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Janelle came over to her neighbor's house everyday to water her plants and sweep her house. Her neighbor was into her 90s and unable to do everyday chores like these anymore. She refused to go to a nursing home though and Janelle didn't want to see her go, so she volunteered to help around the house.

The house was very old and decorated with turn of the century furnishings. It was as if she was stepping back a hundred years when she entered the door. There was no electricity upstairs, so Janelle always hoped she would not send her up there too late in the evening. The house had two sets of stairs, one was for the servants and the other had a grand balustrade. Janelle never liked to use the servants stairs, they were very steep and dark.

Once in awhile the lady's great grand-nephew would come over to bring in wood for the stove. He did not ever say too much to Janelle, and Janelle didn't want to say too much too him. His whole family was very quiet. Janelle figured he probably never even had a girlfriend. She remembered him from school, but she was very far behind him. He graduated when she was only in fourth grade. She was in tenth grade now and figured he probably didn't even remember her now.

Janelle showed up around six in the afternoon one Saturday. Eric was there already. He was working up in the attic fixing some leaks in the roof. As Janelle watered the plants the old lady called to her. "Yes Mrs. Reese, what would you like?" Janelle asked, rather loudly.

"I need you to go up stairs and find something for me," she replied. "I want my quilt with the stars on it," she told her.

Janelle sighed and told her she would look for it. As she walked upstairs she wondered why Mrs. Reese always did this to her. Janelle knew the quilt was nowhere up there, she had looked several times before with no luck. Of course it was getting dark out, too.

She sat down at the top of the stairs and thought for awhile. She didn't want to go back down too soon or Mrs. Reese would think she hadn't looked for the quilt. It was getting dark and she thought she would go to the west side of the house where the sun was shining in the windows.

She entered and old bedroom that looked as if it was left the way whoever slept in it had last left it. The bed was made perfectly and the dresser set was arranged perfectly. If not for the dust, Janelle would have sworn someone slept in the room. She sat in a chair by the window and watched the birds outside. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and was too afraid to look. She sat still as a mouse, her heart pounding wildly.

"What are you doing in here?" a voice asked.

Janelle looked up to see Eric standing there.

"I thought you were done in the attic, weren't you downstairs?" Janelle said breathlessly.

"I came up the back stairs, they are closer to my truck," he replied.

Eric laughed at her for being so startled.

"What did you think I was a ghost?" he asked her.

Janelle scowled and stood up. She pushed the chair back away from the window.

"You just startled me, that is all," she said to him.

She did not find the whole thing very amusing. Eric just stood staring at her. Janelle looked down at the floor, not knowing what to say.

"I used to come up here and play when I was a kid," Eric said to her.

"It doesn't seem like a fun place for a kid to play anymore," he said.

Janelle looked at him angrily.

"I am not up here playing!" "I am not a child," she told him.

Surprised and amused, Eric laughed softly. He did not mean to imply that she was a child, he just didn't know what to say to her. She was so young but still so beautiful. He was very shy around her and thought that she could read his every thought.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to offend you," he replied.

He held out his hand to shake. Janelle looked at it and was still for a moment. She took it after a moment, looking at Eric. She thought he was handsome. He was very tall and had very broad shoulders. She smiled and then blushed. He held her hand for longer than she expected. She couldn't take her eyes off his.

Then they heard Mrs. Reese call up to them. "Eric you help her look for that quilt," she called.

They both laughed and looked at each other.

"I guess I will help you look," Eric said.

"It is no use, I have never been able to find it. I have been up here several times looking," Janelle said.

"That's why I was sitting in that chair. I was trying to pass time away," she said.

Janelle went to pull her hand away, but Eric did not let go. She stared at him as her cheeks turned crimson.

"Do you think you know where it is?" she asked.

"It's not up here," Eric said.

He then gripped her hand harder and pulled her closer to him. He wanted to kiss her and he was going to. Janelle didn't know what to do. She didn't know what was going on, but it felt very erotic. She had never been alone with another boy like this, let alone a man. She couldn't even blink. She didn't know what she wanted to happen but whatever was going to happen she wished it would.

Eric put his hand around her back and pressed her against his abdomen. He could feel her trembling and it was making him as hard as a rock. Her eyes never left his. He lowered his head to hers. Janelle took a deep breath and Eric pressed his lips to hers. Her lips were soft and warm. She was very awkward, which only turned him on more. He put one of his hands on the back of her neck. Holding her tightly he sucked on her lower lip. Janelle sighed and let him kiss her. She realized she was not doing anything and kissed him back. Eric squeezed his hands against her and moaned. Janelle parted her lips and Eric pressed his tongue into her mouth.

As there tongues' teased Eric began to explore with his hands. He ran them over her ass and then back up her sides. He slipped one hand under her shirt, feeling her velvet soft flesh. Janelle could feel his erection against her pelvis. She was getting moist as Eric teased her bare flesh. She gasped as he stroked her breast. She put her hands on his arms for support. She felt weak to his touch. Kissing him felt so natural.

Eric trailed kisses across her cheeks and down her throat. He pressed his lips to her pulse. Janelle squeezed his arms and leaned her head back. Eric's thumb teased her nipple through her bra. Janelle's breathing became heavy. She couldn't believe this was happening. She just came up to find a quilt.

Suddenly Eric lifted her off the ground and laid her on the bed. Her eyes were on his as he leaned over her. His hand was under her shirt working at her nipple. Janelle closed her eyes and pressed her breast against his hand. Eric pushed his erection against her thigh. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a lacy white bra. Her soft white breasts filled it nicely. Eric released the small clasp and pushed the cups away from her breasts. Janelle breathed hard as Eric rolled her nipple in his fingers. Leaning over her he slowly ran his moist tongue around her pink nipples. Janelle's hands flew into his hair. She wanted him to kiss her breasts but she also was nervous. She had never done this before. Eric ignored her protests and sucked away on her breasts. He nipped at the virgin flesh and reached between her thighs with his right hand. Her shorts were very short. He brushed his fingers beneath the fabric just stroking her panties. He wondered what color they were.

Looking up at her he asked her what her underwear looked like. Janelle stared at him for a second. A little embarrassed she hesitated, then replied that they were pink cotton. Eric smiled at her and felt the material of her panties again. His hand was hot on her inner thigh. Janelle swallowed, laying very still. She could feel every movement of his fingers. Eric stroked her over the material, feeling her moistness. Janelle closed her eyes and laid her head back. Eric leaned down and kissed her collar bone, moving his lips over her chest. He trailed his tongue between her breasts and down to her navel.

Janelle arched her back and stroked his neck with her hand. Without thinking she spread her thighs apart to his tough. Eric sat up on his knees between her thighs. He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a dark muscular chest. Janelle stared at him hoping he would not stop. He undid the button of his jeans and the unzipped them. Janelle saw that he wore no underwear and could see the hair that surrounded his penis. She reached her arms up to him and he came to her. Eric reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. The zipper came undone and she lifted her hips. Eric slipped her shorts down from her hips and over her thighs. She lay there in just her underwear. Leaning down Eric kissed her stomach. He ran the palm of his hand over her inner thigh and towards her crotch. Janelle held his head and tilted her hips up. Eric slipped his finger under her underwear and felt her wet pubic hair. Janelle moaned wrapping her legs around his back. His fingers felt so good on her virgin skin. Eric worked his finger around brushing all of Janelle's sensitive spots. He avoided her clitoris on purpose. Eric pulled her underwear off and threw them on the floor.

Janelle lay naked and wanting Eric badly. Eric knew it was wrong to seduce this fifteen year old but she was so sexy. Her legs were long and hot around his back. Her breasts were full and soft to his touch. Her whole body trembled when he touched her.

He pulled his pants off and pressed his pelvis to hers. He leaned down and kissed her hard. Janelle was nervous but excited. Eric brushed his erection over her wet hot genitals. His cock was throbbing with desire. He reached between them and gently brushed his thumb over her clitoris. Janelle tightened her hold on him and bit at his lower lip. Eric sucked on her tongue as he rolled her swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger.

Janelle pushed her nipples against his chest. She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his ass.

"Please Eric, I want you," she whispered desperately.

Eric caught his breath and put his hand around her lower back. He let his throbbing cock find her wet lips. Janelle gasped and held her breath. Slowly Eric pressed against her pushing the head of his erection into her cunt. Giving her a second to adjust, he thrust firmly into her. Janelle bit her lower lip and buried her face in his neck. She did not want to cry out even though Mrs. Reese would not hear her.

Eric did not give her time to adjust to his throbbing cock. He pulled in and out of her in a slow rhythm. Her hot cunt felt so good on his shaft. He had been with a few women but it was not like this. Janelle was forbidden. He could not stop thinking about how young and virgin she was. He could feel his dick pulsing inside of her.

Janelle held Eric tight. His cock stung inside of her. She had never felt anything like this before. It hurt inside her but it also turned her on. He was nine years older than her and he wanted her. She moved her hips with his to avoid any pain. Janelle was able to match his movement sending the stinging sensation away, replacing it with waves of pure pleasure.

Eric pressed hard into her and moved his hips in small circles. His pelvis bone rubbed over her pulsing clitoris. He held her breast in his hand and sucked on her nipple. Teasing it with his hot tongue, he pulled his steel cock in and out of her.

Janelle looked down between there bodies. His dark tanned flesh against her pale skin drove her insane. They were covered in beads of sweat. She ran her hands over his back and thrust her cunt against his hard shaft. She couldn't even think. Her movement sent Eric over the edge. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over on his back. Janelle laid against his stomach moving her hips in a circular motion.

She sat up and looked down at Eric. He pushed his cock into her hard and fast. He watched her tits bounce as he fucked her. He held her hips so that she could not get off of him. Janelle placed her hands over his for support and moved with him. She closed her eyes and let him fuck her. Eric could feel his orgasm coming. He reached down and tickled her clitoris with his finger. Leaning her head back she rubbed her nipple with her free hand. She could feel her body trembling wildly. Eric fucked her hard wanting her to cum on his cock.

She leaned forward and looked at him. She grasped his arm for support pushing up and down on his cock as hard as she could. She couldn't take it anymore. Her whole cunt began to spasm. She groaned deep in her throat. Her orgasm was so powerful she couldn't even concentrate. Eric held her tight and thrust his cock deep into her. Rotating his hips in deep circles he felt his load coming. Janelle whispered his name in desperation driving Eric wild. He squeezed her tight and shot his cum into her.

They were both moaning in pleasure. Eric moved slowly inside her letting the last of his semen drip from his cock. Janelle couldn't think she was so exhausted. Her vagina was still jerking from the force of her orgasm.

She looked at Eric timidly. He pulled out of her and held her against him.

"We better get up or you're going to fall asleep," he told her.

Janelle groaned and sat up on her side.

"I can't believe we just did that," she said.

Eric watched her for a reaction.

"Are you upset?" he asked in a serious voice.

Janelle looked at him and smiled. She shook her head no.

"It was amazing, Eric," she told him.

"I think I am still in shock," she said.

"Mrs. Reese is going to wonder where we are," she said.

"Yes, we better get going," he said.

"We can tell her we looked everywhere," Janelle said.

Eric laughed as he got his pants on. Janelle dressed and straightened the bed. She walked towards the door, when Eric grabbed her hand.

"You are beautiful, Janelle," he said to her, "I've never felt like that before."


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