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It Started by Cybering by Jazz

It Started by Cybering

One day, during one of my many chat room visits, I met a woman named Leah. Leah and I exchanged small talk for a while. The conversation had sexual undertones to it. Leah then private messaged me, asking if I would like to cyber, cyber sex that is. I replied that it would be fun. They usually are.

Leah and I began by telling me what she looked like, and what she was wearing. Leah is a fiery red head, 5'6, 132 lbs., trim and fit, shapely with a B cup for breast size. This gave me a great picture in my head. Leah continued by telling me what she was doing to me. With her image in my head, and with visualizing her doing those things, my cock got instantly hard. Unfortunately, I was at work and couldn't get myself off at the time. I definitely wanted to though. Leah told one hot story.

I eventually took over, and began telling her what I would be doing to her. Leah reported back that she became wet immediately. The visual picture I was painting for her was more than enough to get her going. I asked her if she was enjoying it, she said she was. I then asked if she was enjoying herself, she reported back with an "Of course. What did you think would happen?"

After a while of this, Leah reported that she had gotten off. Hearing this was too much for me. I told her I would talk to her again, and that I was going to get myself off. She giggled. We exchanged email addresses, and ended our conversation.

Leah and I cybered, and conversed on about a dozen occasions. I then asked if she would come and visit me. Wanting to do this in person. She was a little hesitant at first; but I assured her that I would pay her airfare and she could leave if she felt uncomfortable. Leah eventually agreed to come and visit me. I purchased a ticket for her; we set a date; and I agreed to meet her at the airport.

On the agreed upon date, Leah flew into town, and I met her at the airport. It wasn't hard to pick her out from the crowd with the description she gave me. I introduced myself, and she did likewise. We hugged and kissed on another on the cheek as if we were two old friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time. Leah gathered her luggage, and we made our way to my house. We exchanged small talk during the ride home, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. That's when I did what your not supposed to do to a woman; I asked her age. To my delight, and surprise, the ravishing beauty in my passenger seat told me she was 40. I remarked on how beautiful she was, and how sexy she looked. Leah blushed. She asked my age, and I told her I was 32.

We eventually got to my place after a 15-minute drive. I got her bags from the trunk and carried them in. She remarked at how polite and gentlemanly I was for a man of my age. She had met several younger men, whom she said had no idea of how to treat or compliment a lady. I blushed, and told her it was just the way I was raised. I escorted Leah into the house and gave her a tour. Then I told her that she was welcome to use the guestroom. Leah told me she didn't come to see me to sleep in the guest bed. This was fine with me; it let me know what kind of visit she was expecting. We sat down, had a few glasses of wine and some good conversation. Time seemed to fly by; before I knew it the time was 1 am.

Leah went into the room, gathered a few things and went into the bathroom. I went into the room, got undressed and turned down the bed. Leah spent about 15 minutes or so, before coming to the bedroom. My jaw hit the floor when this 40-year-old woman, came walking into the room wearing a nighty that made my cock instantly hard. I got so hard; it showed through the sheet. Leah asked, "Do you like it?" She knew the answer from seeing the tent in the sheets. Leah's body beautifully tanned with smooth skin crawled onto the bed and made her way to me. We kissed passionately and deeply. Her lips were soft and full. They felt like rose petals and tasted like peaches. My body got a warm fuzzy every time we kissed.

Leah began nibbling on my ear lobes. I let out a little moan as her warm breath ran over my ear. Leah then kissed her way down my neck to my chest. She stopped to lick my nipples, before continuing southward to my manhood. It was immediately apparent that Leah knew what she was doing in the avenue. Her lips felt like a young woman's pussy gliding up and down the length of my shaft. I just laid back and enjoyed the sensations of Leah's mouth working my cock. After a while I grabbed at Leah's thighs, encouraging her to come over to me. With a little guidance from me, Leah straddled my face. I pulled aside her white lace panties and slowly started licking at Leah's outer lips. Slowly I inserted my tongue into her, tasting her sweet juices. Leah let out a soft moan, while sucking on my shaft.

We continued giving each other oral pleasure for 5 minutes or so. Leah then began to cum. Her moans got louder, and more frequent. Leah struggled to keep up a rhythmic sucking on my cock, but it became harder as she approached orgasm. She began screaming, and my heart raced, wanting to hear exactly how loud she was going to get. Leah then came, letting out a gut-wrenching scream. Her body came with great force as pussy cum shot from her moist snatch all over my tongue. Leah just kept producing cum. It was almost more than I could keep up with. My hungry mouth licked up every drop from her snatch. Leah then begged me to fuck her.

She dismounted me and I took up a position between her legs. I teased her clit with the head of my cock, and Leah's pleas became louder and more demanding. My cock eventually found its way deep in her tight pussy. My thrusts were slow and deep, and Leah's moans were also. I laid on top of her while thrusting my cock deep in her. We began to kiss. My mouth found its way to her breast; I began to suckle them. I continued thrusting my cock into Leah's hungry cunt for 10 minutes or so before I felt my approaching orgasm. It wasn't long before my face tightened, and my body tensed. My body then felt an enormous release, as my cock pumped hot cum deep into Leah's body. The rush was intense, and I wanted to stop and rest.

Leah told me to keep going as she was approaching orgasm as well. My cock kept thrusting deep into her snatch. Hot cum began to ooze from deep inside of her. Leah began her screaming again. She came once again. Her screaming was loud. Her body shot cum out so hard I could feel it hitting the head of my cock. Then something strange happened. I began to cum again. I was surprised; I had never had multiple orgasms before. Soon my cock was spilling hot cum deep in her once again.

I then collapsed from exhaustion. Leah curled up next to me. "We have all week to do this", she whispered in my ear. With that we both fell asleep.

Leah and I fucked nightly, and she would service my cock with her mouth on my lunch hours. We became great friends that week. At weeks end we didn't want to part. I took her back to the airport Friday evening. We kissed and promised to either chat or talk every night. On several occasions, either I would go to her, or she would come to me. Leah and I became great sexual partners, but never developed that lovers emotional bond.

Eventually I met my current wife, and Leah and I had to discontinue or weeklong trysts. Leah and I remain friends to this day, and she has met my wife. I have approached the possibility of a menage-a-trio with them, and both seem a little hesitant. Yet quite receptive to the idea also. Only time will tell. I hope they both agree to go through with it, it would be a love making experience to remember for all time. This is not to say that my encounters with Leah weren't.

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