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Is This Work? by Hanley Strapmann

Is This Work?

You enter my office. The day is almost over when I tell you that you will have to work late tonight. You knew this before I even say anything, not because there is more typing that must be done. No, today you wore a skirt and whenever you wear a skirt, you know what happens.

You pass time at your desk watching your friends and other workers leave. Finally, it is only you and I in the office and you lock the front door. Better to be a little discrete, but it doesn't really matter, as you know I could care less.

As you enter my office, you glance at the sofa and wonder why we have never used it. I always find something and somewhere else that is more interesting.

You move over to my desk. "What can I do now?" you ask innocently, knowing full well that I have been planning something all day, ever since you arrived in your skirt.

"Come over here." I motion for you to stand between my chair where I am seated and my desk. You are surprised at how clean my desk is. Normally it is cluttered, but, today, it is clear and ready for what my plans hold.

I stand, remove my tie and blindfold you with it. You shudder a little with the loss of your sight, but you hold still waiting. "Sit," I whisper in your ear and you sit onto the desk. You hear me sit back down and move my chair forward. I place your feet on the arms of my chair, causing you to spread yourself for me.

My fingers trace up your thighs, you have a hard time keeping your breathing steady. I finally reach your panties and press my finger against it. Your juices are flowing.

Barely a whisper, I say, "Remove your blouse and bra and lay back." You hesitate only a moment. With the release of your bra, the chilled office air caresses your nipples. You lay back onto the cold desk.

Again, my finger finds your panties and pussy. Now though you feel the coldness of metal as the scissors cut through the last barrier to my full access to your pussy.

"You are enjoying this," I say as I swipe a finger through your slit, scooping up the nectar. Your back arches trying to get my finger deeper. I don't allow it; rather I play with your lips and clit, ignoring your motions.

I pull my finger away, only to replace it with my tongue. It swipes across your slit and then lodges onto your clit. A finger enters you, then two. The fingers never stop moving, my tongue never ceases it motion, your body is now mine. Your hips buck and sway as the first climax shoots through your body. But still I continue. Now three fingers and now your clit is being rolled against my teeth. What started as an average climax, rolled into a second even more dramatic.

Exhausted, your hips fall away from my lips. I raise up and lean over you. You smell yourself on my face as I kiss you. With the sound of the zipper, you expect to feel my prick next, but, no, I move your feet from the chair and stand you up.

Your legs are wobbly as I lead you over to the window. You know it is almost dark and that others can see into the room. I lean you forward so that your face is almost to the window, your ass positioned for me.

You hope that your friends have already left; for surely if they glance up to the third floor, they will see you blindfolded with your tits swaying.

I push your feet apart and position my dick at the entrance. With a single hard push, I enter you completely, you squeal at the sudden intrusion. We move together, slowly at first, you pushing back against every insertion. My dick pulls almost out and is then rammed in to its fullest.

The action increases. You feel my hands on your hips pulling you hard against me until you feel my muscles tighten and fill you; but, I don't stop, I don't get soft and I continue to rotate my hips. All you know is that your pussy is controlling your body now and another climax rocks you. Your legs wobble and I stand you up and turn you around.

With a slight push on your shoulders, I lower you to your knees and present my cum covered dick for cleaning. You start to raise you hands to hold me, but I tell you to put your hands down.

You don't hear the rustle on the carpet. You are focused on getting everything you can from my dick, but, I pull it away. It is gone only a second before you feel the pressure on your lips again. Your mouth opens anxiously taking the whole of it. It feels different, smaller, but you don't care, it is a dick and it feels so good.

Hands grip your head and begin the face fuck you love so much. You are surprised at my resilience and know that another climax is coming. But now, you feel another pair of hands around your back, grasping and squeezing your swaying breasts. The fingers pinch your nipples hard. You realize there is someone else there beside myself. At first you are concerned, but, again, the carnal instincts take over and you enjoy the dick in your mouth and the hands pulling on your already sore nipples.

Just as the dick in your mouth starts shooting its cum into your throat, you climax again and almost loose consciousness. Eventually you fall back into my arms and I lower your spent body onto the floor. You lay there for a few minutes before you even have the energy to remove your blindfold.

I am the only one there. You don't even bother asking who the other one was. You know I would not tell.

When your strength returns, you dress yourself and leave for the day. I escort you out of the office, my hand plays with your tired spent pussy in the elevator. You drive home, I to my house.

The next day you wear slacks. Another day like yesterday would be too much, too soon. You log onto the mail and see there are several messages for you. You open the first, it reads, "Thanks for the fun slut. I will be awaiting the next day you wear a skirt." Attached to the e-mail are photos. They are close ups of last night's blow job. You can't see the man's face, only his prick in your inviting lips. You do recognize the slacks on the man though, he is the mail-boy, only sixteen. Oh well, work just gets more and more interesting.

It was several days later before you wore a dress to work. You had been thoroughly satisfied and you had wanted to maintain some level of respectability. The slut in you won out though and you dressed in your professional dress and went to work. From the time you chose the dress from your closet to when you walked into the office, your pussy was swimming in your own juices. You couldn't help it, your true self was coming out.

You try to maintain some dignity as you walk by the other secretaries, hoping they can't smell your excitement. You enter my office wanting me to see your signal, but the office is empty. You turn to your desk and see a note pinned to your computer screen. "Last minute trip to Phili. Back tomorrow, Friday. Wear a dress." Frustrated, you turn to your work on the computer and start the day.

Try as you might, your inner slut won't give up. Your thoughts keep turning to sex. Your typing becomes more and more erratic. The typos start revealing your thoughts: slut, suck, cum, all start to appear in the document. You are forced to re-read each document to make sure they don't reveal the real you.

The mail boy seems to be walking by your desk more and more. He always gives you an embarrassed smile, but doesn't talk to you. You start to think it might not have been him the other day. Your panties are swimming as you squirm on the chair.

It was mid-afternoon when you returned to your desk from masturbating in the restroom, that you found the note. "Meet me in the supply room". You know the handwriting, it is the young man. Trying not to leap from your chair, you walk as casually as possible, to the supply room; check if anyone sees you, and then enter.

With the flick of the switch, you turn the blackness into brilliant light. "Shut off the light. Come past the photocopier around to the small room in the back" is whispered to you. With light off, the room is pitch black and you slowly make your way past the photocopier to the small doorless room behind.

You focus on his breathing, quick and excited, and make your way across to him. As your fingers gently encounter his shirt, he sucks in air. The lad is young, he doesn't know what should be done next, but you know. Your reach up, finding his head and pull his face to yours where your tongue invades his mouth; his hands reach around and hung you tightly to him.

The kiss goes on, his hand grab your tits and squeeze them to the point of pain. Your already soaked cunt tingles at the pain and your enjoy it for a minute before you start moving down his front. Once on your knees, you undo his belt, unzip his pants and lower them to his ankles.

Still in the pitch-blackness, you caress his erect prick with your fingertips. He moves his hips forward. A slight tug on his boxers releases his prick that smacks you on your cheek. Your fingers caress his balls as you lean forward, feeling his dick along your cheek as your place gentle kisses on his young hairless balls. Softly you take each into your mouth and swirl them around with your tongue. He moans and runs his hands through your hair.

You move back to the end of his cock, feel his hips push it against your lips, and softly open your mouth. Slowly you slid down the shaft as the young man moans his pleasure. He grabs your head and starts pumping your face, each time you feel his pubic hair against your cheeks as he forces his entire shaft into you.

The motion is getting faster and faster when you hear the door open and the light comes on, spilling into your little sanctuary. The boy becomes scared and removes his hands from your head, but you continue with your motions. You pray that whoever is in the room will not walk around the wall and find you with your lips around this 16-year-old's prick.

The sound of the photocopier is heard, the door is opened and the lights are turned off again. The boy hasn't breathed and with the darkness he erupts into your mouth and your shake into your own climax which comes from the tips of your toes and causes goose pimples to wave across your body.

The young boy holds still for a while letting you suck all of the remainder off of him. Your own breathing settles down and you lovingly remove his spent cock from your mouth. In the darkness, you kiss it tenderly and stand.

Leaning forward you kiss the lad fully on the lips, letting him taste his own cum from your lips. "That was nice" you whisper in his ear and then turn, finding your way back to the door and the light switch. A moment before you switch on the light, you whisper again, "Nice." You catch your breath, turn on the light, and leave the supply room. A passing worker gives you a quizzical look but you ignore it and return to your desk.

My note is still there. Tomorrow is another day for a dress.

Friday, you slept little the night before. I had never asked you to wear a dress, it was at our first meeting that I told you that when you wore a dress, you would take the consequences. As you brush your hair you smile remembering how the interview for the job had drug on until after normal work hours. You had waited in the conference room. Even now, when you went into the conference room, you thought you could see the stains you had made on the table and rug.

Yesterday's episode with the mail boy had not completely sated your lust, you knew today would. You have chosen your dress to be acceptable for the office; the only embellishment you add is a strand of pearls.

Is the elevator going slower than normal? Finally it arrives on the third floor and your shoes click down the hall to my office. I am already there, working on the computer; without looking towards you, I state matter-of-fact, "There is a negotiation tonight. I will need you."

You glance at your dress. "I didn't know. I'm not dressed for after hours."

"I have your things for you."

Now you are intrigued. The day creeps by slowly. The only diversion comes from the frequent walk-bys of the mail boy. He seems to have a little spring to his step today. You know why, and smile each time you see him, sometimes teasing him with a lick to your lips.

The day finally comes to an end and the other secretaries straighten up their desks and leave for the weekend. When all have left, you enter my office and stand before my desk, waiting for your instructions. I lean back in my chair and survey your body; you used to be uncomfortable by my leer, now you take it as a compliment. "All of your things for tonight are in the boxes on the couch," I say before returning to my work.

You take the boxes to the ladies room where you open them. Three things: a beautiful white silk blouse, a black ,very mini, skirt, and high heels. This isn't your usual garb and you don't know how you will like it. You remove your outer garments and put on the clothes, brush your hair and put on a little make-up. Glancing at yourself in the mirror you are surprised at how good you look.

With pride, you stride into my office. I look up, give an appraisal, you expect a compliment, instead I say, "Didn't you understand me?" You look down at yourself trying to identify what you had done wrong. "Come here." I swivel my chair around as you walk around the end of my desk. Without saying a word my hand goes up your skirt and grabs the crotch of your panties. "No undergarments.

I wave you off and you return to the bathroom where you remove your bra and panties. Now the silk blouse rubs sensuously against your nipples. Signaling your excitement, your nipples pop out and rub against the silk. Meanwhile, the mini just barely covers your exposed cunt and you can feel the air cooling it. The sensation between your nipples and your cunt start to awaken your true self.

When you return to my office, your stride is that of a confident self-assured slut and you revel in the sounds of the heels. Your movements are closer to a strut as your breasts wiggle within the blouse. I look up and smile. "That's much better." You know I am referring more to your demeanor than anything else. "One thing more." I stand and walk over to you.

I stand directly in front of you and reach around your neck. My presence so close causes you to catch your breath for a moment. "God, I wish he would suck my nipples and fuck me right here" you think to yourself. I don't, I gently remove your pearls, the pearls that you had saved so long to afford.

"These belong elsewhere," I say. I gently press you back to sit on the desk. Your legs naturally fall apart and I insert the pearls into your waiting pussy, one at a time, my fingers wallowing inside you. With each insertion, your cunt becomes wetter and wetter, you close your eyes to fully enjoy the sensation. With the last bead, I notice that your nipples are more erect then I have ever seen them before.

"Lick my fingers clean." You do and I unbutton the next two buttons on your blouse so that the blouse is open to below your breasts.

"I think you are ready." I turn, grab my briefcase and leave. Your breath is coming in short gasps. You struggle to your feet, feeling the pearls move within you. You adjust your step to keep from causing an orgasm.

I don't look at you as we travel to the elevator and then to the garage. A limo is waiting for us and the driver's eyes widen as he sees you float to the limo. You know there is no way you can enter the limo without flashing the driver, so you don't even try. He is treated with a wide sopping beaver shot as you pull your legs into the car.

He runs to the driver seat, checks out your legs in the mirror and we are on our way to the meeting.

As is typical, the meeting is at a nice hotel near the airport. The driver pulls up to the front and runs back to open your door, hoping to get another view of your puffy cunt. He is not disappointed. You stand, arrange your skirt as best you can and follow me into the lobby.

Your heels click nicely on the marble floor. Every man's eyes are on you with envy, every woman's with scorn. You carry your head with pride, trying to keep your concentration from the moving pearls in your cunt. The elevator arrives and we enter.

"We are doing some negotiations with two Japanese," I say as I adjust my tie, not paying attention to your battle with your own lust. You squirm a little, your nipples massaged, your pussy cold and exposed, and your love canal gently rubbed. "You job is to keep the little bastards distracted."

The elevator stops and we are on our way to the room. As is the custom, the bed within the room has been removed, replaced by a wood conference table. A small, but well stocked bar is in one corner of the room. As we enter, the two Japanese businessmen rise; their eyes dart to you and for a moment they are speechless. I introduce you to them as my personal secretary. You smile and shake their hands.

Except for their ages, both men are identical. Their jet-black hair combed back, small round glasses, and expensive black suits. One though is much older, perhaps in his sixties; while the other is in his thirties.

I sit down on one side of the table so that the Japanese are facing the bar. You stand demurely with your hands folded in front of you. Your nipples softly touching the silk, your pussy pulsing with a million sensations. The insides of your legs are feeling a little slick.

"Please get me a drink as well as one for these gentlemen" I tell you as I start to remove my papers from my briefcase. I glance at the Japanese. They can't take their eyes off of you. They watch your sweet ass move to the bar and gaze longingly at your legs. Your quick turn catches them off guard and they quickly lower their eyes.

As you place the drinks from behind the Japanese, your blouse falls forward; neither man is able to restrain his gaze from a full view of your beautiful tits. A small sigh comes from the older man as your stand and smile.

You can smell yourself as the pearls do their work and you know the air must be full of the scent of sex. You go out of your way to show yourself off. At one point you sit on a chair near the bar. The younger man stops in mid-sentence as you cross your legs, giving him a quick flash of your shiny cunt. He recovers a little and proceeds, but his speech is slower, he is fighting to keep his composure.

The older Japanese is not much better. When you allow one of your breasts to brush against his shoulder as you remove an empty glass, he leans into you trying to feel as much as possible.

Your sluttiness comes through in full force when you "accidentally" drop a spoon at the bar and bend over, straight legged, to retrieve it, giving both of the Japanese a full view of your naked ass. In unison, both men rise slightly from their chairs to watch your show. I smile.

My job is easy. Neither man is able to concentrate and I easily strike a deal which is very much to my benefit. We outline the deal and I sign both copies of the letter of intent, the older Japanese also signs.

"I believe we all have entered a very beneficial agreement," I say, "As is your custom, I have a present for you that will show our good intent." I motion for you to come over next to me. You stand still as my hand moves up your legs, my fingers slipping on your slick thighs. You close your eyes enjoying my touch in front of these two men.

My fingers find your slit and then your clit. One touch on your clit and you are thrown over the top. The climax you have been holding in check moves through your body like a freight-train. Your knees sag and your catch yourself on the edge of the table, a scream of delight coming from your lips. Both Japanese pull back in shock.

My fingers sweep through your pussy and find the pearls, withdrawing them slowly. Another climax races through your body and you lower your head in pure pleasure. You are barely able to stand. You barely hear me present the pearls to the older Japanese as a gift. He accepts them into the palm of his hands with an almost religious reverence and gently places them in his briefcase.

As the two Japanese are leaving, you are just starting to regain your breath and composure. The pearls that you had saved for so long are now gone, but, you don't care.

I turn you around and sit you on the table. Withdrawing a jewelry box from my briefcase I present it to you. You are surprised, and open it excitedly. Inside are pearls that are at least twice the size of the ones now cherished by the older Japanese. You smile.

"These need to be burnished to get that wonderful luster." I take the pearls, you spread your legs and I insert them into your sopping cunt. They feel wonderful and start you again into your lust.

Turning your around, I bend you over the table and pull your skirt up over your back. Drawing your own juices I massage your ass hole. The sound of a zipper tells your what is coming and you rear your ass for my benefit. Slowly, ever so slowly, you feel my dick take your ass. Through the wall between your ass and pussy, my prick pushes on the pearls, causing you to shoot over the edge again.

As your body shakes, you think, "Do I have the best job in the world or not?"

Hope you enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts:

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