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Jennifer and the Football Bet by Mr. Barefoot

Jennifer and the Football Bet

"What'll you bet?" Jennifer asked me in a petulant, flirty voice. My wife looked good, with chestnut hair, captivating brown eyes, and a beautiful face. We were in the kitchen, where she pulled another wine cooler from the fridge her third, much more than I'd ever seen her drink.

"What'll I bet you, that your Seminoles won't win?" I replied.

Jennifer was more than buzzed, it was the closes to slammed I'd ever seen her. Alcohol made a lot of women horny, but with Jennifer, it was different. Because she was raised in such a conservative home, drinking made her down right decadent like, if she could drink, she could do anything at all. She licked her full, pouty lips, and lowered her voice so my friend in the living room, Dave, wouldn't hear her. "Yeah, what'll you give me?" The leering look on my pretty wife's face was unmistakable usually very conservative, and shy about sex (she'd never told a dirty joke), she was making sexual innuendo. "What'll you do for me?"

I leaned toward her and whispered in her ear, "If you win the bet, I'll eat your pussy for a solid hour."

"Mmm,," she replied, "That sounds good." Her words were barely slurred, but I could tell that the alcohol was really taking over. It was already the start of the fourth quarter, and she would have lost all inhibitions by the time the game ended. "Yeah, I think I like football more than I used to" She put my hand on her full, C cup breast for just a second. "Yeah, I'm thinking we should watch more football"

"Wait a second, Miss Horny, that's not the whole bet. If USC wins" I leaned closer, "You have to suck my dick" I leaned in so that my lips touched her ear as I whispered, "and Dave's dick." Jennifer gave me a look that I deserved for saying something outrageous, but I grabbed her hand and shook it up and down, saying loudly, "Good, it's a bet."

I walked back into the living room. As I sat down, USC scored a touchdown, coming within eight points of FSU. "Yeah," I hollered, "I feel lucky today!" Jennifer came in and sat down next to me. I squeezed her thigh. "Maybe Dave should feel lucky today too, shouldn't he, honey?" Jennifer looked at Dave without a word. She pulled the couch blanket over our laps, Dave looked at me quizzically. "Why should I feel lucky about that? I'm an FSU fan."

"Well," I told him, as my fingers slid up my wife's thigh to her cunt, "You never know what can happen if you have an open mind." I slid a finger under the elastic leg band, and felt her wet pussy lips. She spread her legs imperceptibly. "You just have to think outside the box," I continued, and stuck two fingers inside of her cunt. She didn't make a sound, but her breathing changed. She was hot!

Jennifer leaned against me, so that I could really get into her pussy. Her hand was on my lap, desperately squeezing my hard cock through my jeans as we watched the game. It was just a few minutes later when USC recovered a fumble and ran it back for another TD. With the extra point kick, the score was now within one point. "Wooo!" I yelled. "Gonna be close." I turned to Jennifer. "We'll see who the real winners are, won't we baby?"

USC was really pumped now, but not as much as I was. Jennifer and I had fantasized, during sex, about her sucking another man's dick while I fucked her; it usually made her cum really, really hard, but it was only a fantasy, a suggestion. Could it really happen? USC kicked after their latest score, and FSU couldn't move the ball down field. I was finger fucking Jennifer's cunt into sloppy wetness when USC blocked the punt and started the next series within 20 yards of the FSU goal line. "Honey," I said to my wife, "will you get Dave another beer?"

"That's OK, I'll get it," said Dave from the loveseat. He was always super courteous, just a nice guy that the wife liked being around. We had been together in the Army, and still stayed in shape. He started to stand up.

"No Dave, let me do it for you," Jennifer said suddenly, and hopped off the couch. She opened the beer in the kitchen and carried it to him. Just before his hand closed over it, she pulled it back. Now I knew something was up, because Jennifer doesn't like the taste of beer. Jennifer took a big sloppy swig from his beer. Handing him the bottle, she pouted her lips and wiped them with her fingers, never taking her eyes from his. "You don't mind," she said, and licked something from the tip of her finger, "do you?"

"N-no," Dave stammered, and took a quick drink of the beer. She came and sat back down next to me, fumbling my zipper open, then stroking my stiff cock. Dave had his eyes on the TV, but I could tell she'd gotten to him. Shoot, she'd get to anyone, as beautiful as she it, acting like that.

The tension in the room was so thick that no one said a word for five minutes, just stared at the TV; Dave, trying to act nonchalant, Jennifer breathing deeply as I fingered her cunt close to orgasm, and me enjoying the slow, tight handjob she was giving me again. When USC kicked a field goal with only 2 minutes to play, I yelled, "YES! Yes, that's clinched it, we win!"

Dave had no idea what I was talking about. "You mean YOU win, knucklehead."

"Well, pal, sometimes you just don't know, do you?" I turned and whispered in Jennifer's ear, "Looks like I win the bet" I knew that when Dave left after the game, we'd hit the bed and she'd fuck me wild. Talking dirty really turned her on, and the added "danger" of the handjob under the blanket was a turn-on. I tweaked her clit for emphasis, but she pulled my hand away from her, and stood up.

"I'll be right back, boys," she said, and walked back to the bedroom. Was she so turned on that she was going to masturbate? I really wanted to go find her, and fuck her, but I couldn't leave Dave.

"Might as well watch to the bitter end, Dave," I said.

"Gloating is ugly," he said. We watched in silence, nursing our beers. "That's disappointing," he said, as the clock ran out.

Just then Jennifer walked back into the living room. She was wearing a sheer white robe. I've already said that my wife is a beautiful woman, but now she was absolutely breathtaking.

"Well, I lost the bet," she said to me. Then she looked into my eyes and whispered, "Is this what you want?"

I was in shock. Horny shock, because my cock was throbbing under the blanket. "Yes," I mouthed back at her. Then, out loud, "Besides, honey, a bet is a bet."

At that, Jennifer pulled the blanket off of my lap, revealing my stiff prick jutting from my fly. She wrapped her hand around it, and looked at Dave. "Bill suggested something I could do to cheer you up what do you think?"

Dave, whatever he was thinking, was speechless. Jennifer stood up and dropped the robe. The black teddy was fantastic, showing off her breasts beautifully, falling below her waist but with only a loose panty strap covering her pussy. She walked to Dave and bent over at the waste so she could look directly at his face. "What do you think, David?" she asked, but David was looking down the front of her teddy, at her breasts. They were a sight, too, Jennifer's milky white skin against the lacy black teddy. Her nipples showed pinkish brown through the sheer material. "David?" He looked up to her face. Now I could see that in addition to putting on the slutty outfit, she had made up her face. Eye shadow, red lipstick and rouge heavier than normal, but the effect a beautiful, horny slut was overwhelming. I know that looking at her lovely, classically featured face, Dave was wanting one thing to slide his hard cock in between those red, full lips. "Any ideas, Dave?" Then, the unbelievable happened, my wife dropped to her knees in front of my buddy, and started rubbing the bulge in his loose khaki shorts. "Can you think of anything, Dave?" she teased. Then I almost came in my pants. Jennifer lowered her head, and rubbed her face back and forth across his crotch. "Surely," she purred, "there's something I can do to get your mind off the game."

Dave's face was a question mark as he looked at me. Just then Jennifer squeezed his cock through his pants; Dave moaned, and Jennifer pulled down his zipper. "Looks like you were luckier than you thought," I told him. I was going crazy, watching my wife on he knees, rubbing another man's crotch. Jennifer unbuttoned his shorts and opened them up, then pulled Dave's cock out of the fly of his boxers. She looked up at him, his throbbing, vein covered cock horizontal, pressed against her face. I was going nuts, wanting her to be a total slut. "Show him your tits, Jennifer," I commanded. Jennifer pulled the teddy down. "Ask him if he likes those, baby," I said. Jennifer took one breast in each hand, and gently squeezed and fondled. She put her tongue on her heavily painted lips, licking all around her mouth, as she moaned and writhed on her knees. What she did next almost made me ejaculate across the coffee table; Jennifer leaned forward and pushed her breasts together around Dave's hard, waving cock. "Oh, yes, that hard cock feels SO good between my tits. mmm, oh, I'm so hot" Jennifer looked up at Dave. "You like that, Dave?" He only nodded. "You like fucking my tits?" Dave's reply was a breathy growled "Yeah." Jennifer slid down so that the head of Dave's dick protruded under her chin. She let go of her tits, which rested on Dave's thighs, and bent her head down. Dave inhaled sharply as he realized what she was going to do; my wife was going to suck his dick. "Instead of my tits, Dave, would you rather have me put your cock somewhere else?" She pursed her lips, and put them right on the head of his cock. Her voice was a throaty whisper, "How about here, Dave? Can I put that big, hard cock where I want it?" I saw Dave shudder as my wife licked the head of his cock. "I want it in my mouth, Dave can I suck your cock?"

"Ahhhh," he exhaled, and Jennifer let the head slide into her lips. She turned he head with his cock in her mouth, to look at me once. I was so turned on, I was ready to cum without touching her. Jennifer moaned deep in her throat, then lowered her head onto Dave's cock. His veined shaft disappeared between her lips. Jennifer pushed her hair away from her face, so I could watch while she sucked him. She took all she was going to in her mouth, then slid back up his shaft. Jennifer grasped the base of his cock with one hand, and his balls with the other. Dave leaned back, and Jennifer started pumping up and down his cock in a solid, steady rhythm, grunting softly every time she went down on him, "Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmmm." Her finger and thumb formed a tight ring around his meat as she slid it in and out of her mouth, accentuating the feeling of her lips squeezing around him. I know that's what she was doing, because she does it to me. Dave was breathing like a steam engine. He and Jennifer are friends, and had the same major in college, and he regards her as an intellectual and social equal but right now, as he leaned up and grabbed one of her hanging tits in one hand and put the other on the back of her head, he regarded her as a hot horny cocksucker, and he wanted to cum in her pretty mouth.

"Yeah, Jennifer,take care of that cock." I was going wild. I was afraid to touch my pulsing cock, because I knew if I did I'd cum immediately. "You suck that dick for him, Jennifer, please his dick" I wanted to cum on my pretty wife, but I didn't know how long I could wait. "Yeah, give him head. oh, yes, use your mouth, please that big cock, baby, taste that big nasty cock in your mouth. Make him cum. Drink his cum up, Jennifer."

"Mmmmph. Mmmmph. Mmmmph," was her only response, that and the slurping noise of the stiff, wet organ pumping in and out of her face..

Dave pushed his hips up at her, forcing more of his dick into her mouth. "Oh, yeah," he mumbled, "Get it oh yeah, YEAH, suck that cock suck it, bitch, suck it all it." Jennifer was wearing herself out huffing up and down on the piece of meat in her mouth. Her saliva dribbled down my friend's shaft, glistening and wetting her lips and chin as she blew him.

Dave's breath now became forced grunting, and I knew he was going to cum soon. Jennifer bounced her head up and down, jerking her face from side to side, working her mouth on him. I could see her cheeks collapsed in on his dick, from the effort of sucking him. Her beautiful chestnut hair tickled the tops of his thighs as her face worked up and down his the piece of hard meat in her mouth. "Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm."

Jennifer now changed her strategy, probably because she knew he was going to cum. She loved to feel me squirting hot streams of semen onto her face and throat, and especially her tits, but she hated I mean HATED the thought of swallowing cum. I think one reason was because when I came in her mouth, she nervously kept it there until it was too much to handle, then gagged. What she usually did was let it of her mouth as it squirted in, which meant that when she sucked me off I wound up with a slimy, cum covered shaft and pubic hair. I watched her sit up straighter, and pull her mouth further toward the head of Dave's dick. She held the shaft at the base, and started working her mouth really hard over his dickhead, using her tongue to push at the underside. Dave watched my beautiful wife on her knees for him, working his big dick over with her beautiful mouth, her large, creamy white breasts jiggling with her effort, her rich, red lips wrapped around his hard cock, and started cumming. "Oh yeah, Jennifer, suck his cock for him! Suck that cum! Yeah, baby, you've got a mouthful of cum!"

Jennifer held his dick still, and pumped her lips up and down, moaning, "oooh, (slurp), mmmm," up and down, her mouth wetly milking the semen out of his dick. After Dave shot his first spurt into her mouth and pulled back, his dick pistoning in to squirt into her mouth forced cum out, gushing over her pretty lips. "OH! Oh, take it bitch, lick up my jizz" As he shot into my wife's mouth, he watched his white, sticky semen running down her chin. As he thrust his hips into her face a third time, cum was dripping from her chin and spattering onto her heaving breasts, and showing white on the black lace that cupped her there. That vision prompted Dave to yell, "AAH!," and grab my wife's head, grunting "Take it, bitch, take my cum, mmmm, mmmm," as he finished his orgasm off in her mouth, pumping his dick back and forth in her lips until all of his cum was spent. He fell back on the couch with his eyes closed. Jennifer was tired too, and her mouth was no doubt sore. She leaned forward and laid her head on Dave's hairy thigh, her hair falling across her face and onto his crotch. I could see a line of shiny white semen from her mouth to the head of Dave's retreating Dick, as they panted together and Dave slid his hand under her hair and gently rubbed the back of her neck. After a few minutes of this strangely intimate pose, she groaned as she got up, and her face rubbed across his flaccid, sticky penis. I watched Dave watching her with half closed eyes. Without a word, she walked over to me and lay down on the couch, with her head in my lap. My cock was ready to explode, of course, and I'm sure I've never been so aroused in my whole life. "You're not too tired," I asked her. She turned her pretty face up to me, sticky with cum on her chin and lower lip. "A deal's a deal," she replied, and she turned her face to my crotch. I felt her tongue on my shaft. I knew she was deeply aroused.

"Oh Jennifer, that was so exciting, watching you suck him off," I moaned, as she worked at me with her tongue. She nibbled the skin of my scrotum into her lips, and pumped her hand up and down my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long. My nuts started to tighten up. "Your mouth!," I gasped, "Do me with your mouth!" She dropped to her knees on the floor and popped her mouth over my cock head. She pumped up and down. "AAH!," I exclaimed, and arched my hips into her mouth, just like Dave had done a minute before. Again, hot sperm pumped into her mouth, except this time after the first spurt she pulled her mouth off, and jacked me off, shooting cum onto her tits. I grabbed her head and forced her mouth back over my dick, and finished off there. Again, cum ran from her cock filled mouth, dribbling down her chin onto her tits. "Ooh," I moaned, and laid back like Dave, watching my cum covered wife as she held my nuts in her hand. "I hope you guys aren't planning to drift off to sleep yet," she said. "I need something too." I smiled at her, and Dave stood up, already hard from watching her blow me. His cock waved out in front of him as he walked over to her. My wife looked at me, and laid down on the couch, reaching up for Dave's cock. When you're 'up' again, you can join us," she said. "I think that since I've sucked Dave's cock for him, he knows me well enough to fuck me." She spread her legs wide for Dave, then pulled him down on top of her, her shoulders hunching as she guided his cock into her pussy with both hands. My cock started twitching as I watched my wife, so close that her head banged against my thigh with every thrust, took another man's dick into her cunt, while she moaned and massaged her breasts, sticky with the cum that she had just sucked out of him I stood up, and aimed my dick down into her mouth.

Dave pumped in and out between my wife's legs while I slid my dick in and out of her mouth. He pulled her teddy down so he could watch her tits bounce while he fucked away in her pussy. He was pounding her hard, and she moaned around the mouthful of cock. I recognized that she was going to cum quickly, but the sight of her cocksucking mouth and bouncing tits was too much for Dave. He jumped out of her cunt and straddled her chest, while I jumped out of the way. I knew what I wanted to see next, and started jacking my cock, listening to Dave grunt as he thrust his swollen, red cock between my wife's milky tits, the purplish head aimed towards her pretty face. Grunting, snorting, squeezing her big white tits around his cock, Dave released the first spurt of cum onto my wife's face, the second time in 5 minutes he had used her to make him cum. His next sting of strong smelling semen spattered across her cheeks and mouth, and she moaned and licked her lips. I stepped forward just as Dave scooted up again. Jennifer was almost frantic for something in her cunt, but I was far too excited. Dave slid his cock to her throat, and I stepped forward and we both jacked off, splattering her face with white blobs of semen, squirting her lips and nose, coating her cheeks, and lodging as white droplets in her eyebrows. Squinting, seeing both cocks over her face, beating on her smooth skin as we jacked off on her, feeling and smelling the hot sperm all over her lovely face, sent my wife over the edge, and as we grunted and stroked our dicks over her, she started to cum, rubbing her clit madly calling "AAAH! OOOOH!," then "OOOOmph" as Dave's cock filled her open mouth, and she sucked the last cum out of it as I dropped my red, leaking organ across her forehead and eye, watching it dribble slick fluid that flowed towards her mouth.

I watched as Dave massaged her breasts and she gently suckled his cock in her mouth, coming down from her orgasm. I'm one lucky husband, I thought.

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