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Island Girl by Eros

Island Girl

Part 1

Jack Brewster balanced himself at the foot of the worn mattress, his pants open, cock jutting out longer and harder than any 55-year-old's probably had the right to... especially one belonging to someone who'd been through as much as Jack had.

We were in the beach house Jack had been renting with "misdirected" government funds for five years. Jack had been doing lots of unauthorized shit, which was why I was sent here to collect him. One untrustworthy soul dispatched to retrieve another.

"Have you ever come on an island girl's tits, Harry? It's beautiful. Come 'ere and watch."

Sprawled beneath Jack on white sheets was a young Haitian woman named Juanita. She was as naked as the beach, arms and legs outstretched in a willing, almost patriotic, spread-eagle.

"You got a beautiful cock, Jack." she murmured, her liquid brown eyes sparkling mischievously.

Juanita had smooth, milk-chocolate coloured skin, a gorgeous innocent looking face, tiny hips, a narrow waist, and firm, perfect tits.

"Jack," I said, trying to be insistent, "our plane leaves in two hours."

Jack stood over Juanita with his hips thrust forward. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. His long, thin legs trembled slightly as he drew his hand back and forth over his rock-hard cockshaft. Juanita gazed up at him with a look of genuine love on her pretty, young face.

"It's so dry, Jack, honey. Your cock needs some lubrication."

She slid her legs beneath her and got up on her knees, bringing her face even with Jack's throbbing hard-on.

"Jack," I interrupted, "you've known all week I was coming. You could have done this..." How could I put it? "You could have wrapped this up yesterday."

As though Juanita's gorgeous young body were an open file. Jack pursed his lips and took a deep breath. Juanita's hands were on his ass, her mouth was closing in.

"I did, Harry. I did do this yesterday. And the day before.... And the day before that...." He shuddered as Juanita's full, pink lips slid moistly over his cock. She held the bulb of his shaft in her lips and darted her tongue along its underside, making his twitching prick glisten with saliva. "Uuuuuuhh, yeahhh!... and the day before that, and before, and before, and before." He placed a hand gently against the back of Juanita's head, touching long, black hair that was straight and lustrous. "And that's why I'm doing it again today. This is why...."

He gently prompted Juanita to take more cock. Which she did eagerly. Tilting her neck and shoulders, she looked up at Jack with those beautiful deep brown eyes and took his entire length into her tiny mouth. Suddenly, from my perspective, the ceiling fan turning over the bed seemed to be still and the room looked to be spinning.

Juanita sucked Jack lusciously, effortlessly, deeply, as though hiding a sticky candy in her mouth. Jack touched her cheeks and took a loud, deep breath, sucking pleasure into his lungs.

"Isn't she the most beautiful thing in the whole world? The only girl who can get me hard. Did you know that? Did they tell you that in Langley? About what she does for me? They know, those bastards. They know everything."

Pale shadows of natural light spilled through bamboo shutters and played games over Juanita's gorgeous young face. Her jaw and throat muscles were working expertly, and no doubt her little pink tongue was too, because the look on Jack's face told me he was very close to climax.

As he hit his peak, Jack shook as though someone had hold of his shoulders. His sperm erupted in her mouth. Juanita groaned, stayed on him, and sucked him all the way through it. When Jack's jerking cock had slackened, she let it slip slowly from her mouth, spilling cum over her lips like a wet kiss. The contrast of the creamy white against her dark skin was beautiful. I felt hypnotized.

As Jack staggered naked onto the deck to catch his breath, Juanita said to me, "Harry, you're hard in your pants."

I sure was. Seeing Jack come in the gorgeous little island girl's mouth and watching his sperm dribble down her chin onto her tits had been the most arousing thing I'd ever witnessed. My prick was rock-solid.

When Juanita was sure that Jack was out of sight, she swung her legs over the side of the bed, spread her ebony pussy hair with deft fingers, and revealed her glistening pink slit. "Right here," she whispered silently. "I want your big cock right here."

I would have taken her up on the offer in two seconds flat if Jack hadn't returned just then. Juanita rolled over and buried a naughty laugh into the pillow. She started to masturbate, not minding at all that Jack and I watched. When she was close to reaching orgasm, Jack turned to me and said, "Don't make me go home, Harry. I can't live without her."

Part 2

"What the fuck is happening down there, Harry? Tell me why you're not on the damn plane."

Field Supervisor Fiedelman was his usual jittery self, but that's how lots of people react to being in a job they're unqualified for. Even in our business, people get promoted until they reach a level they can't handle, which is where they stay until someone comes up with a way to can their asses.

The only good news was that our conversation wasn't face to face. I was still on the island, Fiedelman was in Virginia. Our connection was courtesy of the company satellite telephone I had set up in my hotel room. My signal went out scrambled and was decoded on downlink, pretty much standard procedure.

I explained to Fiedelman about the thing Jack had for Juanita. I said that Fiedelman should have told me about the relationship. Fiedelman claimed it was news to him, but that was par for the course.. he was a career liar.

"What you do, Harry," he ordered, "is you fuck this little island slut and make sure Jack knows about it."

"That could shatter the poor guy."

"Ask me if I fucking care. Do you think I fucking care? Just get Jack Brewster off that island, Harry. I don't care if it's kicking and screaming in a rubber bag. Just do it!"

The next night, Jack, Juanita, and I had dinner together in a small village restaurant that actually was the living room of the chef's hillside house. Wonderful spicy cooking aromas drifted out through open windows while the singing of tree frogs came in as a sort of payment in kind.

Although I hadn't seen him consume much liquor during the day, Jack was pretty well plastered by the main course. Maybe age was catching up with him. He couldn't hold his rum like he used to. Juanita didn't seem to mind, she thought it was funny when Jack's elbow slipped off the table. But she had that way about her, an almost magical twinkle in her eye, as though she found everything amusing and fun, if not erotic.

I had tried to reason with Jack all day. "They want you out of here, Jack. Bad. If you don't go with me now, who knows who they'll send next time." I tried to make that sound sinister, but even in his drunken state, Jack didn't bite.

"Shit, Harry, you think they're gonna send someone to kill me. Jesus, this piss-ant government won't even assassinate a foreign dictator anymore. They'd rather send in a million fucking marines. We're always the good guys except when we're enforcing ourselves. Fuck 'em Fuck 'em all!"

Jack's attempt to pound the table with his fist missed and landed in his lap. Juanita laughed. So did Jack.

"I think I just castrated myself, honey," he bellowed.

I smiled, too, but was a little sad. It looked like Fiedelman was right. My only chance of getting Jack off the island might lie in getting my cock into hot little Juanita, and making sure Jack found out. It wouldn't be all that difficult a job considering the way Juanita came on to me whenever Jack wasn't around. And, hell, she was one of the sexiest pieces of ass I'd ever met... The things we do for our country.

By the time we left the restaurant, Jack was in no condition to walk, let alone drive, so I drove Jack's Range Rover back to the beach house. Jack was asleep.. or unconscious.. across the rear seats. Juanita was beside me up front, elbow out the window, long hair whipping in the warm breeze.

"Do you ever not smile?" I asked.

She turned toward me just as we passed beneath a street lamp, the light provided me a quick, explicit glimpse inside her thin blouse. She saw me looking.

"I always smile," she replied, eyes wandering down towards the lump in my crotch, "when I think about nice things."

I turned my attention back to the winding road, not wanting to miss the turnoff that coursed down to the beach like a drunken river. As Jack snored behind me, I proposed, "Later tonight, do you want to....?"

"Yes." Juanita's hand came to rest on my thigh. Her mere touch got me hard.

Part 3

When we got home, Juanita put Jack to bed and came into the living room with her white top tied halter-style around her breasts. Her cleavage glistened as though oiled by the humid night air. She carried a blanket beneath her arm. "Do you like walks on the beach, Harry?"


Her arm went around me.

"Do you like fucking on it?"

"Yes." I said closing the door behind us. `With you, baby... anywhere' I thought watching her tight little asscheeks jiggle down the stairs.

We followed a sandy path through the dark jungle of palms and flowering vines. Overhead, a sliver of moon was behind the sky's only clouds, making thousands of stars seem even more distinct and reachable. Silhouetted against the white sand, Juanita slid out of her skirt and untied her top. Naked and warm, she pressed against me. Her perfume was indefinably exotic, as was the taste of her tongue penetrating my lips.

"I'm going to do deliciously dirty things to you, Harry. All night long."

"First," I said, "I'm going to do things to you."

I took her towel and dropped it on the sand, creating an area wide enough to keep her torso off the beach. Still, her back and hair ended up against the pearl-white sand. I licked along her thighs, having wanted to get inside that tight curl of pussy hair since she'd revealed herself to me last night. Her slit was slick and eager.

"I might scream, Harry," the little sexy vixen warned. "Sometimes a man's tongue makes me scream. It feels so good."

Loud enough to wake up Jack, I thought.

I sunk my tongue deeply into her cuntslit, the moist, glistening lips spreading across my mouth, slicking my cheeks like no other woman ever had. She tasted fantastic.

The smell of her aroused young pussy was both an intoxicant and an aphrodisiac. I hungrily slid both hands beneath her ass and drove my tongue into her tight little fuckhole.

"Uuuuuuuuuuhhh, Harry!" Juanita's legs moved against my flanks, heels digging into the sand as though trying to get a foothold. As I began sucking and nibbling on her tiny young clit, Juanita's loud cries became unintelligible, sounding as though she was straining against an opposing force. She clenched her teeth. Her entire body shuddered. And then she erupted, hitting her peak, screaming wildly. The hot cream of her orgasm spread across my face. My hungry tongue continued to lash up and down her quivering slit until Juanita made me pull away.

"Ohhhh, Harry! I came so hard! " she gasped, caressing my cheeks. "And you got me so wet. Feel how hot and wet you got me, Harry."

I pressed two fingers into Juanita's gaping little fuckhole and she moaned, grinding her hips forward against my hand. She was incredibly hot and her juices was literally drooling out of her pussy over my hand. I pulled my fingers out of Juanita's heavenly snatch and put them to my lips, sucking her cunt-cream from my fingers as we stared into each other's eyes.

"You have an incredible tasting pussy, baby," I murmured.

On impulse, I put my fingers to her lips, and without hesitation, Juanita opened her mouth.

"Mmm-hmm," she gasped, sucking them. "I want you to put your cock in my mouth after you've fucked me, to taste your cum and my pussy together."

She grasped my prick as soon as it was free of my pants and drew me toward her cunt, spreading it with her other hand.

"Uhhhhh, Fuck me, Harry! Fuck me hard and then come in my mouth."

I slid into her well-lubricated cunt easily and after a few tentative pumps, Juanita's hot little pussy opened receptively to take the full thickness of my cock. Her tight young cunt-muscles expanded and contracted to create an exquisite suction around my pumping shaft as I fucked her furiously, wanting to pound her tight, hot young cunt into oblivion.

Part 4

Juanita humped me back, squirming her little black ass all over the blanket as she attempted to grind her pussy up against the base of my pounding cock. It didn't take long before she was squealing and cumming beneath me. I wasn't too far behind her either. Semen rose hotly from my balls and Juanita tensed, realizing the closeness of my orgasm.

"Now!" Juanita cried. "In my mouth, Harry."

Her hands were on my hips, wanting me out. But her pussy around my cock felt soooo good....

"Harry, please. Give it to my mouth. The whole thing!"

Reluctantly, I pulled out of her cunt, my wet cock throbbing and twitching in the night air. I mounted her shoulders hurriedly, and pressed my balls against her tits. I cupped my hand behind her neck, pulling her mouth to my cock. Her soft lips opened and drew me in, her tongue swirling hungrily around my turgid length.

"Suck it!" I shouted... a cry that could be heard for miles.

Juanita's cheeks bulged with the thickness of my shaft. Her tongue slipped along the underside of my cock and kissed my balls. Then she swallowed me whole, sucking hard as I fucked my cock down her throat. God, she was good! She had me over the edge in seconds.

"Here it comes, honey!" I cried.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Jack standing there just watching us, but I was too far gone to care. My body went rigid with pleasure. As my cock erupted in her mouth, a searing tension tightened behind my eyes. Juanita's tongue remained on my balls, applying gentle pressure that sustained my come almost longer than I could stand.

Once she eased my spent cock from her lips, I collapsed facedown on the blanket, too blown away to care that I was breathing bits of sand, or to wonder what Jack was going to do. He was standing there in his boxer shorts, having seen me come in his girlfriend's mouth. I expected him to beat the crap out of me or at least to rant and rave, but the odd thing was... Jack was smiling!

+ + + + + +

It took a week, but, inevitably, he showed up... a young, fresh-faced officer Field Supervisor Fiedelman had "borrowed" from naval intelligence. He still had his carry-bag from the flight down, which no doubt contained his 9mm Beretta, protected from island Immigration scrutiny by a diplomatic pouch.

He crossed the pool patio at the out-of-the-way hotel where I had been staying for the past week and sidled up beside my chaise lounge like he might offer a salute. His polished shoe stopped less than an inch from my empty scotch glass.

"Watch your feet, Dexter," I said, too sun-tired to put emphasis on my warning. Dexter almost certainly wasn't his real name, but we call all the spit-and-polish guys Dexter.

"Sorry." He took a step back. "Sir, I'm here to tell you...."

"Dexter, sit down, why don't you. It's Happy Hour. Relax. This is a tropical island for God's sake!"

"Yes, sir." He sat, but remained posture-perfect, like he had a foot-long spike shoved up his ass. "I'm here to take over your assignment."

"You're perfect for it," looking him up and down. Then I smiled. "And believe me, Dexter. This is one assignment you're not going to forget in a hurry."

Over Dexter's shoulder, Jack and Juanita were crossing the pool deck with fresh drinks. There weren't too many people staying at this hotel and even fewer rules, so Juanita hadn't bothered tying her bikini top back on once she'd gotten up from giving Jack a blow-job near the deep end.

"Dexter," I said, watching Juanita's little brown breasts jiggle sexily as she walked towards us, "let me ask you something.... Have you ever come on an island girl's tits?"

The End.

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