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Trebor's Stories

Hot Summer Fun by Trebor

Hot Summer Fun

Hot Summer Fun, An original Fantasy by Trebor


School was finally out! It was early June and the weather was already hot as late August. I was just bumming around with no particular place to go. The gang seemed to be scarce this lazy afternoon. I headed down the old railroad tracks toward the canal. I thought I might find some of the guys there, enjoying our private swimming area. This was off limits, we had all been told not to swim in the canal. We all did anyway, usually in the nude, this way we didn't have to worry about wet clothes giving us away when we got home. The canal was about a half mile from the road so we didn't worry about anyone seeing us. The whole gang, boys and girls swam here. We had all seen each other naked many times and no one ever seemed to be self-conscious about their bodies. I was 15 this summer, just beginning to really notice girls as girls. I was feeling very restless when a girl with tits was near. I was thinking about these things as I neared the swimming area. I heard a soft splash as I stepped into the clearing around the beach. I looked toward the water and saw Susie as she rose from the water to stand waist deep. Her body glistened as the water streamed from her. I had not seen her naked since last summer.

She was 14 this year and was very pretty. She had really developed over the winter. Her titties were twice as big as before and she always had more than the other girls. As I stood there watching her I felt my cock begin to grow, to become hard. I was amazed that Susie had this effect on me, she was just one of the gang, not some girl to get all excited over! Susie saw me standing there and called for me to join her. She said the water was great. I told her I'd be in soon, I was trying to figure how to get undressed and in the water without her seeing my hard-on. I turned to face the woods as I stripped off my T-shirt and shorts. My cock was pointing out in a most embarrassing way. I knew that she would see it as I ran for the water but I ran down and dove in, swimming underwater to a point near her.

I surfaced in front of her, about two feet from her. My first sight was of those lovely tits that were causing my problem. Susie tagged my arm and said, "you're it" and dove away. I quickly went after her. I figured I might get a feel of those tits if I pretended to be trying to tag her in the game. I chased her for several feet before I lunged at her. She turned toward me just as I did so and I was rewarded with a handful of tit for just a second. The feel of her caused my cock to grow even harder. I figured I'd have to jack off before I could get out of the water. She looked at me in a strange way, as if my touch had effected her too. I told her she was now it and dove away. We played this little game for awhile, with me copping a feel of her tits, ass, and once between her legs. After that she suggested we stop for awhile. I asked if she had seen the others and she said no but her sister, Patty, was supposed to meet her here later. I was sorry to hear that as I was enjoying having her to myself. Susie suggested that we go ashore and lay in the sun. I started to stay in the water because of my hard-on but decided to let her see it. I followed her on to the sandy beach, her pert little ass swaying as she walked. My cock was so hard it hurt. We picked a spot on the grass just above the sand to lay out. I was trying to lay face down when she turned around.

She stared at my cock, pointing at her, hard and larger than normal.

She asked me why it was like that. I told her that it did that when I saw her naked in the water, that looking at her that way made me feel very good, but made my cock ache. She asked if she could look at it closer and I said sure. I laid down on the grass and she knelt beside me. My cock pointed toward the sky, standing like flagpole. Susie got real close as she studied it. She told me that she had felt very strange feelings when I touched her tits and ass while we played in the water. She said when I had touched her "down there" that it had really felt good. I told her that I'd like to touch her again. I also said that she could touch me if she wanted to do so. She looked at my cock and then slowly touched it. She just placed a finger on it but it jumped when she did. She quickly pulled her hand away and asked if she had hurt me. I assured her she had not and asked her to touch me some more. I told her to take it gently in her hand. She nervously reached out and wrapped her hand around my hot shaft. I groaned with the pleasure of it. I felt like I was going to explode right then. She softly caressed my cock, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my entire body. I reached up and touched her tit with my finger tips.

She shivered as I did and said that it felt nice when I did that. I was encouraged by her words and gently squeezed her tits. They felt soft and hot to my touch. She was still playing with my cock and I was really enjoying it. I had read in a book that I had under my mattress that girls sometimes would suck on a mans cock. I wondered if Susie would suck mine. I also knew that men liked to suck and lick girls tits and pussies. I wanted to try both with her. She was just still caressing my cock. I suggested that she examine my balls too. I wanted to be able to examine her fully when she had looked me over good. As she felt my balls I gently stroked and pinched her tits. I had her nipples standing out fully. They reminded me of small cocks.

She was obviously enjoying it as she was making soft sounds in her throat. I sat up and told her to lay back, that it was my turn to really look her over. She smiled and did as I said. I played with her titties for a while more before starting down her lovely body. I softly brushed her sweet flesh I enjoyed feeling her body. I moved slowly down toward her pussy, telling her how lovely she was as I did so. I stroked her legs, gently pulling them open as I asked her to let me touch her sex. She whispered OK, and I moved my hand to her pussy.

It was the first pussy that I had ever touched. I had seen several as we had skinny dipped with the gang but this was not the same. I had even seen Susie's pussy many times before but this was all new. I had never been this close before. I traced the lips with my fingers and felt her shudder. I could feel the heat from her sex radiating out to my hand. I gently pulled the lips apart exposing her clit. It was standing up, red and moist. I touched it and she cried out. I asked if I had hurt her and she said no, that it was very nice to be touched like that. I took this as an invitation to touch her again. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and she was soon moaning and pushing her pelvis up against my hand. I decided to try and slip a finger into her pussy. I had noticed that her pussy was getting very wet. I slowly began to insert my finger into her. She squealed as she felt the invading digit but did not try to stop me. I continued to work on her clit as I pushed into her. I felt as if I had reached bottom with my finger. I didn't know it at the time but I was feeling her hymen. She was a virgin, as was I. My cock was aching with the need of relief. I asked her to jack me off, I explained that I needed to cum. She began to stroke my cock and it sure felt good. I next decided to try and taste her pussy. I had read about it and was determined to try it.

All the books made it sound great. The girl always let the guy fuck her afterward. I wasn't sure about that but I'd give it a try. I bent down and kissed her, the first act of actual sex play that we had done. She responded by kissing me back. I then moved down to lick and kiss her swollen titties. She was soon moaning again as the pleasure I was giving her took control. She continued to stroke my cock as I sucked her tits. I next began to trail kisses down across her flat belly, stopping to tongue her navel. She gasped when I kissed the top of her pussy. I licked down each side of her pussy, and then jabbed my tongue to her clit. She squealed as I did so. I continued to explore her pussy with my tongue as she began to squirm around. The new sensations that I was causing in her body were making it impossible for her to be still. She suddenly screamed and arched her body to me, grabbing my head and trying to get even more of my tongue in her pussy. I tasted the down flow from her sex as she reached her very first orgasm. I continued to lick and suck her until she begged me to stop. I moved up and kissed her, letting her taste her own sex from my lips. She held me close for a few moments before pushing me to my back. She then began to repeat my journey down my body. She tongued my male nipples and I found it to be a very wonderful feeling. She continued down, playing the game with my navel before kissing my rock-hard cock. I felt as if it was going to explode at any minute.

Susie ran her pink tongue up and down my shaft, sending waves of pleasure through me. I told her to suck it into her mouth. She kissed the head and then slowly slid her lips over the it. The sensations I were feeling were like nothing I had experienced before. My cock grew even more as she sucked about half of it into her mouth. Her tongue slid around it, driving me out of my mind. I was begging her to suck it more, to make me cum. I'm not sure she knew just what happened when a boy came, but she soon found out. I was quickly nearing my release as her tongue did its job.

When I felt my balls begin their release I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. I yelled that I was cumming as the first load spurted into her throat. I told to her to eat my cum, a phrase that was always in the books. She swallowed my load as I shot several more times into her mouth. When I had given her all I could she released my cock from her mouth and moved up to kiss me. I tasted my on cum from her sweet lips. We lay there for awhile without saying a word. She broke the silence by suggesting that we go back in the water. She got up and turned away from me. I asked her to turn around but she ran into the water. I chased her and turned her to me, I held her naked form tightly to me as I told her how wonderful she had been. I said that I wanted to show her things that I had read about, like real fucking. I let her know that if the books were right fucking was the most pleasurable thing body as I talked. She was listening, I hoped in a positive frame of mind. She pulled away and said she'd like to think about it for awhile. I said OK and let her move away.

She seemed reluctant to let me see her body. I guess she was more conscious of it now. I swam for awhile and then went back to the beach. My cock was still semi- hard, just know that a lovely naked girl was so close by. I laid back on the grass to enjoy the feel of the sun on my naked body. I must have dozed off for awhile. I awoke to find Susie standing over me, her nakedness covered by her blouse. She sat down beside me and asked me to cover myself. I reluctantly placed my shirt over my groin. She said that she would like to try fucking. I told her that was great as I sat up and reached for her. She said not here, that she would rather have her first time in a bed. I was very disappointed but agreed to do it her way. She said that we could go to her place, that no one would be there for several more hours. I wasn't too keen on that idea, her father and I did not get along very well. I knew that he would kill me if he caught us in bed. She asked me if I still wanted to do it and I said yes. We quickly dressed and headed to her home. As she had said no one was there. She led me to her bedroom, a room she shared with her sister. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me. She opened her blouse and slipped it off. Next she stood and pulled her shorts down her lovely legs. I just stood there watching her disrobe. She was now clad in only her bra and panties. I moved to her and said that I'd like to remove the rest of her clothes. She smiled and agreed. I reached around her slim body and unfastened her bra. As I pulled it from her I bent down and kissed each nipple. They were already distended with both lust and fear. She was of course fearful of losing her virginity. I dropped my hands to her waist and began to ease her panties down. I kissed the flesh of her belly as I exposed it. As her sweet pussy appeared I kissed it. I removed the panties from her and sat back to admire her beautiful form. She blushed under my stare. She said it was now my turn as she began to pull up my T-shirt. She followed my lead in kissing the flesh she was exposing. She knelt before me and unzipped my shorts. She pulled then down and off quickly. Next she removed my undershorts, kissing my again hard cock as it popped free. She stripped me and then moved to the bed. She pulled the covers back, and laid down across the cool sheets. She beckoned to me to join her and I needed no second invitation. I quickly joined her on the bed. I began by stroking her soft lovely body, touching every part. I had her roll to her tummy so I could examine her ass. I was curious about how you could assfuck a girl. I had read about that too in my books. I wished that we could use my bed for this so we could also use the books to get ideas of things to do. I rolled her back over and kissed her. I slowly worked my way down to her titties and suckled them for a few minutes. She was soon moaning softly and urging me to do more. I moved down to kiss her sex. I teased her by only kissing the soft mound at the top of her sweet pussy. She grabbed my head and pushed me down to kiss her clit, and begged me to suck her pussy. I obliged her by slipping my tongue in her slit. I alternated between licking and sucking her sensitive bud until she screamed out in a very strong orgasm. I held her at the peak for as long as I could. When she had returned to earth she said it was now my turn. She pushed me gently to the bed. She asked me to lay facedown, she wanted to see my ass and to explore it. I rolled over and she began to kiss my back. She worked her way down, kissing me as she went. I expected her to stop at my ass but she pulled my buttocks apart and kissed the brown spot there. The sensation was wild. She licked it until I couldn't stand it any more and rolled over. She quickly grabbed my hard cock and guided it to her sucking mouth. I was in heaven.

Susie was a quick learner when it came to these sex games. She soon had me ready to cum again. I asked her if she wanted to eat my cum again and she answered by sucking me even harder. I exploded my load into her waiting mouth and she swallowed it all. She released my cock and slid up to lay her naked body against mind. We kiss and fondled each other for awhile, both of us a little afraid to go all the way. My cock was soon hard again and I wanted to feel it inside her. I asked her if she was ready for me to try to fuck her. She smiled at me and whispered yes. I said that I would try not to hurt her, and if I did she must say so. She nodded OK and I began by fingering her pussy. She was still quite wet from our earlier acts but I wanted her as wet as possible. The books always made it seem to be easier for the girl if she was real wet there. I soon noticed her pussy was beginning to secrete a slick fluid. I moved over her and placed my cock to her pussy. I asked again if she really wanted to do this, I was as afraid as she was, and she again whispered yes. I began to slowly press my hard cock into her. She was very tight and it was difficult to penetrate her virgin hole. Suddenly the head of my cock popped into her pussy. The feeling was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. She moaned as I pushed down again. She asked me to go slowly. I eased my cock back a bit, using very tiny strokes to fuck her. She soon relaxed a bit and I was able to penetrate her just a little more. I felt my cock press against something, it didn't seem to be able to go any farther, but I only had half of my cock in her. I guessed that her hymen was what I was hitting. She reacted with a bit of pain whenever I pressed hard against it. I knew from my books that I could tear it away and bury my cock fully in her pussy. I told her to be ready, that I was going to remove her virginity forever. I pulled out until only the head of my cock remained in her. I paused for just a minute and then rammed down into her tight channel, tearing away the barrier to our total commitment. She cried out as her virginity was torn away but was soon mewling with pleasure as I pumped my hot rod to her. She was soon at her peak, her body wracked by orgasm. Her orgasm triggered my own and I flooded her cunt with its first load of cum. I shot her full, until she had all I could give her. I collapsed across her and we laid that way for awhile. She aroused me by saying her folks might be home soon.

I looked at the clock and realized that we had been there for quite some time. I guess we fell asleep. We dressed quickly and went out for a walk. We discussed what we had done and how we were really going to enjoy this summer vacation!


It was later the same week after Susie and I had enjoyed our first sexual encounter that she came to see me. She was quite upset about something, so we took a walk while she told me. It seems that Patty, her younger sister, had watched us on the beach and after we went to her bedroom. She had seen everything and was threatening to tell on us. Susie said that Patty would tell if I didn't make love to her too.

I didn't let her see that this was perfectly OK with me but I told her that I would do it to protect us. We were walking in the woods for privacy so I took the liberty of fondling her sweet body for awhile. I asked her if she would like to go somewhere a fuck for awhile but she said that we could not make love again until we had some sort of protection. I agreed with her fully as I did not want to be a father at the age of 15. I told her that I would get some rubbers so that we could enjoy each other soon. I walked her back home and went to make my purchase. It was very easy to get the rubbers because they sold them in those vending machines at Whit's Grill. I bought several packages as I intended to enjoy Susie's lovely body as often as she would let me. I also would need them to use when I fucked Patty. I went home and called Susie and told her that I had made the purchase. I asked when I was expected to do Patty. She said that Patty was ready now. Even though it was late in the day I suggested that we all meet at the empty house on the hill. She agreed and we hung up. I took my new purchases and went to the old house. Actually the house wasn't very old, it just hadn't had anyone living there for sometime. It was fully furnished, all the furniture was covered in sheets. We had learned long ago how to get inside. I entered the house and went to the bedroom. I removed the sheet covering the bed. The mattress looked dusty so I flipped it over. Now it looked a lot better. I was only there a short time went I heard Susie and Patty arrive. They came in and called to me. I answered and they came into the bedroom. I kissed Susie and then turned to Patty. I asked if she really wanted me to do to her what I had done with her sister. She answered yes that she wanted to enjoy herself as much as Susie had done. I said Ok, that we would begin right now. I moved to her and began to unbutton her blouse. She seemed a bit startled at this. I let her know that the only way we could make love was to be naked. She hesitated for only a minute before asking me to continue. I slipped the blouse from her shoulders to reveal her bare titties. Her twelve year old body was not as well developed as her sisters but she was getting there. Her tits were more than enough to suck and fondle. I kissed each nipple, running my tongue around then until they were taut. I felt her shiver and knew that she would be as hot as Susie when she was fully indoctrinated in sex. I was feeling like the old timer here, teaching the young innocents about sex. I worked down to her shorts and slow began to pull them over her little girl hips. She had not yet lost her babysat, and her waist was not yet well defined. I slipped them down her legs and removed them. Now she was clad only in a pair of cotton panties. She looked like a very little girl at the moment. I now told her that she should undress me, that I needed to be naked too. My cock was about to tear its way from my jeans. I was ready to fuck both of them at the moment. Patty timidly began to strip me my pulling off my t-shirt. Next she unsnapped my jeans and worked them down my legs. I helped her by stepping out of them. I was now clad only in my undershorts, my cock pushing hard to be released. I told her to remove my shorts. She wasn't too sure about doing so but Susie assured her that it was OK.

She did as instructed and freed my cock. It pointed at her as if it knew which pussy it was going to split first today. I knelt before her and removed her panties, kissing my way down her belly as I slipped them from her. I continued down until I was kissing her pussy. She had not begun to grow any pubic hair yet and I loved the look of it, so smooth and lovely. I was soon slipping my tongue into her baby pussy, teasing her tiny clit. It did not take long to show her what an orgasm was. I believe that it was the first time she had ever had one, I don't think she had even touched herself there except to pee or wash. She was squealing and writhing around as I ate that sweet virgin meat, and drank the nectar that she was producing. I eased off as she was hit by her second orgasm, she was about to collapse on the floor. I took her to the bed and had her lay back on it. I looked at Susie and she was obviously getting turned on by watching me make love to Patty. I motioned to her to undress and join us on the bed. I moved to Patty and softly stroked her body. I was really enjoying this little girl body. I moved over her until my cock was near her face. I asked if she had seen Susie suck my cock when she had peeked at us.

She said yes and took my cock in her hand. She guided it to her lips without being urged to do so. She kissed it first and then began to lick it like a lollipop. By now Susie was naked and was crawling onto the bed. I had her moved up beside Patty and tell her how to suck cock. It was quite a lovely sight, these delectable sisters, both naked, working on my cock. I was fondling Susie's pussy while Patty was sucking on me. I was enjoying both of them and was rapidly nearing the time to fuck the sweet young body that Patty was offering me. I let her suck my cock until I felt ready to cum. I then pulled from her sweet mouth and moved down her body. I got one of the condoms and opened the package. I asked Susie help me put it on. She rolled it over my cock and then I was ready. I positioned myself over Patty, my hot cock at the entrance to sex. I asked her again if she really wanted to do this, telling her that it could not be undone later. She said she wanted me to fuck her like I had Susie, so I began. I placed the head of my cock to the lips of her pussy. I moved it around a bit, lubricated it with the love oils being produced by my young partner.

She was very wet, ready for me to fill her with cock. I gently began to push into her the lips of her pussy yielding to the pressure of my cock. I forced the head inside her tight channel. She grimaced as I stretched her virgin pussy with my hot cock. I eased up to allow her body to adjust, to make my entry less painful for her. I knew that I was going to hurt her when I broke her virgin barrier and I didn't want her to think that all sex was painful. While I was waiting for her to relax a little I looked up at Susie. She was watching us and slowly fingering herself. Her eyes gleamed with the lust of the moment. As I felt Patty relax I began to push deeper into her willing body, too fuck her with a few short easy strokes. She was soon pushing her pussy to me, trying to take more of it into herself. I obliged her by driving in until I felt the resistance of her hymen. I know that she felt me hit it because she gave a small cry of pain. I pulled back and stopped fucking her for a moment as I told her that I was going to break her virginity now, that I was going to push my cock as deep in her pussy as I could go. I let her know that it would hurt for a moment but that only pleasure would follow.

I had Susie tell her that I was telling her the truth. Patty said that she was ready, that she wanted to feel my cock buried as deep as it would go. I said OK and rammed fully into her, my balls slapping against her ass. She screamed at the pain as her hymen was ripped away, but as I pumped her slick pussy she was quickly begging me to give her more. I pounded her with slow deep strokes until I felt her orgasm begin and the increased my speed. I wanted to reach my peak at the same time she did. She would not feel my cum blast her womb as had Susie because of the rubber I was wearing. I was disappointed that I was not feeling her naked pussy but I knew that it would not do to make one of these delectable young things pregnant. We both exploded with our orgasm at the same time, Patty screaming and begging me to fuck her harder as I emptied my balls of cum. As we held each other tightly I her Susie moan, and as I watched she was wracked by her own orgasm, as she masturbated as she watched us. I collapsed on top of Patty and we lay there for a short while.

Susie aroused us and said it was time to go home. I pulled from Patty's pussy and removed the rubber. I threw it in the corner so anyone entering later would know that someone had enjoyed using this place. I hugged them both to me, enjoying the feel of their naked bodies. I kissed Patty and then Susie, telling them how much I enjoyed fucking them. I asked if they wanted to do it again tomorrow and they both agreed. I said that we should all meet here as early as possible so that we could play longer. I told them that I'd be here by 8:00.

They said they would be here as soon as they could. I squeezed their tits a bit and then felt their pussies before letting them get dressed.

We all headed home for supper as if nothing unusual had happened. This was going to be a GREAT summer!


The summer was going great, Susie and Patty both were willing to play sex games any time I asked, they even started them sometimes. Both girls were fun to be with but I started to wonder about some of the other girls in the gang. One special one was Grace. She was the younger sister of my best friend Ernie. I wanted to get in her panties very much, and often fantasized about it. I knew that Ernie was sexually active, he and Judy fucked just about everyday. We told each other about our "conquest". I decided to ask him if he would like to try to persuade our girls to join in an orgy, we could all suck and fuck each other and enjoy some new games. He said that he would love it. He then asked if I thought that my sister would like to come, that he would like to have her one on one. I was a bit surprised but said I didn't know. I asked if thought Grace would and he said no. I then suggested that if he wanted to have Darlene then we should trade sisters. He asked if I was serious and I said yes, that I really wanted Grace. He thought for a moment and said he would think about it. I decided to approach Darlene with the idea. We had often played the "Doctor games" and had explored each others bodies long ago.

Darlene was thirteen, the same age as Grace. She was very well developed, her tits larger than some of the older girls in the group.

I enjoyed seeing her naked when we played games. We still did this occasionally when the folks were gone. I often wondered if she would let me fuck her but had never worked up the nerve to ask. I went home and luckily found her home alone. She was in her room trying on her bathing suits from last year. I went in and sat on the bed. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I wanted to watch her and talk about something. She smiled and said OK. She slipped out of the suit that she had on and held up another one. It was a very small bikini that Mom had not liked last year. She said that she knew she couldn't wear that one again. I told her that I liked her in what she had on.

She noted that she was naked and I said that was what I liked. I then mentioned that Ernie had said that he would like to see her naked too.

She looked me and asked what I had done. I said "nothing", that I had remarked as how I'd like to see Grace naked also. Darlene asked what had happened then. I told her that we had both left then, me to come home and Ernie to find Grace. I told her that if she would let Ernie see her naked that he would try to get Grace to let me see her. Of course, this was not technically what we had in mind but it would start with looking. Darlene did not answer me right away. She had slipped on another suit and turned to ask me how it looked. I told her that she might as well go naked if she was going to wear that. She slipped the suit off as she laughed and agreed, and then she said that she'd do it, that she'd let Ernie see her naked if it would help me.

I jumped up and hugged her, her naked body feeling soft and warm to me. I held her tightly for a moment, enjoying the feel of her firm tits against my chest. I released her and asked when she would be ready. She said anytime was fine with her, unless it was her "time of the month". I said Ok, I'd go see how Ernie was doing with Grace. I caught up with him as he was going to the canal to swim. He said Grace had not been as receptive to the idea as he had hoped. She had not agreed to do it yet. I let him know that I had better luck, and as soon as he got Grace to agree he could have Darlene. I let him know that the actual seduction of her was up to him, that all I was doing was delivering her naked to him. We reached the canal and found Susie and Patty there. I was horny as a billy goat after watch Sis naked and wanted to fuck Susie. I pulled her aside and asked her to leave with me. She said she couldn't, that Patty would know where we had gone. I then boldly suggested that maybe Ernie could fuck Patty while I fucked her. Susie stared at me like I was mad for just a minute, then she seemed to like the idea. She said Ok, that she'd ask Patty. I called to Ernie as Susie ran to where Patty lay on the sand. I told him what I had suggested, and he was of course agreeable, suggesting that maybe he could have Susie later. I let him know that I was agreeable to that. We looked to the girls as they talked. Susie motioned for us to join them. Patty had readily agreed to the plan and invited Ernie to join her on the blanket. I asked Susie where she wanted to go and she said nowhere, that she wanted to stay here where we could watch as Ernie fucked Patty.

I said Ok to that and pulled her down to the blanket. The girls had been wearing suits but were quickly stripped naked. Ernie and I wasted no time in mounting these delightfully willing cunts, pounding them with hard strokes and soon had them squealing with pleasure as we fucked them. It did not take long before we filled them each with a hot load of cum. We sucked and fucked for the rest of the afternoon, switching partners on several occasions and even using Susie between us like a sandwich. It was a very pleasurable way to spend the day. We later walked the girls home, asking them to see us again for more fun. They both giggled and said after their pussies stopped being sore. Neither of them had ever been fucked more than a couple of times at once before. Ernie and I went to my house to get a drink and a snack, all that fucking had made us hungry. I peeked in to see if Darlene was still there and she was, still trying on clothes. I loved the fact that she was not wearing any underwear while she did so. I quietly slipped back to Ernie and told him to come with me, very quietly. We positioned ourselves where we could watch her as she changed clothes, trying one outfit after the other. I hoped by letting him see how great Darlene looked naked that he'd put some more effort into get Grace to agree to play our little game. I heard a noise and looked over to see Ernie masturbating as he enjoyed the show.

We watched until it seemed she was going to leave before we quickly left ourselves. Ernie said that he would get Grace for me if he had to tie her up and drag her to me, that he had to fuck Darlene. He left and I went back to see if Darlene was still there. She was but she was now dressed. She asked me if I had enjoyed watching her so much that I had jacked off? I them noticed the cum on the floor where Ernie had done his thing. I said yes to her question, not wanting her to know that I had not been alone in the audience. She told to come in the next time so she could watch me do it. I asked if she meant now but she just laughed and left. The next day Ernie called to say that all was arranged, that Grace had agreed to let me play games with her. Darlene and I were to meet them at the old house as soon as possible. I quickly found Darlene and told her that now was the time. She said Ok and we left. When we arrived at the house Ernie and Grace were already there. We all stood there awkwardly for a few minutes, none of us knowing just how to begin. I decide that I'd undress Darlene for Ernie. I whispered to her what I wanted to do and she nodded agreement. I stood her in front of them and slowly began to pull the shirt up over her head. I slipped it from her exposing her bra clad tits to their gaze. Ernie was about to choke as he watched. Next I released the catch on her bra, slowly revealing her firm succulent tit flesh to his lustful stare. Grace was as entranced by what I was doing as was Ernie. I had hoped the he would repeat the action on her but he had not moved since I revealed Sis's lovely tits. I reached around her to unzip the boy style shorts that she wore, inching the zipper slowly down. I eased her shorts down, sliding them down her tan legs, and then off her completely. Darlene was now clad only in her panties, a light blue lace pair that she had put on just for this time. I let my hands slip up to her tits, lifting them to his gaze.

Darlene glanced over her shoulder at me, I think she was enjoying not only the strip but also my hands on her body. I dropped my hands back to her hips, catching the waistband of her panties with my thumbs. I began to slowly work them down, exposing her most intimate flesh to the lustful stare of my best friend and his sister. As I exposed her pussy to them I heard Ernie moan with desire. I glanced at Grace and she was staring as if mesmerized by the scene. I hoped to soon be watching her lovely flesh come into view for me. I slipped the panties from Darlene, leaving her totally naked to our gaze. I brushed my hands over her body, touching her most intimate parts, spreading her legs just a little to give a better look at her pussy. Ernie moved to her, quickly beginning to explore her lovely flesh, touching her in all the secret places of her girlhood. I decided that I'd have to undress Grace myself if I was going to get her. I moved to her and took her in my arms. She was still watching Ernie as he fondled Darlene's body. She did not resist as I opened her blouse and caressed her bra covered titties. She was not as well endowed as was Darlene but her tits were firm and soft. I pushed the blouse from her arms and unfastened her bra. As I pulled it from her sweet body she seemed to realize what I was doing for the first time. I felt her body stiffen for a second before relaxing again. She turned to me and kissed me. Her bare tits against my chest felt hot and wonderful. I was exploring her body as we held each other. I undid the button to her shorts and slid the zipper down. She was wearing girl type shorts with the zipper on the side. I ran my hand inside to cup her panty clad asscheek and thrill to the feel of her. I knelt down and worked her shorts down and off.

I stayed there as I pulled her panties down over her hips. I was treated to my first look at her pussy as I dragged her panties from her. I was kneeling in front of her, my face at her crotch, so I took the chance to kiss her cunt, savoring the female odor of her. She gave a soft cry as I did so, but did not try to stop me from doing what I pleased. I kissed my way up to her tits, sucking first one then the other before standing up to hold her naked form to me. I glanced over at Ernie and Darlene and found everything there well underway. They were now both naked and Darlene was sucking him as he fingered her. I returned my attention fully to the lovely creature in my arms. I held her away from me and admired her naked beauty. I told her how lovely she was, how I was going to enjoy making love to her. Her tits were small mounds of white flesh tipped by rosy pink nipples. Her nipples were distended by both fear of the unknown and the lust of the moment.

Her waist was tiny and her belly flat and smooth. Her pubic mound was covered by a fine blonde hair. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and then pulled her to me again, the feel of her naked flesh hot against my skin. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laid her down and began to kiss her tits, sucking each of them in turn. Her skin tasted salty from the fine sheen of perspiration covering her body. I then moved slowly down until I was once again at the alter of her femaleness. I kissed and licked the sweet flesh of her cunt, teasing her to a high state of sensitivity. Grace was alternately asking me to stop and then begging me not to stop. I continued to feast on her sweet nectar until she experienced her first real orgasm. She cried out as the full impact of it hit her, pulling my face tighter to her pussy as she begged me to do her more. As she began to calm down I moved up to lay beside her, guiding her hand to my throbbing cock. I asked her to jack me off, to give me the same pleasure that I had given her. She didn't know how so I instructed her. She was soon pumping me with a good rhythm. She asked if I wanted her to suck me like Darlene had done for Ernie. Even though I wanted it very badly I told her that it was up to her, that I would not force her to do it.

She smiled a sweet little smile and slid down my body, trailing tiny kisses as she went. She stopped with her face to my cock. She held it in her hand for just a minute before kissing the head. I told her how good it was and she slowly took it into her mouth. I had to tell her how to use her tongue, to lick along the bottom and to suck on it. It did not take long before I was ready to shoot my first load. I told her that I was about to cum, that she should try to swallow all my cum if she could. She continued to suck me, increasing her efforts. I quickly exploded my load to her, filling her virgin mouth for the first time. She valiantly tried to swallow it all but it spilled out and ran down her chin. I pulled out and let the last load spray over her tits.

I pulled her up and kissed her, tasting my own cum as I did. I massaged the cum into her tit flesh as she stroked my still hard cock.

I asked her if she was ready for me to really fuck her, to fill her pussy with my hard cock. She whispered yes, that she wanted me to make love to her. I rolled her to her back and moved over her. I had her spread her legs wide to give me access to her cunt. I positioned myself to enter her and gently began to press into her. Her virgin pussy resisted my invasion but I was not to be denied. I managed to slip the head in and then to touch her hymen. I held her impaled like that for a moment to allow her body to adjust to the size of my cock. I pulled back and then told her to be ready. I drove down sharply, tearing away her virginity forever. She stiffened as the pain hit her but quickly recovered and was soon pushing up to take even more of me. I buried my cock into her as deeply as it would go. I was thrilled to finally be fucking the girl who was the object of most of my wet dreams. Her pussy was hot and tight and I knew that it would not take long for me to reach my climax. I drove into her, pressing against her clit, raising her to another orgasm very quickly. Her orgasm triggered my own and we both exploded in the peak of sexual delight. I collapsed on top of her and lay there thrilling in the feel of being in her pussy.

She told me how great it felt having me in her, that she wanted to do this as often as we good. I assured her that I would always be ready to enjoy her sweet body whenever she needed me. I rolled from her and bent to kiss her tits. I heard a small applause and looked up to see Ernie and Darlene watching us. Grace was embarrassed that her brother had been watching as we fucked. I assured her that it was Ok, that I had seen him when he was fucking Darlene. I suggested that they join us on the bed and they quickly did so. We all examined each other, me checking out my sister's charms as Ernie explored Grace's sweet body. I was wondering what my chances were of getting Darlene to sleep with me and from Ernie's expression I felt that he was thinking the same about Grace. Now that we had introduced them to sex and had also intimately examined them it might not be an impossible task, but that's another story. Needless to say the summer was still getting better. We still all went skinny dipping but now we had a new member, Grace. I was somewhat jealous of the looks that some of the guys gave her but I couldn't say a lot. After all I was still fucking Susie and Patty whenever I could. Summer vacations had never been like this before!


About a week after Ernie an I had exchanged sister's my folks had to go out of town for the weekend. It was Friday night and they would not be back until Sunday night. I had retired to my room, to read a girlie mag, when Sis came in. I asked what she wanted an instead of answering she started to strip. I sat there and watched her, hoping that she meant to give herself to me. My cock became very hard as her succulent young flesh was offered to my sight. When she was naked she moved onto the bed where I was laying and stretched out beside me. She then said that she wanted me to fuck her, that she wanted to feel me inside of her pussy. She told me that she had watched me fuck Grace and was very envious. She said that she do anything that I wanted her to do. Of course I agreed and quickly stripped off my clothes. I moved to her and began by tasting those beautiful tits. Her nipples were soon hard buds of flesh, and she was telling me how great it was to finally have me sucking her tits. I began to work my way down until I reached her pussy. I quickly buried my face in her crotch, licking and sucking the sweet nectar from her. I positioned myself over her so that my cock was at her face. She began to suck me with out being asked. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum and Darlene rapidly gained her orgasm, crying out as her body exploded with the pleasure of it. I then moved over her and inserted my cock into her tight, hot channel.

I drove as deeply into her as I could. It was a wonderful feeling to be fucking my own sister, to be buried fully in her cunt. I held her impaled that way for a few moments before beginning to fuck her with long easy strokes. I bent to her breast and sucked in a nipple. I softly bit the tender flesh as I filled her with my hot cock. Darlene was making soft mewling sounds, asking me to give her more. I slowly began to increase my speed as I felt my own release building. I was soon pounding her pussy with hard driving strokes. It wasn't long before she began to enjoy yet another orgasm, her body jerking about as she tried to bury my cock deeper into herself. Her actions triggered my own orgasm and I filled her with my hot load of cum. I pounded her with savage abandon until she had received my full load. I collapsed upon her and we fell asleep that way. I awoke a bit later to find our older brother standing by the bed. I aroused Darlene as I pulled my cock from her pussy. Larry asked us just what we thought we were doing. I told him we were fucking, and if he didn't realize that he needed help. I then suggested that he undress and join us. Darlene looked at me as if to ask just what I meant, but didn't say anything.

I knew that if he fucked her too he couldn't tell on us. Larry only hesitated a moment as he gazed at Sis's charms before stripping. I moved off the bed and he took my place. I was soon treated to the erotic sight of my older brother slamming cock to our little sister. I watched as he ravaged her pussy with hard deep strokes. She was soon experiencing another strong orgasm. Larry quickly followed her and filled her with his hot load. He continued to pound her until he had emptied his balls of their heavy load. As he withdrew I suggested that Darlene should be our sex slave for the weekend. Larry readily agreed and Darlene said it might be fun. I then ordered her to her knees before me and told her to suck my cock. She giggled as she complied.

I was pleased to see that Ernie has apparently taught her well in the techniques of cock sucking. She soon had me ready to cum again. I held her head as I began to unload my hot cum down her throat. I held her so she had no choice but to swallow it all. She gulped it down and continued to suck until she had it all. I released her and praised to for being a good little cocksucker. Larry said it was his turn and she turned to obey his wishes. I watched for a few minutes and the sight of my little sisters naked body, plus her sucking on big brothers cock had me hard again. I moved to a position behind her and stroked her shapely ass. I lifted her ass up and placed her in a position on her hands and knees. This way I had access her to pussy from behind. I slipped a finger into her cunt and found her wet and ready. She moaned a little as I did so and pushed back against my hand. I removed my hand and quickly rammed my cock fully up her hot hole. She almost swallowed Larry's cock as I drove into her. As I began for fuck her with strong deep strokes she pushed back to take more of me.

She was still sucking Larry for all she was worth. We all were able to maintain this posture for awhile, being as we had all just experienced orgasms recently. Sis enjoyed several orgasms before Larry and I reached our peaks and filled her from both ends with hot cum. We both exploded about the same time and rammed her hard. We spent the entire weekend fucking and sucking. Larry and I used little Sis every way possible, we even fucked her pussy and ass at the same time. She was not allowed to dress the whole weekend, and we kept her filled with cock most of the time. Once while I was fucking her doggie style our cousin Maggie called to talk to her. I continued to fuck her while she talked. I wondered what Maggie thought of the noises that Darlene was making.

She moaned as I filled her cunt once again with cum. After that we discussed the possibility of indoctrinating our cousin into the wonderful world of sex. It was decided that we would do it after Larry and I returned from our annual visit to see our cousin Karen. One thing was for sure, Sis did not have a virgin hole left by the time Sunday rolled around. I had often wondered as a little boy what little sisters were good for and now I knew, they were good to fuck and suck and good to trade. We spent the entire weekend doing just that, fucking and sucking and trading her between her loving brothers. I know that Sis was glad when Sunday came so she could rest, I sure needed to rest myself. Summer was still getting better!


The week of our annual visit to see cousin, Karen, arrived much to soon the summer. I was not looking forward to it like I usually did. Karen was my favorite cousin but she lived in a town too small to be classed even a one-horse town. The biggest excitement there was trying to hit the pinboy at the one-lane bowling alley. We left on a Saturday morning, I had spent Friday night making love to Grace, I figured that it was going to be a long week without pussy, boy was I wrong. We arrived around ten a.m. and the adults left us kids to ourselves.

The first thing I had noticed was that the house was bigger than last year. Karen told me that they had added two more rooms both upstairs and down. She led the way to the upstairs where we would be sleeping. She said she had a surprise for us, that we each had our own room this year. She showed Larry his room and then took me to the opposite end of the hall. She showed me my room, it was nicely furnished, and was fairly large. She said that her room was next door. She then closed my door and said she wanted to show me something. She opened what I had thought was closets door, and led me into her room.! She said that we could visit each other without anyone knowing it. Now Karen was fifteen, the same as me. She was quite pretty, blonde hair and blue eyes. I had noticed that she was filled out in all the right places. I hoped that she meant that we could play games after dark but I decided to wait and see what developed. We unpacked my things and went back downstairs. Mom and Dad were preparing to return home. They told us goodbye and to enjoy ourselves. I looked at Karen and said I was sure I would. Karen flashed me a quick smile that let me know that I was on the right track. The rest of the day went quickly, we visited with her friends, renewing old acquaintances. After supper we sat on the porch and talked for awhile. Karen was the first to go up, saying she wanted to take a shower before bed. I waited for a few minutes before following her up. The bathroom opened to the hall but also had a door into her room.

I was going to try and sneak a peek at her as she showered. I had noticed that the shower had only a clear glass door, no curtain, so I had a chance if I could get into her room. As I entered my room I noticed that the door between our rooms was open. I took this to be an invitation, and boldly walked into her room. The bathroom door was not quite closed so I went over and peeked in. Karen was in the shower, facing toward the wall. I stood there and enjoyed the lovely sight of her for a moment. As she began to turn around I stepped back. I didn't want to startle her or upset her. I returned to my room when I heard the shower stop. I was laying on the bed in my pajama bottoms when she came in. She was dressed in a robe, and I could see the top of her pj's. She sat on the bed and asked if I minded if we talked for a while. I said of course not. She asked me to turn the light off and I did. She was still framed by the light from her own room. She said she wanted to tell me something, that I must promise not to tell anyone else. I promised her that her secret was safe with me, I didn't promise that she was, dressed as she was. My cock was growing very hard as I looked at her, and enjoyed the fresh smell of her. She told me that she wanted to talk about what her ex-boyfriend had done to her.

She then told me about a date she had been on about a week ago. They had gone to the drive-in in the next town. The movie had been a bit sexy and they had gotten quite worked up. They started some heavy petting, he fondling her tits, opening her blouse and finally her bra.

She was jacking him off as he fondled her. He had asked her to let him "go all the way" but she had refused. She had told him that she'd suck him off though. He had at first agreed but then began to try and remove her skirt. She had resisted and he had gotten mad. He started the car and roared out of the movie. She had thought he was taking her home but instead he drove out in the countryside and parked. He had then told her that he was going to take what he wanted from her. He ripped open her blouse and bra and began to maul her tits. She had tried to fight him but he had been stronger. He forced her to the seat and pushed up her skirt. He had ripped away her panties and jammed a finger harshly into her virgin pussy. She said that he then opened his fly and pulled out his cock. He had then rammed into her, battering her cunt, not caring that she was in pain. He quickly shot his load and pulled from her. He had then driven her home without saying a word. She said that she had hidden the torn clothes and had not told anyone else about it. She had told her folk that they had a fight and broken up.

As she had spoken she had moved closer to me. I had put my arm around her and was holding her to me. I asked her if she was going to tell on him and she said no. I asked if she was going to be alright and she said she wasn't sure. I let her know that I'd do whatever I could to help her. I was very surprised at her next action: she pulled back and slipped her robe off. She was wearing a very sheer set of babydoll pj's, and I was treated to the sight of her lovely tits through the thin material. She asked me if I'd make love to her! At first I just sat there staring at her. She became a bit embarrassed and started to cover herself again. I stopped her and pulled her to me, thrilling to feel of her near naked body. I whispered that I'd of course make love to her. I asked her if she meant now and she answered by slipping the pj top over her head. I cupped those luscious tits in my hands and gently caressed them. The nipples were hot hard pebbles of turgid flesh. I laid her back on the bed and starting with her sweet lips I kissed my way down her body. I sucked each of those sweet pink nipples until Karen was moaning softly. I wanted her to get the maximum pleasure that I could give her, to help alleviate the pain of her rape.

I slowly began to work my way down her lovely body, kissing my way toward the center of her sex. As I reached the edge of her pj bottoms I stopped. I asked her if she was sure that she wanted me to do this. Her answer was a soft yes, please. I slipped my fingers in the waistband and began to work the last bit of clothing from her, exposing to me the full extent of her sweet charms. I was kissing the soft flesh of her belly as I removed her pj's, and I only hesitated a moment as I reached her pussy. I quickly finished stripping her and then moved between her outspread legs. I sat there for a long minute devouring the sight of her nudity. Karen was a very lovely young female. I dipped my head to her sex, kissing the puffy lips and sliding my tongue over her entire pussy area. I teased her this way for awhile before letting my tongue dive into her hot slit. I found her clit and sucked it hard. Karen was writhing about, moaning softly as I played her body like a fine instrument. I continued to work her until she experienced a strong orgasm, her body jerking about as the waves of pleasure slammed through her. I moved up to hold her gently in my arms until she had settled by to earth.

She told me that she had never felt anything so wonderful before. I asked if her boyfriend hadn't done that to her and she said no, that the most he had done before raping her was suck her tits a little. I was going to have to meet this clod. I had been stroking her lovely body, especially her tits, as we talked. She had been fondling my cock, gently stroking it until I was about to explode. I asked if she had ever sucked him and she say he had insisted that she do so. I asked if she would suck me now, that I would not be able to fuck her properly if I did not get some relief for my balls. I was not going to last very long either way, whether it was her mouth or her cunt that I filled. She smiled and slid down to my crotch. She kissed the head of my hard cock before sucking it into her mouth. I filled her mouth fully, my cock stretching her lips tight. She set up a good rhythm and I was soon ready to blow my load. I let her know that I was cumming just before shooting my hot load into her waiting mouth. Karen sucked and swallowed until she had all I had to offer her this time. She let my cock slip from her lips and moved up to lay beside me. We just held each other for a while and soon my cock, in reaction to her soft naked body, grew hard and ready again. I pushed her to her back and said that I was now going to really make love to her, that I was going to fill her pussy with my cock. She smiled and then asked me not to hurt her. I assured her that I would be very gently with her, that not all men were like her ex-boyfriend. I positioned myself between her spread-eagle thighs, and slipped a finger gently into her cunt. She stiffened as I did and I told her to relax, that I was not going to mount her until she was ready. I worked her with my finger until she began to get wet and her cunt muscles relaxed some. I then added another finger and continued until I had three fingers working in that sweet little cunt.

I told her that I thought it was time and she moaned yes please take her. I moved over her and placed my cock to her sex entrance. I very gently pushed into her, thrilling at the feel of her hot pussy. I pushed down until I was fully buried in her tender flesh. I held her impaled like that as I raised up to admire my lovely cousin. She lay there not moving, as if she was waiting for the pain to start. I bent to kiss her lips and then her heaving tits. I then started to fuck her with long slow strokes, pulling out until only the head of my cock remained in her before driving down to mingle her pubic hair with mine.

I worked her gently until she began to respond to me, pushing up to meet my strokes. We fucked slowly for a long time before she had her first orgasm. I was beginning to feel my own release building and knew that I couldn't last much longer. I continued to fuck her, increasing the speed and force of my strokes. She was showing the signs of another orgasm as my own release came. I shot my hot cum deep in her belly, washing her womb with the sticky fluid. My release triggered her second and she cried out softly as she felt my cum fill her. I pumped her until I had no more cum to give her before collapsing across her soft body. We lay there for a while, neither speaking as we savored the delicious moment. I rolled from her and said she had best go clean herself up. I said that we didn't want any "little surprises" coming along in nine months. She giggled at that and said that wouldn't do as she got up and went to the bath. I waited a minute before following her. I opened the door as she began to wash her cunt. I asked her to let me help her and she handed me the washrag. I washed her cunt and legs, being very gently as I did so. She then took the rag and washed my cock. She kissed the semi-hard tool as she finished. I said that I was about ready to do her again but she said we had best get some sleep. She walked me to the door of my room and then kissed me good night. I held her naked body tightly to me, telling her just how much I loved my "little girl cousin". She giggled a little and assured me that she loved me too, and that she would prove it to me again before I left to return home. The week went all to fast, Karen and I made love at ever chance we got. We slept together each night after that first time. We found times and places to fuck almost everywhere we went. I enjoyed my week with her very much and knew that when they came to see us at Christmas I'd get at least one gift that I wanted. Later we found out that Larry and Gloria, Karen's older sister, were doing the same thing at the other end of the house. Too bad we didn't find out sooner, we could have traded around some.

Summer was going great.


We arrived home about noon on Saturday as the folks had come early to pick us up. They almost came too early as Karen and I were enjoying one last fuck before my leaving. We were together in her bed with my cock buried in her sweet cunt when my aunt called up to say my folks were there. I had quickly dismounted and promised Karen I'd finish fucking her at Christmas. I was surprised to find Susie and Patty waiting for me when we arrived. Sis was also there and she said that Grace had called for me. It seemed that my girls had been neglected while I was gone. I called Grace and made a date for later that night. I told Susie and Patty that I'd meet them around two at the canal and they left. Mom and Dad headed out to buy groceries and I went in to change clothes. I had stripped from my clothes when Darlene entered my room. She said that she had missed me and began to undress. I watched her as she did so, enjoying the sight of my lovely sister's nude body as it was revealed to me. She knelt down and began sucking my cock without saying a word. I let her enjoy herself for a few minutes before pulling away and lifting her up. I took her to the bed and laid her back. Spreading her legs wide, I dipped to her sweet pussy and preceded to devour her. I soon had her squealing with the pleasure of the act. I moved over her and placed the head of my cock to her cunt. I asked her if she had missed me very much and she answered by pushing up and impaling herself on the full length of my hard rod.

I fell to pounding her pussy with hard fast strokes. It didn't take long for both of us to explode with our orgasms. We lay together for a short while before I rolled from her soft body. I kissed her as I got up, telling her how much I loved fucking her. I then grinned and suggested that Larry might need to be welcomed home too. She grinned back as she got up from the bed and said she might just go ask him.

She picked up her clothes and walked out, still naked. I knew that she would stay naked until the folks returned, Larry would not turn her away.

I dressed in clean shorts and a T-shirt. I went to find Susie and Patty at the canal. I arrived to find them swimming in the buff, their bodies glistening in the sun. I stripped quickly and joined them in the water. They both hugged me, those slick wet bodies causing my cock to rise to the occasion. I was soon ready to fuck one of them and Susie was going to be first. She made sure of that as she pulled me to her and impaled herself on my cock. It was fun to fuck standing in the water, the girl just seemed to float on your cock. I drove her to several orgasms before filling her pussy full of hot cum. As I pulled from her, my cock still hard, Patty moved to me. I took her to the beach and laid her down on the grassy edge. I knelt between those lovely tan legs and quickly rammed her full of hot meat.

I was able to fuck her for quite awhile as I had already cum three times that morning. She was begging me to cum, to give her more, long before I was able to fill her waiting belly. She said she didn't think she'd be able to walk home after that. I assured her that I'd help her if necessary. We went back into the water and swam for the rest of the afternoon. I refused to fuck either of them again as I wanted to be sure to have plenty to give Grace later that night. This didn't stop these lovely, sexy sisters from enjoying each other. I was treated to the beautiful sight of them sucking, licking and kissing each other just before we all left to go home. I had kissed each of them and then helped them dress. I was using their sweet charms to help prime myself for Grace later. It would not be good not to be able to perform with her after a week away. I walked the girls home and then went home for supper. I went in to change clothes and Darlene came in to talk. She sat there and watched as I stripped. We talked about Cousin Karen and how things had been there. I let her know that our lovely cousin would be a very welcome guest when she visited us. I told her all about our wonderful week. I could tell that she was getting turned on and was glad that the folks were home. I told her that I'd try to sneak into her room when I came home. She agreed and we went to supper. I left shortly after supper to see Grace. She was my steady girl now, at least to the world. We had agreed to go steady but had also agreed that we could enjoy sex with others. She knew that I was fucking the others and I knew that she was fucking both Ernie and Larry.

We left her place and headed for the old house. This place was seeing more bare ass than most of the bedrooms around town. We stripped each other as soon as we got there. I placed her on the bed and started kissing her from her sweet lips on down to that delicious pussy. I sucked and licked her until she was hit with a very strong orgasm. Her body was wracked with spasm after spasm of pleasure. She then returned the favor, sucking me to a mind-bending cum, sucking and swallowing my hot juices. I then turned around, pushing her to her back and ramming her cunt full of my hot meat.

The feel of her tight cunt was beautiful. She always felt like a virgin when you first entered her. I pounded her pussy with strong, deep strokes. We fucked this way for awhile before I rolled over and placed her on top. She sat up and began to fuck herself along the full length of my eight-inch rod. The sweat was rolling down between her tits from the effort she was making. I felt her stiffen as her second orgasm hit her. I quickly rolled her over again. I pounded her hard, driving her to even higher peaks of pleasure. Grace was crying and squealing with the intensity of it all. I was nearing my own release so I wasn't about to ease up. I drove into that tight hot hole, and suddenly began to fill her with my jism. I shot that sweet pussy full until it spilled down around the crack of her ass.

We collapsed into a mass of sated flesh, both trying to regain our breath. As I raised up from her I felt that someone was in the room. I looked around and Ernie was there. I asked him how long he had been there and he said he had watched it all. He then called out to Judy, his girl, and she stepped around the corner. Judy was naked, as was Ernie. They had been in the house when we arrived but had hidden so they could watch us. Ernie admitted that he had panned it that way, knowing that I'd be in Grace's panties as soon as possible. I told Grace that I felt that they owed us a show and she agreed. Ernie just grabbed Judy and dragged her to the bed. He placed her on her back and began the same routine that I had done with Grace. Grace and I moved around so we could see better as the now active couple took over the bed. We spent the entire evening watching each other make love, first with our original partners and then with the others. It was quite a turn on to watch Ernie shove his hot cock to his lovely sister.

I finally got home around two A.M., and needless to say Darlene got a good night's sleep!! My summer was still getting better.


Cousin Maggie came to stay with us for a week while her folks went away. She was the same age as Darlene, thirteen, but not quite as well endowed. Her tits were small, firm mounds of flesh, tipped with nickel sized nipples. I had seen her naked before, nudity was normal amongst the cousins. We all had been bathing together since we were babies. Our folks did not know that we still did now though. I had planned to initiate her into my summer of sex if I could. I loved to look at her slim body, her flat belly and near naked pussy were quite a turn-on. Monday after Daddy left for work Mom went down the road to visit her best friend. I slipped into the girls room and was treated to the lovely sight of them both sleeping in babydoll pj's. The thin material did little to hide the sweet charms they had to offer me. I awoke Darlene, motioning her to be quiet. I then let her know that I wanted to get Maggie to join our fun group. She agreed and we both awoke Maggie. She was at first surprised to see me there. I was staring at her tits as I told her what I wanted, explaining in detail how I would make love to her. She was reluctant at first, but as Darlene told her how wonderful it was to fuck and suck, she gradually changed her mind. I slowly and gently began to strip her, pulling the pj top over her head. I caressed her sweet tits, telling her how beautiful they were. I kissed each of them, sucking gently to bring the nipples to their full potential.

Her nipples stood out a good inch, hard like tiny cocks. She moaned a little with the pleasure she was feeling. I then slipped the tiny bottoms from her, leaving her naked for me to enjoy. I continued to kiss and lick her sweet flesh, moving slowly down to her pussy. I spread her soft thighs and began to eat her pussy. It did not take long for her to reach her first ever orgasm. She was a hot piece of tail once we got her started, she squealed and bucked as I drank down the sweet nectar of her virgin body. Darlene had stripped also and was sucking Maggie's titties as I worked on her pussy. We soon had her begging me to fuck her, to stick my cock in her pussy. I moved up over her, positioning myself to enter her. As I placed the tip of my throbbing cock to her virgin pussy I asked her again if she was ready. Her reply was to beg me to take her. I gently began to press my cock to her tight cunt. It was a bit of work to enter her, her virgin cunt was so small. I managed to force the head in as she cried out that I was hurting her. I held her impaled on just the head of my cock until I felt her relax a little. As her cunt was stretched to accommodate my invading tool I then began to push deeper into her hot wet hole. I was soon treated to the resistance that assured me that I was about to add another virgin to my credit.

I gently worked her with short easy strokes until I felt she was ready.

I then pulled out until only the tip of my cock remained in her. I told her to be ready, that I was going to break her virginity, and rammed down hard and fast. I tore away her last barrier as I buried my eight inches fully in her belly. She gave a short scream as I did so, but was soon making soft mewling sounds and asking me to give her more cock. I pounded her hot flesh with rapid strokes, wanting to finish her before Mom returned. I was nearing my own release when her body went rigid with a super strong orgasm. Her cunt muscles tightened around my cock so hard I was afraid she'd rip it off. I drove her hard, filling her cunt with the first load on cum it had ever known as I burst with my own release. I continued to fuck her until I had emptied my load completely. I withdrew from her cunt and Darlene moved to her and began to suck her pussy, eating the combined juices of out lustful union. I slipped back into my pj's and went back to my own room, leaving Darlene to introduce our little cousin to the lesbian arts.

I knew the Maggie would not swing fully to that side because she had been so wild and loving as I fucked her. Larry was awake when I returned and asked me where I had been. I told him that I had just added our sweet cousin's virginity to my list of conquest and assured him that Maggie would be willing to give him equal measure before the week was over. After we all got out of bed, (again for some of us), and had breakfast, we left the house to go " visiting". Where we really went was the old house, to continue our education of Cousin Maggie. I had told Darlene and Maggie that Larry wanted to join our fun and of course they both readily agreed to spend the morning playing these wild wonderful new games. As soon as we arrived we knew the day was going to be greater fun than we had expected. Ernie was already there with Judy and Grace, he was fucking Judy while Grace watched and played with her own pussy. After watching quietly for a few minutes we joined them, quickly stripping off our clothes. I moved to help Grace, pushing her to her back and ramming her full of my hard meat, intent on helping her with her obvious need for sexual release. Meanwhile Larry virtually attacked the nubile body of Maggie. I was quickly driving into Grace's sweet cunt, thrilling as always to the hot velvety feel of her. We fucked slowly, both wanting to prolong the pleasure.

I glanced over just in time to see Larry impale Maggie on the full length of his cock. Her mouth formed a silent 'O' as he rammed her full of his hot meat. He wasted no time in driving her to her first orgasm, holding her impaled as her body twisted and jerked about with the force of it all. Darlene was not to be left out so she had moved to Judy and Ernie where they were engaged in a lovely session of cunt licking and cock sucking. Larry, Ernie, and I spent the day fucking and sucking, or being sucked by one of our beautiful sexy playmates.

That night Maggie came to my bed and we fucked once more, enjoying a slow, sensual joining of our bodies. She was quite a sexy girl, and obviously a welcome addition to the sweet cunts I had to play with. I know the Larry and Darlene spent some of that night together, I could hear there soft moans as they enjoyed the sibling sex games of youth.

Larry and I spent most of the week at the old house, playing sex games and enjoying the fine sex of sweet sister and our hot young cousin.

The long hot summer continues!!


Summer was fast drawing to and end, only one more week before school began. I was enjoying this summer more than any I could remember, discovering sex and all the willing young girls had made it great. I wasn't real sure how to write the annual paper on "How I spent my summer" for English class. If I told the truth the old lady would probably have a heart attack.! I was spending a rare day alone, something that I didn't really relish doing, but most of the gang was gone. I was wondering through the neighborhood when I noticed the van near the new house on the corner. I walked toward it in hopes of seeing who was moving in. I was rewarded by the emergence of a lovely girl in the shortest shorts I had ever seen. She appeared to be about fourteen or fifteen, short brown hair and a very interesting body. She filled her shorts very nicely, her round little ass molded the thin material into a lovely heart shape. Her T-shirt fit her like a glove and showed two beautiful tits. I moved toward her and she noticed me there. I introduced myself and found out that her name was Diane.

They were moving in from California, her dad was in the Navy, and had been transferred. I welcomed her to the neighborhood, thinking how nice it would be to seduce her on her first day here. I didn't know it at the time but I was going to get my wish, and more! Diane invited me in to meet her mom, her dad was already out to sea for six weeks. I offered to help them set things up and we soon had the house looking almost right. I was helping Diane in her room when her mom ducked in to say she was going to buy some groceries. Diane said that shed like to stay and work on her room so her mom left us there alone. As soon as the car pulled away Diane said that she was hot and pulled her shirt off. She was wearing a very tiny lace bra, and I could easily see her nipples through the material. I instantly had a hard-on, and it showed quite well through my jeans. Diane could not help but notice it.

She asked if her removing her shirt was bothering me and I said only in certain places. She giggled and said she could see where my most pressing problem was. She moved to me, and without a word knelt down and unzipped my jeans. She quickly had my cock free, and was softly stroking it. I did not say a word but hoped she was going to blow me. I was not disappointed by her as she began with light kisses, then soft licks before she slipped her open mouth over my hard rod. I moaned with the pleasure of her hot mouth, placing a hand to her head to encourage her to continue. Diane really needed no urging as she sucked me to an explosive cum. I filled her mouth with my hot load, and she swallowed it all. I knew that this was not the first time she had sucked a cock. As she let my cock slip from her mouth and stood up I began to caress her tits. I reached behind her and deftly unsnapped her bra. I was treated to the lovely sight of two perfect mounds of pale flesh as the bra dropped away from her chest. They were tipped with tiny rose color nipples which stood out as if begging me to suckle them. I wasted no time in doing just that, sucking each lovely tit in time. Diane was pressing my head to her tits, softly moaning and telling me how good it felt. I slowly began to work my way down toward her belly.

When I encountered the shorts that she still wore I unsnapped them, and them looked up at her face. I saw no signs that she would stop me so I unzipped her shorts and pulled then from her hips. She silently stepped from them and was now clad only in a pair of white panties. I did not hesitate as I pulled them from her. I was now able to see her in all her naked glory. I was struck by the fact that her pussy was completely bare, that she had no pubic hair. Her mound was smooth and very soft to the touch. I was already knelling before her so I simply buried my face in her crotch, letting my tongue explore her sexual charms. She squealed as I found her clit and began to fuck her with my tongue. I worked her hard, wanting to give her at least one good orgasm before her mom returned. It didn't take long before she enjoyed a super orgasm, and flooded my face with her sweet nectar. I lapped it up, drinking from her sweet fountain. I knew that I had to fuck this ravishing creature, I only hoped that we would have time to really enjoy ourselves. I stood up and guided her to her bed. I gently laid her down, and positioned myself between her open thighs.

I looked at her lying there, ready for me to take her, and my cock grew even harder. I positioned my cock to her wet slit and began to press down. I found her open and eager, as she raised up to meet my invading cock. I was soon full buried in this hot new girl, and mentally added her to my conquest of the summer. I began to fuck her with quick hard jabs, wanting to fill her belly with cum before her mom returned. I was soon rewarded by feeling her body stiffen in the throes of an orgasm, and having my own release triggered by it. I shot her full of my hot jism, pounding that bare pussy like it was the last one I'd ever have. We lay together, stilled joined, as we caught our breath. I whispered to her how lovely she was, and how good she was in bed. She told me that I was great, and that she wanted me to do her again later. I agreed readily to that request. We then got up and quickly dressed.

We had just finished went her mom returned. I kissed her and squeezed her sweet little ass as we went out to help unload the car. After I helped them get the stuff in from the car I left. I was a little afraid that her mom might notice the mussed bed or smell the acrid odor of our sexual union. I had promised Diane that I would return later that evening. I spent the rest of the day enjoying the charms of Grace and Judy. I had met them shortly after leaving Diane's. We went swimming, and of course we indulged in quite a bit of sexual activity. After supper that evening I told the folks that I was going to visit the new girl and her family, that I wanted to make them feel welcome. Of course, to make Diane feel anymore welcome I'd have to marry her! When I arrived Diane took me straight to her room and closed the door. She wasted no time in letting me know that she was ready to repeat the morning games we had played.

I asked about her Mom and she said I shouldn't worry, that her Mom would not bother us. I was still hesitant but when Diane stripped off her clothes and knelt down to give me a blow job my common sense went home, I stayed! She quickly had my cock out and was giving me the best head I had ever known. A lot of the girls enjoyed sucking cock but Diane made it an art form. She treated me to the most exquisite orgasm I had enjoyed today. She then stripped away my clothes and placed herself on the bed, legs spread wide so I could easily gain that lovely bald pussy. I wasted not a minute as I dove to the task of eating that sweet meat. I teased her along, licking and sucking her until she screamed with the thrill of her orgasm. Her scream had to be audible all over the neighborhood, and I expected her Mom to come running in at any minute. I waited for the door to burst open but nothing happened.

Diane giggled and told me her Mom was very much aware of what we were doing, and that she didn't mind at all. She said that her Mom had been instrumental in her losing her cherry. It seems that an old friend of her Mom's had taken a liking to her so her Mom had talked her into letting him sleep with her. She had been a virgin and he was thrilled to deflower her. She said it had not been as thrilling for her, that all she really remembered was the pain he caused as he rammed into her tiny hole. We were laying there with our bodies pressed together as she talked. My cock had no conscience, growing harder as she told the story. I rolled her to her back and mounted her, sliding my tool gently into her hot wet pussy. She was very tiny there, feeling like a virgin still. I was really enjoying her as I stroked hard and deep. I took my time, bring us both along to a very wonderful climax. As I felt her begin to stiffen with her release I felt my cum begin to race along my cock. I blew my load deep into her belly, spraying her womb with my hot seed. She was once again being quite vocal with her release. I stayed in her as we both came back to earth. We were still laying there joined in this most intimate of embraces when her Mom came in to the room. I was ready to flee, but Diane held me.

I then noticed that her Mom was dressed in a very thin robe. I could easily see her slim figure through the material. She moved to the bed and asked if we were doing OK. I was still in shock, but Diane answered that everything was quite well. The next thing I knew her Mom was standing there naked, having dropped the robe to the floor. She was asking Diane if she could join us in our games! Diane said she didn't mind, if I didn't. At first I could answer but I finally nodded my approval. At that her Mom crawled onto the bed and Diane rolled away from me. My cock popped out of her pussy, limp from the use it had already had, and from the fear I had experienced when her Mom came in. Mrs. Smith took my cock in her hand and assured me that she would soon have it ready to fuck again. With out moments hesitation she began to suck my cock, licking her daughter's juices and my cum as if it were candy. She was very good at it, I figured it ran in the family, and I was indeed soon ready to fill another hot pussy.

Mrs. Smith got up on her hands and knees and said that she wanted it from the rear, doggy style. I let her know that I loved doing it that way as I moved behind her. I parted those lovely asscheeks to gain a better view of my target. Her pussy was running with her sex juices so I quickly rammed fully into her hot box. I could not believe that I was fucking this 38 year old beauty with her daughter laying there watch and masturbating. Diane was working her pussy very hard with her fingers. I knew that the guys would never believe it either if I was to tell them. I figured maybe I'd keep this hot duo to myself as long as I could. With Mr. Smith out to sea I might be able to enjoy these two lovely ladies for quite awhile. I had been ramming my meat to her, reaching underneath to fondle her tits. She had a slightly larger set than her daughter, tipped with dark coral nipples. I was going to suckle those sweet cones of flesh as often as she would allow. I was again feeling the nearing of my orgasm so I slammed her even harder. I had her grunting with the savagery of my raping cock.

I felt her body go rigid as she experienced a super orgasm and I released my on hot jism in her pussy. I pounded away, giving her everything I had. I collapsed over her as we both began to come down.

I lay there buried in her for a few moments before pulling out and rolling over. Diane immediately moved to lick my cock clean of her Mom's juices. She next moved to her mom, rolling her over so she could gain her pussy. She began to lick and suck the combined sexual offerings from her mom pussy. I had really been pleased to see that her mom also had a shaved pussy. It was quite a turn-on to watch these two beautiful females enjoy one another. It was by now quite late and I had to head for home. I dressed as I watched them move into a classic 69. I kissed Diane's pretty little ass, telling them I'd see them later. I left them to enjoy themselves and went home, quickly falling into a deep sleep. I awoke the next day wondering if I had dreamed it all. Larry asked where I had been so late so I figured maybe it was real. I returned to Diane's later that day and was happy to find that I was still very welcome. I spent the afternoon making love to both of them. The summer was at an end, but it had been FUN.

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