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Ideal Customer Service by Skankin Smurf

Ideal Customer Service

While she stood behind the counter, ringing up Mrs. Smith's items, she looked around, bored. Why didn't anyone interesting come into this store, she thought?

As if on cue, the bells above the door rang, and someone came into the store. She looked up and saw that it was a stranger. A very good-looking stranger. Though it was 85 degrees outside, he wore a heavy black coat. He looked dangerous. A flicker of fear and excitement ran through her.

As if sensing her gaze, he looked over. Definitely dangerous. He was dressed all in black, and it suited him like a second skin. It matched his near black hair, which was all windblown and very appealing. It made her fingers itch with wanting to run her fingers through it. Her eyes took everything in at once. His lean, muscular body, his gaunt but great looking face and, though black sunglasses hid his eyes she guessed that his eyes would be as dark, if not darker than his hair.

This, she thought, was the kind of man who would bring your every fantasy to life. Her wild fantasies of whips, chains, roughness, and all different positions could easily be imagined with him and his great body in place of the faceless wonder in her dreams. He would also be the kind gentle lover that every woman dreamed of. One who not only thought of his own pleasure, but of yours as well. He is what every woman fantasizes about. Now if only she could find a way to get his clothes off...

"Ahem! Miss. MISS!" Mrs. Smith's voice cut through her thoughts and made her blush furiously. She looked at the cash register, jamming the money in, and ripping out the change, determined not to look up again. But as she was handing the change to Mrs. Smith, she couldn't help looking up to see his amused look and a brilliant smile that would melt the North Pole. She turned to her next customer, looked back again and he was gone. She hadn't even heard the bells ring to signal someone coming into or going out of the store.

Perhaps he was a ghost. A figure of her imagination.

She sighed, disgusted with herself for thinking up a man that couldn't be so perfect.

Later, closing up shop, she finished putting everything away. Her imaginary man was still on her mind. It wasn't fair. Why couldn't he be real? Letting out a big breath she started to untie her apron, when a knock sounded on the door. She walked up to it and called out, "We're closed and that means no beer for you." Thinking it was just some local teenagers, like usual, she started to walk away, when she heard a deep voice call back.

"I know you're closed, and it's not the beer I want." Wanting to know the person that went with that deep, seductive voice, she unlocked the door, and opened it a crack.

Peeking out the door, she saw half of a face and body that matched the description of her dream man. She quickly slammed the door, smacked her palm on her forehead, turned and opened the door again.

"That was a hell of a hello," he said.

"Sorry. Ummm, what did you want if not beer?" she asked sheepishly.

"Well a couple things, but first, may I come in?"

"Oh yes, sorry!" she opened the door and he walked in.

"Nice place you all got here. Do you always close up?"

"Sometimes. Uh, not to sound repetitive but, what did you want... Because it's late at night and we're closed and you were in here earlier and could have gotten whatever then and..."

"Are you always this nervous?" he interrupted.

"Yes. I mean no. I mean I don't know."

He looked amused again and asked, "What were you thinking of earlier when the woman got impatient?" She blushed profusely, which amused him even more. "That bad, huh?" he asked with a grin.

"Yes. That bad."

"What were you dreaming about? It must have been interesting, seeing that you had the look of a women who's just been sated past her wildest imagination."

She started to blush again, and in her embarrassment, she babbled, "Well if you must know it was about you and thinking of different ways to get your clothes off and what I would do to you when I did and..." Her hand flew up to cover her mouth and she said, "Oh what a thing to say! I'm sorry!!"

"No, no! Don't stop now. And Hunny, if you want me to be offended that a damn fine looking woman like you is dreaming about me and getting my clothes off, then you have all your thoughts mixed up," he replied.

She slid to the floor, pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her head between the two. "I cannot believe I just said all that. I never babble. Never. And now the dream guy comes back and I lose it totally."

"Oh you haven't totally lost it yet. If you'd like me to help you along the way, though, I'd be very willing to do so. And dream guy?" he questioned.

"Yes, dream guy. You came into the store today, then disappeared and I thought I had made you up in my mind," she replied, her voice muffled.

"Oh, I'm very, very real, and I can definitely prove that." He sat down in front of her, reached out his hand, and gently but firmly ran his index finger up her crotch, pleased to hear her gasp.

Her head shot up, her eyes confused and clouded with passion.

"Do you still want me naked?" he asked.

As she mutely nodded, he took off his shirt to reveal a magnificent chest, lightly covered in light brown curls. "As I want you naked as well," he said with finality.

Her shirt quickly followed his, as well as her red lacey bra. He sat back on his heels, looked at her, and started to smile. She looked down and saw that her nipples were hardening quite quickly.

"Now is that for me, or are you cold?"

She found her voice and replied, "Well, seeing that its around 75 degrees out, I suppose they are for you."

"Good. That's the answer I was hoping for." With that he quickly bent and took one between his teeth and ran his tongue over it, again, and again. His hand was caressing the other nipple. Her head fell back and she moaned from the waves of heat running through her veins finally to settle in the pit of her stomach.

Now it was her turn. She guided his head up to kiss him deeply, while her hands were busy un-doing the clasp on his pants. Her hands closed in on their target and he moaned a bit.

"I'll show you some of the things I was dreaming of, if you'd like," she said, getting bold.

"Yes ma'am. I would," he said, grinning.

She backed him up, until he was against the "Customer Service Desk" and leaned up against him. She started to kiss his mouth, then his cheeks, and down to his strong jaw line. Trailing down his neck, and collarbone, and across the wide expanse of his chest. Using her tongue, as well as her lips, her mouth continued on down his stomach and finally met its final destination.

She looked at his large swollen cock, and licked her lips. He let out a guttural moan as she took the throbbing shaft wholly in her hot, wet mouth.

As her fingers massaged his balls, she used lips, teeth and tongue to give him something to remember.

She felt him swell and then burst with slippery wet cum in her mouth. It hit the roof of her mouth, then dropped down on her tongue, and started to slide down her throat. As he emptied himself into her, she let it all collect. When he was done, she looked up at him, and swallowed the load audibly.

He grinned down at her then bent down, grabbed her around the waist, and threw her over his shoulder. When he started to walk down one of the isles of, towards the 'sweets' section, she laughed and playfully pounded on his back. He grabbed something off one of the shelves, and walked back to the counter. He set her down and drew her pants off of her voluptuous body.

"Open up babe" he ordered, as he placed a carton of chocolate covered strawberries on the counter beside her. She opened her mouth, and he chuckled saying, "Not that end, Hun."

Confused, she opened her legs, leaning back on her hands with her feet on the counter, opening herself to him fully. He mashed the strawberry into her, and she could feel the juice and chocolate all over. Then he took a can of whipped cream, put some on each nipple and a trail of it down her stomach to meet the strawberry.

"You look great like this. Very Sexy," he remarked. Eyeing her spread eagle pose on the counter, he then proceeded to eat everything. Starting with the whipped cream. Licking it off each of her nipples and licking down the trail, he reached his favorite desert.

She let out a full-bodied moan as his lips, tongue and teeth met up with the sweets mashed inside her. She looked down at him, as he was literally eating her out. It turned her on more than any other thing had in her life.

"Oh the feeling!" She thought. "Oh the wonderful, carnal shocking pleasure." When she was about to come, he stopped, jumped up on the counter, and thrust himself to the hilt. They both lost control and experienced the biggest climax of their lives yet.

After it was over, he disengaged himself from her. They looked down, and noticed that both his and hers were covered with what remained of strawberry, whipped cream, and melted chocolate. She smiled evilly and sat on top of him, backwards so the were in total 69 positions. She lowered her lips to his now limp member, and started to lick it from base to tip.

He moaned and said, "You will be the death of me." But he raised his head and lowered her hips to meet him halfway. Giving her the same cleaning job, that she was giving him, he realized that he was growing steadily hard again.

When he was once again, fully inverted she brought herself out of his grasp, turned her body to face him and kissed him deeply. As she did so, she angled her hips and slowly sank down onto him.

Moving her hips slow at first, then faster, she rode them both to madness. His hands came up to play with her breasts, and her fingers teased his nipples. When their third climax of the night came, it brought along with it a fourth, fifth, and sixth climaxes as well. They moaned simultaneously as wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure racked their bodies. When it was all over, she collapsed on top of him.

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