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Hypnotising Aunt Martha by Orion

Hypnotising Aunt Martha

This story contains an account of sex between an old woman and two young boys. If this isn't your scene - stop reading now. If this IS your scene - enjoy!

"Little old ladies need fun too!" - Orion

* * * * *

Kenny rang the doorbell and waited for his Aunt to open the door. He wasn't here by choice - his Mother had ordered him to call on Great Aunt Martha and thank her for the book she had bought him for Christmas. Like any other 16 year old boy he would rather have spent this, the day after Christmas, playing on his new Nintendo but he figured it would be a short visit and he had brought his friend Lee along for company.

The door opened and his aunt - (he always smiled when people called her "Great Aunt" because she was quite short) - stood framed in the doorway.

"Come in boys. Go through to the sitting room and make yourselves comfortable. Would you like a glass of Coke?" - the boys nodded - "I won't be a minute."

The boys went into the parlour. "She certainly is your "great" Aunt", whispered Lee, grinning. "Tits to her knees!"

He had a point. Aunt Martha was certainly well endowed. Her huge breasts were the first thing you noticed about her. She was very plump and her lack of height - standing at just under 5 feet - emphasised her size. Her grey, almost white, hair was worn in a bun and her blue eyes were bright and intelligent. Now nearly 70, she had been widowed some 30 years ago. Kenny nudged Lee to silence him as Aunt Martha came into the room carrying two glasses of Coke.

"Thanks for the book, Aunt Martha. It's really neat."

"That's OK, Kenny. I remembered how much you enjoyed that hypnotist we saw last summer so I thought a book on hypnosis would be just the thing. I had a terrible job finding it. Have you tried it out yet? You could get your Mother to stop smoking."

Kenny smiled, "I need more practice, I guess. I haven't really managed to hypnotise anyone yet."

Lee tried to suppress a grin. They had tried to hypnotise Susan, Kenny's 15 year old cousin, in an attempt to get her to strip for them. They had not succeeded and Susan, guessing their intentions, had threatened to tell Kenny's parents.

"Well it seemed so easy when that man did it last summer," said Aunt Martha. "I wish you could hypnotise me into losing a few pounds, that really would be useful."

"Could I try?" asked Kenny, surprised at his Aunt's offer.

"If you like, dear. I'm not sure if I'm the right type of person to be hypnotised but there's no harm in trying and I would like a little help with my dieting."

Kenny decided to humour her. It was a chance to practice and, if only he could get the technique right, he would soon be persuading a few girls of his acquaintance to discard their clothes for him and Lee.

He started by getting his Aunt comfortably settled on the sofa and then telling her to lace her fingers together. He told her that she would be unable to get them apart. This, the book assured him, was a way of telling if people were good candidates for hypnosis. He watched in surprise as Aunt Martha struggled unsuccessfully to get her hands apart. He decided to go on to the next part of the procedure. Lee watched as Aunt Martha concentrated on a spot on the ceiling for a minute or so while Kenny talked softly to her. He was amazed to see her eyes become glazed and then close as Kenny told her to go to sleep.

"Jesus!" he exclaimed, "She's actually under. You can do it!"

Kenny was looking at his Great Aunt in amazement. He had actually managed to hypnotise someone.

"Perhaps she's only kidding", he whispered.

"Well, try it out. Get her to do something stupid like that hypnotist guy did."

Kenny thought hard. "You are in a contest for animal impersonators. Bark like a big dog!"

The boys cracked up as Aunt Martha, her face calm and her eyes closed, started to do a creditable impression of a German Shepherd. Kenny told her to stop. Lee whispered a suggestion in his friend's ear.

"Hey, what if she won't do it?" hissed Kenny.

"If she does we'll know she's really under, won't we." said Lee.

"Your right nipple is itching," said Kenny. "You need to rub it to make the itch go away." He watched, amazed, as his Aunt started to rub her fingertips across her breast. The two boys grinned at the way the old womans breast wobbled as she rubbed it.

"Superb, man! Just a pity it's your ancient Aunt and not Susan. Jesus, we'd be having a good look at her panties by now!"

Kenny smiled. Why not! It was a great chance to see exactly what he could get someone to do under hypnosis. He remembered a trick the hypnotist had used to make a man do the splits. He could adapt it to the present situation.

"When I say.. "Now".. you will feel that your knees are repelling each other. No matter how hard you try you cannot get them together. In fact, you are more comfortable with them apart. The further apart they are the more comfortable you will be.......Now!"

The boys watched as the old woman's legs started to drift open. She paused when her knees were about a foot apart and they could see the effort on her face as she tried unsuccessfully to bring them together. Then she relaxed and the gap between her plump limbs continued to increase until she was sitting with her legs spread wide. Lee crouched down and peered up her skirt.

"Wow, man! Look at that fat old pussy!" he whispered, studying the old woman's crotch intently.

"No need to crouch down, " smiled Kenny, "Let's get her to improve the view." He addressed his Aunt. "When I say.. "Now".. your skirt will become very itchy. It will be irritating your legs. You will want to get it off your legs.....Now!"

Aunt Martha frowned at the irritation she was experiencing and, grasping the hem of her skirt, she held it high. It was a bizarre sight as the old woman sat placidly on the sofa, her face blank and her legs wide apart, holding her skirt up and presenting herself for their inspection. The boys stared at her white cotton panties. The elastic of the waistband was pressed into her fat stomach and, between her spread thighs, the thin material of the gusset was stretched tightly over the bulge of her elderly cunt. A few strands of greying hairs escaped at the legs. The boys looked at her in silence, taking in every detail. Neither had seen a real woman naked except in magazines so even though this elderly woman was currently showing no more than her panties it was enough to get both of their cocks rigid with lust.

"Oh boy! Look at the size of that pussy!" Kenny breathed. Indeed, the way Aunt Martha was sitting, with her legs stretched wide apart, showed her mound off to perfection. The tightly stretched material was straining to contain a fat cunt that bulged plumply between her elderly thighs.

"Hey, Kenny," whispered Lee, "You reckon you can get her to strip naked?"

"She's nearly 70, for fucks sake. You really want to see a 70 year old woman naked?" But even as he asked the question he knew the answer. He wanted to see her as well. His hand strayed to his crotch and he began, almost without realising what he was doing, to rub his swollen cock through his jeans.

Kenny thought hard. It was one thing to get her to lift her skirt up but quite another to get her to strip. The book said that people would only act in character under hypnosis. They wouldn't do anything that they would normally find offensive. He guessed he was pushing the limits getting his Aunt to lift her skirt. When would his Aunt feel justified in stripping off, letting someone touch her? The answer came to him in a flash.

"When I say.. "Now".. you will be in the Doctor's consulting room. He will need to examine your breasts so you must undress to enable him to do this. Keep your eyes closed at all times. Do you understand?" - He heard his Aunt reply, in a dreamy monotone, "I understand."


As if it were the most natural thing in the world the elderly woman stood up and started to strip to the waist. Off came the blue cardigan, the buttons on her high-necked blouse were quickly undone and the blouse hung over the back of a chair. The boys held their breath as she reached around behind her to undo the many clips of her outsized brassiere. Lee was unable to suppress a gasp when she let the garment fall to the floor and her breasts tumbled out. They were huge. Lee retrieved the bra from the floor and searched for the label. "Shit! 50DD!" he breathed, "Are they tits or are they tits!" Kenny told his Aunt to put her hands behind her head and thrust her breasts out for the "doctor" to examine. Great Aunt Martha's tits were indeed massive. Her pose thrust them into even more prominence and raised them up somewhat but the nipples were still pointing down at the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. And what nipples! Red and semi-erect they were the size of ripe cherries and surrounded by wide brown aureolae some 3 inches across. Kenny thought his Aunt's breasts reminded him of melons. He stood behind her and reached around to cup her fat right tit. It was warm and heavy in his hand and he ran his finger over her nipple, feeling it stiffen further under his touch.

"This nipple seems fine. What do you think of the left one, Doctor Lee?" said Kenny, trying to sound grown up and serious.

Lee took a second to react. He had unzipped his jeans and was slowly stroking his erect cock as he watched his friend fondle the old widow. "Oh, er... let me see now, Doctor Smith," he said, trying to suppress a giggle as he reached out a tentative hand to stroke Great Aunt Martha's other breast, "Yes that seems fine. I'll just check for lumps," and he began squeezing the pendulous globe.

"I'm going to try the suction test, Doctor Lee, to see if the erectile reflex is functioning correctly," said Kenny in his best "doctor's" voice.

Lee raised his eyebrows in silent query but had to stop himself from laughing out loud as Kenny walked around to stand in front of his Aunt, took her right breast in both hands, lifted it up and then bent his head to take her big, round nipple between his lips. He suckled on her teat for several minutes. Now he, like Lee, had taken his prick out and was slowly stroking his shaft as he sucked at his elderly Aunt's breast. He didn't know if he could hold out much longer. He felt ready to explode. He let his Aunt's nipple fall from his mouth and released her heavy breast. It flopped down against her fat stomach.

Kenny motioned Lee to stand clear. Things were going so well - he felt sure that he could tell his Aunt to do anything and, as long as he rationalised the situation for her, the grey haired old lady would do whatever he said.

"Time for the full examination, I think, Doctor Lee, don't you?"

"Oh yes. Certainly," agreed Lee, his face split in a huge grin.

It was so easy! At Kenny's prompting Great Aunt Martha stripped off her remaining clothes - the skirt, the flat, sensible shoes - until finally her thumbs were sliding into the elastic at the top of her massive panties and the white cotton garment joined her brassiere on the carpet. She stood before the two 16 year olds as naked as the day she was born. Her fat, round body was nothing like those of the glamorous young girls in the magazines. Her shoulders were plump but the flesh around her neck was wrinkled. Her massive breasts hung down over a huge belly. The nipples almost touched her stomach. Her heavy thighs were dimpled and marbled with faint purple veins. Her calves were also covered in tiny veins - small red thread-veins. Her plump stomach all but hid her elderly cunt from their sight - only a few grey hairs were visible under the overhang of her belly. Her behind was as generously proportioned as the rest of her. The mountainous buttocks at the top of the short, fat legs were a monument to cellulite and were patterned with silver stretch marks. She had a typical elderly woman's body, veined and wrinkled, sagging and flabby but, nevertheless, the two young boys sported erections like iron bars as they gazed at her standing naked and compliant before them.

Kenny soon had her lying back on the sofa ready for her "internal examination." Her buttocks were perched on the edge of the cushion and her feet were flat on the floor and wide apart. Now they could see a real woman's cunt for the first time in their young lives. The hair on Aunt Martha's mound was grey and sparse but her mons was plump and between her thighs her vulva was fat and inviting. Her pussy-lips were long and wrinkled. Kenny knelt between her legs and tentatively touched her. He teased the ancient labia apart and the whole of her elderly sex was displayed for them. They could see her clitoris, (much larger than average if the pictures in the magazines were any guide), at the top end of her slit and the dark, mysterious opening at the other end. Kenny spat on his finger and pushed it up the old woman's cunt hole. Lee was now naked from the waist down and his erection was enormous as he watched his friend finger the grey haired old lady. Now Kenny had two fingers deep in his 70 year old Aunt's vagina. He could feel his fingertips brushing against her cervix as he pushed his fingers deep inside her. He had expected her to be dry and tight but his fingers slid in and out of her easily now. She seemed to be getting wetter with every stroke.

"Let's fuck her," whispered Lee urgently, " Come on Kenny, let's do it to her. She'll let us if you can make something up for her to believe. Come on, Man. You can think of something!!"

The "something" that Kenny came up with was to tell the old woman that she needed to have a course of "vaginal stretching" which involved having an instrument introduced into her vagina and moved back and forth.

"Don't worry. The instrument is warm and feels a bit like a penis but don't be worried. You are very relaxed. Tell me how you feel."

"Very relaxed," came the soft reply, delivered in a flat monotone.

Kenny slid his fingers out of his Aunt's vagina and Lee took his place. Kenny watched as Lee knelt between the old woman's thighs. He pushed her short legs wide apart and pressed the dribbling end of his prick against the entrance to Aunt Martha's elderly cunt. She was at just the right height. Then the 16 year old boy thrust his hips forward and forced his cock up the fat little 70 year old woman's cunt. It felt fantastic! He never imagined that he would lose his cherry to a little old lady but it felt so good as his rigid prick slid in and out of her tight old hole. He was so excited that he lasted only a couple of minutes. Kenny saw what was about to happen and whispered urgently in his friends' ear, "Take the instrument out before the lubricant is ejected, Doctor Lee. We don't mind if it goes on the lady's stomach but it is not for internal use." Lee got the message just in time. He pulled his cock out of Aunt Martha just as a fountain of sperm erupted from him and decorated the old woman's belly and breasts with splashes of off-white jism. Kenny dragged his friend out of the way and took his place between the old lady's spread thighs. He fucked his Aunt so hard that her massive breasts were swaying and rolling and her fat thighs quivered as he slammed into her. It was too frantic and urgent to last any time and soon he too was unloading his offering of hot cream onto the old woman's tits and stomach.

The boys took a while cleaning the old lady up - their sperm had found its way into every cranny and fold of her belly and breasts. Kenny got her to dress herself. Eventually she was sitting upright on the sofa with the boys fully dressed on either side. Kenny gave her some instructions about eating less and ordered her to forget everything that had happened "at the Doctor's." Then he brought her out of her trance. He looked at her anxiously.

"How do you feel Aunt Martha?"

"Fine, Kenny, just fine! You know, I don't think I really was in a trance at all. I distinctly remember you telling me to eat less!"

The boys exchanged looks of panic and then relief as they heard her words. They had gotten away with it. They had actually fucked Kenny's 70 year old Aunt and she hadn't known a thing about it! Kenny thanked his Great Aunt once again for the book and they finished their Coke and left.

Great Aunt Martha smiled as she watched them walk away. She didn't know much about hypnotism except what she'd read in Kenny's book but she knew all about 16 year old boys. Always horny and no outlet but masturbation. Give them an excuse and they would screw a barn door with a hole in it. Well Great Aunt Martha got horny too. People assumed that you lost your desire as you got older but her needs were as great as ever. 30 years had been too long to go without the feel of a firm young prick inside her. All she had needed to do was put an idea into her nephew's mind and give him an opportunity. Now she was sure she wouldn't have to wait too long before she was fucked again - especially if Kenny discovered that his "hypnotic powers" were only effective on her. Perhaps he would bring a few more of his friends next time. She smiled and went to the kitchen to fix herself a sandwich. Suddenly she felt quite hungry!


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