "Mmm, mmmm hmmmm. AH! Ooooh. Ooh. Ooh." A final drawn out "Aaaaaaaah." announced that Jennifer was finished. She opened her eyes and saw me, and prodded Tom to roll off of her. "I guess you liked watching that," she said, nodding towards my groin. I looked down; it was true, the sight of my wife getting it on with my buddy had me hard again. "Well," continued Jennifer as she stood up, "I owe Tom a blowjob. You want to watch that too?" She walked around the bed, her tits jiggling, and grabbed the washcloth from my hand. "I'll clean this off." She wiped her face, then crawled across the bed until she was between his splayed thighs. She grabbed his swelling cock where it lay flopped back on his stomach, and lowered her head. She turned and looked at me over her shoulder. "Besides, I know where I can get more." With that, my wife started licking Tom's cock shaft like an ice cream cone, from base to head. She swirled her tongue over the ridge, then bit lightly with her teeth all over the swollen tip. Tom groaned with pleasure. Mimicking her earlier action, he scooted backwards, and Jennifer crawled along with him, making swiping licks at his cock as it swayed back and forth. He stopped when he sat against the headboard. Jennifer, still on hands and knees, rubbed her chin back and forth on the head of his cock as she looked at him.

"Comfortable?" she asked. Tom grinned, then put his hand on the back of her neck. Without a sound, my wife opened her mouth and went down on my friend's swollen, veiny cock while he twined his fingers in her hair. Sometimes Jennifer really gets in to sucking cock. She doesn't like the taste of semen, and has only swallowed mine on a few occasions, when she was desperately excited. The good news for my buddy, as he pushed my wife's face up and down his pulsing shaft, this looked like one of those occasions.

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