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Hide-n-seek by Thisold1


You know all the standard stuff. Don't read if under 18, not human, a politician who has done more than these stories, a pervert, or anything not covered in the above.


Brandi had floored me the very first time we had met. She and my step-daughter, Janet, were sleeping out in the play house when I came home from work about midnight. I went out to where they were and was making sure everything was okay when Janet said she had to go to the bathroom.

Brandi had a set of eyes that made one moan inside. In the candle light they looked more than sexy as she openly taunted by licking her lips and looking every place on my body but my eyes.

"Well, have to go get a cup of coffee," I said on hearing Janet leaving the house to come back to the tiny playhouse.

"Oh," Brandi said with a tone in her voice that sent a chill up my spine, "I think I can find something more interesting than a cup of coffee." With that, she slid the blanket and her night gown, if she had one on, up far enough for me to gaze at her crotch, hidden only by a pair of skimpy, red panties.

For the next several weeks, until school was out, Brandi made life a misery for me. In the morning, as soon as Linda, my wife would leave for work, Brandi would come over to wake Janet up. After that I would sit and listen to the two laughing and giggling as they showered together.

By the last week of school I had gotten to the point that I couldn't wait for the two to leave so I could find my own relief.

Linda was no big help, not being as perverted as she was.

"Fuck her," she taunted when I complained about what was going on. "A hot young one might be good for you."

"Hot young one?"

Hot? Very much so. Young? Fourteen is young to me. Yet, I do not really think there are many men out there who wouldn't enjoy the treatment I was getting, especially with a liberal wife.

Shower time didn't stop when school let out for the summer. The only thing that changed was the showers now took a lot longer and Brandi proved to be very capable of showing off in several ways.

"Would you go down and get us a couple of pops?" She asked one day. Looking up I felt myself start turning beet red to find Brandi standing there with nothing but a bra and panties on.

"Sure," I managed to croak out, my eyes giving enough to my mind for me to decide I really wanted this wild young thing.

Throughout the summer, Brandi and I teased and taunted each other. Several times we brushed against each other in ways that would leave little in the other's mind as to what was offered. At the lake, a big water-filled pit the highway department had dug when they had put in the interstate, Brandi all but turned the water boiling as she stood on her head, her spread legs pointing skywards as the water ran off the down and between her legs.

Several times she would swim to me and grab me by my cock, surface and say how sorry she was for bumping into me. At least twice she had dove in and surfaced in front of me with no top on, her perfect tits sticking right out at the reddest-faced man the lake had ever seen. Yet, red faced or not, I was enjoying a view few men my age would have been offered.

"Wanna play hide and seek?" Janet asked one Saturday in mid-August. "We'll take turns with you," she said, looking at me, because you're so good at it."

First Janet and I hid under a fallen tree by the corn field. I had told her to stay on the other side but, long before we saw the flashlights of Linda and Brandi, she had slid up close to me. I was in misery. I could smell her perfume; could look over her arm and see her breasts jutting out, heaving against the tight tee shirt as she breathed. A couple of times, when the other two came close, she wiggled her butt into my groin as she ducked down to hide. Needless to say, we didn't get caught.

Linda and I split up, and I got caught when Janet and Brandi cheated, catching me by the glow of my cigarette as I sat in my hiding place. For the next half hour they vainly tried to find Linda who, hidden in the place I had shown her, simply blended into the back ground too well to be seen.

"Our turn," Brandi said, her hand brushing against my pant leg.

"Take your time," Linda said as she and Janet headed towards the house. "I'm going to have a cold one first."

In a few minutes Brandi and I were back by the woods and I stopped and turned around to face her. Without a word I pulled her close to me and our lips met for the first time. My hand slid down her back as our tongues explored each other, then onto her finely shaped ass, pulling her even closer to me.

"What else can you do with that tongue?" Brandi whispered as my hands roamed over the tight material covering her youthful ass.

"I looked around, grabbed her by the hand. "Come on," I said, leading her towards the corn field.

My heart was pounding by the time I had led the silent girl out deep into the corn field. When I turned to her, she just stood in front of me, washed in the moonlight as my hand touched her cloth-cover boobs for the first time. I knew it would be a long time before the two would be back looking for us, and I used it to explore her chest until her nipples were poking hard against the thin material.

"God," Brandi moaned as I slid the tee shirt off, pushed up her black, silky bra and took her left nipple into my mouth. I didn't think you'd ever build up the courage."

"Hush I replied, the words sounding odd when filtered through her ripe nipple. My hand soon had her pants undone, and slowly I kissed my way down as I pushed both pants and panties down to her ankles. Taking her shoes off one at a time, Brandi giggled as she tried to keep her balance.

With the shoes off it took but an instant to have her stripped from the waist down, except for her socks, and have the cloths laid out for her to lay on Next, off came the tee shirt and bra. I knew it had gone way too far to turn back as I feasted my eyes on her young body, illuminated as if a deep dream from some day long gone by.

With my shirt off and under the girl, I was bent at her side, my left hand exploring her plump, new born tits. God, what perfection! They didn't yield to my touch but pushed back as my hands played over the warm mounds, my fingertips tickling at the hardest pair of nipples I think I had ever touched.

Soon my lips were on her tits, my tongue exploring first one nipple than the other as my left hand roamed down to find the area between her legs covered with but a scanty amount of hair. With my tongue lashing against her nipple, my finger slowly entered her now wet slit, seeking out with ease her swollen clit. Now, in this nocturnal corn field, I owned this fourteen year old as she instantly responded to the touch on her clit.

"Oh, yess," Brandi moaned, lifting her hips off the pile of clothes and pushing against my fingers.

I moved to between her legs, slid my hands under her ass and pulled her young pussy up to my face. Kissing up the left side of her slit, I slowly kissed back down the right side, then planted a deep kiss right on her opening.

"No one's ever done that," Brandi whimpered as her hands grabbed onto some of the clothes.

Well, if no one had ever kissed her pussy, I knew no one had ever ventured into her with a tongue, and slid my tongue deep into her as she gasped out.

She might have been far from a virgin, but she was one when it came to getting a tongue. She responded to feelings she had known but had never felt like this. She moaned, gasped and made odd sounds as my tongue lashed at her. Every once in awhile I would suck her clit into my mouth and fight to keep from chuckling as her body started trembling uncontrollably. In what seemed less than five minutes, her body had started thrashing against me, went rigid, she letting out a gasp as her wetness increased.

I didn't give her a chance to recover, quickly bearing down on taunting her clit until, with a yelp a bit too loud, Brandi reach up and pulled my face even deeper into her snatch as her thighs wrapped around my shoulders.

By the forth time Brandi came, I figured the sun would come up to find my blistered lips buried deep into this young woman who didn't seem to be able to get enough tongue on her clit. I knew she was now mine until her lustings left her. I slipped my finger into her hot juices than lowered it to her anal opening as I sucked her clit in and massaged it with my lips.

"Ahhhhhh," she groaned as her legs tightened. In an instant of her coming I forced my finger deep into her ass, my lips keeping her in a state where she couldn't stop.

Brandi didn't even try to stop me from finger fucking her ass as I leaned back and watched her pert, young body building for her next climax, a climax from fingers in both her hot ass and steaming, soaking cunt. I could feel her building as my fingers played in her depths. Her breathing was loud now, almost a deep gasp as her tits heaved to her breathing. One finger in her ass and two fingers deep inside her cunt, I soon knew this wasn't about to be the last I would toy with this girl.

With my pants off, I spread her as wide as I could and kissed her as deeply as I could as my cock entered her. God! She felt so good. The taste of her kisses, the feeling of her firm tits against my chest and, above all, the hotness of her cunt as I worked in and out of her.

"I don't want it to stop here," I offered, feeling my own end reaching out to grip my world.

"It ain't," Brandi taunted, her legs pulling me even deeper. "I've had her in the shower, now I want both of you at once."

I gasped as I emptied deep in her. The thought that she had been doing Janet in the shower, something I had jacked off to many times, had been too much. Visions of Janet and her, adding their own steam to the shower was a vision too wild to put aside.

It was obvious, by the time we got to the house, that the other two had forgotten the time, not going out to find us, or was it all planned? Linda set at the couch, a glass of wine on the coffee table, and Janet, from the music coming from her room, had decided to call it a day. Brandi, her clothes rather crumpled, headed for Janet's room as I sat down on the sofa with Linda. I put my head back, hearing giggling coming from the bedroom and feeling Linda's stare as I wonder what next these females had in planning.

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