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High School Reunion by Tyra Williams

High School Reunion

I couldn't believe it had been twenty years already. Christ, I thought, I'm almost forty! My husband and I both went through the typical pre-reunion dread, both of us scared as hell that someone might look better

But all our fear was for naught. Within an hour of arriving, we had gotten drunk and struck up a conversation with another couple as if we had just seen them yesterday. All four of us had gone to school together and had been good friends. Gina and I were cheerleaders together, and our husbands, James and Max, had played baseball. Max, Gina's husband, was now a lawyer. We were having so much fun that we all went back to their place for drinks. That's when the reunion really got going.

"Lisa," Max said to me, "you sure didn't lose a thing. Your ass is as hot as ever!" I was flattered of course-not many thirty-somethings get such fine comments on their body. I was also turned on-Max hadn't lost much either. Bold with booze, I stood up in the kitchen and raised my skirt, modeling my smooth, bare ass to everyone. "You're not wearing underwear!" my husband shouted, shocked but proud.

"Neither am I, Jimmy," chimed Gina. She followed my lead, pushing her tight leather pants down to her knees and bending over in a pouty little pose that showed off her pink, shaven pussy as well. I had seen her naked many times in high school, but had always resisted commenting on her body. Now, however, the alcohol and my throbbing cunt made it impossible to keep my mouth shut.

"Jesus, Gina," I marveled. "Your ass is magnificent!" She could tell I was turned on, and didn't try to hide the naughty smile that spread across her face. She straightened up, kicking off her heels and getting rid of her pants. "Yeah?" she said. "Well you ain't seen nothing yet."

It was a proposition and challenge both. I ripped off my skirt and tore off my panty hose, distantly pleased by the looks I saw on the faces of our husbands. I unbuttoned my blouse, exposing almost all of my flawlessly tanned skin. My heart was pounding both from nerves and hormones as Gina slipped out of her skintight shirt. God, were her tits beautiful! I couldn't help but reach out my hand and lightly run my fingers across them. She took off her bra, and that was it-I couldn't hold back any longer. I dove into those perky mounds of flesh with my face and bit and pinched her nipples until they were achingly erect. Her deep, lustful moans only intensified my arousal, and I practically threw her to the kitchen floor.

I wasn't the least bit startled to feel a hungry pair of hands tugging at my bra. I was, however, surprised to see that they belonged to Gina's husband. But I didn't care. Once my bra was off I crawled down past her tone, flat stomach and buried my face in her juicy mound. She squealed happily, greedily grinding her cunt into my face without mercy. Just as she was about to come, I screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain at the sudden feeling of a hot, thick cock being crammed into my own love box. It was far too large to be my husband's, and the thought of being fucked by another man after all my years of marriage turned me into an animal. Max was pounding furiously into my hot, throbbing pleasure hole from behind, and I matched him thrust for vicious thrust.

As the two of us continued our carnal skin slapping, I saw that Gina and my husband were having their own fuckfest a few feet away. James had Gina on the kitchen table, holding her muscular calves spread apart as he crammed his cock deeper and deeper into her dripping pussy. Gina and I were both nearing orgasm, screaming louder and louder until the world exploded in a fiery rush of convulsive pleasure. Max pulled his love tool from my pounding juice hole, and it glistened long and thick with my come. I had never tasted my own juices before, and in my drunken lust took his entire cock in my mouth and down my throat in one gulp. The taste of my sweet come on his hot meat made me think of Gina again, and I abandoned Max's blowjob to get more of her delicious cunt.

By now James had moved her to the floor, still thrusting tirelessly into her, drawing a sharp, high-pitched moan with each deep stroke. I straddled her face so I was looking straight at my husband, whose normal features were now an erotic vision of untold ecstasy. I bent down as Gina lapped at my hairless mound, turned on beyond belief by the sight of my husband's massive meat gliding in and out of this beautiful woman's pleasure box. I darted my tongue across her clit, loving the sound of her muffled cries at my crotch.

James pulled out before he came, gripping his cock fiercely to hold back the explosion of cream. Now Gina's pussy was all mine. We tore at each other's sopping cunts for what seemed like hours with our husbands watching before we came in a loud burst of juice and moans that left us exhausted on top of one another.

But Max and James weren't through yet. "Who thinks they can handle us both?" asked Max. I looked at their long love shafts and almost came at the mere thought of having them both inside of me. Gina had begun licking my pussy again when I said "I can" in my naughtiest voice.

But I couldn't handle them-it was too much for me on that night. I howled in a mixture of pain and pleasure as I rode their cocks, both of them stretching my cunt farther than ever. It was more pleasure than I've ever experienced. I moaned and screamed in deep, lustful grunts as they pounded away. I wasn't even near orgasm when I felt first one and then the other cock suddenly stiffen and wildly begin to jerk. I kept riding them, desperately wanting to feel their steamy cream inside of me. Max tried to pull out but I wrapped a leg around him, drawing him even deeper into me. When the two of them finally started shooting it was enough to make my aching hole convulse with another glorious orgasm, and I wailed with shameless pleasure.

Once the two men pulled out, Gina was right back to her old tricks again, licking the milky sperm from my pummeled mound until I came again. Finally the four of us collapsed in a hot, hard-breathed pile of naked flesh until morning came and it was time for the goodbye fucks. Max woke me up around nine with his rigid cock pushing against my sore pussy. It felt like his cock was twice as big as it had been the night before, and I swear he shot double the load inside me. My orgasm woke up Gina and my husband, who lost no time in following suit.

We could have gone on like that forever. God knows I fantasize about it every night, what it would be like to live in the same house with those two, endlessly fucking and moaning night after night. But James and I live in a different town, so we have nothing but the memory to keep us horny. I know one thing for sure, though: we won't wait another ten years to meet up again!

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