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Jennifer's Fantasy by blackonwhite1999

Jennifer's Fantasy

This is my first story, I am open to all suggestions for improvement. This story is for adults only, anyone under the age of 18 should not proceed!

When Jennifer and I first met, it was like magic! Love at first sight you could say. We were young and at the time we were both involved with other people so at first our relationship was one of friendship with the hopes of something more to follow. Jennifer is about 5'9" tall and 120lbs. She has shoulder length blonde come here and fuck me hair. Her tits are not huge, but at a 34 C they are plenty to handle. I am 6' tall, 185lbs. I played a lot of sports, so my body is quite athletic, and the cheerleaders never complained about my 8" cock. Eventually, Jennifer broke it off with her significant other and I followed suit, not wanting to give up the sex with my other girlfriend until I was sure that she was ready. We started dating and fucking right away. The sex was amazing! We were animalistic about when, where and how often we fucked.

Three years after we began dating, we got married and life was good for a while until we got busy with our everyday lives, work, etc... Sex began to suffer mostly because I wanted it all the time and she always felt too tired or she had a headache... you know the drill. I felt I was being understanding considering the amount that we fucked before marriage versus the number of times that I was getting laid now. I spent many hours on the Internet reading about guys who had wives that were so into sex they couldn't keep up, and how they were so insatiable. I was particularly drawn to the stories about slut wives who loved being fucked by lots of guys at one time while their husbands watched or even joined in. However, at home, I was beginning to think that women like that didn't exist!

About three and a half years after our wedding, Jennifer was working for a local Investment company where she was the supervisor over a department of about 40 phone representatives. Her daily tasks included the hiring and firing of employees as well as performance evaluations... you get the idea. One Monday she came home and told me that she had interviewed a black guy named Marcus that was looking for a job with some flexibility as far as needing unexpected time off because he was a football player trying to make it into the NFL. He explained that he might need to leave within a day or two's notice sometimes to fly around the country for tryouts with various different teams. Jennifer explained that she was willing to work with him as much as she could and that the other employees were usually good at trading days off. As long as he found time to make up the hours that he would be missing, she was willing to give him a chance. They struck a deal and Marcus was to start the following Monday.

That night as I was taking a shower before bed, Jennifer came and just about raped me in the shower. She slipped into the shower and immediately started to play tonsil hockey with me. As we were passionately kissing she reached down with her left hand began to massage my growing member. As I was growing ever larger, she reached down with her right hand and began to finger her pussy at a furious rate. Her rate of breathing steadily increased and soon she exploded into an orgasm that almost took her off her feet! She would have fallen if not for the grip she had on my cock! After the waves of pleasure subsided, she turned around and bent over at the waste and begged me to fuck as hard as I could from behind. I didn't need any other encouragement, I drilled her as hard as I could, with the first thrust, I sent all 8 inches of my cock all the way into her soaking wet pussy! I thrust into her for about 15 minutes and then exploded into an orgasm of my own in which I thought I must have spilled a quart of cum into the deep recesses of her pussy. The rest of the week continued the same way, she would get home from work and immediately find some way to seduce me into at least a couple of hours of fucking!

I was confused to say the least, I mean we hadn't fucked like this in years. It was usually just a boring, short little romp in the bedroom with the lights turned off. She always orgasmed at least two or three times, but afterward she would complain of soreness from the size of my cock, and as she was quite prone to bladder infections sex had become rather difficult and painful for her.

I decided that I wanted to know what was going on, and knowing her the way I do, I knew something was up and she would be less than willing to share it with me openly. I called her at work Friday afternoon and told her when she got home that she was to change into a short red cocktail dress that I had laid out for her and she was to meet me at the local bar that we frequent. I told her I would be there as soon as possible but if I was late that she should go ahead and order a drink and wait for me at the bar. She agreed and we hung up the phone. I got to the bar a little late as I had planned and she had already gone through three drinks. I asked what her hurry was and she just said that she was thirsty after all the fucking I had been giving her, and she expected the same thing when we got home from the bar. I told her not to worry, she would get the sex she was craving, but first she had to let me have a drink and she had to tell me what was up with her recent need for sex.

I ordered my drink and she got another as well. I told her to go ahead and let me know what was up. She of course said it was nothing and tried to pass off as just an attempt to revitalize our sex life. Well we talked for a while and I continued to order her drinks. After several (I lost count of how many) Jennifer was really drunk! I walked her out to my car and drove her home. During the car ride home, I managed to get her to pull up her dress and get her to finger her hot little pussy for me. She had a few orgasms and creamed all over the leather seats of my car! When I got her home, we headed straight for the bedroom. I got her clothes off and stripped naked myself. I presented my cock to her and she eagerly sucked it up. I got a blowjob like I hadn't received in years. She sucked me in all the way to my pubic hairs. This was all fine and dandy, but I wanted to fuck, and she was just about rubbing her pussy raw with her two middle fingers trying to come again. So, I laid her back and spread her legs and moved up in between them. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and popped the head in with ease. That is where I stopped. Jennifer began to plead with me to fuck her, saying she needed my hard cock in her pussy and that she wanted another orgasm. I had her right where I wanted her! I stopped all movement and told her that if she wanted me to continue with the fucking she needed, she was going to have to tell me what was going on lately. She started to say the same thing as she did at the bar, but I stopped her and told her that it was the truth, or I would pull out right then and there and she would have to masturbate for the rest of the night. The combination and alcohol and orgasms loosened her up and she confessed that it was Marcus! I was actually only a little bit surprised, I kind of expected it to be something like that. She confessed that she had always had a fantasy about fucking a black guy and this guy in particular had really gotten her attention. She said immediately that she was sorry for her thoughts, but that she couldn't help the way she felt when she was around him. She said she got wet as soon as she saw him in the morning and that she couldn't think straight again until she got home I had given her the fucking she had been dreaming of all day. I told her not to feel bad, that there was nothing wrong with having a fantasy and that I actually had several fantasies of my own. With that, I plunged my dick deep into my pussy and we fucked well into the night.

The next morning, we were lying in bed and Jennifer brought up the previous night. She said, "You said last night that you had some fantasies of your own, what are they?"

If you want to hear the rest of the story, and how my wife got to fulfill her fantasy and mine at the same time, e-mail me at

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