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Immoral Proposal by Headfilter

Immoral Proposal

"So what's your answer?"

I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe the situation in front of me. What's my answer? Oh Jesus. I looked at my beautiful young wife. The look of shock was more than I could bear. How the hell had it all come to this. Fifteen minutes before, we were as happy as we had ever been, but now... the situation had taken a horrific turn.

I had been trying to find an investor for our store for months. I had not had any luck. I was turned down by every bank and investor in the state, and believe me I tried them all. We were over $30,000 in debt. We were on the verge of losing everything. The next week, it would all be over.

We thought Mr Sherman, Buddy as him friends called him, was the answer to our prayers. He was very interested in our store. He had the money, and he had so many great ideas that would make our store successful. It was too good to be true.

He came to the store one afternoon. He was a big burly man with gray slicked back hair and a nicely developed beer gut. He was a very intimidating looking man, but when he talked, he was warm and friendly. We talked for hours. I eventually asked him to come to our house for dinner. He said he would be delighted.

I called my wife immediately and told her the good news. She was overwhelmed. She said she was going to go start the best dinner she ever served. She hung up abruptly, out of excitement, but I didn't mind. Debra, my Debbie, was the sweetest little thing in the world. I met her in college. That was only 4 years ago. Now, at the age of 27, she was as beautiful as ever. She had blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes that I had ever seen. She was a runner and had long muscular legs. Her body was incredibly tight, and her breasts were fairly large for her petite frame. She was gorgeous.

I picked up Buddy at his apartment around 7 and we headed for my house. I was incredibly excited. Debbie met us at the door. She was stunning. Her long hair was french braided and she wore a knee-length white skirt with a matching top that left her shoulders bare. She gave Buddy a big hug and told us dinner would be ready shortly.

Buddy and I sat down for drinks and we talked about our new partnership. He was very charming. Dinner was served and Debbie was amazing. She smiled teasingly and kept Buddy smiling, which I thought was great. Keep him happy, that was the key.

After dinner we were still sitting at the table talking, when all of sudden Buddy said "Well now, I would like to talk about some of the conditions of my giving you this very large amount of money." The friendly smile had changed. Now the smile was almost evil looking, and that was when the good feelings turned bad. He gave a horrible speech. First he told me in detail how bad off I was. He knew about the debts and how much I was about to lose. Then he explained how important he was. He was business associates of all the banks and most of the investors in the tristate area. If he refused us a loan after looking into our little business, we would never be able to find financial backing. It was a big deal that he was looking at our store, and everybody took notice of his investments. It was now all up to him. I was impressed, but very confused.

The next sentence out of his mouth almost put me in an early grave. "The deal is almost cinched, but I only want one thing before I sign. I want to fuck Debbie."

I couldn't believe it. I looked straight down at my plate and thought about everything he had said. It was all true. So fucking true. Nobody said anything for about a minute and Buddy said "So what's your answer?"

I couldn't speak. It was just all too much. There were a thousand things going through my mind and felt like I was going to puke if my head didn't explode first. "Well?" Buddy asked. "I -- I -- I -- "

"OK" I heard Debbie's feeble voice say.

I turned to her in disbelief. Had she really said that?

"I'll do it." She said with a tear running down her beautiful cheek.

"Great!" said Buddy. He got up from his chair and walked around to Debbie. He pulled her chair out and she stood up. She stood facing the table and Buddy was behind her. He pulled the straps of her top down over her shoulders, exposing her beautiful breasts. I couldn't take my eyes away, and I was powerless to stop them. Debbie had tears running down both cheeks now as Buddy reached around her and squeezed her breasts with both hands. He placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her down so that she was bent over the table right in front of me. I was in shock. Buddy lifted her skirt and pulled her white lace panties down. He unzipped his pants and let them fall down around his ankles. He wasn't wearing any underwear and he was already hard. His cock was at least 8 inches long and very thick with large veins. I had a perfect view of it all. He spat into his hand and rubbed it on his huge cock. With one motion, he buried himself into my wife's dry pussy. Debbie grabbed 2 handfuls of the tablecloth and bit her lip as her pussy was stretched to accommodate Buddy's member.

Buddy wasted no time. He pounded my wife's pussy hard and fast. I wanted him to die. I couldn't believe I was just sitting there watching this. Every time he thrust into her she would whimper. I think this just fueled his fire, because he fucked her harder. She was getting louder. As he pushed his cock into her, she kept saying " God no.." It seemed to never end. He just kept fucking her and she kept crying and trying not to scream. It was horrible. He fucked her for 10 minutes straight, with her crying and me watching as if in some kind of trance. He wasn't using any protection, what about diseases? I thought. Oh God how had this happened? He slowed down and moaned loudly. With one final thrust, he came in my wife's ravaged pussy. I knew then I couldn't live with this. That horrible man came in my wife. She wasn't on the pill and not using any kind of protection. The thought of that man's cum filling my wife's insides. Oh my God. I watched as he pulled his throbbing cock out of my wife. When he pulled it out, a stream of cum ran down her leg. She didn't move, she just laid there naked on the table with Buddy's semen running down her legs.

Buddy said that he was now convinced that my business was worth his while. He pulled up his pants and tucked his shirt back in. He gave Debbie a good smack on the ass and said " You're incredible baby." He turned to me and said that he would fax over some papers for me to sign in the morning.

He left us sitting at the dinner table. My wife just lay there crying and I sat there for over an hour before I helped her up and got her to the bathroom for a shower. As we lay in bed that night, neither of us talked. We both knew we couldn't live with what had happened. Our marriage was over. All of our dreams went down the toilet. Buddy never sent any papers and I never heard from him again.

The End.

This is my first short story. I am a man that is truly fascinated by watching other men fuck my wife. I don't know when it started, but it is always on my mind. Maybe I'm just sick, but if you like this story please e-mail me at

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