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A Hot Summer Day by Raven

A Hot Summer Day

***This story is written solely for White Shadow's site**

Nobody else was home. Michael and Lisa were all alone. They were in Michael's room. It was a normal room for a 16-year-old. Guitar by the wall, posters on the wall, you know, teenager stuff. With one difference: there was a queen size waterbed in the middle.

Lisa was Michael's girlfriend. They had only been going out for a few weeks, but they were quite close. He had met her at school. She had moved there from New Brunswick. Her dad had taken a job in the city. Michael had noticed her straight away. She was a knockout!

She had short dirty blond hair and the most beautiful face you had ever seen, for a 16-year-old at least. No one could believe it. She was only 16, but she looked 21! She had a sort of natural beauty that doesn't require a lot of make-up, but if she did put some on, she was breathtaking. Her smile brightened a room, and her laugh was like music. But her eyes were her best feature. They would change colors. When Michael looked into them, he became mesmerized.

Her body was also incredible for her age. She was slim, yet not skinny. She would workout, so it stayed tight. Her breasts were a very nice 36c. The young man didn't really know her other measurements, but they were perfect.

As she went to the bathroom, Michael changed into his swimsuit. He looked at himself in the mirror as he did so. "Not bad" he thought, "not bad at all!"

Michael, in turn also looked at least 18, if not older. He had short dark hair. He had a very handsome face. He had started shaving a while ago, and he looked kind of rugged. His dark brown eyes looked very mysterious. His large shoulders made people wary of him. Michael was very athletic. He played football with his friends during the summer days and he liked to work out during the winter. He also loved to snowboard. His body was hard, very muscled and earned him admiration and/or jealousy from all other guys in his grade.

Michael led the way to the pool in the backyard. He watched as his girlfriend jumped in. Almost losing her bikini. It barely managed to cover at all. But her man loved it, as she knew he would.

After swimming around for a bit, Michael playfully started to wrestle with the beautiful young women. He managed to get a lot of skin contact and was even able to fondle her tit a couple of times.

Lisa noticed what Michael had done, but to feel his strong hands against her breast had turned her on incredibly. She hoped he had not felt her erect nipple under the flimsy fabric of the bikini top. When they were both tired, Michael lifted Lisa up and set her down on the side of the in-ground pool. He lit up a joint and they spent the next 10 minutes sharing a gram. Lightheaded, they walked over to the foldout chairs. Of course, since they were loosened up quite a bit, Michael was openly groping her ass and kissing her neck.

As she lay down, Lisa asked Michael to put some lotion on her so she wouldn't burn under the hot sun. He readily agreed. He sensuously oiled her whole body. When he started to grease her chest, she sat up and undid her top. Dropping it on the cement.

"That should be a little easier to put some lotion on my tits," she said.

Michael only stared, dumbfounded. But soon enough, he regained his cool and continued oiling her chest. He loved every second of it.

Lisa's breasts were very sensitive. As her boyfriend started to fondle them and massage them, she almost had an orgasm. She let out a little moan.


Not wanting to cum on the spot, she said "That's good Mike" and pushed his hands away.

This was a sign to Michael that she was not ready to go further. He respected that, so he stopped. The problem was, he still had a raging hard on that would be hard to conceal if he laid down on his own chair.

He told her that he needed to take a piss and went into the house, trying in vain to turn to the side so she wouldn't see the tent in his shorts. He went straight to his room.

But Lisa, who had noticed Michael's state knew that he was going to jack off. She quickly followed him into the house. She caught up with him and grabbed his arm.

"Hey, come here," she said.

Then, her lips were locked against his. Her tongue was wrestling to get down his throat. Her bare breasts were mashed against his hot chest and she could feel his big hard cock through both their swimsuits. She knew that she was not acting like she normally would, she didn't really care at that point. This guy had made her wet every time they touched! She just had to have him.

Caught off guard, Michael was a bit unsure of what to do, but then he just let go and found himself clutching her to him. They were joined together in a passionate embrace that could not be separated no matter what.

They fell onto the bed and they finally severed the link between them to breathe. That one kiss must have lasted almost 10 minutes.

Lisa started to lick her boyfriend's body. She nibbled on his ear for a while, and slowly inched her way down. My God, he has a nice bod, she thought to herself as she felt his chest and abs. She sucked on his nipples for a long time. For Michael too, they were very sensitive. Lightly, she would bite them, making waves of pleasure/pain flow through his body.

Evermore would she continue down. Kissing and licking his abs, dragging her tongue the whole length of his six-pack then running her hands down them. Then she hooked her index fingers into the waistband of his trunks and slowly pulled them down and off, throwing them across the room. She kneeled down between his legs and started to fondle Michael's genitals.

His eyes were glazed over, partly from the weed, but mostly because of the hands that were touching him.

"Suck it...suck my cock Lisa...suck it hard... come on baby, lick my dick. You know you want it," he said.

Lisa knew that it was true, she did want it. She wanted it very badly. She bent over and enveloped the throbbing member with her wet mouth. Slowly, she sucked it in her mouth. Then she would push it out.

Michael was beyond himself with pleasure. This was the best blowjob he had ever gotten. Then, surprisingly, Lisa deep throated him! She took his whole 8 inches into her mouth. As her throat contracted around his cock head, she massaged his balls, gently squeezing them. She really had a talent to mix pleasure with pain to give the right stimulation. In seconds, Michael was shooting his load down her throat.

But quickly, Lisa pulled up just enough so that she could take all of his jism and still taste it. When he was all done, she completely sucked out every drop of cum that was left in his now flaccid penis.

After his moans and grunts died down, Michael looked down to see Lisa swallowing the last drops of cum. She smiled at him and came up to lie beside him on the bed. And then her mouth was on his again. He could taste his own semen on her tongue as they kissed.

"I love you," he said in between breaths.

"I love you too," she replied.

Their age had nothing to do with it. With all the things they had done during the past few weeks, they had fallen in love. They just hadn't realized it yet.

But now it was Michael's turn to pleasure his mate. He moved his mouth down to her neck and spent a bit of time giving her a hickey. Then slowly, passionately, he descended. He didn't leave an inch on her body untouched by his tongue.

He spent extra time on her breasts. He loved them so much! They were perfect in every sense of the way. Full and round with not even a hint of sag, the nipples were only three-quarters of an inch in diameter and by her moans and groans, he figured that they were extremely sensitive.

At first, he would flick the end of the nipple with his stiff tongue. Then he would gently bite down on it causing a yelp of surprise and pleasure from the girl. When he thought that she couldn't take it anymore, he sucked as much of her it into his mouth as he could. Just like a baby suckling at his mother's tit. But always he would have one hand going on the other mound of flesh at all times. And when he sucked with his mouth, he pinched her other nipple with his fingers. She had a mild orgasm just from that.

But it didn't end there. Michael continued down her body, playing with her naval, admiring her smooth belly. And finally arrived at her pussy.

He couldn't believe how wet she was! She was literally dripping. It did not take long for her to cum under the influence of Michael's experienced tongue. But if that wasn't enough, he kept going! And he couldn't believe how hot she was still after two consecutive orgasms! He felt bold, so he lifted her legs over his shoulders and started licking her asshole.

This was new for Lisa, but she loved every second of it! At first, he would lap up and down, getting her anus all nice and wet. Then, he started to move his tongue around more, pushing it deeper and deeper into her sphincter. Lisa was squealing with delight! She couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. She had heard of rim-jobs, but she had thought it disgusting and perverted. But now, she couldn't get enough. She came once again.

It had only been about an hour since Michael blew his load, but he was sporting another huge hard on. But instead of ramming it right up her cunt, he straddled her. He placed his large cock right between his girlfriend's tits. This she knew well. But she loved it also. She squeezed her big breasts together, completely engulfing his cock. Michael groaned as he felt the soft skin around his throbbing member. He started to thrust his pelvis. His balls were rubbing around his sternum, but even that only turned him on even more. Every time he would push his dick upwards, Lisa would take the head in her mouth for a second. It wasn't really a blowjob, but it sure added to his stimulation. Pretty soon, he shot another, albeit smaller, load all over her chest. But at this point, Lisa just didn't care about anything but fucking. She ran a hand through the cum on her body and then licked her palm and fingers. This will later become one of her favorite things to do.

There was something that Lisa had wanted to try. Michael had given her a rim-job and it was ecstasy. She wondered how he would like it? And would she like doing it to him? She slid down under his hot body, kissing his cock and balls on the way down, and stopped under his ass. She reached up and grabbed his thighs to pull him down onto her. She tried to imitate what he had done to her and did a damn well good job of it! This was also very new for Michael. But it was just as good for him as it was for her. After only a little while, he was hard again. When he was just about to cum, he stood up, not wanting to waste this.

With nimble fingers, he grabbed a condom out of the nightstand and slapped it on. Then looked down to realize that his girlfriend had moved up the bed again and was waiting for him, her legs spread open. He pushed in slowly only to find out that she was a virgin! What the fuck, he thought to himself? How can she still be a virgin? She seems like she's done this before.

Oh well, since she didn't try to stop him, he pushed all the way in with one stroke, completely breaking her hymen. She gave a small scream, but the pain did not last long. Very soon, it was replaced with pleasure. Once she had settled down, Michael began fucking her as if he'd been doing it for twenty years. He couldn't believe how perfect she was. She was tight, but not too much. At the hilt, he barely touched her cervix. And every time he filled her, his pubic bone would rub against her clit.

They were able to last quite a while, since each of them had numerous orgasms recently. But after about an hour, Michael was ready to let loose. He was pumping like a piston now. His grunts were turning into one long moan now as he prepared to cum. For a while now, Lisa had been building up a terrific orgasm as well... Her cries were pushing Michael even closer to the edge. Then, when he couldn't hold back any longer, he yelled: "I'M CCUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!" Simultaneously, she came as well. "MEE TTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

After he had depleted his supply of sperm for the time being, he fell onto the bed next to her and took his condom off and threw it to the floor. He wrapped his arms around her and he knew, even as he fell asleep, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. And she knew it too.

This is my first attempt at writing.

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