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Homecoming Dance by G-Boy

Homecoming Dance

Asbury High School was gearing up for its week long festivities of Homecoming Week. The football game was against their arch-rivals, Elton High School, and the school's halls were festooned with banners and streamers of the school colors, Navy and White. Every now and then a cheer of "Go, Asbury!" would elicit cheers and screams.

Cindy Potter, a pretty sixteen-year-old Senior, was not very much in the school spirit. All of her friends, and herself, had escorts to the Homecoming Prom, except for Lindy Carter, her best friend. The small girl, with her thirty eight-D chest, twenty-inch waist, and thirty seven-inch hip line, was so small and quiet, that most of the Senior boys seemed to not even notice that she was lonely. The pale beauty intimidated almost all of the students at Asbury. Boys seemed to lose all ability to speak when they were around Belinda. Cindy approached her date, Bobby Bordelon, and asked him for his help.

"You're still going with me, right?" he nervously asked. The seventeen-year-old was head over heels in love with Cindy, and had been trying ever since freshman year to get a date with her. Her long blonde hair framed her heart shaped face, big blue eyes, pert nose and pouting lips perfectly. Her five foot, five inch frame, with thirty six-C breasts, twenty eight-inch waist, and thirty six-inch hips and long legs made her the subject of Bobby's, and many other boys. Masturbation fantasies. He looked into her eyes, and melted.

"Maybe," she smiled. "Yes, Bobby, I'm going with you, but I need a favor."

"What? I've already got the limo and everything," he said.

"Lindy doesn't have a date, can you get her one?" Cindy begged.

"Shit, Cindy! For her?" Bobby exclaimed.

Belinda Carter had been the pariah of DeGarde Elementary School. Short and fat, with frizzy hair and thick glasses, no one liked her. As puberty hit the entire class, with all its frustrations and body changes, the only change that seemed to occur in Belinda Carter was the addition of large blotchy pimples. Cindy had felt so sorry for the girl, that she'd invited her to her twelfth birthday party. Her friends and her older brother, Adam, had threatened to pummel the fat freak if she showed up, so Cindy held the small blob's hand for the entire party, never leaving her alone for the others to exact their punishment. In her simple act of pity and kindness, Cindy had gained a life long friend and admirer She'd also gained the admiration and devotion of the other guests. They still didn't like Fat Belinda Carter one bit, but they appreciated Cindy's warmth and friendliness. Then, at the end of the school year, everyone, even Cindy, breathed a sigh of relief when Belinda's family moved to Arizona.

In the dry heat of Arizona, Belinda Carter took stock of herself and embarked on a major diet and exercise program. She took an active interest in her beautiful mother's makeup and hairdressing skills, and within months, a beautiful butterfly emerged from the cocoon of fat and pimples. Unbelievable as it may seem, her peers still would not accept her; she was too much a threat to the girls, and too intimidating to the boys. Where teachers had before despised her for her unappealing looks, they now distrusted her for her beauty.

At the end of her Junior year at Flagstaff High School, Mr. Carter, a construction Project Manager, announced that they were being transferred back home, Belinda breathed a small prayer that Cindy Potter would still live there. The first day of school, she was delighted to see Cindy, even more beautiful than ever, in four of her classes. She tried so hard to renew her friendship, albeit one sided, that she almost pushed the other girl away. On a lonely Friday night, Cindy had called and invited her to spend the night. Belinda, still feeling as fat and ugly and unattractive as ever, almost didn't go. She didn't know what was worse, loneliness or pity.

In Cindy's bedroom, they changed into swimsuits. Belinda could hardly keep her eyes off of Cindy's perfect body. She'd always admired Cindy's beauty and warmth, and seeing her nude started a throbbing desire in Belinda. After a while in the large pool, Cindy had talked about an exciting game that she and her many friends plaid, called 'Truth or Dare.' With trepidation, Belinda had suggested that they play. Reluctant at first, Cindy had agreed, and within moments, in the safety of her bedroom, Cindy and Belinda were lovers. The next day, Cindy invited her best friend, Danni Micheals, a pretty boyish blonde, to join them, and Belinda's heart pounded with happiness at having not just one, but two friends. Danni, jealous of Cindy's love and friendship with Belinda, had initially tried to make Belinda, Lindy to her friends, miserable, but soon came to like the small girl, and then to love her as a good friend. Now, even with the warmth and friendship of Cindy, Danni, and a few other girls, Lindy still felt like a freak. None of the boys that hovered around Cindy and her throng seemed to pay her any attention.

Cindy didn't seem to realize what a task this was. Finding a date, this late in the festivities, would be hard enough, but finding one for that, that, scary kid would be next to impossible. Bobby skimmed his list of friends, ticking off those that he knew had dates, and shook his head.

"Fuck, Cindy! You are going to owe me one for this, if I can even do it!" he exclaimed.

Cindy's face hardened.

"I will owe you nothing," she hissed. "Just do it, because I asked you to."

It wasn't that Cindy was a prude. She was still a virgin, not because she didn't like sex; the numerous nights in Lindy's or Danni's arms attested to that. She just had not felt close enough to a boy to give him her virginity. She'd performed a few blow jobs, after swearing the boys to secrecy, and rather enjoyed it. The taste and texture of a sweaty prick, the feeling of it as she sucked it further and further into her throat, and the salty taste of their fluid as it spurted into her hot mouth, she could bring herself to orgasm just by the act alone. Some of them would help her along by thrusting a rough finger into her smooth shaved pussy. She knew that the boys would keep quiet, because she wiped the smug look from their faces by telling them if she heard that they said anything, she'd spread it all over school that they were very, very small where it counted most.

Bobby walked away, hoping desperately that he could find someone, anyone for Cindy's damned friend, Lindy. He went to his first period class, and immediately eliminated all the males in the room. The only one he knew didn't have a date was Brian Jacobson, because he was such a geek. Thick glasses, bright red hair, skinny body, and freckle. Plus that, he was so goofy acting, no one liked him.

Second period revealed no more possibilities. There was Brian again and maybe Cordell Wilson, a six foot four inch African American youth. He had to laugh at the thought of Cordell and Lindy. He was so tall and she was so short, she could give him a blowjob with both of them standing up.

"Well, maybe if she wore high heels," he thought to himself, and smiled.

Third period, and Brian was there, in his face. He'd never noticed how many classes he had with that doofus. The class was mostly girls, as it was Computer Science. Brian was, of course, very proficient in computer skills, and Bobby had to admire his ability on the keyboard. Once, he'd even tapped into the office computer, and changed everyone's grades to straight Fs. After a school wide panic, he restored them to their original grades, and taken his two day suspension with grace. Mrs. Bell let Brian roam the room, helping those students who didn't understand Visual Basics, or Web design. On impulse, Bobby called the geek over.

"Yeah?" Brian asked, toothy smile on his face.

"You got a date for Homecoming?" Bobby asked.

"Ha, ha! You're not my type," Brian snapped.

"Not with me, you butt face," Bobby protested. "No, no, with Lindy! Cindy's friend."

"Yeah, right. Very funny," Brian huffed, and began to walk away.

"I'm not kidding," Bobby yelled.

He frowned at Mrs. Bell's warning, but Brian looked at him. Brian approached his desk again.

"Are you serious? I'd give my left nut for a date with that fox," Brian asked, hopefully.

That's what kind of geek Brian was. No one used the word 'fox' anymore, but he did.

"Yeah, let me see if I can get her to go for it, see me after lunch," Bobby said.

"Mr. Bordelon, would you care to share with the rest of us what is so interesting?" Mrs. Bell snapped.

"Uh, no ma'am," Bobby huffed.

Lunch period finally came, and Bobby approached the table of the girls with a heavy heart. His heart was nowhere near as heavy as Cindy's, when she saw the look of defeat on his face. Lindy, always so quiet, was even more quiet than usual. Her silence was depressing. She excused herself, and met Bobby in the aisleway.

"Look, I really tried, but the only one I could find was either Cordell, or Brian," he admitted.

Bobby was wrong about Cordell not having a date for the Prom. He had been standing at his locker, when Danni Micheals approached him. He looked down at the short blonde with the boyish figure and smiled. Nervously, she'd asked him to be her date for the Homecoming Dance. Cordell was sure that this was some kind of joke, but he agreed to go along with it. His mother was disappointed that he wouldn't be taking the minister's daughter, like he had since freshman year, and she certainly wasn't pleased that he was going with some white girl. The girl was probably just trying to use her son for some selfish reason.

The truth was that Danni really did like Cordell. He was a soft spoken youth, very smart and considerate. Even though he was a jock, as was Danni, he did not posess the machismo mentality of most atheletes. Plus that, he was cute.

"Brian? Jacobson?" Cindy asked.

Bobby nodded his head, and looked at the floor.

"Brian's so cute!" she gushed. "Are you sure?"

"Cute? The guy's a dork!" Bobby said.

"No, he's not!" Cindy protested. "All right, listen, go get him, and tell him, he's got to ask Lindy for a date, and she can't find out we set this up, okay?"

"Yeah, sure," Bobby agreed, and trotted off to find the geek. He suspected he'd find him in the school library, and he was right. Cindy sat down next to Lindy, bursting with excitement.

"Hey, Lindy, you know Brian Jacobson?" she whispered.

"With the freckles? Yeah, I know him. Why?" Lindy sighed unhappily.

"I think he wants to ask you to Homecoming," Cindy giggled, and squeezed Lindy's hand.

"Really?" Lindy asked. "He's so cute!"

Brian was more than sure that this was a joke, but Bobby was so insistent. He finished his boiled egg sandwich and put the book back on the rack. With a growing lump in his throat, he entered the noisy cafeteria and looked for Lindy Carter. He saw her friend, Cindy, but didn't see the beautiful girl he was looking for. Then, next to Cindy, trying to make herself even smaller, was the girl.

"Oh, stop it, Lindy!" Cindy protested.

"Cindy, I don't know how to, no one's ever asked me, what do I do?" Lindy stammered.

"Stop it! Just say 'yes' and smile!" Cindy yelled.

Brian swallowed several times, and nervously approached the table. Cindy's smile didn't help much. Supposed she was just smiling because this was some huge joke, and the whole school was going to laugh at him? But, she was usually real nice to him. She wasn't his type; she was almost as tall as him, and probably stronger than him. The little doll next to her, however, was perfect in his eyes. He lifted his five hundred-pound legs, one at a time and found himself standing at the edge of the table. The whole table was looking at him, and smiling, except for Lindy. She seemed to be even more pale than usual.

"Um, uh, Lindy, I, uh, was, um, wondering?" he began.

"Yes!" she screamed, then clapped her tiny hands over her mouth as the table burst into laughter.

"I think she means, she'd be delighted to go to Homecoming with you," Cindy giggled.

Dark eyes wide, hands still over her mouth, Lindy nodded her head yes. Brian swallowed hard.

"Just get with Bobby, and get the details," Cindy continued. "We have a limousine, you two are coming with us. Okay?"

Brian nodded and walked away. His legs were now nothing but rubbery stumps. The table burst into excited chatter.

Belinda ran into her house and screamed at her mother, "I got a date!"

Paula Carter stood still for a moment, then burst into tears of happiness. For sixteen years, she'd watched, and suffered with her daughter, the lonely nights and unhappiness. Their move back home had spawned new hope, and Cindy Potter had been the reward she'd barely hoped to dream for. But, a date! This moment in a young lady's life was so sudden and overwhelming, Paula sat down at the small table and barely heard her daughter chattering on and on about some boy named Brian Jacobson, he was so cute, freckles, and all of that. She began to measure out in her mind the yards of material to make a prom dress, and, oh my God! They only had four days!

Brian's dad sneered at him. The drunkard had very little regard for the boy; he'd married his mother only because the stupid cow got herself knocked up, and then had the audacity to die from leukemia a few years later. He'd had a few romances since then, but found the best solution to horniness was a fifth of whiskey and pornographic videos, or on occasion, a hooker. It was also the best solution for anger, for hunger, for almost any situation.

"You got a date? With what? A poodle?" he guffawed, and sipped his cold beer.

"No, Dad, this girl's a knockout," Brian protested.

"Yeah? What? She's fucking blind or what?" he sneered.

"Yeah, Dad, she's blind and crippled, and can't see or run away, now, can I have some money for a tuxedo, please?" Brian whimpered.

"God! Quit your fucking whining!" Rocky Jacobson roared.

He had plenty of money. He'd been a champion middle weight boxer, and now ran a gymnasium slash health spa. His bookish son was a constant embarrassment to him, and he had very little patience with the boy, who seemed to spend every night at home, nose in a book, or on that stupid box he called a computer.

"So, I won't have to look at your face the whole weekend, right?" he snarled.

"Friday night, at least," Brian agreed.

"Here, here's three hundred dollars, and get a fuck bag, don't want any little shits running around nine months from now," Rocky growled, and slapped some crumpled bills into his son's ever sweaty hand.

He couldn't count very well after four beers on top of four shots of whiskey, and Brian decided to keep all six hundred dollars. He could use a larger processor for his computer, and with what was left over, he might even get the video accelerator card he wanted. He jumped on his bicycle, and pedaled down to the Formal shop in the Mall. Seventy-eight dollars later, he slapped his forehead. Flowers! He knew he had to figure out something about flowers. He asked the Formal shop attendant for the telephone book and found the Potters' telephone number.

"Hello?" Adam Potter growled into the telephone.

"Um, Adam? This is Brian. Brian Jacobson. Could I speak to Cindy, please?" he stammered.

"Hey, Cindy! Geek shit on the phone for you!" Adam called out, not bothering to cover the mouthpiece.

"Rather be geek shit then dumb shit," he muttered.

"What? What the fuck you say, butt breath?" Adam growled into the telephone.

Cindy's picking up the extension saved him from having to answer.

Cindy agreed to find out what color Lindy's dress was, and meet him in thirty minutes, at the Bouquet Boutique in the mall.

She arrived, all smiles, and impulsively hugged the scrawny boy. That was Cindy's style, she was a warm and friendly person. A few mall goers stared at the attractive young lady with the geek.

"Okay, her dress is blue and white, so, almost any type of corsage will do," she said. "I mean, blue goes with a lot, no, not red, Brian."

They picked out a pretty white rose corsage, with baby blue clusters. Brian also selected a white rose boutonnière for himself. Cindy argued that they should be real flowers, but Brian wanted silk.

"Hey, look, I want to keep this for years," he argued. "Someone like you might get to go to hundreds of Homecomings, but this is my first, and last chance. And, if she doesn't like her corsage, I'll keep it."

The clerk suggested a corsage that could be either a wrist corsage, or pinned to the young lady's dress.

"And, get a haircut," Cindy insisted.

"What? Why?" Brian protested.

"Brian, you look like Woody Woodpecker. Just get it trimmed," Cindy insisted.

The salon was just about empty, and Cindy talked with the tall brunette that drew his number. The woman shampooed his hair, and took scissors in hand. Brian thought his cock would burst his pants as the woman's low cut blouse opened and exposed her pendulous breasts with dark nipples to his gaping eyes.

Her bubble gum breath husked in his ear, "You can look, but don't touch."

Covered by the loose towel, her hand 'innocently' brushed his throbbing cock several times as clumps of bright red hair fell to the floor. He tipped her ten dollars for the twelve-dollar hair cut, and prayed that Cindy didn't notice his lump. She did.

"My God, it must be at least eight inches!" she thought to herself.

It was dark when they walked out of the front doors of the mall, and Cindy insisted that Brian put his bike into her pick up truck, and let her drive him home. His lump did not recede, her scent was intoxicating. He planned to take his nine inches into hand the moment he got inside. Rocky barely looked up from his Monday night football game when he heard the truck pull into his driveway, but when he did, he almost choked. His goofy son had a blonde goddess helping him with his bike. He looked at the tight sweater and tight blue jeans and imagined thrusting his four inches of man meat between those perky tits, and slamming his cock into that plump ass, until she screamed in pleasure. He watched in disbelief as the girl hugged his scrawny kid, and drove off. He drank his whiskey and looked at his grinning son.

"That the slut you got a date with?" he asked.

"God, Dad! She's not a slut!" Brian protested. "And, no, that's Cindy Potter. She's Lindy's best friend."

"She's a slut, them stretch marks around her mouth don't lie! And, what the fuck kind of name is Lindy? Her cunt smell like lindburger cheese?" Rocky guffawed.

Any thoughts of masturbating were gone. His dad's comments turned his stomach. He slammed into his room and got out the contact lenses his dad had tried to get him to wear. He didn't like them, they irritated his sensitive eyes, but he wanted to look his best for Homecoming.

The dress pattern was an elaborate one. Paula and Lindy and Cindy worked on it, laughing and chattering in excitement. Thursday afternoon, the final pieces came together, and Paula and Cindy held their breaths as Lindy disappeared into the bathroom. A princess emerged a few moments later. The navy blue bodice pushed her large breasts up and the white and navy skirt swirled in a wide swath from her ample hips. The most striking feature was the exposed left shoulder.

"And, look, we pull this hair over, like this, and, God, Belinda, you've got some hair," Paula said.

"Wow! Miss Paula, I want a dress like that!" Cindy gasped.

"It's a little late for that!" Paula laughed.

"Thank you, Mommy," Lindy whispered.

"Oh, honey! My pleasure," Paula whispered back.

Bobby looked good in his tuxedo, and he knew it. With bravado, he sauntered to the Potter door, and knocked. Adam yanked the door open and scowled at Bobby.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Um, I'm here to pick up Cindy," Bobby said.

"Let him in, cave boy," Cindy called out.

Miss Potter, Cindy's mother, insisted on taking a few Polaroid of the two, and they finally got out of the house. Cindy looked ravishing in her simple yellow flounce, which complimented her tanned skin and blonde hair very well. Bobby tried to grab a feel of her left tit as he pinned the yellow and red flowers to her gown, and she smirked at him.

Brian was waiting outside, fidgeting in his tuxedo. His dad, thank God, was at the gym, so he didn't have to endure his taunts. He trotted to the sleek black limo and they roared off to the Carter household. All three, even the limo driver, who had seen many beauties in his five years of driving, were impressed by Lindy's appearance. They all had to tramp inside for several pictures, Lindy with Brian, Lindy with Cindy, Lindy, Cindy, Brian and Bobby, Lindy with her father, Lindy with her mother, Lindy, Cindy, Brian, and Bobby with her father, with her mother. All six were glad when the camera ran out of film. And, despite Cindy's predictions, Lindy loved the idea that the corsage was silk, and would not die off. She wore it on her wrist.

The restaurant was a standard fare, and Brian found it very difficult to eat. Lindy's long dark hair was pulled over, spilling over her bare shoulder, and her pale skin was perfect.

"You look..." he tried to say.

Lindy wasn't helping matters much, so quiet and shy, she could barely speak. She wanted to say how handsome he looked in his tuxedo, his hair cut short, and his contact lenses letting his green eyes shine. But, she couldn't speak. She kept praying that her large nipples would not get hard, the bare shoulder design meant that she had to wear a half cup, strapless bra, and her nipples, an inch and a half when aroused, would be very visible. Brian was under similar duress. Because his waist was so narrow, his trousers were a little snug and he knew the tight underwear wouldn't help one bit if he got an erection. But, finally, he had to speak.

"Look, this is my first date, ever, so if I sound stupid, please don't laugh at me," he pleaded.

"I won't," Lindy promised. "This is my first date, too."

"No way!" he exclaimed. "As beautiful as you are?"

"It is," she whispered.

"Well, then! We'll just have to make this a great date, won't we?" he said, a little more at ease.

"It already is," she said, and put her hand innocently on his leg.

His cock jumped to life, and he almost groaned out loud. She noticed the spasm of his leg and looked down at his lap. Her large eyes got a little larger, and she quickly pulled her hand from his thigh. But it was too late. She'd seen the outline of a massive erection, and her nipples and lightly furred crotch responded. The hair on her pubic mound was beginning to grow back from her and Cindy shaving it, and she decided she liked having a thin strip covering her labia. Now, the hairs began to glisten as her pussy began to moisten, and her large nipples began to poke the dark material of her bodice. Cindy looked across the table and saw her lover's nipples begin to spring to life, and her own dark pink nipples began to respond. Bobby saw all of this, and couldn't let it slide.

"What?" he smirked. "Is it cold in here or something?"

"Hey, Bobby, you just talked yourself out of a blowjob," Cindy hissed.

"Aw, come on! That's not fair!" Bobby protested.

But, his crude comments had done the trick. The hot blood simmered down slightly. They finished the meal quickly, Bobby pouting, and Cindy and Lindy talking quietly. Brian was on cloud nine as he and Bobby settled the bill. He was glad he had not bought the processor or video card yet, and was able to spend the money on his date.

Across town, in a less lavish restaurant, Danni and Cordell sat at a table with Cordell's cousin, Brandon, and Brandon's date, Precious, a militant African American girl that glared at Danni the entire evening. Cordell was already uncomfortable enough in the monkey suit Danni had rented for him. He was extremely embarrassed to have her pay for the tuxedo, and drew the line when she'd offered to rent a limousine for the evening. So they double dated with Brandon, a junior at Asbury and his angry date, who insisted on talking about the plight of the African American youth in a White Society. Brandon drove his mother's Cadillac, and Cordell had a headache from the heavy boom of the bass booster that Brandon installed in the car. And if he had to listen to one more song or any more quips from this militant bitch, about killing the white mother fuckers that were at the root of all society's problems, he was going to kill someone, starting with Precious, who wasn't very precious at all.

The football game was exciting, a back and forth game, with Asbury winning on a quarterback sneak. Cindy hated to admit it, but she was proud of her brother, Adam. He plaid both Defensive Tackle, and Offensive Wide Receiver, and had really put out throughout the game. Cindy felt a little sorry for his date, Amanda Gautreaux. The slender brunette sophomore did look lovely in her pale blue formal, but Adam would never notice. He had eyes only for Paul Robertson, his closet boyfriend, and the quarterback of the team. As soon as they could politely do so, Paul and Adam would drop off their dates, and wind up sucking on each other's cocks. Cindy smiled. She had videotaped Adam and Paul making love, and planned to use the tape as soon as she needed to blackmail Adam.

The stadium emptied quickly, and the majority rushed to the High School Gymnasium for the Homecoming Dance. The photographer stood in the foyer. He hated doing High School functions; the kids were rude, and the boys didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on this one night. And, the girls, in their fancy dresses and stuck up attitudes, made him so horny, he would even go home and have sex with his hateful two hundred and forty pound wife. Bobby and Cindy barely made an impression on him, even if Cindy was a wet dream on legs. Brian and Lindy, however; he couldn't take his eyes off of the pale skinned beauty. Brian said something that made the small girl laugh, and he snapped the picture at that exact moment, when Lindy's face was flush with happiness.

What Brian had said was, "I want ten copies for myself. You want any?"

"Yes!" she laughed.

Brian had been a perfect gentleman, and she found that, not only was he smart, but he was funny, too. And his crop of red hair, and bright green eyes, and all those freckles! Her nipples started to get hard again, which was visible in the photograph. Almost true to his word, Brian ordered ten copies, but five copies were for himself, and another five for her. The couples, laughter on their faces, were beautiful. Brian would send a copy to his grandmother on his mother's side, his aunt on his dad's side, one for his dad, maybe, and one for his desk at home. The other one would hang in his locker at school. He might be a geek, but he'd be able to look at that picture, and know, for one moment in his life, he'd been a stud.

Danni and Cordell arrived a few moments later. After the game, Cordell had showered and put his tuxedo back on. Danni was almost in tears from the numerous snide comments she'd endured from the angry Precious, and asked him if they could go and get her car for the rest of the evening. He agreed, so long as they could listen to a Blues station, rather than the hip hop ghetto blasting that Brandon and Precious insisted was the only music that a self respecting home boy should listen to. The others were more than happy to get rid of the white bitch and her trophy boy. Their prom picture was quickly snapped, and Danni bought two, one for each of them. Her parents, very upset that their only daughter was going to the prom with 'one of those,' would not want a copy.

Cindy looked around nervously. Ever since Monday afternoon, when it was known that Lindy would be attending Homecoming, she'd campaigned vigorously to all of her friends and acquaintances, to have Lindy elected Prom Queen. The response had been less than enthusiastic, but she hoped she'd been able to persuade their classmates. She endured the usual corny banter of Mr. Ritter, the school principal, and the platitudes of Coach Shedley, and waited breathlessly as Mr. Ritter dragged the ceremony of opening the sealed envelope.

"I hope you win," Lindy whispered, and squeezed her hand.

Paul Robertson's name was called out, and there was the usual good-natured boos and taunts as the good looking blonde quarterback bounded onto the stage to accept his 'King's crown,' a spray painted aluminum foil creation. Cindy felt like she would pass out before Mr. Ritter ever got around to announcing the Queen.

"Before I tell you who our Homecoming Queen is, I'd like to tell you, this was one close race. One hundred and twenty votes were for Cynthia Potter..."

Lindy hugged Cindy tightly.

"And one hundred and thirty two votes went to..."

"Gee, I wonder who beat you," Lindy asked.

"Belinda Carter," Mr. Ritter shouted.

Lindy looked around for this mysterious girl. Cindy hugged her tightly and screamed. With a startled expression, Lindy looked at Mr. Ritter, who was waving her onto the stage. She looked around at the people cheering and clapping and chanting, and couldn't comprehend what was happening.

"Belinda Carter!" Mr. Ritter announced again. "Come on, Lindy! Come get your crown!" She shook her head no. With prodding, Lindy walked in a daze toward the stage, and accepted her crown. The disc jockey plaid some sappy music and she and Paul danced for a moment, then the ceremony was over, and the real dance got underway. Their friends hugged and congratulated a still befuddled Lindy. A few guys shook the hand of the geek boy that was lucky enough to be the date of the Homecoming Queen.

Mr. Ritter stood to the side and watched his children. He and his late wife had no children of their own, so he considered all three hundred students of Asbury to be his own. He smiled broadly as he watched the small girl posessively grip her cheap crown. The school secretary, Miss Trahan, had laughed when they counted two hundred and ten votes for Cindy Potter. This was no surprise, the girl was beautiful and friendly to everyone. Miss Trahan told him that she'd overheard Cindy telling everyone to vote for Belinda Carter.

"I mean, she's cute, but, it looks like someone pinched her in half, and the two halves forgot to grow back together!" she giggled. He'd gone back through the votes. There were very few for the small girl, but he knew that Cindy had been Homecoming Queen twice before. If the young lady wanted her friend to win, then, so be it. But, he'd let the school know that Cindy had been a close second. That should quell any arguments.

"Mr. Ritter, that girl didn't win," Miss Trahan hissed at him.

"Look at her," he smiled. "She's happy, dancing with that Jacobson boy. Let her have this moment. Cindy Potter will always be a Queen, but, how many chances will that little girl have?"

"Mr. Ritter, your problem is, you're too sentimental," she smiled.

"Yeah, I know," he smiled back. "Want to go get some coffee?"

Brian also proved to be an exceptional dancer. His aunt had taught her only nephew, and he practiced alone in his room. Lindy, having been taught by her exercise coach in Arizona, was delighted to finally put to use those endless and silly lessons that the older woman had insisted that every young lady needed to know.

Cindy, for her part, was becoming more and more annoyed with Bobby. He made many crude remarks, and seemed to take it for granted that he owned Cindy. He attempted a few gropes of her on the dance floor, and, rather than being deterred, seemed encouraged by her rebuffs. An hour into the dance, she was ready to leave, but Lindy and Brian were having a good time, and seemed in no hurry to leave. Lindy was breathless with joy and excitement, and Cindy felt so happy for her friend. Her tiny teeth flashed happy smiles and her dark eyes glowed bright. But, finally, exhaustion won out, and she agreed that they should head on their way.

"I want to go home, I got to tell Mommy and Daddy all about this," she begged.

Over Brian's objections, Cindy told the driver to head to the Carter house. Bobby sat and grumbled in the limousine as Lindy, Cindy, and Brian rushed up the short flight of steps. They burst into the living room.

"Mommy! I was Queen!" Lindy screamed.

Brian handed Mr. Carter the five pictures he'd purchased for Lindy, and the grown man, very reserved in nature, hugged the gawky boy. The women squealed and laughed as they admired the cheap crown, and told and retold the events of the entire evening. With some disappointment that this moment had to end, Mrs. Carter let Lindy rush down to her room to get her swimsuit and nightshirt, for an overnight stay at Cindy's house. Tears streamed down her face.

"I know you had something to do with this, Cynthia Potter," she said in mock sternness.

"Oh, no, ma'am!" Cindy tried to protest.

"Cindy, you are a terrible liar," Jake Carter smiled.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Carter," Cindy admitted.

"I'm glad my little girl's got a friend like you," he said, simply, and left the room, one picture in his hands. Mrs. Carter looked at the other four photos, and told a blushing Brian how handsome he looked. The laughter, frozen for all time in celluloid, left a sad smile on her face. Belinda was growing up.

Bobby grumbled that it was about time when Lindy, now in jeans and sweater, and Cindy and Brian rejoined him in the limousine. They purred off to Cindy's house, which lifted Bobby's spirits slightly. He knew that Miss Potter would be out with her boyfriend, Sam, at Sam's cabin in Baylor Woods, and would not be home until Sunday night. They would go swimming, and then, maybe...

"I, uh, didn't bring a bathing suit," Brian stammered.

"That's okay, just borrow one of Adam's," Cindy offered.

"Or, we'll all go skinny dipping," Bobby guffawed.

The three others glared at him, but he didn't seem to notice. When they pulled up in front of her house, Bobby told the driver he was free for the rest of the evening, but Cindy walked around and told the driver to give them about thirty more minutes, as he would probably have one more trip to make that night. Lindy used her key to the Potter house and led a very nervous Brian up to Adam's room, where she found an old pair of trunks for him. He almost passed out when she unzipped her tight jeans and began to wiggle out of them in front of him.

"Don't worry, I have my bathing suit on underneath this," she laughed.

Her bright red suit, with its low neck and French cut thighs appeared, and Brian gulped nervously.

"God, you're perfect," he croaked.

"No, you are," she whispered, and kissed him softly on the lips.

Downstairs, Cindy had Bobby pinned up against the living room wall, tongue sucking in and out of his mouth, crotch grinding into his. His hands were busy mauling her full breasts.

"You know, Bobby," she husked into his ear. "I'd decided that I was going to let you be the first. Let you fuck my shaved pussy, hard, all night."

He groaned.

"I even thought it might be nice, to try it up my ass," she continued. "I mean, at the least, I would suck you dry,."

"Oh, yeah, baby," he grunted.

"But, then, you were such an ass hole all night, I wouldn't give you a hand job if you begged me," she finished, and pushed herself away from him.

"Go home, Bobby," she flatly said.

"What!" he screamed.

"You heard me. Go home. Get lost," she said.

"So, all this other shit, blow job, a piece of ass, was just bull shit?" he screamed.

"Oh, no. That was all true, but, you ruined it," she said, and glared at him.

"Fuck you!" he screamed. "Fucking cock tease!"

"Oh, please!" she laughed.

He advanced toward her, arm above his head.

"I wouldn't, if I were you," she warned. "If I don't kick your ass, Adam will."

"Fucking bitch, I bet you don't even know how to suck dick," he taunted.

"Whip it out," she challenged.


"I said, 'whip it out,' I'll show you I know how to suck dick," she said.

She almost laughed. Bobby, with all of his bravado, was frightened and confused. Going for broke, however, he did unzip his tuxedo trousers and work out a half erect penis. She almost laughed again. Granted, it was only half-erect, but it wasn't more than four inches, and very slender. She took it in her hand and slowly went to her knees.

"You'll see. I know how to blow," she murmured.

With that, she took it, now at full mast, five inches, and slowly licked up and down its length. She worked the head with a rapid tongue flicker, then engulfed the entire member to the back of her throat. Her tongue tickled at his sack, and she slowly pulled her head off.

"So? Do I know how to suck dick?" she sweetly asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Bobby groaned.

"Good. Now, get out," she said, and got to her feet.

Bobby was angry, but he knew better than to try anything else. He stormed out of the house, and got into the limousine. The driver smirked at him, and drove him home. When he got out, the limo driver cleared his throat.

"What?" Bobby snapped.

"The bill, sir, and I expect a tip," the driver smiled.

"Fuck!" Bobby screamed.

"One hundred eighty five," the driver said.

"Go get it from that cunt back there," Bobby said.

"Oh, no sir. Robert Bordelon's the name on the invoice, Robert Bordelon's the one responsible for the bill," the driver said, smile gone.

Bobby slapped two hundred-dollar bills into the large man's palm and waited for his change. The driver laughed and got into the driver's seat.

"Hey! What about my fucking change?" he whined.

"I think the Hindus say it best, son. Your fucking change must come from within," the driver said, and roared off.

Lindy and Brian were splashing around in the pool by the time Cindy joined them. She purposefully wore her two piece thong suit; the one she usually reserved for tanning, as it was transparent when wet. She didn't care if Brian saw her in it, but she did want Lindy to see her in it. Her quick suck had gotten her very horny, and she wanted Lindy's hot mouth, her tiny fingers on her.

"Hi! Where's Bobby?" Lindy said.

"He had to blow," Cindy laughed, and jumped in.

Brian did notice. He'd been fairly successful in keeping his erection down, even though Lindy looked absolutely beautiful in her swimsuit, and the cool night air on her wet skin made her huge nipples poke through the bathing suit. Her numerous feather soft kisses and touches were driving him mad, too. The back of her suit kept creeping in between her luscious ass cheeks, and he hungered to grab it, fondle it, lick it. But, years of his dad's crude remarks, and Bobby's boorish behavior tonight, made him realize that these actions were just not appropriate. Cindy's suit, now invisible, showed her own hard nipples, and Brian knew that natural blondes didn't have dark enough pubic hair to completely conceal their vulva, but he thought he could clearly see her entire pubic mound. Her firm ass was plain to see, with just a thin white strip that disappeared into the cleft. His cock sprang up and tented Adam's loose swim trunks. He tried not to watch as Cindy casually swam a few laps, then brushed very close to Lindy. He was trying not to look, but he could have sworn he saw her tweak one of Lindy's hard nipples. In confirmation, Lindy squealed and slapped her friend's buttocks playfully. His erection was almost painful by now. Cindy decided she wasn't getting enough of a rise from him, and slowly paddled on her back, exposing her body to his averted eyes. Finally she swam over to Lindy and whispered something in her ear.

"No, Cindy!" Lindy laughed.

"Oh, come on," Cindy pleaded.

"What?" Brian asked.

"Ask him," Cindy urged.

"No! You ask him!" Lindy laughed.

"What?" Brian demanded.

"Okay! I will," Cindy declared.

"What?" Brian yelled.

"Brian, I, uh, you want to, um, would you like to have sex? With both of us?" Cindy finally said.

"What?" Brian gasped.

"Would you?" Lindy whispered.

With a groan, Brian shot his first load into Adam's shorts.

"You don't have to do this," Cordell whispered.

Danni looked up into his soft eyes and smiled.

"I know. I want to do it," she assured him.

They'd left the dance, after a few more taunts from the angry Precious, and were parked on Lakefront Drive. Danni had to make all of the first moves, Cordell was so nervous. A good heartbreak song murmured from the radio, and Danni had snuck a pint of gin from her mother's endless supply. She'd glued herself to Cordell, and slowly worked him into a frenzy. Now, his erection was poised at the opening to her pussy. He'd delighted in her profusion of hair, which extended from her navel and spread almost to her hips and down her thighs. She'd writhed and screamed as his thick tongue had parted the tufts of hair and licked her to orgasm.

"I mean, you don't owe me anything," he insisted.

"Do it!" she pleaded, and screamed in ectasy as he drove his member into her.

Rocky looked in his son's bedroom. Five pictures sat on his desk. A beautiful young woman, pale skin and dark eyes glowing laughed up at his geek son. Rocky whistled under his breath. This girl was a knockout. What Rocky did not see pictures of, Brian would forever hold in his mind. They'd scampered out of the pool, and raced into Cindy's mother's room. Lindy and Cindy kissed each other with a passion and familiarity that took his breath away. Then, Lindy had eased her swim suit top down, and kissed him with a hunger that made his mind whirl. Cindy had peeled his trunks off, and lovingly licked along his soft cock, until it was back at its full nine inches. With some effort, she managed to swallow him completely down her pulsating throat. His view was obscured by Lindy's huge breasts, which he was avidly licking, sucking and biting. His hands were busy squeezing and cupping her magnificent buttocks. Her moans grew in intensity until she was breathless. Cindy relinquished her hold on his cock and pushed him back on the bed. Lindy stripped her suit completely off, and crawled on top of him. With a scream of delight, she speared herself on his erection. Cindy pried her buttocks apart and began to lick her anus, savoring the sweaty taste of Lindy's tight hole. She used a free hand to squeeze his heavy testicles. Within a few bounds, Lindy screamed in orgasm.

"I don't have any condoms," Brian warned.

"We're on the pill," she gasped.

"Can you hold it for a few minutes?" Cindy begged.

Lindy grunted in a second orgasm as Cindy chewed on her large nipples. She collapsed on top of Brian, then slowly rolled off. She kissed and stroked his face while Cindy cleaned his cock of her girlfriend's juices. Cindy climbed onto Brian's manhood, and slowly lowered her hairless pussy down.

"Ugh! Oh! God, Lindy! How'd you take this in you? He's huge!" Cindy moaned as the beginning of an orgasm built up. He held on for a few more thrusts, then eased Cindy off of him. He rolled over on top of a ready Lindy. His tight buttocks received Cindy's tongue attentions. He spurted his second load of the night into Lindy's clutching cunt. His third one was deep in her unbelievably tight anus. At first, he was very apprehensive about attempting this, but Cindy showed him how easily three fingers could enter her lover's tight ass. The small girl hunched up on her knees, face buried in Cindy's cunt. She grunted and pushed back as his head pushed against the tiny opening. Within moments, he was sawing away at her while she screamed, grunted and groaned in delight. She lovingly licked and chewed at Cindy's smooth lips and swollen clitoris as his fluids flooded her bowels. Cindy had shocked him by sucking Lindy's slime from his softening cock, then sucked him back to attention. He tried, but just couldn't get a fourth one out for Cindy's hot ass. He promised that he would try again, tomorrow. The truck ride home was another adventure, with Lindy on the floorboards, sucking him ravenously.

"Would you mind, if I said, I think I love you?" Lindy whispered in his ear as she let him out of the truck.

In his sleep, Brian giggled.

"Probably didn't get anywhere with that hot piece of ass, fucking loser," his dad muttered, and weaved out of his son's room.

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