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In the Director's Chair by Jaime JR

In the Director's Chair

"No, no, no! The sign should read, 'Tommy's Erotic Tales, how many times must we go over this? Look, do you know who I am? That's right, I'm "the Tommy." This is my industry! I produce only the best porn to hit the market, now, please work with me here. I have a taping in thirty minutes, I need to be there. Do you know why? Because I'm the director! Now, stop taking up my time, and do your damn job right!"

Tommy hung up the phone in disgust. Tommy's assistant, Tony knocked on the door.

"Tommy, setting needs you, there's a problem with the hammock you ordered and the lighting."

"Geez, can't anyone do anything right for a change?" Tommy shouted as he stormed out of his office in haste.

As Tommy walked through the studio, he pinched and grabbed the lean asses of some beautiful porn actresses. Tommy snuck up behind Candi and wrapped his arms around her waist, he brushed his massive hard on against her from behind. She turned around with a giggle and moan.

"Hiya Tommy," she smiled and winked teasingly.

Tommy's hands slid gently upon her soft, bare ass as he squeezed it and massaged it impatiently.

"Mmm Hiya baby, wanna share something with Papa Bear?"

Candi slid her hand down his legs, she slid them up behind her before she reached his hard, throbbing cock in his navy pants.

"Oooh, Tommy, bad boy. Ya know, I only have my wet, hungry pussy to give to you baby -- can I interest you in that?"

Tommy nibbled on her soft earlobe and whispered to her, "Meet me in my office in ten for a quickie."

Candi jerked his bulging cock twice more before she let go. "I'll be there, sweetie," she said as she strutted away.

Tommy made his rounds then returned back to his office, opened the door silently to see Candi on the floor, propped up on her elbows with her panties off. She watched him approach her, his strong hands rustled anxiously with his belt and zipper. Tommy slid his pants down revealing his red jockeys and jutting out from them was his swollen cock. He kneeled down on the floor in front of her, Candi spread her legs wide enough for him. Tommy rubbed and pinched her aching clit with his thumb and index finger.

"Ohhh, Tommy yeah," Candi sighed in relief.

"Shhh, just relax baby, Tommy's gonna make it feel nice."

He lowered his head between her legs and wrapped his lips around her hard clit. Gently he sucked it in long strokes, his tongue tickled the tip.

"Tommy, oh god, Tommy," she softly screamed aloud, her eyes closed peacefully.

Tommy lifted his head and rubbed her clit as he moved up to her soft, kissable lips. The two kissed uncontrollably, Candi's hands pressed firmly on Tommy's tight ass as she pulled his hips in closer to her moist pussy.

Tommy smiled, "Want some cock, baby, huh? Want some of my nice, hard delicious cock? "

She nodded her head in a school girl-like fashion as she pushed him back down on the floor and leaned on top of his legs. Candi positioned her head and lips above his fully erected cock.

"Suck it, honey, blow Tommy," he cheered her on erotically.

Her fingers pulled his jockeys off seductively. Candi lowered her moth upon his pulsating, thick head and closed her mouth. Her eyes geared up towards is, as she started to suck the head of his cock while she thrashed her wet and wild tongue about the tip. Tommy shuddered in pleasure, she felt his sensations and began to blow the head even harder.

"Candi, Candi do it baby, show me how good you are," Tommy moaned fiercely.

Soon the office echoed with passionate suction noises. Tommy pulled her hair back and lifted her face to his.

"Get on your back" he commanded.

Candi laid back, her legs spread wide and straight up towards the ceiling. Tommy positioned himself between her legs, he aimed his cock in line with her wetness, then slammed inside of her forcefully. Candi's mouth opened wide and let out a squeal. He pounded his hips in towards hers, his hard cock thrust in and out of her sweetly lubricated hot spot. Tommy leaned his body over hers and flexed his ass muscles to enhance the ride, his hips chafed against her thighs, his balls tapped against her ass.

"Grrrrr," he growled ferociously like an untamed animal in heat.

His cock pounded between her inner walls, she screamed as she fucked him back wickedly.

She squeezed her hands upon his broad shoulders and moaned, "Tommy, I'm cumming, oh god."

Tommy ignored her and fucked her harder and faster. He felt her warm cream ooze onto his cock, he grabbed hold of her hips and slammed her hot pussy onto his rock-hard cock. Three powerful strokes and his cum surged into her warmth, he collapsed on top of her.

"Shit that felt good," he breathed heavily.

"Oh Tommy," she sighed thankfully.

He pulled his flaccid cock out of her the snapped his fingers at her, "Okay the fun's over, get dressed." He grabbed his jockeys as Candi stood up.

"Ya know, Tommy, I'm my own don't have to tell me what to do," as a tear began to fall.

"So?" he questioned innocently.

"So? I can't be at your beckon-call anymore, Tommy, find another girl to include in your horny little escapades."

Tommy marched over to her and grabbed her arm, he pushed her against the wall.

"Might I remind you that you're still a whore, my whore, I pay you to be one. You don't know how good you have it, Candi, let me show you what you'll miss..turn around."

Candi turned around, her panties still in her hand, Tommy stroked his cock to a hardened state then reached over to her and shoved his cock inside of her from behind.

"Ouch! Tommy!" She screeched angrily.

"Come on, you want it again? I know you do, you can't get enough cock baby."

Tommy pumped her ass with his cock, her body pressed up against the whitewall, "Ooh you're so tight, you want more, huh?"

Candi began to thrust her ass back against his cock. Tommy's hard-on banged her with four hard strokes before he unloaded himself into her, he quickly pulled out of her and slid into his jockeys.

"Don't ever say you can do without it, now get dressed and get out," Tommy whispered angrily.

He slid his pants back on and zipped up, he opened his office door and walked out.

He stepped onto the set where the taping would be, "All right everyone listen up! We're gonna start filming now so let's try to get done in an orderly, non-time consuming manner!"

Tommy pointed to the setting, which consisted of a bed with purple satin sheets.

"Now, Johnny this is how its gonna run, you and Jennine begin a little foreplay action, you get the point, then end up on the bed, all right?"

"Sure Tommy no problem." Tommy turned around, "Where's Jennine, we're ready to go?"

Tony shrugged, "She was in her dressing room last time I saw."

Tommy pushed Tony, "Well go get her, hurry up!"

Ten minutes later Tony escorted Jennine from her dressing room, everyone observing the set watched her walk onto the set.

Tommy rubbed his forehead in frustration, "Jennine? Jennine! Where the hell have you been?"

Jennine was only twenty years old, brown hair with gold highlights and deep blue eyes. She began to break down and cry.

Tommy slammed down the script and screamed, "Everybody out! Recess, everyone out! Jennine you stay!"

The cast and crew all exited the studio, leaving Tommy and Jennine alone.

He paced back and forth, "Jennine, this can't go on."

"Tommy I'm sorry, please give me another chance?" Her eyes started to swell with tears once again.

Tommy gripped his hair in frustration, "Jennine, I've given you plenty of chances, everytime we're set, you're not ready. Look, Jennine you can be replaced--Sarah, Jesse, Sierah, Mindy would be more than happy to take your place."

"But...." Jennine whimpered.

"No, I've given you the opportunity to work for me, now I have a responsibility---Your job is to come in here and fuck, you're not ready to. You're a young kid, obviously you're not ready for the big time, I gotta let you go."

Tommy walked over to his director's chair and sat down.

"Is there anything I can do to change your mind, Tommy baby?" She questioned seductively.

Tommy looked at her instinctively. Jennine inched over to him, she stood in front of him wearing only a silky, lavender robe. She slowly slid her hands up his legs.

"Maybe we can work something out," Tommy agreed devilishly.

Jennine leaned in close to him and kissed his eager lips lustfully. "I'm gonna show you how ready I am to fuck, baby," she whispered.

She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, his cock already fully erect and throbbing. Tommy slid his pants down to his ankles, his jockeys followed. He pulled the silky tie of her robe, she slid it off of her warm, tan body. She stood naked and defenseless in front of him, her pussy wet and ready for the greatest fuck of her life.

"Get on my cock, baby," Tommy moaned helplessly.

Tommy broke the armrests off of his chair and pulled her onto his lap, her pussy resting on his hairy, muscular legs. His hard cock pointing directly up ready to be devoured. He grabbed Jennine's hips and lifted her onto his cock, slowly she slid down onto it, her wet pussy slowly eating his cock, taking it into her inch by inch. With ease, Tommy impaled her onto his cock, she began to rhythmically sway against him, his cock deep inside of her. Tommy let her hump him, her efforts amateur...soon to be expert. Tommy lift her by her small waist and pushed her body up and then slowly back down, letting her walls feel the entire length of his rock-hard shaft.

"Ohhh," Jennine cried out helplessly.

Tommy quickened the pace, sliding her up and down on his shaft, jerking himself off with her wetness and tight pussy.

"Jennine, Mmmm," he grunted softly.

She thrust her body down her pussy now jerking him off, she pumped up and down hard and faster, the chair wobbling, his hips pounding up as he plunged his cock deeper into that tightness.

"Ohh Jennine, keep doin me," Tommy's eyes shut tightly in pleasure.

"Yeah, Tommy," she plunged up and down on his hard cock while she squeezed her large, round breasts which bounced heavily.

Tommy continued to pump her pussy harder and deeper, she screamed and moaned, thrashing her head about. Her hips now bouncing up into the air with maximum height then pounding back down on his cock with force. His head back in pleasure, sweat flowing from his hard chest, his cock getting the jerk of a lifetime. They fucked and fucked before the chair gave out, they fell back and landed onto the floor. Tommy and Jennine laughed as they both came simultaneously. They collapsed together.

"Ya know you're not half bad at this," Tommy smiled teasingly.

"There's always room for improvement, isn't there, baby?" Jennine winked naughtily.

"If you consider my office the room....."

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