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Hitchhiking Slut by M

Hitchhiking Slut

Hitchhiking Slut, Part One--The Diner

If you aren't turned on by two women making hot, passionate love or if you're under 18, this story is not for you. However, if you are, welcome to my latest tale of girl-girl lust...

[Dedicated to Gayle, Kisha and their deep, wet, tongue-sucking kissing sessions.]

Gayle was driving in her pickup truck, fresh from her afternoon shift as bartender at the local watering hole, the Brew Palace. In this small Texas town, it was the only place for people to relax, play pool, and have a few beers after a long day at work. She was the senior bartender, having been there the longest. More like the "den mother," even though she was only in her early thirties. Country music played softly on the radio as she drove the local highway on her way to the apartment she shared with Jack, her boyfriend of six months.

Gayle was the "looker" in town. She had full, lush bleach-blonde hair stylishly cut falling below her shoulders and clipped to one side. Her face was extremely sensual, with full, pouting lips coated thoroughly with deep, dark red lipstick, deep green eyes ringed with heavy black eyeliner, high cheekbones -- sort of a younger Dyan Cannon look. There was a sensuality that radiated about her. The men at the bar constantly propositioned her, leaving big tips and begging for phone numbers. She was tempted with a number of them, and had used them in the past--regardless of whether they were married or not--but met Jack several months ago and wanted to make the relationship work. Before then, she was "independent" with her voluptuous body and gave it when she was so inspired. Her body was a knockout. Large, full, upright 36 DD breasts, narrow waist, round, firm ass and long, slender but muscular legs. She worked out regularly, and was proud of her tight body. Her arms were well defined and muscular. She dressed to put her body to full advantage, and used makeup and long, glossy nails as just the right final touch.

Tonight she wore a tight black lambskin-leather fringed halter that scooped down and hugged her breasts together to accentuate the cleavage, the full globes straining against the supple leather. Without a bra, her nipples could be seen hardening against the sensuous, tight leather. Her faded jeans accentuated her tight ass, long, slender legs. They slung lower on her hips and, with the halter, displayed her hard abs with a small gold belly button ring. They fit her like a second skin, very tight around her asscheeks and cunt and very faded. Her shapely, muscular legs ended in a pair of black leather cowboy boots. Her matching black lambskin leather jacket was on only when she was out of the bar. Her outfit had been carefully chosen to promote the biggest tips of the night, and it was successful at doing that. Her perfume was still strong enough to fill the cab of the pickup. Gold hoop earrings dangled from her ears. Gum snapped noisily in her mouth as she tapped her foot in time with the country tune. Her long, thick tongue would slide out to periodically wet her shiny, sensual lips. She almost enjoyed tasting the flavor of the lipstick for some strange reason.

Gayle's mind was wandering over her day as she gazed down the two-lane highway.

Suddenly, she noticed a figure by the side of the road, standing with a thumb out. As she drew closer, in the setting sun, she realized it was a girl--an interesting figure to be standing alone on the side of the road looking for a ride from a stranger! She instinctively slowed down to take in a better picture of the girl, trying to decide whether to stop or not. There was still enough light to see from a fair distance that this girl was something special. She had long hair that seemed to have a wide blond streak framing her face in the front and light brown hair beyond the blond. She wore a short, fringed distressed brown leather jacket, matching distressed brown leather mini-skirt and dark brown leather platform ankle boots. Gayle's immediate impression was that this was a hooker--but she noticed a large nylon duffel bag behind her, so it looked like she was travelling. There wasn't any heavy brush around for a boyfriend to be lurking behind, so it really looked as if she was alone. Gayle made a snap decision to slow down and speak with the girl, if not give her a lift. Oddly, she noticed the thumb and hand being extended was well manicured with very long nails and two gold chains hung around the wrist. She slowed to a stop and put the passenger-side window down. She noticed more details. The girl was actually beautiful, appearing to be in her early twenties, with heavily lipsticked mouth and mascaraed eyes (Gayle's own style), a black tank belly-shirt under the leather jacket and rings on several fingers. The girl smiled broadly, especially seeing the driver was a woman and she approached the open car window.

"Hey, how's it goin'?" Gayle asked.

"Hi, thanks for stoppin', sweetie! Better now, I was hopin' someone would stop before the sun went down tonight. You goin' down the road by any motels? I'm lookin' to sack out for the night." The young girl said as she draped her arms inside the window and leaned on the frame slightly into the truck cab. Her cleavage deepened as her arms crossed and the leather fringe from her jacket splayed out.

"Sure, you need to get out from under the night, sugar. Good thing one of those horny bastards from my bar wasn't drivin' this way before me. You'd have a handful of problems with those ol' boys!" Gayle's brown eyes roved over the girl's full, firm tits under the stretch tank top, then back up to her pretty face. The younger girl's tits were even fuller than Gayle's! Must be 38DD! They looked even bigger due to the girl's slim waist.

She looked amazingly like the new singer Gayle had just seen on TV, Christine Aguilera. Those bee-stung lips were the most kissable ones she had ever seen, and Gayle had never really looked at another girl like that before. Her stylish hair did have that two-tone color pattern with a wide light blonde streak at the front and brunette behind (sort of a 1960's look popular with younger girls now), combed all loosely and parted over from the left. It framed cutely around her face and fell to her shoulders.

The girl's tongue slid slowly out and ran the gold stud along her bee-stung upper lip while she smiled, "Those good ol' boys? How do I know I won't get a wandering hand from you, sweetheart?" Gayle was thrown off by this question. This girl actually seemed to be flirting with her! And that tongue! It was like a long, thick serpent and had a shiny gold stud protruding from its pink wet surface. Gayle had not seen a tongue stud before and was turned on for some reason.

"Oh, uh. I think you'll be okay, hon. I haven't groped another girl in a couple of months."

Gayle was proud of her sharp comeback. "Come on, you sweet thing. Get in before I change my mind." But the last give and take had started a strange warm feeling in her pussy for some reason. She decided to ignore it--for now.

"Okay, if you say so." With that, the girl grabbed her bag, threw it in the back of the truck, and climbed in to the bench seat in the pick-up cab. A strong mixed smell of perfume and leather filled the truck. "I'm Trish." The girl held out her hand. Gayle took the hand, again noticing the long, burgundy-painted fingernails. They clasped hands while gazing into each other's eyes. A spark suddenly flew between them. Gayle felt that warmth between her legs again as she felt the moist heat of Trish's hand gripping her own and inhaled the erotic odor coming from the young girl. Trish held Gayle's hand for slightly longer than a normal handshake. Something told her this would be an interesting evening.

Finally, the two girls released each other's hand and the blonde started the truck back on the road again. The movement seemed to break the immediate spell, and they proceeded to chat as they drove. As it turned out, Trish had been travelling with her boyfriend across country from California. When they stopped at a town, she would get a job stripping at a local club to keep the cash flowing. He was your basic low-life hanger-on and they argued on this last drive about him needing to get a job and help earn his keep. At one point, he got angry and told her to get out of the car and make it on her own if she thought she didn't need him. She had gotten out with her bag, thinking he was just mad. But he took off with her standing on the highway and never came back. She was angry at first, but figured that she could get along fine without him, and would make her way toward the East Coast without him. She was lucky she had kept her cash in her bag, so she had enough to get to a motel, strip for a couple of nights, and buy a used car to get back on the road.

"Wow, that's some story, sweetheart. I can't believe he just took off. Men can be real pricks some time, can't they?" Gayle glanced over at Trish, admiring her independence. And her huge tits.

"That's a fact, Gayle. But we can get along without them as long as we need to, ya know? It's not the end of the world. After all, here we are, right? We would never have met without that asshole pulling his shit." Trish looked back at the gorgeous older woman and put a hand on Gayle's bicep and squeezed. The warmth came back to the blonde's crotch when she felt the friendly squeeze. Was it just friendly? Or Gayle's imagination?

"Uh, right, sugar. Uh, hey you hungry for some dinner? It's about that time." Gayle was feeling closer to this girl.

Suddenly, Trish ran her gripping hand up and down Gayle's bicep through the supple leather sleeve and noticed something. "Hey, girlfriend, you got some nice arms. I bet very strong, nicely cut," the younger girl said in admiration. She continued to feel Gayle's arm through the black leather.

"Yeah, I like to work out. Do it every day." Gayle unconsciously flexed her arm. She liked being admired, especially by a girl ten years younger than her.

Trish reluctantly withdrew her hand from Gayle's arm and said, "Nice, very nice. I like working out too." She smiled at the double meaning, then, to answer the original question, "Sure, I'm hungry. Anyplace close we can stop for a meal?" There was another hunger building within her, and not for food. Without being obvious, the girl raised her hand to her nose and sniffed discreetly to see if she could smell the leather odor on her hand from Gayle's jacket. She could and it began to cause her juices to flow under her skirt. She knew it wouldn't be long before her thong would be drenched. Trish had been checking out the woman who had picked her up. The animal attraction Trish was beginning to feel for this older woman was affecting her senses. This was going to be an interesting night. Being a stripper for several years, she had had affairs with a number of incredibly sexy girls. Sometimes just one night stands in the dressing room or a motel room with another stripper after work. With all that sweaty, sexy bi-female skin at a strip club, it was bound to happen. She smiled at the thought and squeezed her thighs together under her incredibly tight leather miniskirt. Memories of sweet, sweaty female flesh under her mouth and hands flooded back to her mind. Late nights of girl-girl groping in the back of small, cramped dressing rooms. Make out sessions in the dark corners of strip clubs with hot, sexy big-titted strippers.

As they drove to a diner, Trish had a thought. "Hey, you have any more gum?" She looked over at the sexy blonde.

"No, sorry, last piece." Gayle pointed to her mouth.

"Well, how about sharing?" Trish asked, her eyes focusing on those luscious full lips.

"Oh, uh, okay, I guess so," Gayle stammered as she began to reach up to her mouth.

"Hold on, just stick out half." Trish moved closer to Gayle as she drove.

"Uh, oh, sure. If you want." Gayle was heating up as it became apparent what Trish had in mind for sharing gum. She pushed half the gum out past her lips, with half of the saliva-coated, chewed pink substance waiting for Trish to make her move. Gayle was becoming confused, but just followed the younger girl's request.

Trish turned and leaned her face toward Gayle's. Gayle slightly turned hers, keeping her eyes on the road. Trish focused her eyes on the chewed, shiny gum sticking out from between Gayle's glossy girl-lips. As she approached the gum, she noticed a hint of bright red lipstick that had rubbed off on it. It was the older woman's lipstick, and Trish was getting ready to taste it. She opened her own burgundy-painted bee-stung lips and closed the distance between their faces. She wrapped her lips around the gum, pressed lightly into Gayle's lips, mashing their soft mouths slightly and bit down on the soft substance. Getting closer to Gayle's face gave her the chance to smell her perfume even more.

"Mmmmmmm, thanks." Trish said as she withdrew with the pre-chewed piece of gum in her mouth. She smiled at Gayle as she tasted the slight trace of lipstick. But she was charged knowing she was also tasting the older woman's saliva and that she had something in her mouth that had just been chewed in the other girl's. "Good." It was a discreet first chance to swap spit.

Gayle at this point was increasingly confused. She had never really had any feelings of this sort about another woman, let alone share gum with one. But it was strangely erotic. She licked her lips and could taste just a bit of Trish's burgundy lipstick on her own mouth. She turned her face to the girl, "Glad you like it. I'll get some more for later." When the words were out of her mouth, she realized the double meaning. Gayle noticed the tight thighs under Trish's very distressed, supple brown leather miniskirt, and the tits jutting out from her stretch tank top under the matching fringed jacket.

"Oh, good. I love gum, sweetie." Trish was reveling in the first taste of the blonde's mouth juices. She smiled seductively and hoped she made her point. This was going to be fun. A new girlfriend. She raised her hand to her nose again to smell the trace of leather odor from Gayle's jacket. Meanwhile, Gayle was watching the road, her mind racing, her cunt beginning to juice, her nipples hardening. This was very new for her. Guys were always coming on to her. She had her pick. But this was a young, sexy girl, with bigger tits than hers--and she was getting hot just being in the same car with her. What did this mean?

The diner Gayle knew of loomed up on the right. It was a place she ate at from time to time, and usually pretty crowded at mealtime. The parking lot was packed, so she found a spot for the truck on the far corner. By the this time, the two girls were famished. For one thing or another. They got out of the truck and strolled into the diner together. Almost every male head in the place craned to see the older sexy blonde with the big tits in the tight faded jeans, boots, and black leather jacket with the younger busty babe with the bigger tits, tight faded brown leather miniskirt and fringed jacket. They were a couple that made everyone take note--including a few women.

They both enjoyed the attention as they were shown to their table in the back of the crowded diner. Trish made a production of removing her fringed leather jacket and throwing it on the bench seat beside her in the booth. Gayle did the same, but with her eyes on the two huge, hard-nippled tits bursting from beneath the tight black stretch short tank top. She noticed that Trish also had a gold ring in her pouting belly button, jutting out just above the waist of the leather miniskirt. There were also tattoos on her arm of a lightning bolt, one on the side of her neck of a coiled snake, and a small one on her left breast of a pair of ruby-red lipsticked lips. Quite a work of trashy art, this girl was. It added to her sensuality. As they sat across from each other, Gayle noticed Trish gazing at her own huge tits, pressing out from the black leather fringed halter top.

"Hey, that's a cool halter. I like that. Especially the leather." Trish breathed to Gayle. "Let me borrow it sometime to wear, if I hang around, would you?" The young girl felt added heat imagining wearing the black leather halter that was currently caressing the breasts of her new girlfriend.

"Sure, but you look pretty hot yourself, sugar. As a matter of fact--" but Gayle was cut off when the waitress came over.

"Hi, Gayle. You takin' dinner tonight with your friend?" A pretty girl in her late twenties in a starched white blouse and tight short black skirt pulled up to the table with her pad. Her dark brown hair had frosted highlights, pulled back in a ponytail. Her body was toned, with C-cup breasts that swelled out against the white blouse buttoned to just above her cleavage. A nametag identifying her as "Sue Anne" was pinned to her chest. Her face was very pretty, with almost as much makeup as Gayle wore, but with blue eyes and pale pink lipstick glossing her sensuous mouth. She was snapping gum with her very bright white teeth. She knew Gayle from both eating at the diner with Jack occasionally and drinking with her husband at the Brew Palace. Most people knew each other from the Brew Palace.

"Hey, Sue Anne, how's it goin'?" Gayle broke her eyes away from Trish's tits and looked up at the brunette.

"Same ol', same ol', sugar. Who's your friend? Don't think I've seen her 'round?" Sue Anne eyed the very busty young girl.

"Oh, this here's Trish. She's new in town. May start workin' over at The Big Eye for a while." The Big Eye was the local strip club in town. She assumed Trish would want to hang around and get her cash back up again. Trish smiled up at Sue Anne, but the brunette wasn't immediately friendly to the stranger.

"Oh yeah? Really, now?" Sue Anne said suspiciously.

"Now, Sue Anne, don't you go worryin' that Trish'll be stealin' Bobby from ya. That ol' boy is too busy fixin' cars to be eyein' Trish at the titty bar." Gayle smiled.

Sue Anne laughed, "Yeah, guess your right, Gayle. I just keep him busy so he don't get to blow his paycheck at the Eye." The ice seemed to be broken.

"Yeah, and, besides, why would he stray from such a pretty little thing like you, Sue Anne." Trish chimed in, her eyes locking with the waitress's. "I don't go for married men now, just married women." With that Trish giggled.

"Oh, uh, yeah, sure thing." Sue Anne didn't know quite how to respond to that, so she added, "Well, what can I get for you ladies?"

Gayle got the feeling Trish wasn't joking, given their conversation in the car and the gum sharing. Had that classified as a kiss? Had she actually kissed another girl? Snap out of it, girl...... She and Trish ordered and got into small talk. She was feeling the heat rise from her cunt, and she needed to cool herself down.

The two girls got to know each other, shared their life stories, and ate their dinners. Sue Anne came and went several times, bantered a bit, and then brought their coffee. As they had been talking, Trish's booted foot had grazed Gayle's a few times. To Gayle, it seemed as if it was becoming intentional. Finally, with the last graze, Trish's high heel platform ankle boot remained pressed next to Gayle's cowboy boot. The heat began to rise again, starting with the two feet pressed against one another. Nothing could be seen by anyone else, but the girls knew their feet were pressed lightly together. What that would mean, who would know?

Finally, Sue Anne brought their coffee. "Hey, I think I'm gonna take my coffee next to you, so we can whisper secrets." Trish suddenly declared. She got up, not waiting for Gayle's permission to switch seats, pulled the coffee around and moved next to the older blonde woman. More than one diner noticed the change of booth seating, but more to stare at the bouncing tits beneath the tight tank top.

"Oh, uh, sure. Okay." Gayle said as Trish plopped down next to her. She was unsure of this move, since they were sitting in a diner where people knew her. It was awkward. As much as she was starting to want to feel this girl next to her, she was aware of her surroundings. But it was too late now.

Trish sat firmly next to her new girlfriend. Their arms pressed against each other, and Trish's leather miniskirt creaked against Gayle's jean-covered thigh. Sue Anne came back with two plates of pie. She looked at the two girls quizzically.

"Well, this is cozy, isn't it? You two goin' steady or what?" She put the plates down.

While Gayle began to stammer an answer, Trish took over, "What's the matter, Sue Anne? Jealous? Two girlfriends can't sit close and whisper secrets over coffee?" She winked at the brunette.

"Hey, whatever, sweetie. This is the millennium, ain't it? Whatever." Sue Anne snapped her gum, eyed them again, but with some interest this time, and awkwardly turned away.

"Hey, careful, Trish. I know these people. I don't want them to get the wrong idea, ya know?" Gayle was getting concerned that Trish was going over the line, as much as she may want her to in private.

"Don't worry, babe. Anyone watching is too busy checking out our tits and getting hard." Trish put her hand on Gayle's and squeezed. The older woman looked down at their long-nailed, manicured hands together and felt the juices start to flow again. Her fingers reached backwards and briefly entwined with Trish's. Things were starting to get out of control.

"Okay, okay. I guess I'm a little too sensitive. Sorry." With a long sniff, she could now smell Trish's perfume and the erotic odor of her leather miniskirt. But there was something else. Something earthy. Shit. Was that cunt juice? Was that coming from under Trish's skirt? Was she creaming? Was she as turned on as her? The smell of leather and cunt juice was beginning to raise her temperature level. What was happening to her? This had never happened before? Did this mean she was turning lesbian? How could she be so turned on by this hitchhiking stripper that she knew for all of a couple of hours? But it was happening.

They talked some more, Trish's breath washing over Gayle's face. Their faces were close. Perfume mixed in the air. They told stories, shared tales. Gayle talked of Jack, the relationship, her past--Trish did the same. They were becoming friends, becoming close.

Sue Anne walked over again and dropped off the check. "Here you go, girls. I'm your cashier, so let me know when you're ready to go."

"Hold on, I'll get it." Gayle picked up the check.

"No, no, let me split it with you." Trish protested. She noticed a couple of guys watching them from two tables over.

"No, Trish. Let me get this. It's your first meal here in town, and I want to celebrate us becoming friends." Gayle shook her head and got out her cash. She handed the money and check to Sue Anne.

"Oh, that's so sweet, honey. You are too good to me, Gayle." Trish glanced at the guys again. "Thank you so much." She suddenly turned and slid both hands on either side of Gayle's face. Her long-nailed hands cupped both cheeks. Before Gayle knew what had happened, the gorgeous young stripper closed the distance between their mouths and locked her burgundy lips to Gayle's dark red-painted lips. The two pairs of soft, pouty girl-lips mashed together. Lipstick smeared wetly between them. Gayle was so startled that her instincts caused her to respond to the kiss. Teeth ground on teeth. Their faces turned to right angles and they breathed through their noses. No tongue--yet.

Trish broke the kiss and pulled her face back. She turned to the guys who had been staring. Deep red lipstick was smeared on her mouth. "You like the view, boys? Look what you're missin', you little pricks." Trish smiled seductively and licked her lips. The guys were dumbstruck.

"Holy shit, Gayle!" Sue Anne's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened. "Holy shit!"

"Uhhhhh, ohhhhh." Was all Gayle could get out. "Uh, it's not what you, uh, think, uh. Sue Anne, uh." Gayle was literally stunned, speechless to what had just happened in the diner where she regularly ate. "Keep, uh, the change, Sue Anne." Her smudged lips tried to awkwardly smile.

"Come on, Gayle, let's go." Trish grabbed Gayle's hand and rose from the booth, picked up her jacket and threw it on. "Here." She handed the older woman her leather jacket, and Gayle, still in a dreamlike state, put it on. Trish grabbed her hand again, laced their fingers, squeezed and pulled Gayle past a stunned Sue Anne. "Nice meetin' you, sweetcheeks." They both strolled out, hand in hand through the diner. But, just before they walked out the door, something strange happened.

"Hey, hold on Gayle." It was Sue Anne following them to the door. Gayle turned around. They locked eyes. "Hey. Um, you gave me a little too much cash. Here, here's your change." Sue Anne reached out to Gayle's hand and the woman opened it for the money. The brunette palmed a piece of paper to the blonde, turned and walked quickly away.

Gayle allowed herself to be pulled out the door and down to the parking lot. The fresh air brought her back to her senses. She looked down to her hand, opened it and saw that Sue Anne had slipped her her phone number. "Well, fuck me," thought Gayle to herself. "All this time I've known Sue Anne, and I've never known." She slipped the paper into her tight jean pocket.

"What just happened in there, Trish?" Gayle stopped the girl as they arrived at the truck.

"Nothin' and everythin', sweetie. Nothin' and everythin'. I think you just got your first girl-kiss. You know you liked it, right?" Trish pulled Gayle to her and put her arm around her waist. Their leather jackets creaked as they rubbed together.

"Well, yeah, I guess. But I never did that before, and I know everyone there." Gayle felt the warmth of the girl's body against hers.

"Who gives a shit, girlfriend? Live your life. You know we're both turned on. You don't owe them nothin', Gayle. Just go with what you're feeling. And I'm gonna rock your world, baby." With that, Trish swung Gayle around and pushed her back against the truck. She pressed her full body against Gayle's. Their breasts mashed together. Trish wrapped her arms tightly around Gayle's waist and squeezed her hard, jean-covered ass cheeks with both hands. Gayle could feel those long nails digging into her ass. She raised her arms and draped them around Trish's neck. The sun had long since set, so the parking lot was fairly dark. But Gayle was losing her self-consciousness. Passion was beginning to take over. She had never felt these feelings for another girl before, but it was uncontrollable.

The two gorgeous girls remained locked in each other's arms, their huge tits mashed against each other, gazing in each other's eyes. Trish moved her leg between Gayle's. Each had a thigh pressing against each other's cunt. They began grinding slowly. Gayle couldn't believe she was doing this in the parking lot of the diner. Their mutual gaze dropped from eyes to lips. Slowly, Trish began moving her face toward Gayle's. She smiled seductively. Slowly the distance closed. Trish slid her tongue out and wetly licked her full, bee-stung lips. Gayle was getting wetter and starting to lose control of her emotions. She could feel the cunt juice leaking onto her thong under the tight jeans in reaction to the mutual cunt grinding. She watched Trish's lips and tongue getting closer until they were only an inch or two away. The gold tongue stud waved hypnotically in front of her. She could smell the mint on her breath that she had popped on the way out. Her sweet breath....

"Mmmmmmm. Hey, sweetie. You are one hot, hot babe. Do you know that?" Trish whispered into Gayle's flushed face. "I've wanted you since you picked me up. I think you feel the same, don't you?" It was a question Trish knew the answer to, but she wanted Gayle to speak it.

Gayle's armpits were sweating under her black leather jacket. She could feel Trish's hands squeezing her ass cheeks and their cunts grinding together. The erotic smell of perfume, leather and pussy juice was starting to envelope them in a cloud. Her nipples were hardening, her sweet breath was coming quicker. This was decision time.

"Uh, uh, Trish..... I can't believe this. But I do want you too. I do. You are makin' me so fuckin' wet, I can't believe it! No guy has made me this horny since I can remember.... oh, sweetheart, you are making me so crazy......" Gayle ground harder.

"So you want me, Gayle? You want me? You like my lips, baby? Do you like these wet lips?" Trish licked her lush lips again, making them shine with extra saliva.

"Oh, yes, baby, yeah! Your lips are so sexy! So wet! They're so pretty and full. Oh, shit, I can't believe I feel like this, Trish!" Gayle's long nails reached up into Trish's soft hair and clutched it. Trish's mouth was still only an inch or two away.

The sexy young girl whispered slowly, hotly. "So what do you want, baby? You want me to kiss you? Do you want this hot, young stripper to kiss those luscious, wet girl-lips? Do you want my full lips on yours? Do you want me to make out with you? You wanna make out? You want me to kiss you, Gayle? Huh? You want to swap spit with me? Taste my mouth? You want my tongue on yours? You want to suck tongues? Tell me, baby. Tell me what you want." Trish's mouth was so close, so close to Gayle's...... This intimacy and nasty talk was making Gayle lose it. "Oh, fuck yeah! You're such a slut, Trish. Yeah I wanna kiss you. I wanna make out with you here in the parking lot. I don't care who sees us. I wanna feel your sweet lips on mine, I wanna taste your hot spit in my mouth, suck your tongue, suck that stud in your tongue. Please kiss me, Trish, let me kiss you. Oh, shit, my cunt is so wet now. Kiss me, baby." Gayle drew Trish's face closer until their lips almost touched and they smelled each other's breath.

Suddenly Trish's tongue was close enough to lick Gayle's lips, flicking, tasting the lipstick. Gayle could feel the stud on her lips. With a groan from each girl, their lips locked again. But this time Trish slid her tongue into the woman's mouth. Gayle had pulled Trish's head over and her mouth descended on the girl's, the young stripper's tongue sliding down her throat. Trish's head was turning back and forth; her tongue was everywhere - rubbing gums, the roof of her mouth, overpowering the blonde's tongue. Gayle had eagerly parted her lips, and Trish's tongue wiped around her teeth. Gayle opened her teeth to let the tongue into her warm inner sanctum. Their tongues dueled inside the blonde's mouth. Two flat, long, wet girl-tongues wiping around and over each other. Trish's tongue stud erotically scraped along the flat spitty surface of Gayle's mouth muscle. Trish licked the roof of Gayle's mouth, then under her tongue, then to the insides of each cheek. She tasted every inch of the busty blonde's inner mouth. Saliva flowed from one girl's mouth to the other's and then back again. Then the spittle leaked out of their lips onto their chins, making them slick with sweet saliva and smearing lipstick. Trish gave Gayle's ass one last squeeze then slid her hands up along the black leather jacket covering her back, rubbing her manicured hands all over the soft, supple kidskin. She loved the feel of the leather, especially knowing she was making out with the beautiful woman who was wearing it. Teeth clicked against each other as the girls' mouths widened and deepened the kiss. Their faces were at right angles so they could increase the passion of the make-out session.

Suddenly a car passed slowly and a window went down. Gayle became aware of people watching from the car. A young, female voice laughed and yelled out, "Hey, get what you need, girls!" Then, just as quickly the car was gone. Gayle reluctantly broke the kiss and swiveled her head to look for the car. Was it someone she knew?

"Hey, I'm not done with you yet, baby." Trish whimpered and pulled Gayle's face back to hers. Trish slowly pressed her pursed lips down on Gayle's again, all the while gazing hotly into each other's hooded eyes. The two pairs of full, pouting lips felt warm and spongy as they pressed on each other, then they began to slowly open their mouths again. The girls kissed each other deeply and tongues angrily twisted and turned, slavering over each other. Trish's full, pouty lips pressed hungrily onto Gayle's. They were so full and pliant. Even though the older blonde woman had very large, full, sexy lips, the younger girl's covered hers and mashed them together.

"Mmmmffff... ummmmm..... ummmffff," was all either girl could get out as their faces moved together. Gayle could feel Trish's tongue stud slide out of her mouth and insinuate itself seductively through her lips, flicking at the roof of her mouth again. Gayle's heat level rose quickly as she felt the tongue stud rub along her own tongue, scraping the opaque mucous from it. It was like awakening a sleeping serpent. Their long tongues began to dance together, slipping and sliding from one mouth to the other. Thick saliva accompanied the tongues and formed a wet trail on and around their mouths. Teeth clicked against teeth, tongues ran across gums and inside their cheeks. Then they both opened their mouths wide and licked each other's tongues all over--top and bottom. They locked their mouths over each other at right angles so that their tongues were invisible. Anyone who has experienced a deep French kiss knows what was happening inside. One could visualize those hot tongues, slick with saliva, wrapping around and around each other, gliding over and over each other. The two women were locked together at the mouth. Their full, soft lips were munching away at each other.

Their hands gripped each other's heads and twisted them back and forth slipping luscious lip over luscious lip, and every few seconds their mouths opened and tongues visibly darted in and out. One and then the other inserted her tongue deep in the mouth of her new lover, and as she withdrew it, the other sucked it briefly as if reluctant to let it go. After trading off several of these tongue sucks, Trish stuck her tongue way out and Gayle wrapped her lips firmly around it. This time the young stripper plunged her tongue through the tightly puckered lips of the busty blonde and fucked the female mouth with it. The two gorgeous busty girls in their jeans and leather were locked in a passionate make-out session standing against the truck in the dimly lit diner parking lot.

Trish then drew her right hand down and to Gayle's crotch, rubbing the tight faded jean material over her cunt. She could feel the heat between the woman's legs. She splayed her glossy long-nailed fingers over the crotch. The young girl groped the sexy blonde while Gayle spread her thighs to allow access. She was juicing to the point that it began to seep through the material.

"Ohhhhh, fuck, Trish. That feels so damn good. So good. Uhhhhh." Gayle groaned as she broke their kiss and moved her mouth to the stripper's ear. She stuck her wet tongue deep into Trish's ear and licked around it, lightly bit it, erotically breathing her hot breath. As Trish slid her hand under Gayle's crotch to her ass crack, the heat on her hand continued to burn.

"Ohhhh, Gayle, yeah, baby. That tongue feels so hot, so good." Trish threw her head back and felt Gayle's mouth slide to her neck, tacking small nips at the perfumed flesh. They were both sweating in passion under their leather jackets now. Sweat began wetting Trish's tight stretch tank top and Gayle's soft black leather halter--between their mashing tits and under their warm armpits. Sweat marks began to show on them both as they humped each other next to the truck.

"Sweetie," Trish breathed into Gayle's ear, "let's get into the truck and get comfortable. I gotta fuck you, baby. Come on." The gorgeous young girl grabbed the woman's pants waist over the zipper and roughly dragged her to the passenger car door. She grabbed the handle, opened the door, and steered Gayle up and into the seat. She climbed up into the cab after her and pushed the blonde back down onto the seat. She grabbed both leather-sleeved arms to hold her down, and laid her body full length over the hot blonde bartender. Gayle couldn't move--Trish was surprisingly strong. And the young stripper enjoyed dominating this older woman with the muscular body. It turned her on to be roughly handling her and controlling those strong arms. She felt those taught female biceps flexing under her sweaty hands. She was going to take this woman like she had never been taken before. And right in the truck in the parking lot of the diner!

Gayle had no choice but to let Trish climb on top of her in the truck cab. She was pinned to the bench seat by the girl's strong grip on her arms and her tits. And she wanted this busty, erotic girl to have her, to take what she wanted. She grasped the soft brown lambskin leather sleeves covering Trish's arms with her hands and sought out the girl's mouth with her own. Her tongue wiggled out between her lipstick-smeared lips, reaching out, and Trish took the hint. But first she wanted to play.

"Open your mouth for me, baby." Trish whispered in the dim light. "Open your mouth and let me give you something." In her hot arousal, Gayle wondered what Trish had in store for her--but she followed this strong girl's demand and kept her mouth open, her wet tongue waiting. Trish began hocking up as much spit as she could. The deep sound from her throat could only mean she was dredging up mucous slime from way down and bringing it up into her mouth. The thick ball of spit gathered like phlegm in Trish's mouth. Her eyes glazed as she stared down into those beautiful mascaraed brown eyes. Her girlfriend's open mouth beckoned. Suddenly she reared her head back and let fly a mouthful of thick, slimy saliva onto Gayle's tongue and into that open mouth.

Gayle's eyes widened in surprise, but also in erotic shock. She took in the full ball of gooey spit. "Ummmmmmmm. Ummm, hmmmmm." Was all Gayle could say as she savored Trish's gift of mouth juice. She rolled the spitball around in her mouth, tasting the tart yet slightly peppermint flavor, letting it soak her teeth and gums, running it around within her cheeks. Gayle swallowed a little of it, but wanted to keep as much in her mouth as she could, holding the moment, tasting the special flavor. She had a thought and slowly opened her mouth as Trish watched. This became extremely arousing as strings of whitish phlegmy spittle bridged between Gayle's lips, under her tongue, and between her teeth and inner cheeks. They were thick, slimy and very inviting. Trish's moist eyes lidded with passion. She had never met a woman as erotically passionate as Gayle. She groaned and plunged her mouth down, gluing it with saliva to Gayle's. Cheeks bulged as tongues wrestled thickly, girl-lips mashed together, spittle drooled from the corners of the girls' mouths onto their chins and cheeks. Deep red lipstick smeared together with burgundy. Breathing was ragged through their noses. The two horny girls wrapped their arms around each other and rolled around together on the bench seat of the truck.

At this point, both girls grabbed each other's tops and roughly jerked them over each other's huge tits. Neither had worn a bra, so the globes plunged out, nipple to hardening nipple. Gayle broke the kiss so she could guide one massive tit from above into her suckling mouth. She had never ravished another girl before, but her instincts were kicking in as the passion careened out of control. Both girls could smell the odor of sweet saliva, sweat, leather and pussy juice. The two girl-bodies sweating so heavily under the leather jackets as they wrestled on the front seat increased the erotic leather smell in the small truck cab.

As Gayle sucked Trish's nipple deeply between her full, pliant lips, she placed the slick flat of her tongue on the hard teat and massaged it slowly. Trish threw her head back in arousal, feeling this beautiful woman's teeth biting lightly down around her nipple. Goose bumps sprouted around her breast. Gayle pressed both globes together and began sucking on both, from one to the other, suctioning in the nipples until they were small rocks. As she suctioned one nipple, she could taste a small amount of fluid that leaked from Trish's teat. She was amazed that this girl could give her some tit milk. But she welcomed it into her mouth and swallowed hungrily.

The young stripper lying on top of the busty older woman reached down to her jeans and feverishly unbuttoned the waist, then pulled the zipper down all the way. She backed herself away from Gayle, a nipple plopping wetly from her lips and dragged her jeans down over her ass. They were tight, so Gayle had to raise her hips to allow them to go down. Finally, Trish got them to the knees and focused her eyes on the beautiful cunt lying behind the heavily juiced thong. She could tell it was neatly shaved with just a small triangle of pussy hair around the top, pointing down to the clit. The small panel of blue cloth was completely dark with frothy pussy cream. Trish dipped her hand behind the thong, moving the wet crotch panel aside. The lips were pink, slick with all the moisture of the cunt juice leaking out. They were a deeper pink, engorged with lust. She was going to slide one finger in between those sweet cunt lips.

"No, honey, put more in," Gayle panted. "Give me more!"

With that, Trish put three fingers together and worked them into the busty woman's pussy. She could feel the labia lips enclosing around her fingers. The heat from within was tremendous. While she was stimulating Gayle's cunt, she spit on her other hand's index finger and reached down and under toward the woman's rectum. Trish scratched her fingernail around the rim of Gayle's asshole, feeling the hairs and nasty moisture. Then she eased the manicured finger into the small, dark anus. It was tight but allowed entrance of her long-nailed digit. As she plunged her finger into Gayle's asshole, the walls of the rectum tightened and sucked it further in. In reaction to the finger invading her anus, Gayle emitted a series of small farts. Trish breathed in this intimate odor deeply and savored it, almost able to taste it.

"Oh, fuuuuckkkk, baby! Oh, dammit, damn, shitttt! Ohhhhh, yeah!" Fucking words flowed out of Gayle's spit-slimed mouth and she stared at the scene between her legs. The sight of this gorgeous, young, busty stripper finger-fucking both her cunt and rectum at once was so erotic! The lipstick smeared on her face, sweat dripping from her upper lip, hair fuck-mussed, eyes lidded in lust. They gazed at each other in heavy-lidded passion.

"Oh, I'm gonna do you, girlfriend. I'm gonna do you so good, you won't stop comin' on my hand for a month." Trish whispered to her. She slid her fingers in deeply, the flat of her palm upwards against Gayle's clit. She curved her fingers up and around, an found that special place, that engorged knot of swollen flesh under the vaginal roof. The G-spot. Trish was going to make Gayle come harder and longer than she had ever come before. She moved her fingers in small, slow circles, feeling the sticky pre-come juice flow around her hand. She could also feel the blonde sucking her hand in deeply. Trish rotated her fingers in a slow rhythm. Gayle's hips rotated in harmony with the finger fucking. She had never felt such eroticism before. Not with any man. Not with anyone, not even when she jerked herself off alone. This was incredible!

Trish licked her lips as she continued to make hot eye contact with the woman beneath her. She continued the rhythm of her finger fucking.

"Oh, Trish, oh, baby! Yeah, do me, baby! Do me! Give me some sweet fucking! You feel so good inside me! Uhhhhh, ohhhhh, bayyy-beee!!!" Gayle was being swept away.

"Yeah, baby, yeah! I'll give you some! It feels so good to be inside you, Gayle.... Oh, yeah, give me some of your sweet pussy juice! I wanna smell it...." Trish dropped her head down and loudly sniffed at the accumulating pussy fluid in Gayle's cunt. It was an erotic, musky odor of cunt mixed with wet jeans, sweat and perfume. "Oh, you smell so sweet, baby! I love that smell!"

After only a few minutes or so, Gayle was at the edge of a mind shattering G-spot orgasm. Trish suddenly felt the inside of Gayle's pussy clamp down hard on her fingers just as her hole began to push itself inside out, opening wide and spurting a jet of womanly fluid into the air.

"Ohhhhhhhh, shhhhhiiiiiittttt!!!!!! Fffffuuuuuckkkkkk!!! Mmmmmmm!!!! Ohhhh, Trissshhhhhh!!!! Ffffuuuuckkkk meeeeeeee!!!!" Gayle bucked as she reached a monster orgasm that she had never experience before.

Trish clamped her mouth over the cunt opening and continued to work both her G-spot, milking her of her come, not a drop of which escaped, and her rectum. Gayle's asshole was slick with sweat and come-drippings. Spurt after spurt of the thick, opaque fluid streamed past Trish's lips. Gayle spasmed as she lay on the truck seat under the control of the beautiful stripper on top of her.

Trish sucked at the girl-come greedily. Working her pussy until she had drained her dry, Trish slowly removed her fingers from Gayle's still weakly clenching cunt and licked off the thick coating of the girl-lubricant that had accumulated on them. Giving her pussy a last, lingering, sucking, kiss, Trish moved from between her legs to lie on top of the woman's panting form on the bench seat.

"Good, baby?" Trish asked her new girl-lover.

"Oh, wow..... wow! That was unfuckin' real, you sweet thing! That was so good, I don't think I can uncurl my toes for a few days. Come here, sugar, and give me a kiss." The two girls lying together on the truck seat locked lips once again. But this time, as Trish plunged her tongue deep into Gayle's mouth, the woman savored the taste of her G-spot come fluid on the stripper's lips. She licked her essence from Trish's pouting lips, chin and cheeks. Trish brought the finger she had buried in Gayle's rectum up to her nose and erotically sniffed the strong, pungent odor, then brought it down to her mouth and sucked the anal leavings from the digit, savoring the intimate flavor. Gayle grabbed Trish's moist hand and removed the finger with a pop, and slid it into her own hungry mouth. After running her tongue like a thick, hot serpent around Trish's ass-fucking finger, she sucked the remainder of the leavings from her own asshole. She loved the mixed flavor was of sweet girl-come, minty saliva, and tart anal essence. After a last lick around Trish's long, burgundy fingernail, she removed it and returned to a hot makeout session with the girl. They shared the tastes of cunt and asshole between them, swapping fluids from mouth to mouth, cheeks hollowing with tongue sucking.

Gayle broke the kiss and gazed into Trish's eyes. Her hands lovingly cupped the girl's face on each side. "I want to do you, now, sugar. I want to make you crazy!"

"You do, baby. I'm so crazy for you I can't believe it! I never felt this way about any other girl, I swear! But let's go get a room and fuck each other all night. Is there a motel nearby?" Trish slid her hands into Gayle's armpits. She could smell the sweat and leather from under her arms inside the black leather jacket. She wanted to lock her lips on those pits, lick and suck them, taste the tartness of the girl-sweat.

"Yeah, down the road. It's a great idea, let's get a room. Jack's on the night shift, so he won't know if I get home tonight or not. Uhhh, but...." Gayle had a sudden thought. What if she knew the people at the motel? What would they think of her checking in with a hot young girly sexpot?

"But what, baby?" Trish looked deeply into the woman's eyes.

"Nothin'. Nothin'." The decision was made. "I just don't care if I know anyone there. Fuck it. I want to fuck you, girl. Let's go do it." The sudden decision was liberating for the woman. "Let's hurry up, though, cause I need to get you between the sheets real bad."

"You're really somethin', Gayle. I think I may be falling in love with you, ya know. But right now, I'm so horny for you, I'm gonna bust a gut. Let's go." They kissed one more time, a slow, passionate, romantic kiss between two girl-lovers. Lush lips pliantly pressed lush lips and mouths widened in hot passion. Hands gripped and manipulated each other's heads through their hair to deepen the hot Frenching.

They forced themselves to break the kiss and sit up in the truck. Tops slipped back down over breasts. They fixed their lipstick, reapplied all that was missing, wiped away the smeared old gloss as best they could, smoothed hair down to some semblance of normalcy. Gayle re-zipped her jeans. Trish's thong was drenched, and her cunt was so hot. She needed release, and the thought of checking into a motel with this incredibly sexy blonde was making it worse. She drew up next to Gayle on the seat and leaned in romantically, putting her arm around the woman's shoulders as she put the truck in gear. She kissed Gayle's ear lovingly but tongued it hotly.

Gayle's mind heatedly worked as she drove down toward the Highway 6 Motel. Just a few hours ago, she had picked up this busty young thing on the highway. In that short period of time, they had kissed in the diner in front of everyone, made out passionately in the parking lot, and fucked in the truck! And this girl claimed that she might be falling in love with Gayle as well! This after never having had a sexual thought about another girl in her life! Or had she? Now she was going to jump under the motel sheets with this sexpot! Her mind raced, trying to keep up with the heat rebuilding in her cunt. As she licked her lips, she could taste Trish's saliva on her mouth. This was going to be some wild night!

The truck slid off into the night, down the highway toward the motel. The two girl-lovers sitting tightly together on the bench seat. From a window in the ladies room of the diner, a face had been pressing on the glass. A waitress was spasming in orgasm. Yes, a wild night to come.....

Hitchhiking Slut--Part Two, the Motel

[Dedicated to Gayle, Kisha and more of their deep, wet, tongue-sucking kissing sessions.] By M

The truck was speeding down Route 6 toward the motel. With all the sex-play in the diner parking lot, both Gayle and Trish were over-heated and ready to continue as soon as they got to a room. Since Trish hadn't come yet, she was feeling the burn even more. But the body language during the drive from the diner was a lot different than it had been to it. Now that their relationship had quickly grown physical, hands massaged sweaty thighs, tits and cunts, breathing was heavy, and hearts beat faster in anticipation of the hot action about to happen between them. Trish splayed her manicured fingers over Gayle's right breast and massaged the nipple to hardness. She felt the supple leather of Gayle's black halter-top covering her full chest. The young stripper stimulated the sexy older woman's tit with her long nails scraping the leather-covered nipple. Then alternated with soft massaging of the full globe. She was sitting next to the blonde on the truck's bench seat and even leaned over and slid her long, wet tongue into Gayle's ear. Breathing her hot, moist breath into it while laving the shell with her mouth muscle.

"Oh, baby. That feels so good, we need to get a room quick before I burst again." Gayle sighed. Even though she had come just a few minutes ago, thanks to her new girl-lover, she was ready to go again thanks to Trish's attention. Gayle reached over and between the stripper's thighs and dipped her hand up under the brown leather miniskirt. She found a soaked thong covering the girl's dripping cunt. Gayle was amazed at how quickly she was taking to this new girl-girl passion. Not a few hours ago, she was on her way to her apartment and her boyfriend after work at the bar. Now, she had already lip-locked ferociously with this sexy female hitchhiker, let the girl bring her to orgasm in the parking lot of the local diner, and was on her way to get a motel room with her. How things could change when passions flew. She busily fingered Tricia's cunt through the drenched thong.

"Gayle, lover, oh, wow, that feels so hot. You are so hot, girl. Oh, shit, I can't wait to get you under the sheets. I just love your tits. I can't wait to suck those hard nips. Are we there yet, baby?" Trish was almost ready to come just from Gayle's long-nailed hand.

"We're almost there, sugar. Almost there. I'll stop 'til we get to the room." She withdrew her hand, but brought her fingers to her nose to smell the pungent aroma of Trish's cunt juice. She even licked the sticky fluid to taste the musky essence. How quickly she learned.

"Oh, gawd, baby. Let me taste." Trish grabbed Gayle's fingers and popped them hungrily into her mouth as the blonde drove with one hand on the wheel. She savored the mixed taste of her own juice and Gayle's saliva.

"Here we are." Gayle said in relief as they pulled into the motel parking lot. The light was on in the office. She turned to the young girl sitting next to her with the blonde streak in the brown hair framing her face. The busty older woman looked at the girl's large brown eyes and full lips, slightly smeared with her own pussy juice. The erotic odor of leather, sweat, perfume and cunt filled the small truck cab. Gayle wished she could bottle that smell and keep it with her always. The sexy younger girl with the huge tits was still sitting close up to her on the bench seat. The closeness was intimate, intoxicating, hot. "Are you ready, sugar?"

"Oh, Gayle, I've been ready for you for a long time, sweetie." Trish's left arm had already been around the woman's shoulder as she drove. Now, the girl just seemed to melt forward into the woman's arms and her face drew close to Gayle's. Her warm breath smelled of peppermints and pussy. "Are you ready for me?" The two beautiful girls gazed into each other's eyes. This was a big move for Gayle, checking into the local motel with another woman.

Gayle shifted her gaze from those big eyes to the full, pouting lips so close to her own. "I can't believe this, Trish, but I am. I can't believe this has all happened so fast, but I am--so much. I want you more than I can say." With that, Gayle closed the distance between their faces and the two pairs of painted girl-lips mashed together. They quickly opened wide and long, serpentine tongues dueled within. They swapped each other's tongues and saliva in a passionate kiss. Fresh lipstick smeared again as this was not just a kiss of a quick one-night stand. This was the passion of a new emotional and physical relationship. They groaned into each other's mouths. Hands clutched the back of each other's hair to pull closer.

Finally, Gayle broke the kiss. "Let's go, Trish, before we spend the whole night here in the parking lot. I'll get the room."

With reluctance, Trish moved away from her new girl-lover's luscious body and got the door. They jumped down from the truck and steadied themselves. Their legs were still weak from passion. They looked at each other and giggled when they realized their lipstick was smeared again. The girls held hands romantically as they walked across the lot to the office. Their leather jackets creaked as their arms rubbed against each other.

Gayle thought. How was she going to do this? Would she know the clerk at the desk? Here were two voluptuous big-titted women looking ready to fuck in their leather and jeans, obvious with the smeared lipstick what they had been doing. And they were both gorgeous, not as if they'd blend into the scenery. They knew they were knockouts. Now they were walking hand-in-hand into the motel office to rent a room. Not too subtle. How would she handle this? She squeezed her interlaced fingers around Trish's, almost for support and reaffirmation. Trish squeezed back.

Gayle opened the door to the office. She knew the young man there. It was Cliff, who was at the bar from time to time. Not a great tipper. Shit! His eyes grew wide as he looked up at Gayle, then Trish, up and down Trish's body, eyes growing wider, then at their joined hands, then back at Gayle again.

"Hey... Gayle? Hey, Gayle. Gayle? How are you? What, ah, what can I do for you little ladies?" Cliff stuttered, unsure of the situation. He stared at the two sexy girls standing in front of him, as a vision in the night. The older thirtyish sexy blonde with the big tits in the tight faded jeans, black cowboy boots, black leather fringed halter top squeezing deep cleavage between those full tits and flashy black leather jacket with the younger busty babe with the bigger tits, ultra-tight faded brown leather miniskirt, matching fringed leather jacket and "fuck-me" brown ankle boots. They had been holding hands when they came in, but now the younger one twined her brown-leathered arm around Gayle's black-leathered arm possessively, clutching the older girl's biceps. Their hair was not exactly in place, and their incredibly full lipstick mouths were smeared slightly. And what was that? Just under Gayle's ear, by her neck, was the clear burgundy imprint of a pair of female lips. And that younger girl was wearing that color! The pieces to the puzzle began to form a picture. Once that picture grew in his mind, so did the hard-on he rapidly experienced. "Hey, Gayle. Watch gals know tonight?"

The younger busty girl giggled. "Oh, a hell of a lot more than we did a few hours ago, cowboy!" She giggled again and squeezed Gayle's arm. Gayle grinned awkwardly. Trish wasn't making this easy for her.

"Hey, Cliff. Just out for alittle partying'. Had alittle to drink, so thought we'd get a room for the night instead of driven' home." That was the best line Gayle could think of to limit the damage, if that was possible at this point. Cliff wasn't a brain surgeon, so the best way to do this was quick and to the point. "Got one ready?" She hoped her grin looked natural.

"Ah, yep. Double beds or single king?" He asked this automatically, but realized what he was implying too late. The heat was affecting his thinking. He rose from his chair stiffly. He tried to grin back, but the fantasy in front of him made it half-hearted.

"We'll take a king," Gayle replied, keeping her cool. She tossed the credit card she had fished from her pocket on the counter.

"King? Oh, uh, yeah, okay. Huh. Yep, I guess you can have the one around the corner. Kind of away from the road noise, by the pool. King, yeah, okay." His upper head was on automatic pilot while his lower head had taken control. He ran the card, fished a key from the drawer, and handed it to Gayle. A last, dying thought from his upper brain, "Uh, you gals need me to get anything for ya, bring it by the room? Beer? Snacks?"

"No, Cliff. Thanks anyway. Just some privacy, okay?" Gayle said firmly. She knew Cliff's type from the bar every night.

"Yeah, Cliff. We've got everything we need. Right, sugar?" Trish giggled again and slid her hand down to squeeze her girlfriend's tightly leaned ass cheek. It was sudden and Gayle couldn't believe how tough Trish was making this. But it also hardened her nipples again, so she smiled, turned and led the girl out of the office to the night air. Leaving a stunned Cliff behind the counter.

"Well, that was fun, you nasty little girl." Gayle whispered to her girl-lover as she put her arm around Trish's shoulders. Trish wrapped her arm in turn around the older woman's narrow waist and clutched her hip.

"Fuck it, baby. Who the hell is he, anyhow? We got some sexy girl-wrestling' to do anyhow, right?" Trish was heating up again quickly, feeling her girlfriend's thigh and ass. She needed to come badly.

"Oh, yeah, you sweet thing," Gayle squeezed the soft brown-leathered shoulder and drew Trish in under her arm possessively. That was her old life, this seemed to becoming her new. And her cunt was starting to juice again. The two girls, arms wrapped romantically around each other, walked around the corner to the room that was theirs. The hell with Cliff and those bar guys.

Gayle unlocked the door and almost walked in. Trish stopped her. "Hey, this is our first bedroom together, Gayle. How about carrying me across the threshold?" Trish smiled at her girl-lover. "How 'bout it? Let's make this special."

"Oh, uh... hey, yeah, why not?" The idea began to quickly appeal to Gayle's romantic instincts and her smile grew with pleasure. "Okay, sugar, I like that idea. Our first night together."

Gayle drew the busty young stripper in closer to her. Their breasts touched roughly through the tight tops, nipple to hard nipple. They gazed hotly at each other. Suddenly the muscular older woman reached down and, with her arm under her legs, lifted the girl in her arms. Trish's breath was taken away by the sudden demonstration of strength from this gorgeous, sexy blonde. Gayle lifted Trish easily in her arms and drew her into her large breasts. Trish placed her hands on Gayle's taught biceps and held them through the supple black leather of her jacket, feeling the muscles bulging. She dug her long glossy nails into the soft kidskin leather and drew her face in to meet the blonde's. They clinched tightly and indulged in a deep, wet, open-mouthed kiss. Trish's senses burned with the sudden erotic power that Gayle held over her. She reveled in giving herself to this strong, sexy blonde and allowed the woman to carry her into the motel room, all the while sucking on each other's tongues.

Gayle stood in the dark motel room, lifting the gorgeous girl in her arms, her arm muscles bulging, thanks to her workouts. They moaned into each other's mouths. The sounds of female tongues slurping and their leather jackets creaking against each other were the only ones in the silence of the room.

Trish suddenly broke the wet kiss and gazed into Gayle's smoldering, lust-filled eyes. "I hope this is the first of many nights in a bedroom together for us, baby," she breathed sweetly into the blonde's face, "the first of many nights for us." Gayle smiled at the sudden vulnerability in this tough little stripper. It was a magic moment between them that needed no response, other than the one she gave. With a groan, their faces came together again. Trish wrapped her arms tightly around Gayle's neck, bringing them even closer together in their passion. The two women mashed mouths, French-kissing deeply, wetly, soulfully.

With a sigh, Gayle reluctantly broke the kiss and gently laid her girl-lover on the king bed. As Trish was licking Gayle's saliva from her lips, the woman turned on a small light in the corner and closed and double locked the door. This was going to be their little world tonight. She turned back to Trish and gazed at her lustfully. She wanted the girl more than she could admit.

Trish returned the gaze with equal heat, then smiled, "Hey, I got a great idea, you sexy thing. Didn't Cliff say we have a pool behind us?"

"Yeah, why?" This was a strange question when they were about to attack each other.

"I got a great idea, baby. I think we can get to it through the back door. Don't take anything off. Come with me. I always wanted to do this. This is gonna be hot, trust me!" Trish got up from the bed, took the confused woman's hand and led her out by the pool. "Oh, great, no one here!" Trish whispered as she looked around in the semi-darkness by the pool. "This is gonna be great. Just follow me. Don't worry 'bout clothes, keep 'em on!"

Gayle looked around in puzzlement, not sure of what was coming next. But she trusted her new girl-lover, even though they hadn't known each other very long. Somehow she knew there would be some fierce orgasms coming very soon. And, following slightly behind Trish, she was eyeing the stripper's tight, leather-covered ass cheeks. She was salivating at the thought of burying her nose between those young globes right into the girl's rectum. What a slut she had become in such a short time! Trish guided her to the edge of the pool, by the steps down into the heated water.

Trish drew closer to the steps, but Gayle resisted. "Hey, what are you doing? If you want to go in, what about our clothes? I'll strip mine off."

"No, baby. This is half the fun!" Trish giggled. "All our stuff will dry by morning. I've always wanted to do this. Watch!" With that, Trish released Gayle's hand and stepped down into the pool, fully clothed, step by step. Gayle watched in amazement, but evolving into erotic curiosity. Trish was loving the feeling of the water running down to her toes inside her ankle boots, and of the wet leather skirt on her thighs. She proceeded to soak her top and leather jacket, reveling in the heavy wetness of the jacket and boots. She turned to the woman standing by the pool and locked eyes with her. Trish brought her hands up to her full breasts, now thoroughly wet behind the soaked fabric of her tight top, and massaged the globes. "If you want some of this, baby, you need to come on in. Come on, Gayle. It's warm and about to get warmer."

Gayle watched the young girl's clothes become saturated, leather and all. She had an overwhelming urge to feel that wet body against her own, to feel it all over. She smiled. "Well, get ready, girlfriend. You better make this worth it!"

"Oh, don't worry about that, you hot bitch. Just come on over to me...." Trish took a mouthful of water and spit it down over her huge tits, then fluttered her tongue and the beautiful woman about to join her.

Gayle stepped down the stairs into the water. The feeling was oddly erotic with each step, as the warm water began filled her black leather cowboy boots, ran up the legs of her faded jeans and around her tight ass, engulfing her cunt and ass all at once in a liquid warmth. As she moved further toward Trish, the water rose to her tight black lambskin-leather fringed halter that scooped down and hugged her breasts, the full globes straining against the now wet, but still supple leather. Her nipples were hardening against the sensuous, tight, wet leather. Her hard as with the small gold belly button ring undulated in reaction to the water. Her clothes had been tight before, but, with the warm water, they began gripping each curve and crevice. And Trish's eyes didn't miss an inch. It was all she could do not to jump the woman right there.

Gayle loved the feeling of the water travelling higher and higher, and savored the moment. She checked the feel of her skin-tight stonewashed jeans as she immersed herself fully clothed in the pool. After reveling in her wet gear, she locked eyes again with Trish, who was waiting for her against the wall of the pool, up to her tits in the water.

As the wet leather and jeans clung to their bodies like second skins, the two girls swam the short distance to each other. As their bodies merged into one, Trish floated up and wrapped her legs around Gayle's body. Her arms clutched the beautiful blonde to her chest, mashing slick, wet tits together. Gayle allowed the momentum of her motion to carry her and Trish to the wall of the pool. The erotic sensation was heightened by the unusual sensation of wet leather, jeans and stretch material that hardened the rubbing nipples and leaked down between their legs. Their eyes were riveted on each other's faces, hooded almost into slits. The erotic heat almost boiled the water around them. The leather fringe around Gayle's halter tank top floated up between their huge, tight, mashing tits. It seemed as if the water was a conductor for the electricity between them, hitting each girl in their hardening nipples, between their legs to their rapidly juicing cunts and rising clits, making their skin crawl with lust. Their breathing came heavier and heavier, washing each other's faces in that special, intimate odor of female saliva and perfume.

As they slowly ground their bodies together, bobbing in the water, Gayle never wanted to kiss someone--anyone--as much as this gorgeous stripper. And Trish knew it, feeling the same. "Hey, Gayle-baby, how do you like getting' wet with me? Good idea?" Her lips were only inches from the older woman who had her in a bear hug. She continued to clamp her legs harder around Gayle's hips, her soaking leather miniskirt sliding up her own hips.

"Oh, sugar, this is incredible.... I can't believe this! I love it! So nice, so nice and sexy.... You are sooooo hot, baby. Let me feel how hot you are......" With that, not taking her eyes from Trish's, she reached down between them, sliding her hand in and under the girl's short skirt. She raked her nails up those taught girl-thighs all the way to the thong-covered cunt. Even with the water undulating between them, she could feel the special, gel-like slickness of Trish's pussy juice. It was leaking out into the water and down her thighs. She pulled aside the thong with no trouble, and found those shaved cunt lips. She rubbed the hard ball-like clit, scraping it with her long nail.

"OOOOOhhhhhhh, Gayle. Gayle.... Mmmmm...." Trish's eyes slitted, her thick tongue emerged from her mouth and licked her lips. Gayle saw the glint of the gold tongue-stud as it protruded from her mouth-muscle. "Oh, Gayle... do me... I need you! Do me, baby....! Finger fuck me, I need to come on your hand..... bring me off, baby.....!" Her voice was a whisper of intimacy just between the two girl-lovers. The breath came quicker. Gayle felt Trish's lust through her own body, heightening her own. She slipped her slender forefinger between the cunt lips, feeling the incredible heat as they clamped tightly around her. She slipped several more into the crevice between this beautiful woman's legs. Suddenly she was flooded with the desire to rip orgasm after orgasm from this sexy young girl.

Suddenly Trish's eyes flew open, staring at the big-titted blonde who was holding her in the water, finger-fucking her rapidly. The water seemed to start boiling around her, her thighs tightening around the woman.

"Oh my gawwwd...! Ohhhhhhh...! My gawwwddd.! Gayle, Gayle, baby...!!! Kiss me, Gayle!!! Please, please baby, oh, kiss me you fuckin' slut, kiss me!!!" Trish wrapped her arms tightly around Gayle's wet-leathered shoulders. Their breasts mashed even more as water lapped around their cleavages, nipples rubbing wetly on nipples. She buried her hands in the blonde hair and drew Gayle's face toward her own. She needed this. The passion between the two women was rising to a peak. Gayle let the hot stripper close her face the few short inches. She slid her tongue out before their lips met. Their tongues began a hot, slavering wrestling match even before the pair of pouting girl-lips mashed together in a deep, passionate French kiss. They sucked each other's tongues as if they were expecting them to ejaculate in their mouths. Teeth scraped against teeth. Saliva slobbered off their mouths, slicked their faces to match their wet bodies.

"Mmmmfffffuuuuhhhhh.... Oh, baby, I love it.... Give it to meeeee...." Gayle whispered as their mouths separated and their closed together again. She continued to rapidly slide her fingers in and out of her girl-lover's cunt, manipulating her clit with her thumb. She could feel the orgasm approaching.

"Oh, Gayle! Mmmmmffffhhhhuuuhhhhhh.... I love it..... love it...." Trish could feel her legs begin to spasm. "Oh, uhhhh, uuuuhhhh..... oooohhhhhaaaahhhh." Suddenly the stripper was gripped in the throws of a long-overdo orgasm. Her body spasmed, jerking in Gayle's arms.

Gayle broke the kiss and sank her mouth on the coiled snake tattooed on Trish's neck. She sucked on the flesh, as if she expected the snake to slide up and into her mouth. Trish's head flew back in passionate response. Gayle licked the snake as it traveled up behind the girl's ear, then she kissed and licked Trish's wet ear, sticking her tongue into it, breathing into it, "You're a hot little bitch, aren't you, baby? Cum for me, baby, cum for me Trish!" She slid her hand to Trish's ass, fondling the wet leather slicked over the hard cheek. She used this leverage to dig her fingers even deeper into the busty stripper's cunt. She wanted the girl to cum even more, even harder. The water rippled around her hand as she finger-fucked her stronger, deeper. Her passion was growing for this girl. She couldn't believe it, but her emotions were getting out of hand. Was this love? Or just extremely hot sex? Was there a love growing for this girl? Could she actually fall in love with another woman? Especially a hot, slutty young stripper?

"Fuck me, baby, I love it!" Trish continued to quake with lust. Suddenly she girl realized that Gayle's fingers had dug deep and up to reach her G-spot! Her face contorted. One of the blonde's fingers had slipped to the entrance of her anus! Gayle realized where her finger was inadvertently, and decided to plunge it fully into the small, dark rectum hiding behind this girl's sexy ass cheeks. With her long nail leading the way, scratching at the walls of the intimate ass hole, Gayle began to finger-fuck Trish up her tight rectum while she reached the girl's G-spot. The sudden combination of the warm water sliding around her body, the pressing of this sexy woman's body to her tits, the licking and biting on her neck, and both holes being jammed rapidly brought Trish to the peak, to the deepest climax she had felt in her life.

"Uuuhhhhh, uhhhh, shiiiiittttt!!! Oh, myyyyyy g......" The physical and emotional moment flooded over within the busty stripper. It hit her like lightening in every orifice. She jerked, spasmed in Gayle's arms. "Uh, uh, uh, uh." Suddenly she couldn't speak--nothing came out of her open mouth but her tongue. She had never experienced an orgasm like this. Her eyes rolled back in her head. All Gayle could do was hold her as she reached the top, slow down her hand, and kiss her cheek, her neck, her ear as she began to come down from the peak. Then Trish was through the mist. She came back to earth.

"Hey, sugar. You back with me?" Gayle smiled, her face close to Trish's. She had brought her fuck-hand up and to her mouth, licking off the juice and residue from her girl-lover's pussy and ass. Holding her with the one arm, bouncing gently in the water. Their leather and denim still slid wetly between them. It was like fucking in the womb.

Trish smiled and kissed Gayle softly. "Oh, Gayle.... You are fuckin' incredible! Are you sure you haven't done this before? I mean, that was un-fuckin' real! You drive me absolutely nuts!" Their leather creaked wetly as arms wrapped around shoulders, hands slid up and down lovingly on each other's backs. "Hey, share some with me!" She grabbed Gayle's fuck-hand and plopped each finger in her mouth, sucking off any of the remaining juice and savoring the woman's dripping saliva.

Gayle gazed at this girl clinging to her. She knew she was falling in love with her. They snuggled in the water, kissing and fondling each other's breasts, tweaking and rubbing hard nipples, running fingers through wet hair. The older woman lifted the girl's chin in her thumb and forefinger so that their eyes met. While she was feeling the need to fuck and be fucked, she still wanted to rape this girl, she had to say something. They looked at each other soulfully.

"Trish, I think I'm falling in love with you, baby." This was no idle declaration for Gayle. She had not said this to anyone in a very long time. And she hadn't had these feelings in a very long time. And this was ANOTHER WOMAN!! "I hope this is not too heavy for you to hear. And I know we only just met this afternoon. But I can't help what I'm feeling for you." She affectionately fondled Trish's cheek, then her neck.

"Oh, Gayle," the buxom stripper smile and placed her hands on each side of the older woman's face, "I'm so glad to hear you say that, sweetheart. I feel the same way. I'm falling for you too! I love you too, Gayle. I love you so much, I can't believe it! I've been with other girls before, as you know. But nothing like this--either with girls or guys! I love you, baby." She drew Gayle's face to hers and kissed the busty, beautiful woman as romantically and intimately as she could. Clutching Gayle's face, they coiled their tongues around each other outside of their mouths, slowly ran them around each other's upper and lower lips. They felt the plushy, full lips, licking them sensuously, biting them, sucking each one, upper first then lower. Now that they had declared their love for each other--special love only two women could know--they shared intimate, sensual mouthings, getting to know their lips, teeth, gums. Swapping the special thick wetness of their girl-spit. They would take small mouthfuls of water and mix with their own saliva, spitting back and forth into each other's mouths, then French-kissing deeply, reveling in the passionate wetness.

They continued to murmur loving declarations between them. They became closer physically and emotionally to anyone they had ever know. Gayle knew she had found her soulmate. Trish knew she had finally met the person she was supposed to be with forever. And they had all night to be together, and discuss the future tomorrow.

Gayle had noticed several lights going on in the motel rooms surrounding the pool area during their sex play. No doubt their were some very lucky guys up there who had witnessed two sexy, big-titted women discovering their passion and love for each other. It was a special moment. And they had done it in public, which meant more to each of the women. It was a public declaration of their intimacy, lust and love.

"Hey, baby, I think we've given everyone enough of a show tonight. It occurs to me I haven't gotten you in bed under the sheets yet." Gayle slid her hands over Trish's huge DD tits. Suddenly, as an afterthought, she bent her head to one of those tits and sucked a wet cloth-covered nipple into her mouth. It immediately hardened. Even through the cloth, Gayle could run her tongue over the teat and feel it's point.

"Oh, jeez, you ARE a horny little slut, aren't you, baby?" Trish grabbed the back of Gayle's head and pressed it harder into her full breast, encouraging more hungry mouth-work on her nipple. "Ohhhhh...."

Gayle released the nipple with a "pop," reached around and squeezed one of the girl's asscheeks. "You made me that way, sugar. I was just drivin' down the road looking for dinner, not love. And there you were."

"Well, I gave you love, and I'm about to give you dinner, girlfriend. Let's go to the room and do some bed-wrestlin'!" The girls giggled at the private joke and dragged themselves and their sopping clothes out of the pool, hand in loving hand. "These things'll dry off by mornin', and you can put on some of my clothes for breakfast." Trish squeezed Gayle's hand as their wet heels clicked along the tile.

They got to their room and stripped off their wet leather and denim. It took just a few seconds before the passions were high again and they joined their bodies tit to tit under the sheets of their cool, king size bed. That night, Trish introduced her girl-lover to face to pussy 69'ing. They sampled the delights of ass tongue-fucking, tit-fucking and enormous orgasms that got better and better each time. Their last two fuck-sessions became much less feverish and more romantic and emotional. Finally, after once more declaring their girl-love for each other, they drifted to sleep in each other's arms.

They slept deeply until noon. Trish rolled over and saw her new love, Gayle, and watched her. Even in the morning, after a night filled with sweat, passion and raw, animal sex--even with girl-juice, sweat and saliva residue dried on her body and face--Trish looked at the blonde with nothing but love and lust in her heart. She stroked Gayle's nipple and watched it harden immediately. The older woman stirred, rolled to her back and opened her eyes sleepily.

"Hey, sexy." Trish murmured. "Sleep well?"

Gayle cleared her throat and licked her lips. She tasted the dried pussy juice and saliva smeared on her face. "Mmmmmmm. That's the best taste to wake up to I've ever tasted." She smiled at her new girl-lover. "I slept like a rock."

Trish gazed at Gayle's face, searching her eyes. "Still feel the same? I know we were pretty swept away last night."

Gayle rolled onto her side again, and looked soulfully into the girl's eyes. "You know I do, baby. I said I loved you last night, Trish, and I meant it... everything. And you?" The woman couldn't believe she had just fallen for this sexy young stripper, but she had.

"All the way, Gayle. I've never felt this way before. And I'm lucky because not only does the girl I love love me, but she gives me the best sex I've ever had! You are wild, girlfriend!" Trish reached her long-nailed hand down to Gayle's crotch and stroked the heated slit.

"Mmmmmmmmm. Sounds like it's time for breakfast... And I'm glad you feel the same way, sugar." Gayle leaned forward, reached up and sank her hand into Trish's hair and mashed her full lips on the girl's. They slurped hungrily and deeply, tasting the dried residue of last night on each other's mouths and faces.

Trish broke the kiss. "Hey, Gayle, I just had a thought."

"Yeah?" She stopped stroking Trish's nipple.

"Listen, why don't we just take off together. Let's blow this place. You don't need this town. I just got here, so I'm not attached, but I'd love to get to the east coast and make some real money dancing. You could tend bar wherever I dance. I know you got a boyfriend here, but I don't think you need that relationship now that you have me. How about it? Come away with me, baby. Come on!"

Gayle thought about it. It made sense. She knew she wanted to be with Trish, with this new love of her life. She couldn't do it in this town, where everyone knew her. Time to get out while she could. And they could be together as a couple. "You're right, I need to get out of here, especially for us to be together. And I want that, Trish. We need to be together, baby."

Trish beamed, impulsively hugged her new girl-love. "That's great, sweetie. Oh, that's just wonderful! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to setting up together. And no one will care at the strip clubs. All the girls are into each other. Who knows? Maybe we can even get married some day?"

That was a big statement! The idea struck Gayle in her chest, somewhere around her heart. Marriage? To this sexy, sweet, slutty girl? Well.... Why not? Some day, maybe? Who knows? They were truly in love, she knew it. We'll see. Then a thought struck her.

"Hey, if we're going to get out of town together, we need to do it right away. Jack will find out what I've been doing, since I didn't come back last night and everyone in the diner saw us. I hate to do this, since I want to fuck you through the bed right now, but we need to hustle up so I can get back to the apartment and get my stuff before Jack gets off shift!"

"Oh, baby, I hate to say it, but you're probably right. We need to move fast and get out. We can fuck like minx later on. Let's shower, change and get your stuff from your apartment." They kissed again, deeply.

"There's one thing I want to do before we leave town, though. I'll tell you later," said Gayle, and got up to shower.

The two incredibly horny, sexy girls went to Gayle's apartment that afternoon and packed up all of her things, throwing all the bags and boxes into the back of the pickup. The pickup that they first met in, had their first sex in back by the diner. Both were excited, in more ways than one. They decided to fuck each other once in the apartment before leaving, they had just enough time. It was only an hour before Jack was to arrive from his shift. Gayle wrote him a "Dear John" letter to let him know not to worry, but she had fallen in love and was leaving town. They ran hand in hand down to the truck, still buttoning buttons, giggling along the way. They were off on their new adventure together. But there was one last thing to do....

"I'm gonna drive over to the diner, Trish. I need to say goodbye to one other person before we leave." Gayle licked her lips and glance at Trish.

"I know, baby. Go ahead." Trish had already guessed.

The pickup slid into the parking lot at the diner, stopping by the front entrance. Gayle jumped out from behind the wheel. She was looking ravishing, as she always did. Shorty, low-cut tank top, tight cut-off jeans shorts that ran right up the crack of her tight, shapely ass. Make-up just right, hair carefully styled. She jogged up the steps to the diner and opened the door.

"Hey, Donnie, where's Sue Anne?" The young man at the cash register looked up and smiled.

"Hey, Gayle. She's in the back, should be out in a sec. You want me to get her?"

"Yeah, I'm kinda in a hurry. Need to tell her something. Thanks."

Donnie disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared a minute later with Sue Ann. He went back behind the cash register. Sue Anne's face brightened when she saw Gayle. "Hi, Gayle. Where's your friend?" She was a pretty girl in her late twenties in the same starched white blouse and tight short black skirt she wore yesterday. Her dark brown hair had frosted highlights, pulled back in a ponytail. Her body was toned, with C-cup breasts that swelled out against the white blouse buttoned to just above her cleavage. A nametag identifying her as "Sue Anne" was pinned to her chest. Her face was very pretty, with almost as much makeup as Gayle wore, but with blue eyes and pale pink lipstick glossing her sensuous mouth.

"She's out in the truck, Susie. I just wanted to stop by to say goodbye."

The waitress stopped in her tracks. "Goodbye? What do you mean? Where ya goin'? Where's Jack?" She frowned in puzzlement.

"Jack should be reading my goodbye letter right now. He's out of my life. Trish and I are leaving for the east coast. I think I may be in love, Susie!" For some reason, Gayle thrust her big tits out upon making that declaration.

"East coast? In love? With who?" Sue Anne was still puzzled by this sudden change in events.

"I'll leave that to your imagination, sugar. We're leaving now and I wanted to say goodbye. But I needed to say goodbye to you in person. I saw you last night from the parking lot." Gayle gazed into those surprised blue eyes.

"What? Last night? I, ummmm, I... Uhhhhh....." Sue Anne stammered and put a hand on her chest over her left breast. "What do you mean?'

Suddenly, Gayle closed the short distance between them. She grabbed both of Sue Anne's arms by the biceps. Her eyes focused on the young woman's full, sensuous, glossy lips. She pulled Sue Anne toward her and mashed her mouth to Sue Anne's. The waitress didn't know how to respond. Her lips were hard against Gayle's. But suddenly they softened as the busty brunette didn't pull away. It became obvious this wasn't just a normal girl to girl goodbye kiss. This was something more! Sue Anne felt the electricity between them. Her lips softened and she felt Gayle's thick, wet tongue slide against her pink-painted lips. This was goodbye!!?? In a split second of decision, going with her sudden emotions, Sue Anne allowed Gayle's tongue to enter her mouth. Her own tongue coiled around the blonde's. Within seconds, Gayle had wrapped her arms around Sue Anne and the two women indulged in a passionate girl-girl French-kiss! Sue Anne's arms went around Gayle's waist.

Donnie, behind the cash register, was shocked, to say the least. Suddenly one of the waitresses, a very sexy girl, was standing there in the lobby passionately making out with another woman. And it was the slutty local girl bartender that everyone wanted to hop into bed with! What was this happening right before his eyes? His body reacted first, getting harder than he thought possible. Then his mouth dropped open. No words came out as his eyes bugged from their sockets.

Gayle and Sue Anne were wrapped in each other's arms, deeply mashing their lips together and swapping tongues and spit right there in the public lobby of the local diner!! Even some of the diners turned and saw the action. Murmuring began. The other waitress at the counter stopped pouring coffee and stared.

Suddenly, Gayle broke the kiss. She looked into Sue Anne's eyes. "Susie, I got your phone number. Do you want me to call you when we get to where we're going so you can join us?" She knew this was a tough question to answer so suddenly.

Sue Anne's eyes began to focus again and her emotions, while running fast, slowed to understand the meaning of the question. She struggled for an answer but it came to her.

"Yes, Gayle. Call me. I'll come out to where you two wind up and join you. I want to be with you girls. Will you call me?" Sue Anne's hand went up to Gayle's cheek. There, she said it!

"You know I will, sugar. You'll come out and move in with us. Trish loves you already. I'll call you Susie. And see you before you know it!" Gayle licked the pink lipstick that had smeared off from the waitress to her mouth. She knew she'd leave it there until she shared it with Trish down in the truck. She kissed Sue Anne's hand and handed her a small brown bag. "Gotta go, baby. See you very soon!" In a flash, she was down the stairs, into the truck and off down the highway with her new girl-lover.

Sue Anne, in a fog, watched the truck move off down the road. She turned, ignoring the stare from the cashier, counter girl and a few of the patrons. She went back to her locker behind the kitchen and looked down at the envelope, her thoughts muddled. Her tongue licked at the burgundy lipstick that Gayle had left on her mouth, tasting more of the woman on her lips. She slowly opened the envelope and removed the contents. They were a pair of women's thong panties. The front had some thick fluid dried on the panel covering the pussy. They were obviously used and had been through some kind of fuck-play. She knew they were Gayle's. She brought them slowly up to her nose and inhaled the sensual fragrance of pussy juice, sweat and perfume. Her tongue slid out and licked at the residue, tasting it's sweetness. She closed her eyes and crushed the panties to her nose and mouth. She knew that she'd see Gayle again soon. And her life would change forever.....

The end?
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