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Hot Texas Night by

Hot Texas Night

The sun finally set, but not before warming the air to a sultry 99 degrees. A full moon bathed the cedar-covered hills of Austin, Texas with a soft light. I could scarcely believe my fortune. A recent graduate of MIT, I landed a lucrative, six-figure job with a major computer company, and moved to the capital of Texas. I bought a condo on the shore of Lake Travis, and a new BMW convertible.

Since I had never been to Texas before, much less Austin, I spent my nights driving around. This night, I'd turned onto a road that seemed to go nowhere. Less than a mile long, it simple connected two ends of a major road that had been severed by an expressway. I never would have stopped if it hadn't been for the sound of running water. I decided that wading in a creek would be pure bliss, so I pulled into a parking lot marked as the trailhead for a bicycle path. It puzzled me that there were seven cars already there, even though the darkness surely precluded any bike riding.

In the moonlight, I could make out a path that led down to the road. I could see the break in the trees where it picked up on the other side. I followed the dirt path, assuming that I would soon come to the creek. As I rounded a bend, I caught sight of a person walking ahead of me. He turned and disappeared into the trees. When I reached the point of his exit, I strained to see. The trees formed an arbor, blocking out much of the moonlight. I decided to follow the stranger. A couple of times, branches slapped my face. Maybe fifty feet and two turns into the path, I came to a clearing of sorts. There, the moonlight illuminated several figures. My curiosity piqued, I continued my approach.

When my eyes adjusted to the dim light, the first thing that caught my attention was the silhouette of an erect cock jutting from the naked torso of the man closest to me, a large, burly hippie-type. Beside him, a young may in a white shirt and tie pinched his own nipples through his shirt as the hippie groped at the tent in the front of his pants. Beside them, an stocky young man in a blue work shirt stroked the thin, uncircumcised erection of a brown-skinned man as he jacked on his own stubby meat. Behind them all, a man clad only in tan walking shorts and a visor slid his hand up and down on his seven inch cock.

The hippie-guy dropped to his knees and engulfed the tie-man's cock in his mouth. He crammed the cock deep into his throat, until his nose nestled in pubic hair. He pulled back until only the tip remained in his mouth, and then rammed the cock back into his throat.

The brown-skinned man bent at his waist and took the workman's cock into his mouth, revealing the taut cheeks of his slender ass in the process. The man in the visor stepped behind him, and with a single action, buried his cock in the offered asshole. He braced his hands on the slim hips and began a brutal assault of the man's colon. With each thrust, the man's face was slammed down on the workman's cock.

My head reeled. I never imagined, much less witnessed such a sight. Though I had experienced many an erection since puberty hit, and I'd even awakened from a night's sleep to find my underwear filled with a sticky goo, I had never experienced sex of any kind. I didn't have time. My schoolwork kept me busy eighteen hours a day.

Though most of my body froze in shock, my cock rose to its full nine inch glory. The front of my gym shorts tented out. The tie-guy reached over and gripped my cock, triggering an instant spewing of cum. Only a groan broke my stupor as I filled the crotch of my shorts with seminal fluid.

The hippie abandoned the tie-guy's cock and turned to me. He began to suck the cum from my shorts, and nibble on my still-hard cock. The tie-guy leaned toward me and kissed my neck. Then, he took my hand and guided it to his cock.

I had never held a cock before, except my own, and then, it had never been hard. The heat burned through my palm. By instinct, I began to jack on the taut love-muscle. There was no slack in the skin, so friction increased the heat. Then, a slick, wet substance oozed from his piss-slit, which my hand easily spread over his erection.

My curiosity now piqued, I reached under the brown-skinned man, who was still being pounded by the visor-guy. I found a cock as hard as the one in my right hand, but an abundance of skin (thanks to the presence of foreskin) made it slide much more naturally.

The hippie hooked the waistband of my shorts and Jockeys and tugged. They easily slit down to my ankles, revealing my cum-soaked hard on in the pale moonlight. The hippie wasted no time as he buried the entire shaft in his mouth and throat.

The guy in the work shirt pulled his stubby cock from the mouth of the brown-skinned guy and began to flail it with his own hand. In seconds, thick ropes of cum shot from the tip and sprayed the fucked man's face.

That triggered the climax for the brown-skinned man. My hand filled with thick, hot cream as it shot from the hooded piss-slit.

I used the fresh cum as a lubricant to continue jacking the tie-guy's stiff member. His resulting groan alerted the hippie of his impending climax, so he abandoned my cock to receive the load. I continued stroking the hard cock, bouncing from the pubic bone to the lips which now encased the swollen head. Tie-guy groaned again, his hard cock got even harder, and then the cum pulsed through this piss-tube and flooded the hippie's tonsils.

The worker fled as soon as he finished emptying his nuts on the brown-skinned guy's face. He, in turn, allowed only a couple of more strokes before he vacated his ass of the visor-guy's pounding meat and disappeared in the same direction as the worker.

I was so engrossed with the climax of the tie-guy that I failed to notice the visor-guy position himself behind me. With one swift move, he buried his shit-lubed cock in my virgin asshole.

I screamed out in pain, but he didn't back off. The hippie swallowed my cock again, and the tie-guy pressed his lips against mine. Within seconds, the pain in my ass transformed to pleasure. I shoved my ass back to meet the thrusts of the visor-guy. I forced my tongue into the mouth of the tie-guy as I face-fucked the hippie.

The visor-guy groaned. I felt his load gush into my ass, filling me as the hard cock continued to pound my prostate. My second climax began at my toes and snaked up my legs. As it entered my cock, I thrust deep into the hippie's throat, forcing my semen straight into his stomach.

Both the visor-guy and the tie-guy disappeared into the night, leaving me and the hippie alone in the moonlight. He stood, revealing a still-hard cock. I had to experience the one thing that remained lacking. I bent and engulfed his cock in my virgin mouth. I loved the feel of the velvety head as it slid over my tongue. He groaned and then began pumping thick ropes of man-cream into my mouth. I held it on my tongue, savoring the slightly bitter, slightly tangy taste of my first load of cum.

"Use me, man. I'm yours," he whispered, breaking me out of my reverie.

"On your knees," I ordered.

And there, in the pale light of the moon, I pissed all over the hippie. When I finished, we walked side-by-side along the path, across the road, and to our cars in the parking lot, completely oblivious to the fact that we had left our shorts behind on the ground, and we were naked except for our shoes.

I think I'm going to like living in Austin!

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