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Jennifer's Lesson by Hellfyre

Jennifer's Lesson

Jennifer snatched her hand out of her panties when she heard footsteps stop in front of her door. She had been playing with herself as she fell asleep that night. Jennifer put both hands on top of the blanket as the door began to open, closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Sister Mary Alice stood at the door as Jennifer looked up rubbing her eyes sleepily, "Come with me, Father Bastian wants to see you" she said surveying the condition of Jennifer's room. "Tomorrow I want this room cleaned. We have standards and rules at this school for a reason Jennifer, and you are not exempt." Sister Mary Alice clapped her hands, "Now let's go."

Jennifer's parents sent her to Sacred Heart Catholic boarding school six months ago. They said they wanted her to have an excellent education along with the discipline and structure a good Catholic school could provide, a good all-girl's catholic school. Jennifer was happy to be away from home. She loved her mom and dad but they traveled a lot leaving Jennifer at home with a live-in nanny. She got lonely and was glad to be surrounded by other girls her own age. She was a little nervous. This was the first time she Father Bastian called her to his office.

Jennifer knew that Father Bastian only called girls into his office if they were in trouble. She also knew the punishment for breaking a rule was a spanking with his hand or a paddle, depending on the offense. All the parents signed a release saying it was all right for the headmaster and only the head master to administer spankings as punishment. As she got up from the bed to follow Sister Mary Alice, Jennifer mentally went over her day looking for broken rules, and found none. "Am I in trouble?" She worriedly asked Sister Mary Alice. Sister Mary Alice didn't reply. She only half turned to give Jennifer a look she didn't understand. When they reached Father Bastian's office Sister Mary Alice knocked on the door and opened it. She stepped aside for Jennifer to enter and then followed her in; locking the door behind them.

Sister Mary Alice took Jennifer by the shoulders and steered her in front of Father Bastian's desk between two guest chairs. Jennifer wrapped her arms around her body for warmth as she was only wearing the school issued floor length white night gown, white cotton panties and slippers. Father Bastian looked Jennifer up and down, leaning back in his chair. He took his glasses off and put them in the desk drawer in front of his chair.

Father Bastian was in his late 30s with thick wavy black hair and piercing green eyes. He was tall with a lean muscled body. All the girls thought he was very sexy and often discussed their fantasies about being with him. He finally spoke, "Jennifer, Father Thomas came to me today and said you were passing notes in his math class the past two days. Is it true? Were you passing notes?"

Jennifer had forgotten all about passing notes to her friend Amy in math. She didn't think Father Thomas had seen anything. His class was just so boring she had to do something to stay awake. She couldn't lie to Father Bastian. He wouldn't believe her over Father Thomas even if she tried so she said, "Yes Father but Math is" Father Bastian interrupted her explanation, "Passing notes is very disrespectful Jennifer, your classes are learning time not play time. The punishment for passing notes in class is a spanking. You will receive 10 strokes by my hand. Since this is your first time in trouble, I won't use the paddle. Now take off your night gown." Jennifer thought she misunderstood. Was he going to spank her naked? She just stood there in disbelief. "Sister, please help Jennifer with her nightgown" Father Bastian said as he stood up and rolled the chair he was sitting in over to the other side of the room.

Sister Mary Alice walked over and bent down behind Jennifer. She grasped the hem of Jenny's nightgown, as she stood up Jennifer's nightgown came with her. She pulled it up and over Jennifer's head. Jennifer stood there in her panties and crossed her hands over her ripe young breasts. Father Bastian looked at Jennifer from her toes and back up to her face. He took in her smooth thighs and flat stomach; his eyes moved back down to the thin white cotton of her panties stretched tightly over her down covered pubic mound. He could see a small spot of moisture on the crotch of her panties from when she was masturbating before Sister Mary Alice came to get her. Even though she was very nervous, she had never been spanked before, she started to get horny standing there almost naked in front of Father Bastian.

She dropped her arms to her side to gauge his reaction. His eyes went immediately to her firm breasts and stiff nipples. He managed to pull his eyes away and cleared his throat. "Come and stand here" he indicated the space where his chair had been. As Jennifer walked behind the desk Sister Mary Alice removed two knob shaped coverings from each front desk corner revealing a metal loop on each side bolted to the desk. She didn't understand what they were for until she saw Sister Mary Alice go to the closet at the corner of the room and return with a pair of nylon straps with a loop on the end of each.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer said shakily, now she crossed the line from nervous to scared. "I have to secure your hands, Jennifer. I don't want you squirming or trying to get away" Father Bastian said. Taking the straps in one hand and Jennifer's right wrist in the other He put a loop around each of her wrists. Father Bastian then handed the straps to Sister Mary Alice on the other side of the desk. She tied each strap to a metal loop. This left Jennifer bent over the desk with the side of her face pressed against the wood and her arms spread. Sister Mary Alice brought out a length of cloth and tied it around Jennifer's mouth.

Father Bastian stood behind Jennifer and hooked her panties with his fingers and pulled them down to her feet. Jennifer made muffled noises of embarrassment and wiggled her ass in protest, to no avail. He felt his cock begin to stiffen at the sight of her moist cunt fully exposed. He composed himself for the job ahead. Business before pleasure he told himself and gave Sister Mary Alice a knowing smile over Jennifer's back. Jennifer felt Father Bastian place one hand on the small of her back and then she felt the first smack against her ass. The force of the blow sent Jennifer forward and she could feel the edge of the desk press against her pussy. Father Bastian slapped her ass four more times in rapid succession, twice on each check. He relished the way her firm round ass bounced and jiggled with every blow. He loved the feel of her heat against his hand. He rubbed her backside with his palm. He was so turned on, he wondered if he would be able to finish her spanking before he fucked her.

He gave her three more spanks, letting his fingertips brush her, by now, swollen pussy lips. "I think Jennifer is enjoying this, Sister. Her pussy is wet look." Father Bastian held up his hand to Sister Mary Alice so that he could see the fingertips glistening with moisture. "Shame on you, Jenny. What will we do with you?" Sister Mary Alice said as she came around to the other side of the desk. "Her pussy smells so good, I can smell it from here. I want to taste, Father. Can I?" Sister Mary Alice dropped to her knees and pulled Jennifer's ass further apart with her hands. Jennifer twisted her head around so that she could see behind her. "Don't pretend that little pussy isn't hot, Jenny. Do you want Sister Mary Alice to lick your sweet wet little hole? Tell Me, Jenny." Jennifer nodded her head, and moaned. She tilted her ass up to Sister Mary Alice's waiting mouth, like a bitch in heat.

Sister Mary Alice licked up and down Jenny's hot slit, purposely avoiding her clit. Jennifer moaned and pushed her ass back as far as her restraints would allow. She sucked Jenny's wet, swollen pussy lips into her mouth and held them there while she ran her tongue all over them, feeling their texture. Then she touched her throbbing clit with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. Jennifer was going crazy, humping the other woman's face. She knew she was ready to cum. Sister Mary Alice could feel Jenny about to cum, so she sucked harder on Jenny's clit. She could feel the juices dribbling out of her mouth and running down her chin. She stuck a finger in Jenny's dripping pussy for lubrication and then reached up to rub it against her asshole. She slowly worked her finger into Jenny's clenching asshole. Suddenly, she could feel Jenny's pussy spasming in her mouth as Jenny's orgasm rocked her. She would have collapsed if the desk hadn't been there to support her.

Jenny didn't see Father Bastian fisting his thick eight inch cock, while he watched her cum in Sister Mary Alice's mouth. She was too engrossed in the pleasure of Sister Mary Alice's cuntlicking to notice. Now, Father Bastian took Sister Mary Alice's place behind Jenny. He rubbed her pussy with the head of his cock to lubricate it. Father Bastian slipped the head into Jenny's hungry waiting pussy. He slid it halfway in and out a couple of times to loosen her up before he thrust his prick into her as deep as it would go. Sister Mary Alice removed the cloth from Jenny's mouth and she cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He bent over and placed a hand on each of her shoulders and pulled her hard against him. Her pussy felt like warm velvet wrapped around his aching rod. He started fucking her in long slow strokes, pulling his cock out until he could see the head nestled between her quivering lips and then sliding it back in. Teasing her juicy cunt, until she was panting and begging, "Yes, Father, fuck me! Your cock feels so good in my hot pussy." He began to fuck her faster, ramming his cock into her. Feeling his balls slap against her engorged clit with every stroke.

Sister Mary Alice climbed onto the desk and spread her legs so that Jenny's mouth was in front of her pussy. She grabbed her by the hair and guided her mouth Jenny's lips to her wet hole. Jenny didn't need to be told what to do. She latched onto Sister Mary Alice's hot dripping box, trying to lick every drop of her sweet juice.

Suddenly, she felt Father Bastian pull his cock out of her flaming pussy. "Please don't stop, Father" she begged. "I'm gonna fuck your tight little asshole, Jenny. I want to cum in your hot, tight little ass."

Sister Mary Alice shoved Jenny's face back into her pussy before she had a chance to protest. She held the back of her head and pumped her juicy box into Jenny's warm, wet mouth. Jenny could feel Sister Mary Alice cumming against her lips and sucked for all she was worth.

Father Bastian dipped three fingers into Jenny's luscious cunt and rubbed them against her asshole. He worked two fingers into her ass. She was moaning with desire. "Stick that fucking cock up my ass, right now" Jenny moaned without moving her face from Sister Mary Alice's pussy. He couldn't hold out any longer, he shoved his throbbing meat into her asshole. Jenny jumped and screamed in pain, but Father Bastian continued to shove his cock into her tight virgin passage. Jenny's pain quickly turned to pleasure as he fucked her. Hard. Jenny writhed against the desk. The steaming pussy in her mouth, and Father Bastian pumping her asshole was too much. She screamed, "I'm gonna cum." He pumped his cock into her and reached around to rub her clit. When he touched her asshole he felt it clinch around his cock. He couldn't hold it anymore and shot his hot load deep into her bowels.

Sister Mary Alice removed Jenny's wrist restraints. Father Bastian arranged his clothes and wiped the sweat off his face. Jenny stood up and put her nightgown on.

"Jenny, I hope you learned your lesson about respect for your teachers."

"Yes, Father," Jenny said. "If you break any more rules, we'll have to teach you another lesson" Father Bastian grinned.

Jenny looked forward to Father Bastian and Sister Mary Alice teaching her many more late night "lessons".

Story By Hellfyre

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