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Jack Night by Burrito Bob

Jack Night

This is a work of fiction that is loosely based on actual events that took place but the names and particulars were modified to assure privacy to those involved.

I grew up in a suburban city that was typical of the 50's and 60's. After the war our dad's got jobs in the factories and tool and die shops and the suburbs were born. I was born in 1950 towards the end of the "Baby Boom". Our neighborhood was full of kids and although there was not a lot of organized activities there was always something going on. If there was an empty lot or field there was a ball park during the warm months and a hockey rink during the cold months. The kids would organize a schedule of when the different age groups would have access with the oldest kids getting first choice. In the summer it meant that the older kids got the field in the evenings after dinner when it was cooler so they could go to the city pool during the day.

I was eleven years old at the time this happened and was part of the younger kid group which consisted of elementary school kids. The older kids were in middle to high school. Many of us a had a brother or sister in the older group. By the time you graduated to the older group most of the girls dropped out because it wasn't feminine to play ball and the roles changed when you became a teenager. There were a few exceptions. Today they would be called "Jocks" but then they were referred to as "Tom-boys". There were only two girls active in the older group; Denise my older sister; and Margaret.

I wasn't real fond of my older sister. Of course she would trick and harass me like most older sibling would but she seem to enjoy the fact that she was far better than me athletically and reminded me of it every chance she could. She was very competitive. I was always a small and scrawny kid and not terribly coordinated. But like any sibling if someone said something bad about her I would stand up for her. We were family!

My best friend was Carl and we were about the same size and athletic ability. His older brother kind of ran the "older kid" group. Chris (Carl's brother) was the unofficial leader of the group because of his great athletic ability and dominant personality. They lived with their grandfather who was widowed. Their mom lived in a nearby city but was divorced and couldn't support them by herself, plus she felt they needed a male role model. Their granddad was semi-retired and worked as a janitor in factory two nights a week to make ends meet and supplement his Social Security.

Usually on one of the nights when their granddad worked Chris would have Carl spend the night at our house so that him and the guys from the group could have what he referred to as "Jack Night". Carl and I thought they were playing Black-Jack or poker or something. On that night they wouldn't play ball so they younger kids could use the ball field. One of these nights it was too sticky out to play ball so we went over to his house to get a board game to play later that evening at my house since he was sleeping over. Since his brother had given him strict instruction that he couldn't come over and bother the older kids on "Jack" night (with some threat of serious bodily harm) we climbed up a back trellis; semi-covered with grape vines; and in to his upstairs bedroom. For us it was like playing cat burglar or secret agent to get into the house undetected and out again with our prize.

Most of the older group were between 14 and 16 and we could hear them downstairs cheering at each other. They could only have been there 30 minutes or so. Since we had been so successful getting into the house undetected we decided to sneak down the stairs a few steps and spy on them before we left. As we crawled down the few steps so we could peek around the corner into the living room we could hear the rattling noise of and old movie projector. The room had the light that filtered through the thin drapes and the projector to light it. When we peeked around the corner there was a 30's vintage stag film playing that Chris must have found that belonged to his Granddad. In the movie was a woman licking the penis of some guy just wearing his socks. I had never seen a naked woman or adult man before and it seemed curious what they were doing. As I was absorbing all this I started glancing at the people in the room to make sure we hadn't been seen. That's when I realized that they all had their pants off and were sitting around on the floor and... were stroking their penis. Carl's' brother was the closest with his back to us but we were looking down over his shoulder and could clearly see his 7 inch cock and his hand moving up and down on it. The other boys were doing the same and talking about how sexy the woman was on the movie and how they wished she was there and such.

Of the six boys Chris seemed to have the biggest cock, most of them were in the 5 to 6 inch size range, which was really large compared to Carl and my 4 incher. Watching them was a better show than the movie for me. Chris shouted that he was tired of just jacking off and for Pete to come over and help him out which brought a round of laughter from the group. Pete yelled back "..only if you help me out afterwards!" in rebuttal as he slid over next to Chris. When he got there he grabbed hold of Chris's cock and started gently stroking it up and down. After a few minutes of this he slid down and put Chris's cock in his mouth and started bobbing up and down on it. As I looked up at the movie the woman was doing the same thing to the socks man. They must of learned this by watching the movie before. I looked over at Carl and he couldn't stop looking at what was going on in his brothers lap. I then noticed that my little penis was stiff like a sword although I wasn't sure yet why.

Shortly after Pete going down on Chris I saw Billy start sucking on Chuck's cock and Patrick sucking on Dennis's penis. Dennis was in turn stroking Patrick's' cock. By the look on their faces Chuck and Dennis were really enjoying the treatment they were getting. Chris announced that this was a great "Jack-off" night and how it was better than playing ball. That's when I realized what was meant by "Jack" night. In between moans of how good this feels Chris started talking about Margaret and Denise and how they didn't like being excluded for "Jack" night, obviously not knowing what goes on. Chris asked the others if they should invite them one time to see if they would join in. Billy sat up stopping what he was doing to say that he couldn't do this in front of a girl and that they would think he's some kind of "fag" and that bringing the girls into this was a bad idea because they can't keep a secret. The others nodded or grunted with their mouths full in agreement with what Billy said. It was obvious though that Chris already had his mind made up and had some sort of plan. Chris responded back that "they weren't fags because they didn't do each other in the butt". I found that comment totally strange because the only thing you could do with your butt is poop. It was about then that Chris started jerking and moaning while he was holding on to Pete's head. Pete seemed to be gasping for air or something because of the sucking sounds. As Chris leaned over resting Pete gave him one more lick and leaned back next to him stroking his own cock. In the next two or three minutes Chuck and Dennis went through the same jerking spasms. Billy finished with a loud popping noise from the suction. He and Patrick would rest for a few minutes.

Pete announced it was his turn and Chris rolled over on his side and grabbed Pete's cock in his hand and slowly sucked it into his mouth until it totally disappeared. Carl jabbed me in the side and motioned that we had to leave. It must have bothered him to see his brother do it. We slithered back up the three or four stairs on our stomachs which sent feelings of pleasure to my stiff dick as it rubbed against the edge of each step as we went up. When we got back into Carl's room and were about to climb out the window all I could think to say was "Wow do you believe that?"

Part 2

We didn't say much on the way to my house and since it was almost dark we needed to hurry so I wouldn't get in trouble with my parents for being out too late. When we went through the family room on the way to my bedroom with the board game my sister asked if we got it at Carl's. When we said yes she wanted to know if the guys were all over there and what they were doing. I quickly said "ya they were all there" knowing that it bugged her that she was excluded. Carl said "we really didn't see them cause they were all downstairs but we could hear them laughing and stuff". We quickly left to go to my room before Denise could interrogate us any more.

Although all I could think about was what we had seen at Carl's house we sat there quietly playing the board game for a half an hour or better but I wanted to talk about it. I needed to find a way to bring it up in a way that didn't freak him. I said "Where do you think they got that movie? Is that your granddad's? Have you ever seen that movie before?" all in rapid fire succession. He said no he hadn't seen it before but Chris must have found it and the projector in the basement somewhere. I said " Do you think all the older kids sit around in groups and play with themselves? I mean we sometimes play with our own weenies when you sleep over but it's just the two of us." Carl said " I don't know maybe." After a few minutes I said "I don't want to play anymore lets just talk for awhile?" Carl agreed and we put the game away and turned off the light.

The only light in the room was from the moonlight and the streetlight a couple of doors down, but that was plenty to see each other pretty clearly. After a little talk about some kid that lived a couple of streets over and the home run he hit this afternoon playing ball we got back to what I wanted to talk about. I asked Carl as if he was all knowing "What they were doing is that what they call a blow job?" Carl said he guessed but I could sense he was real uneasy about this topic. But I wasn't about to drop it. I asked if Chris had ever done it to him or vice-a-versa since they share a bedroom. Carl looking very nervous shook his head up and down a little and said "Kinda". I said "We're best friends why didn't you tell me?". He sheepishly said "I didn't want you to think I was some sort of queer or something, but he really enjoys when I suck him..... It's the only time he treats me nice!"

I asked whether Chris sucks him and he said "No. - He said its too small to produce cum so why bother, but he does jack me off some." I felt sorry for Carl at that point. I knew that his brother was just using him. He explained to me that when we got a little older that if you jack off long enough that you shoot cum out of your penis. He opened up a little, feeling more comfortable that I didn't think he was weird. He told me it was milky looking and salty tasting but it didn't taste bad and when we were watching the older kids they were sucking each other until they shot their cum in the persons mouth for them to swallow it down. My dick was stiff from all this talk and my curiosity was running wild. I think I really surprised him when I told him I would suck him if he showed me how. He said "Sure, if you want to!"

We both took off our shorts and under pants. Our little penises stood straight out. I sat back down next to him on the bed and I shakily reached over to his dick. I had never felt anyone else's and it felt so soft and warm. I was holding it like I would a handlebar grip and he said that I needed to loosen up and not hold it so tight. He told me Chris likes it when he licks it first and then you suck it like a Popsicle, but you have to keep your teeth away from it. "You just use your lips and tongue." he directed me as I started licking the side of his cock. It felt like I was licking a finger only smoother. I began to lick the head and circle around it with my tongue. Although nervous I decided I might as well go through with it before I chickened out. I slowly put it in my mouth until it was all in and then I closed my mouth around. Concerned about my teeth it was kind awkward at first but I kept on thinking of it as a Popsicle and sucked up and down on it like the other boys I saw. It felt real good in my mouth. Carl was telling me how good it felt and told me to rotate around on the bed some so he could jack me off. After repositioning he started holding my penis and slowly rubbing it up and down. I was overloading with sensations. It felt so good that I had stopped momentarily from my sucking. He asked if he was doing it o.k. because I had stopped. I told him it felt great and went back to sucking my meat Popsicle. After about five more minutes he shook and held my head still even though I was still licking him with my tongue inside my mouth.

He said "Wow that felt great. I must of had what they call an orgasm!". Confused I said "...but nothing came out?" Carl said "Chris told me he didn't shoot stuff out until he was 12, so we have at least a few more months." As I leaned back against the wall Carl resumed stroking my cock and told me how great a job I had done sucking him since it was my first time. He gave me a grin and slid down until my cock was buried in his mouth all the way to my balls. I then realized why they did to each other. It felt great! I laid back and enjoyed the sensation. Carl kept a strong suction on my cock as he worked up and down with his tongue and lips. Every few minutes he would take it out of his mouth and proceed to suck my balls into my mouth, licking under them all the way to my asshole. I had to remember to do that to him next time. It felt so good...

My mom must have heard me talking to him because she yelled down the hall for us to go to sleep. We slid on our underpants because we didn't want to get caught naked in the morning and climbed under the sheet. Since he was lying with his back to me I slipped my hand over his hip and grabbed his penis through his undies. Instead of saying goodnight I said "Carl thanks for teaching me, I really enjoyed it." I fell asleep after wondering for while if this meant I was gay. After years of confusion about it I came to the conclusion that I must be bisexual because I came to enjoy girls just as much.

Part 3

The next four to five days went by uneventfully. By the middle of summer the schedule of what you did each day was pretty much set. A late morning ball game, lunch, a couple of hours at the community pool. On rainy or cloudy days you could go to the "Boys and Girls Club" and if we could find enough bottles to return we could go bowling. In the evening we would walk a few blocks to the main road through town to get an ice cream cone and watch the street racers cruise the "Big Boy" and occasionally see a drag race going down the road in front of us. Being typical boys we would talk about how great it will be to get our license and buy some rebuilt hot rod or even a used Impala.

Carl asked if he could stay over tomorrow night because Chris was having another "Jack" night. As he said it the wheels started turning. I had to watch them again. I got a hard on just thinking about it. "Carl" I asked "Do you think we can play secret agent again and sneak into the house and spy on them again?" Carl half grinning said "You enjoyed watching them didn't you?" I had to nod my head not wanting to say it aloud. Carl said " I guess we can. I kinda enjoyed watching them too. It got me real stiff down there." As he pointed at his pants.

The next night we hid behind his garage out back until we were sure everyone would be there. Climbing up the trellis we could hear the voices inside the house. Through his bedroom window and across the room we snuck making sure the old house didn't squeak. We got on our stomachs and crawled down the hall. As we made it down the couple stairs to our vantage point we could hear the guys talking but also there was Margaret and my sister Denise. The girls seemed really nervous and wanted to know what they did on these nights..

Chris took charge as he normally does and explained that they watch dirty movies and jack off ..and stuff. He said it so matter of fact like its no big deal. Margaret wanted more detail. "What do you expect us to do while you guys jack off?" she asked. "Well we would expect you to participate and since this is your initiation you would be expected to help us out ....any way we request." He added. Realizing that he wanted to see their tits and pussy he said "We all sit around naked." The other guys jumped in by saying "That's right! " knowing that this was their chance to see a real girl naked. Margaret jumped up at that last comment and said "she was not going to get naked in front of them". She was a little overweight and probably very self-conscious about her body. As she grabbed for Denise's hand pulling her up Chris added "Well if your chicken you can leave!"

Denise was never going to admit that she wasn't as brave as some guy and Chris probably knew this. She let go of Margaret's hand and sat back down telling Margaret that she could go if she wanted but she was going to stay awhile and see how chicken these guys were about being seen naked. She took the bait. Margaret just shook her head and left out the kitchen door.

Carl and I were mesmerized by what was going on downstairs. We were going to see our first naked girl and it didn't bother me that it was my sister. The closest I ever got to seeing her naked at home was one day after school I saw her from the back in her bra and white panties as she was changing out of her uniform. This was going to be a great night!

For Denise this became the moment of truth. As Billy shut the drapes Chris turned on the projector and aimed it at portion of the blank wall near where the front door was. When everyone ones eyes adjusted the guys started taking off their shirts following Chris's lead. When he gave Denise his dare you look she started unbuttoning her pink peter pan collar blouse. There was total silence in the room. Since the boys weren't wearing undershirts they were bare chested in seconds and were unzipping their jeans. Denise stood there in her bra and started unzipping the side zipper on her slacks. By the time she got her slacks off her second leg the guys were down to their underpants just watching her.

When she leaned back upright she saw the movie for the first time. It was the scene where the naked woman was licking the guy in his socks. She had never seen a man's penis before. It looked so big! She would soon learn that it wasn't as big as Chris's or Patrick's. Chris's was bigger around than Patrick's slender penis and maybe a fraction of an inch longer. She noticed the guys staring at her and challenged them by saying, "I'm not taking off my bra and panties until you guys are naked!" As she said this she noticed how their pants were poking out.

As before Chris led by example taking off his BVD's first and then sat on the floor looking up. Each of the guys followed his example with Billy being last. Denise realized she was next and started unhooking her bra behind her back. She leaned forward as she did it sliding the bra down her arms and laying it folded on her other clothes. As she stood back up the boys got to see her delicate little 34A breasts. The dark nipple area was about the size of a silver dollar and they stuck out like little ice cream cones. At 5 foot 1 inch and approximately 100 pounds she looked even smaller than normal being nearly naked. As she pulled down her white panties they each got a glimpse of the auburn hair above her pussy. She pulled down the panties and sat down in one motion. She immediately covered one of her arms across her breast as if by reflex action and pulled her knees together.

They all pretended watching the movie for a few minutes while all the guys kept glancing at Denise for a moment or too without being to obvious. She was on the end of a semi-circle and was able to glance down at Chris's penis since he was next to her. It stood straight out with him sitting cross-legged. When he caught her glancing down he reach down and started stroking his cock. Chris nonchalantly asked if she liked the movie. Kind of startled she said "Ya it's pretty good" trying to act cool. The woman on the screen was squatting above the man and started slowly lowering her pussy on to the man's erect dick. As she watched the woman's pussy lips parted to accept the cock. She realized that her own virgin pussy was getting wet and had a terrible desire to rub her clit.

Chris took the moment by saying to her "You can stroke it for me if your not too scared." Nodding down at his cock. I sat there amazed as I saw my sister reach over to touch it. Chris gently grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock showing her how to stroke it up and down. He leaned back relaxing and enjoying the treatment so the other guys could see what she was doing. Her eyes stared only at the penis in her hand half afraid to look up and enthralled in how warm and soft it was. Once he saw that everyone noticed what she was doing he whispered into her ear how beautiful he thought her body was and if it was o.k. to touch her breasts. With her head still down she nodded her head. Chris reached over and put his hand around one little titty and then the other. He gently used his thumb and first two fingers to pull her nipples out away from her body. A moan of pleasure escaped out of her mouth. Her pussy was wetter than she ever remember.

Chris realized how well this going and decided to go the next step. He whispered to her " Denise your making me feel so good will you please give me a blow job?" The only thing she had ever done to a boy before was kiss on the lips so she didn't know what to do but she knew she did not want to be called a coward. Chris gently pushed her head down in his lap without any resistance. She opened her mouth just above his cock and started blowing on it. After a minute Chris realized the problem and whispered to her that you really don't blow, that you lick it and suck it like you would a tootsie pop. Denise stuck out her tongue and tasted the end of his penis. It had a drop of juice on the end of it. The juice tasted good and somewhat sweet. Reassured that it didn't taste bad she started licking it all over until it was half in her mouth. Thinking of the tootsie pop she started sucking on the round head. Chris put his hand on the back of her head and pushed gently down so she knew he wanted her to take more of it in her mouth. He started moving his hips sliding it in and almost out of her sucking mouth. She was surprised how much she enjoyed having this pulsing piece of manhood in her hands and mouth. It was all so powerful and she was in control of the power. Chris was telling her every few minutes how great she was doing and that he never knew it could feel so good.

She was working him up and down with her mouth for awhile before she glanced out into the room. She couldn't believe her eyes there was Billy sucking Pete's cock just like she was doing to Chris. Patrick was taking turns sucking on Dennis and Chuck alternating every minute or two. Everybody was busy so she felt less self-conscious about what she was doing. From the intensity in Billy's eyes she could tell he was really savoring Pete's cock. Pete was moving his hips back and forth as if he was having sex with a girl. Patrick bobbed his face back and forth on the two cocks in front of him as if he couldn't decide which one he liked more. The scene in front of her was more than she could rationalize right now.

Meanwhile Chris had advanced from rubbing just her tits to feeling all of her body he could reach. When he reached the top of her pussy she realized that her self-control was quickly evaporating as the sensation of his hand manipulation on her young body was having the desired effect. Although she never would have expected the evening would have turned out to be this wild, she knew that this was probably as far as any of them would go as she looked at the oral orgy going on. She felt she had the upper hand so to speak with Chris and as soon as he orgasmed he would return the favor to her and everything would be even and she could put herself together and go home. Rationalizing that since the guys were all being pleasured that she also should feel the same enjoyment she spread her legs some so Chris could satisfy her itch.

Part 4

Carl and I could see most everything going on in the living room from our vantage point. I thought my sister would have chickened out before getting totally naked in a room full of guys. With her there the focal point change for all of us. When she dropped her head into Chris's lap and started sucking him off I nearly passed out from sheer excitement. If I had already started cumming at that time I would have undoubtedly cum in my pants at that moment. I glanced over at Carl and he was rubbing his penis through his cut-off shorts. He was enjoying the show.

Pete started moaning and told Billy to get ready. Billy started sucking in earnest and Pete rewarded him with load into his throat. Denise glanced up taking in what had just happened and surprised that Billy would swallow Pete's cum like that. Almost like he had done this before, but she doubted that. After Billy cleaned up Pete's cock of juices and wiped his lips with his tongue he and Pete rested while the trio of Patrick, Chuck and Dennis rotated around on the floor so that Patrick was sucking on Chuck who was sucking Dennis who was in return sucking Patrick's long slender penis. Billy and Pete sat there watching what was going on. It looked as if Chris had reached third base with Denise because his hand was down near her pussy and she was moving her hips in a rotating motion.

After a little trial and error Chris found the right manipulations of his fingers to get Denise moaning. With two fingers sliding into her pussy while his thumb rubbed a bump hidden at the top and under the folds of her pussy lips she started moving her hips in time Although very tight when he first started her juices were starting to flow allowing his fingers to slide in and out much more freely. He focused on what he was doing to her so he wouldn't think about the great blow job she was giving him. He wanted to cum inside her tight little pussy not her mouth. Tonight a mouth wouldn't do!

Denise knew she was in a race with Chris to see who could get the other to come first. She wanted desperately to get him to cum. She was working his cock with all the suction and movement she could. She was holding it by the base with her small finger not fully able to wrap her hand all the way around, as her mouth bobbed up and down her hand slid up and down the lubricated penis so that it was being stroked by her lips and hand in unison. It was getting much harder for her to concentrate on her task because of the delicious masturbation of her pussy by Chris. The more he did it the more she wanted. She wanted to beg him to put more fingers in her but she refused to admit that he was better at fulfilling her needs than she was of his needs. Everything was a contest to her and she had to win. There could be a fire in the next room and neither of them would have noticed.

Chris decided if two fingers were good then three fingers would be better as he slipped another digit in and out of her pussy. He immediately knew it was having the desired affect because she stopped sucking on him and moved her body so he could have clear access. She was pleading loudly for him not to stop that it felt so good. She never wanted this feeling to stop. She didn't care about anything at this point. He told her to get on her knees and put her head down so he could get a better angle. Not knowing how exposed this placed her she obediently move into position so the feelings could continue. Chris started to finger her again and from this angle he could get deeper penetration with his fingers. On the fifth or sixth stroke he could feel her unbroken hymen blocking the path to further exploration. Denise was begging for him to continue knowing that her feelings were building to the first real orgasm of her young life.

Chris moved around behind her on his knees lining up his glistening cock with her pussy as the guys in the room watched. Seeing this must have been too much for Dennis because he started cumming into Chuck's mouth which excited him enough to start cumming into Patrick's mouth who the started cumming into Dennis's mouth. Moaning and sucking noises from the trio was load enough to be heard all over the small house. Pete had just started sucking Billy's short but fat cock which was only 5 and one half inches long but nearly as big around as a coke bottle. Although enjoying Pete's treatment he had other plans in mind as he watched Denise's backside grinding around.

Knowing how preoccupied everyone was in the living room Carl and I became less concerned with being seen up the stairway. We both had taken our little cocks out of our pants and were stroking them. Admiring how cute his red-headed prick was I moved around so I could see the action downstairs and suck him off at the same time. As I started sliding my mouth down over Carl's cock I saw Chris moving his cock up to my sister's virgin pussy. What a beautiful sight! I clamped down on his cock like I was a tight pussy.

Denise semi-delirious with pleasure felt what she thought was Chris's other thumb rubbing up against her clit. Oh god it felt so good and then it slid up with his other hand to the entrance of her pussy and started pushing in. Chris's pulled his fingers back on the out stroke and replaced it with his cock in as smooth a maneuver as possible when you consider how excited he was. After all this would be his first fuck.

It took a second before she realized it wasn't fingers anymore but something bigger and longer and warmer. About that moment it reached her hymen and started stretching it. As she gasped and yelled "CHRIS - NO I'M A VIRGIN! " he rammed in with all the force he could find. When her cherry split aside there was a sharp pain and she felt him bury his cock into her until he bottomed out. As panic of the situation sunk into her brain the pain was replaced with an amazing fullness as he started stroking his cock in and out. By the fifth long deep stroke all she knew was the building feeling of ecstasy. Her pussy was so tight it was like fucking a lubricated fist. Chris knew he wouldn't last long. When Denise started moaning he needed to prove dominance. He asked, "Does it feel good? Tell me how much you enjoy it! I want to hear you."

Gritting her teeth she quietly responded saying "Yes you feel good in me!"

Not satisfied he shot back "Tell how much you want me to continue! Tell us how you want it!".

Denise was being bombarded with a mini orgasm with almost every stroke now, each one building in intensity. She never thought she could ever feel so good. So totally out of control. With his last sentence she realized that her de-flowering was being watch by everyone in the room and it strangely aroused her even more. In full surrender she yelled "God it feels so good! Please don't stop! Don't stop!" That was all it took and Chris started shooting his cum into her unprotected cervix.

She could feel her insides being bathed with his scorching hot semen. He stopped stroking while buried deep into her and when he felt the spurts stopping he started stroking again. Billy tapped him on the shoulder and his shrinking cock slid out. Just as Denise thought it was all over the dick behind her seemed to regain its strength but it was somewhat different. It filled her more tightly but not as deeply. Either way the pleasurable feeling was back and the orgasm building again. When Billy said to her "Denise you have one great cunt! " the reality struck her and she orgasmed. A blinding all consuming electrical charge shot through her body. That's when Billy shot his load in her. She screamed in pleasure.

Pete was already lined up behind Billy waiting for him to pull out. As she felt the next cock slide into her dripping pussy the feeling started up again. She wasn't sure how she was going to look them in the face again but all she cared about right now was to have another one of those orgasms. As Billy sat back on the floor Patrick came over and started licking the combined juices off of his cock. He commented on how good it tasted.

Part 5

As Carl and I witnessed the gang bang unfolding in front of us I continued sucking his delicious little dick. He must of saw something going on that set him off because he started jerking his hips into my mouth. I moved my mouth in time with his hips. He grabbed my head and held it in place with his cock buried in my mouth as far as it would go. Totally surprised I felt a single spurt of hot liquid shot into my mouth. I wasn't sure if he was pissing at first but as I tasted it I knew it must be cum. With widened eyes I looked up at Carl who was grinning from ear to ear.

As I scooted up next to Carl I looked down into the room. Chris was hard again and he moved in front of Denise telling her to open up. In between moans she grabbed his cock and pulled it into her mouth. Dennis was fucking her from behind now and there was nothing gentle about it. You could hear a slapping noise from the bodies coming together every time he shoved into her. As he unloaded, another orgasm racked her sweaty body. She literally collapsed on the floor and rolled over on her back, legs splayed apart and juices dripping down between her legs.

Exhausted from the savaging she had already received Denise just laid there as Chuck scooted up between her legs, buried his 6 incher into her sloppy pussy and started fucking her missionary style. Although it still felt good she didn't have the energy to fuck back. Chuck was too excited to last long and he shot his load after about ten strokes. Billy made some comment about having a quick trigger and half the guys chuckled.

Patrick was the only one left who hadn't been in her and moved over by Denise. She pleaded that she was too tired and sore for anymore. Patrick said that it was o.k. but that he want to lick her pussy. She said o.k. as he got down on his elbows and started taking long tongue strokes between her red and puffy pussy lips. As he slurped up tongues full of white jism that leaked out of her pussy she realized how good this was feeling. He dipped his tongue into her as deep as he could go scooping out load after load. There was a look of amazement by most of the guys in the room that he would do it, much less enjoy it. He would make the same sound that you would eating a delicious steak each time he licked out another mouthful. He calculated that there must of been a cup of jism in her from the five loads that she took.

After about fifteen minutes Denise felt another orgasm approaching. Although his tongue was great she wanted to feel that long slender penis of his inside of her. "Patrick, put your cock in me...please!" she begged. Patrick slid his cock gently into her and started deep slow strokes. Denise proclaimed how good his cock felt and how good he was doing her as she wrapped her ankles around his back.. What they were doing was somehow different than the sex she had with the others. They moved in unison in a slow dance of sheer pleasure.

Somehow Carl and I felt like we were intruding on something private at this point and started sliding up the stairs with our pants in our hands. When we got to Carl's bedroom we silently put our pants on and slipped out the window.....

Part 6

Denise got home about an hour after us. It sounded like Patrick who walked her home. They talked outside for awhile before my dad yelled for her to come in.

The next day when Carl went home he heard his brother and Pete talking about the night before. Chris was complaining about how Patrick monopolized Denise towards the end and how she wasn't interested in the others after him. Chris said "We'll see next week.."

The next week Denise and Patrick didn't go to "Jack" night but went to the soda shop instead. Carl and I watched the remaining 5 guys for a little while that night but it wasn't the same for everyone involved. Chris talked about convincing Margaret to come the next week. The rest of the group laughed saying that he wasn't that convincing. Summer would soon be over anyway.

Denise was a nervous wreck the next three weeks until her period came. I could tell by the feminine napkins in the bathroom trash can when it started. She seemed less competitive after this happened and was not as much interested in playing ball with the guys, besides she didn't think they treated her the same as before. After all people do change.

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