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In the Ladies' Room by Lotuseater

In the Ladies' Room

It was nine o'clock at Chez Maxine. Jessica Flynn felt wonderful. She was having dinner with her old college friend Kitty Stephens, and the two were just a little tipsy from several bottles of wine. Although Kitty was staying at the Airport Motel, her flirting during the meal hinted at some interesting times to come later that night. Kitty's bare foot stroked Jessica's stockinged calf insinuatingly.

Nearby, Deputy Pat Smythe was not having as good a time. For the twentieth time that night, the beautiful police officer resolved never again to go on a blind date arranged by well-meaning but hopelessly dim friends. She'd already forgotten the ex-football player's name, the names of his two ex-wives, their six dogs, and his playful nickname for his penis (to which he'd leadenly managed to work in half-a-dozen references already). Pat desperately fought to maintain interest, then consciousness. Where the hell had this brain-dead blowhard come from?

Jessica excused herself. The Amazonian redhead was striking by candlelight, and the flickers made her fair skin positively radiant. She passed the table where the burly drunk pawed his auburn haired date without a glance, her mind already on the night to come.

Pat couldn't help but notice the tall woman stride quickly past her table. It gave her the inspiration for a temporary reprieve. Or if she contrived to stay there for the entire night, maybe even "Bubba" here could take a hint...

As graciously as she could manage, she delicately removed a ham-sized hand from her knee while rising. The man did not rise as she beat it to the ladies' room.

Once inside, Pat went to inspect herself in the full-length mirror. "Not bad for an old maid," she mused. Her twenty-eight year old body could pass for an eighteen year old's. Admiring herself, she straightened and smoothed her green form-fitting dress to her body.

Emerging from her stall, Jessica was startled to see the auburn hair beauty. She hadn't heard her come in. Appreciatively, she watched the younger woman brush down her dress, then press up her proud breasts. She couldn't help but half humourously whistle at the sight.

Pat glanced up in the mirror. In the fluorescent glare, she saw the dimness of the restaurant hadn't done Jessica's beauty justice. True red hair, luxuriant in its rich fullness, set off a fine complexion worthy of a marble sculpture. And a bustline she wouldn't mind trading for. She smiled in acknowledgement.

"Looks like you're all set for the evening," she remarked conversationally to Jessica.

The redhead smiled back. "Kitty's a classmate from college, and it's not like that." She washed her hand with the lilac-scented soap, and dried herself with a rose-petaled towel.

Pat blushed. "I didn't mean..."

Jessica laughed lightly. "Oh, no - don't be embarrassed!"

Laughing back, Pat extended a hand.

"Pat Smythe."

"Jessica Flynn. You're the new deputy, aren't you?"

Pat nodded. "And you're the llllll-librarian!" she finished, giggling.

Jessica laughed heartily. "And the town lesbian!" she acknowledged. "But I really don't just jump on every skirt that passes by!"

"I know, I'm sorry. But it looked like your friend was really in the mood for some fun and games."

"Kitty's a dear friend, but we've never even kissed. I didn't come out until after we graduated, and she's got two kids now."

"Well, you could have fooled me. The way things are going, I'd swap in a heartbeat."

Jessica gave Pat a quick look of renewed interest. What was she saying?

"Aren't you with someone?" she asked politely.

"Only the biggest meathead to ever pull on pants."

"I see. Do you have a plan "B"?"

"Yeah, but if I shoot him the department will dock me for the bullets."

The two laughed again.

"Seriously, do you want an excuse?"

"I wouldn't mind. Any ideas?"

The buxom redhead thought.

"This is tough."

"Tell me about it."

The two regarded each other.

The door opened. The lovely brunette Kitty stuck her head in. "Hello!" she was smoking a cigarette.

"Hi! Kitty, this is Pat. Pat, Kitty."

The two shook hands.

"I thought you were getting a transplant or something, you were taking so long," Kitty complained.

"Nothing like that, but Pat's got a problem." Jessica filled her friend in.

"Well, what have you come up with so far?" Kitty asked, unconsciously draping an arm around her friend's shoulder.

"Zip. Pat?"

"Only thing I can think of's stayin' in here 'til they shut the lights out."

"Oooh, not a bad idea!" squealed Kitty in a little-girl voice.

Jessica was embarrassed, and was about to explain Kitty had one too many, when her friend came up from behind her and grabbed her breasts in both hands. She was shocked!

Anna grinned, not moving.

"Oh, gosh - Pat, listen, I'm sorry. Honest, we never..."

"I know, I know," cut in Kitty, "and I'm just making up for lost time. Maybe your cute friend here will join us," she cooed, pulling Pat's arm.

The amused Pat let herself be drawn toward the pair - out of curiosity? She couldn't be sure. Pat watched, fascinated as Kitty cupped Jessica's face in her hands and bent her lips to her friends'.

Jessica could taste the wine and tobacco on Kitty's breath. She found it somehow exciting. Despite herself, she felt her body responding to her friend's advances.

Pat decided it was time to get involved. She locked the door, and moved before Jessica. When Jessica broke her kiss with Kitty, she was surprised to have Pat's waiting mouth on hers. Surprised and delighted. She put her arms around Pat, as she felt Kitty exploring her lower body. Pat stroked her shoulders and neck while they shared a deep French kiss.

Kitty was on her knees now, tugging at her panties. They dropped to the floor. Jessica stepped out of them, then sat up on the sink. She opened her arms and herself up to the situation.

Pat continued her attention to Jessica's upper stories, unbuttoning her blouse and unsnapping her straining brassiere. Now it was her turn to whistle, when Jessica's magnificent 38D's bobbled free. Each pearlescent globe was topped by a quarter-sized brown aureole, begging to be suckled. Pat gave in and worshipped that wonderful chest.

Downstairs, Kitty was developing a new dimension to their friendship by lapping furiously at her Jessica's dripping pussy. The taste rivalled the fine meal they'd shared that evening.

Jessica couldn't believe this was happening. Her heart pounded with excitement, at the thought that any moment, they could be exposed!

The thought was enough to bring her to the edge. Her hand went to stroke the back of Pat's auburn hair, while the other diddled her clit. That did it! She came noisily, the deputy sheriff's mouth muffling her orgiastic cries of ecstasy.

Jessica gasped for breath. When she had recovered, she managed to whisper, "Anybody for dessert at my place?"

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