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Helen Lust by Steeler

Helen Lust

Helen is very sexy, and I found myself fancying her in a perverse way. She has a nice pair of knockers and I love to watch her boobs wobble as we walk. One day when we were out together I whispered to her how I felt about her. We found a quiet spot behind some old buildings and I pushed her back against the wall. My next move was to press my body into her belly and tits. My dick was already on the rise as I stepped back and began to squeeze Helen's boobs with hard rhythmic strokes.

They were much softer than I had imagined and squashed easily through my excited fingers. Slowly her nipples came up and began to poke through her white T-Shirt, digging into my palms as I continued to "pap her up". I got my dick out and asked her to wank me off as I played with her tits. Helen's hands are a work of art, tipped as they are, with long, sexy, crimson nails. She encircled my penis and began to pump up and down. No gimmicks, no lubrication, no technique, just pure lust. As she wanked me, Helen's jellies wobbled about in my hands as I squashed them.

I lifted her T-Shirt to reveal the rest of her body and began to rub that too. Helen caressed and squeezed my dick as her fingers drove me toward my orgasm. I used my thumbs to manipulate her rubbery erect nipples as I cupped and fondled her magnificent breasts. Suddenly it was all too much and I spunked off over her hand.

I smeared it onto the skin of her belly, pulled her T-Shirt down and we continued our walk. On the way home we stopped off in a dense woodland to make love.

I stripped Helen's white T-Shirt from her body and looked at the way her tits spilled out of her bra. Helen was flicking her nipples to harden them as I undressed and then I pulled down her trousers to reveal her lovely trimmed twat. She removed her bra and her tits drooped slightly as they were freed from the restriction. Helen's cunt was already flowing with juice as she rammed two fingers up it in front of me. "You know" she said "I've been longing to be with you like this but up 'till now I've had to make do with masturbation." Without a word, I shoved my hard on right up her cunt and felt Helen's juices spurt out of her twat all over my balls.

I rammed into her and I could see her whole body wobbling to my thrusts. I rammed my belly into her body and grabbed her lovely tits, twisting them as I did so. Helen is about 3 inches shorter than I and so I was able to shove my dick into her twat easily. This made her tits rise and fall in my hands and really turned me on. Our lust for each other increased as we fucked our way toward heaven, slamming our bodies together in an orgy of sexual gratification. I tweaked her hard nipples as I fucked her hard and fast. The sun shone down on our writhing bodies as my dick pistoned in and out of Helen's unbelievable pussy and I withdrew, before splashing her lovely body with spurts of spunk.

It ran down Helen's body and over her silky flesh. I used my dick to smear the spunk over her making her lovely skin glisten. "It's alright you know" said Helen "I've been sterilized. You can pump spunk into me as much as you want". Helen had not finished her orgasm and began to masturbate as she stood there in front of me. Her fingers caressed her labia and pulled her cunt lips wide. A crimson nailed index finger then stroked her clitoris as the orgasm mounted. I noticed for the first time her delicious naked belly and fondled her until I reached the tops of her legs.

Helen began to gasp and moan as the orgasm surged through her. It then subsided and her body stopped shaking to her wanking strokes. "Let's go back to your place" she said. As we dressed, lust once again flowed over me and I could not deny that I desperately wanted to try different facets of perverse sex with this sexy girl. On arrival at "my place" we retired to the bathroom. I began to smear baby oil all over her skin as she stood in the bath masturbating herself.

As I squeezed her lubricated tits they slipped out of my grasp and I loved the way the soft slippery objects slid about in my hands. I stood behind her and turned her to face the bathroom mirror. We could both see in the reflection the effect of our caresses. As I smeared Helen's flesh with the oil I asked her if she would allow me to sodomise her. "I don't know what that is" she replied.

I explained that I would lubricate her arse and my hard on before pushing it into her anus. Helen looked horrified but I explained that there was a pleasure spot inside that had probably never been properly stimulated. "Ooh well" she said "it sounds a bit pervy to me but I suppose we should give it a try".

Helen bent forward and in the mirror I could see her shiny fleshy breasts hang down. I looked down at her brown hole and squirted baby oil into it. My finger probed into her bum and I added more oil as her sphincter opened wider and I probed deeper. When my 3 fingers were fully embedded I lubed up my dick and touched the rim of her arsehole with my glans. "Here we go" I exclaimed as I pushed slowly into her. "Oh, Oooh, Aaah, Oh, It's hurting, pull it out a bit, Oh, That's O.K. now, Ooh, In and out, Yes a bit deeper now, Oh god, Yes, Shagme there, Yes, Right there, Yes, faster, Oh god you bastard, faster, sodomise me".

I did as she directed, "Ooh, This is great" she continued "I never knew about this, Oooh, Ooh, Oh, Out a bit, Yes, Just there, Go as fast as you can, Yes, Yes, Yess, Oooh, Oooh, Aaah, Aaah, Eeeeeh, Eeeeaeeeeeeh"! Helen's lovely cool bum twitched and her asshole gripped my dick viciously, her whole lovely body began to spasm as she screamed, "OH, FUCKING HELL, AAAAH, OH MY GOD, YOU FUCKING PERVERTED BASTARD, OOOH, HOW COULD YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD".

Helen's orgasm finally subsided and she returned to her quiet self. "I'm sorry", she said "I lost control there for a moment". "I could tell", I replied. " Is there anything you want to try now"? A dirty smile crossed Helen's face. "I rather fancy being tied up 'till I can't move and then having you wank as you sexually abuse my available body". Minutes later we were spreading a plastic sheet on my bed. We were still covered in oil as it seemed to excite us more when we were slippery.

Helen lay on her back on the bed and I placed a slip knot over her right wrist. I ran the washing line under the bed and tensioned it before tying her other wrist to it so that her wrists lay on the edges of the bed. I tied her ankles to each castor making sure that Helen was incapable of movement apart from her torso and her head. "Now, you horny bitch", I said. "Is that how you like it, eh? I'm gonna have you later, but first I'm gonna have a right good feel".

Helen's breasts fell to the side of her body and for a while I amused myself by scooping them up and banging them together on her chest before letting them go and watching them spring back. I then placed by knees either side of her torso and lined my dick up with her chest, re-oiled her tits, and wanked myself off with her lovely breasts. I rubbed her tits along my hard shaft as she moaned, "You bastard, you utter bastard, you're using me, Oh Ooh, pinch my nipples, I can come if you do that, Ooh, do that for me now, Ooh, Aah, that's nice, Ooh, that's right, Ooh baby, Ooh".

My dick and balls shafted through her jugs and my pleasure grew with every stroke I made. Helen's boobs wobbled as I stabbed into them and I could feel them vibrating around my meat. I could feel my spunk rising as orgasm approached and so I speeded up to the magnificent moment when my spunk burst forth and spurted out three times, all over her jellies and her face, I began to rub the sperm into her jugs when I felt I could come again and I squeezed her jellies hard around my shaft as a fourth and fifth spurt came out splashing her breasts. "Rub your come over my hard nipples, you bastard" said Helen. Ooh that's good, Oooh,Aah, Did, Did you, Ooh, Did you like doing that to me, Ooh, Ooohaa, You raped me you know, I didn't give permission and you did it anyway you bastard, Oooh, you raped my tits, Lick me, Lick my nipples and say you're very sorry to them".

I licked and sucked on her nipples, punctuated with the occasional "sorry" to please her. I then dismounted her and knelt on the floor at the bottom of the bed. "Where are you going"? she said. "I'm going to eat you, all up" I replied. "No, I don't want you to. I forbid you to, Oooh my god, No, Ooh, stop eating me, Aaah, Clit, Clit, Leave my Ooh, Clit alone, No, Don't you push your tongue up my cunt, Oh, like that, Oooh, Yes like that, Ooh I like that, Yes, Yes, More, Harder, Yes, Ooh, my god you're eating me". I reached up to grasp her breasts and began to maul them as I licked Helen out. She began to moan again "Ooh, my nipples, you've got my nipples and my clit you bastard and I can't stop you, Ooh, No, Oooh, Yes, Aaah, Yes, Yes, YES, YES, OOOooh, AAAaah, OOoohh".

She tensed up and screamed a final "OOOOOOHHHHHHHEEEEEEEYY". As I looked up I saw that Helen was shaking with lust. I grabbed her tits and shoved the nipples in her mouth and as she licked I squeezed her boobs into her face. "I have to go and get something" I said, "I'll be gone a few minutes". "But I can't wank off like this. Oh, please untie me" replied Helen. "No, you horny bitch you can wait and let the lust mount".

With that, I left Helen struggling with the ropes and went into the living room. I rang a few numbers and, "Hello Gary, are you busy at the moment? Good, get round here as fast as you can. I've got Helen tied to the bed begging for it and I need a couple of guys to gang bang her. Bring Julian with you. Fine see ya". I got back to Helen and she said "I can't break out you bastard". "I'm going to move you anyway" I replied. I unfastened the ropes and asked her to shuffle down the bed until her cunt hung off the end. "What are you up to"? she asked".

I replied by tying off her ankles to the castors and reattaching her wrists to the bed. In this position she could open and close her thighs a little but it was perfect for the missionary position. I knelt in front of her and impaled her with my weapon. Her cunt hole slid open as I pushed my dick into her, slowly and gently. I ignored her screams to "speed up" and enjoyed the pleasure of fucking this wet, open, eager, young cunt.

Minutes later the doorbell rang and she said " Oh, No, Who the hell is that? Get rid of 'em". I put my bathrobe on and let Gary and Julian in. I asked them to undress and join us in the bedroom. "Give me 5 minutes lads and then come". I returned to Helen and checked the ropes were tight, I then licked her pussy and began to fuck her harder this time. Helen was gasping, "Ooh, Yes, That's better, I like it rough, Oh, Yes". Gary and Julian entered the room and walked toward Helen, playing with their own hard cocks. "Oooh, you sneaky bastard" panted Helen, "You know I can't move, I'm trapped, You bastards are gonna just rape me, Use me, Oh fuck me".

I banged away at Helen's pussy while Julian shoved his hard on down her throat. He shagged away at her mouth holding her head firmly in his hands. Gary was wanking himself as he felt her jugs wobbling beneath him. My dick was throbbing as I came to climax and my balls started to twitch, spurting loads of come up Helen's wet pussy. Julian pulled out of her mouth, and freed up Helen's gob. "Ooh, you fucking bastard, how much did you spunk up there"? "Oh, no, Oooh, Don't you fucking dare Julian, Oooh, Aaah, Oooh, Aaah, RA...". Just in the nick of time Gary silenced her by ramming his meat into her mouth. Julian meanwhile was finding it very easy to slop in and out of Helen's lovely twat lubricated as it was by my earlier spunk up. I sat on a chair at the side of the bed and watched Helen struggle against the onslaught of these two men.

Gary was astride her head and was shoving his dick into her mouth and throat with deep violent strokes. Julian was shagging her hard and fast and I could see the shockwaves ripping across her body. He had reached forward and had Helen's fruity nipples in his fingers. He pulled on them as he thrust and I was surprised that Helen's tits could stretch such a distance. Julian was down to the short strokes by now and I watched him shudder to an immense orgasm with his cock embedded in Helen's twat.

It was now so full of spunk and twat juice that a little spurted out as Gary got stuck up her and as each thrust displaced more fanny fluid his belly and balls were covered in it. Gary began to spread the fluid all over Helen's belly making sure it was covered in semen and twat juice. "Yes Gary, That's right, Aaah, Yeah, Aaah, Ooh". Now that Helen's mouth was free she was making her usual noisy contribution to every erotic act. "Yes, Yes harder, In and out and in and Oooh, baby, Oh baby, You're making me come, Oh, I want to come, Oooh, Keep doing that, Ooh, Yeah".

Helen turned her head to Julian and I and said "Can you manage another come, boys". We were both very stiff and because of the perversity of the session we were both still as randy as hell. Helen was screaming by now "Oooh, Ooooh, I want more, Oh, I want more spunk, Bang me harder Gary, I want to feel your hard dick spunk off inside me". I began to masturbate with my dick brushing Helen's mouth as she whispered words of encouragement. "I want you to spunk off all over my face, (Lick). I need your semen in my mouth. Oooh, Gary, bang me harder, Ooh yeah, (Lick, Suck). Splash my face with your spunk, Ooh, I'm coming, Can you both come too? Ooh, Aah, Ooh, Aah, Ooh, OH MY GOD, SPUNK ME YOU BASTARDS)!

Gary gave a shuddering thump and came off inside her. I reached climax and spunked over her lovely face and into her foul mouth. Julian was wanking off as hard as he could and sprayed Helen's sweaty tit's with yet more spunk. " Ooh, you spunky bastards" screamed Helen, "You've creamed off all over me, I can feel it dribbling all over my body, and now I'm laying in a puddle of twat juice and spunk". The others went into the next room as I scooped the spunky puddle into my hands and spread it all over Helen's body. She was now sticky and shining. I untied her and we watched her lick her tit's clean.

Her brown fruity nipples responded to the suck of her lips. Helen reached for her bag and produced a Dildo. She opened her legs and began to push the pink rubber dick up her twat. I got behind her and began to squeeze her tits as she masturbated. Helen used her right hand to frig her clitoris and used the left hand to plunge the Dildo deep into her sex.

"Oh, Oh, It's good, Oh, My, orgasm is rising, Oh, I'm wanking myself" She cried "Oooh, Yes, I love it, Ooh, I can't stop wanking, It's sooooh goood. Ooh, God, Oooh, Yeah, Oooh, Oh, Ooh, Got to rub my clit, Ooh, I'm masturbating, Yes, I'm having a nice wank with my darling Dildo, Ooh, God, Oooh, Yeah, Oooh, Oh, Ooh, I'm rubbing my clit, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, It's good, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oh, Fucking Hell, YES, OH, YES, MY GOD, YES, I'M FUCKING MYSELF, YEAH, OH, YEAH, OH, I LOVE TO FUCKING WANK, OOOH, I'M FUCKING COMING, OOH, OOOH, OUCH, OOH, I'M COMING TO ORGASM, I'M WANKING OFF, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, IT'S GOOD, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OH, FUCKIN' HELL, YES, OH, YES, OHHH, YEAHHH, AGHHHHAAAAEEEEE".

The orgasm rocketed through Helen's body, making it shudder. My hands were still holding her tits and by now my fingers were squeezing so hard that the breast flesh showed white around them. I let go and found my dick trapped in Helen's armpit. I made a mental note to take this further later. I opened an internal door in a partion wall and beckoned Helen to come over. I asked her to kneel in the door frame with her back and head against the wood. In this position she could move no further back and so I began to rub my hard-on along her smiling teeth.

Helen opened her mouth and sucked me gently inside rubbing her slimy tongue along the base of my hard glans. I began to move, gently at first, pushing my dick forward for her to suck and then withdrawing slightly. Helen seemed quite happy to do this for a while but then began to nip me. I began another push but this time I kept pushing, feeling my dick penetrate deeper into Helen's sexy mouth. I held onto her head, pushing it back onto the wood, and began to thrust at her.

Soon I was banging into her mouth at a furious pace, sliding so deep that my balls met her chin with each inward thrust and my glans was buried in her throat. I kept banging away at Helen as she lapped, sucked and slithered around my hard meat. "Suck me harder, as I fuck you" I gasped. I was banging so hard that Helen's pretty nose squashed against my abdomen on the inward thrusts. "Oh, Yes, Ooh, Fucking hell, Aah, Aaah, Aaaah, Oooh," I groaned. Helen's mouth felt so good that I didn't want to come, but by now my orgasm was near. "Ooooh, I'm going to come, I, I'm going to spunk-off right in your sweet mouth, Ohhh, It's coming, It's coming now, Ooohh, Aaahhh, OOOOOHH, OHHHHH".

My tool twitched and I could feel the first spray of spunk jetting from my throbbing dick. Helen swallowed the slimy semen as I continued to fuck her mouth and pump out yet more spunky juice. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK YOU, OOH, HELEN" The salty juice slipped down her throat, and I finally pulled my limp dick out of her mouth.

"Well, we did enjoy ourself didn't we"? She said, in a voice made more sultry by rough treatment and a spunk bath. We got up and went into the next room just it time to see Gary pulling out of Julian's arse and spunking all up his brother's back. Julian was wanking off and I couldn't resist moving closer and licking his tight, swollen glans. Julian erupted and spunked off as my mouth closed over his dick end.

Julian continued to masturbate as I sucked and swallowed the slimy come that jetted from his spunking tool. Gary began to tell me about his first homosexual experience at the hands of his father. Gary was 14 and had been caught masturbating by his mother. He had been sent to his room but when she went to bingo, Gary's dad had asked him to drop his trousers. Gary did so expecting a spanking but his father just played with his son's genitals before dropping his own trousers and removing them.

Gary's dad lubricated his dick with Vaseline and worked some up Gary's arse before pushing his hard prick inside. He told Gary that he must keep this a secret and if anyone found out he would beat Gary senseless. He then began to rape his son violently until he spunked off up Gary's bum. This happened every time Gary's mum went to bingo and soon became expected. Gary began experimenting with his younger brother soon after and they had been lovers ever since.

The boy's dressed and left Helen and I together. We decided to have a shower and as the warm water flowed over our bodies we started to french kiss. Helen sucked my tongue as I squeezed her breasts and she soaped my erection. I lifted her left arm and rubbed soap into her armpit and her bicep. I whispered my idea in to Helen's ear and she turned off the shower. She was wanking me as I continued to soap her left breast. I caressed the slippery soap into Helen's armpit and as she knelt, I stood behind her soaping her left bicep and down the side of her lovely breast.

Helen took her right breast into her left hand and clamped her bicep to her side. I soaped my prick and pushed it into the slippery wetness of her armpit. As it came out of her front it grazed Helen's breast before I withdrew and repeated the process. Helen played with her right boob as I continued to shag her armpit. It was wonderful. I slammed right in and out, in and out banging my balls on her back until the sensations built and I spunked off all over Helen's left breast and hard nipple.

I dried her off and took her to the kitchen. As she lay on the work surface stroking her clit, I licked her pussy lips and tasted her sexy juices. I worked on her cunt with my tongue, sweeping it with broad strokes over my fantasy girl's pouting pussy lips and then pushing the tip of my tongue into her hole. She loved it and I licked at her juicy twat until her legs fell open and she gasped as the orgasm took her. She was ready, and so I crawled up Helen's body and fed my glans in between her pussy lips.

I dropped by body toward hers and pushed my knobbly penis into her slippery twat. I was in up to my balls in one swift movement and I gently vibrated my cock in Helen's hole. Making tiny movements over a long period I found her secret pleasure spot and stimulated her to heights of sexual gratification.

Soon Helen's pussy gripped me fiercely as she orgasmed. her pulsing fanny turned me on but I really wanted to come in her mouth. She opened her lips and took me in, licking my glans and stroking my arse. Helen masturbated me as she mouthed my stiff cock but after a while I took over and wanked myself to a brilliant orgasm that spurted sperm into her mouth and all over her lovely face.

Helen cleaned up, dressed and I asked her when I could see her again. It turned out that Helen, Sarah and Gill were going camping.

She gave me the address and told me she'd meet me in the local pub. When I arrived Helen and her friends had already had a skinful and after a few more drinks I escorted them back to their tent. Helen flopped down onto the airbed and started rubbing her fanny. Sarah took an interest and pulled Helen's knickers from her soaking cunt.

Helen's labia was distended and her clitoris rock hard as Sarah bent down and lapped the cunt cream from Helen's fanny. "Oh fucking Hell, Oh my god that's Good, Oh Yes, Oh my God, Yes, Right there, Yes, Ooh Yess". I felt a hand rubbing my hard on through my Jeans and looked around to find Gill looking very excited and randy. She had pulled her massive tits out, over the top of her bra and was rubbing her nipples with her free hand. I looked across at Helen and Sarah and Helen now had three fingers embedded in her best mate's pussy.

She was twisting them and rubbing Sarah's clit, making her stiffen with pleasure. I could see that this wasn't the first time that these two friends had masturbated each other. Gill pulled my Jeans and underpants off and took my stiffy into her warm wet mouth. She pulled my foreskin right back and licked at the shiny bulbous end. She closed her lips around the shaft and gently squeezed my balls as I started to thrust my penis into her soft slippery mouth and down into her throat.

I reached down and caressed her large soft breasts and stiff brown nipples. I cupped them as I pushed into her, feeling them wobble and sway with the movement of my hips. Gill's tongue clamped to the underside of my knob and I could feel it running along the veins and onto my ball sac as I pushed my belly into her face. As I looked over Gill's shoulder I could see Sarah rubbing Helen's clitoris with her index finger.

"Rub me hard" gasped Helen, "Rub me really hard, Ooh". Sarah's hand was a blur as she rubbed Helen's slimy cunt pressing so hard that her fingertip's showed white with the strain. I heard Sarah say "How's that bitch? How do you like me rubbing you now?" "Oh it's nearly there" cried Helen. "Ooh I am coming ! Ooh, Aah, Oooh, Ooh, Rub me, Oh rub me, Yes Oh, Yes there, Yes, Oh yes right there Ooh, Rub, Yes, Ooh, Yes, Rub, Rub me Harder, Now, Ooh Ooh, Oooh, Aaah, Yess, Now, AAaahhOooh !"

I felt my dick jerk and shot a little amount of come into Gill's mouth before I pulled out and shoved it into Helen's spasming sex as her orgasm died. Her cunt was slippery and swollen and the bulges on my penis brushed her pussy lips with every push of my body. Helen's mouth shot open to scream but Gill dropped her fanny onto Helen's lips and began to finger herself. as Sarah played with her clit.

Helen was still shaking with orgasm as I continued to fuck her pouting pussy. Sliding into her I could feel my orgasm mounting. I could see Helen's tongue lapping at Gill's pussy as Gill continued to rub her sex. "Ooh, Fuck me" cried Helen. "Ooh, Fuck me harder, Yes, Harder, Yes, Now, Oooh". Helen's sex gripped and pulsed around my meat and urged me to Spunk up as I rammed into her. "Oh, I'm coming Helen, can you take it ?"

I gasped. "Yes, do it now" she replied. I felt the spunk bubbling up inside me and It came shooting out of me fuelled by excitement and pure lust. It blasted into Helen's hot twat. I could feel my dick beating against the walls of her wet fanny as I spurted once again into the object of my desire. I kept driving into her until my orgasm had subsided and then I lay with Helen until my dick softened and plopped out of her slippery hole. Sarah and Gill were licking each other out in a 69 position and both moaned as their cunts throbbed to the stimulation.

Sarah moved her legs to allow Gill to place her right breast in contact with her pussy. Gill then swayed back and forth brushing her rubbery nipple along Sarah's cunt crack and onto her clitoris.

The effect was electric, charging both girls with sexual energy. I watched as Gill's fun bags wobbled around Sarah's genital area and I reached out for a handful of delicious warm pink jelly. Her breast wobbled in my hand and her skin felt sensuous to my touch. As I squeezed, her ripe breast flesh spilled between my outstretched fingers and her nipple buried into my palm.

Sarah was crying out now" Press your tit into me, Please, Ooh Yes, I'm coming now, Oh yes, right there, Yes, Yes, Ooooohh ! Ooh, Fuck me with your big tit's, Yes, Ooooohhh ! Yes, Ooooohhhh ! Yes, Ooooohhhh, Yes, Aaaaahhh ! Gill rolled off Sarah and knelt on all fours pointing her arse at me, It looked deliciously inviting, and as my hard on had regained stiffness I prodded it up her cunt from behind. My belly slapped into her arse as I sought maximum penetration.

Helen moved to suck Gill's nipples from below and the shock waves that I was creating made Gill's boobs wobble in Helen's mouth. I couldn't see Helen's expression but I bet she looked so delightfully dirty sucking on her friends big tits. I banged Gill really hard, trying to ram as much meat into her as I could. Gill's brown arsehole looked very inviting and so I licked a finger and began to probe her. Soon Sarah took over and managed to get three fingers into Gill's arse before I pulled out and came all over Gill's arse cheeks. "You bastard" said Gill.

"I wanted your length up my bottom" "Too bad" I replied, "You'll just have to wait a while". They all got ready for bed and I left them 'till the following morning. The next day I went out shopping with Helen and we happened to pass a sex shop. We both went in to look at the merchandise and became very randy looking through the magazines. The shop had a private area for shoppers to fully explore the goods and we asked the owner if we could try some of the items. I disappeared inside and found an inflated sex doll waiting in the private cubicle.

Helen was rubbing my bulge and encouraging me to try it. I stripped off and lubricated the doll before pushing into it. Helen reached for the controls and sat beside me rubbing her twat. I began to shag the doll and Helen turned one of the controls. The doll started to throb and the sensations were quickly transferred to my dick end. I was still thrusting and the waves of pleasure started to increase as Helen flicked a switch and the doll started to combine the throbbing with a squeezing action.

It was the most incredible feeling to be made love to by a machine. I banged into the doll really hard and came off in long spurting pulses. I cleaned the doll and looked across to see what Helen was doing now. She had pushed a "Pulsing thruster" right up her sweet little fanny and it was stretching her cunt walls as it expanded and throbbed.

She looked across at me as she turned up the speed and her face looked shocked at the pleasure she was receiving. Her mouth flew open and her jaw locked as she tried to control the pleasure relentlessly flowing from the machine. I could see her panting and gasping for air as she started shaking during the intense orgasm. eventually she turned down the machine and pulled it from her still spasming fanny. " Oh fucking hell" cried Helen. "I must have one of these!" We looked around the other displays and opened one of the pornographic magazines.

Page after page of girls with spunk dribbling down their faces or out of their open mouths met our gaze. Leather clad twosomes fucking really hard and fast and older women holding their fanny wide open as young boys masturbated and spurted onto elderly flesh. A woman tied over a bench and being brutally shagged up the arse looked as if she was screaming for help. We wandered into a video viewing booth and began to watch the show. A large older woman was masturbating the young boy as she played with herself and her hand powered up and down as he rubbed her floppy tits and pulled on the rubbery brown nipples.

Helen began to squeeze my cock in time with the action on the screen and as the older woman turned to camera I recognised her as my next door neighbour Jenny!

I watched as she lowered her head and began to lick his erection as he thrust his hips forward to get deep into her throat. Jenny let go of his throbbing dick and he grasped the back of her head and pulled it toward him. Jenny by now has no choice but to take his enlarged glans deep into her elderly throat with every stab he made. Her body shook with the force of his thrusts and her tits wobbled and twisted, He reached down and began to squeeze and maul her right breast. I could see the flesh spilling between his lucky fingers.

I reached out for Helen's breasts and as she continued to fondle my penis I copied the erotic gropings up on the screen. I shoved Helen's head down onto my hard penis and she opened her mouth and began to deep throat me as I lapped at her naked breasts......

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