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Having Lunch with Insatiable Rick by Sentimental Journey

Having Lunch with Insatiable Rick

Rick was horny. Ever since his wife, Donna had given birth six months earlier, she had no longer been interested in sex. They were both young and had started dating in high school. The pregnancy had been an accident and Rick, wanting to do the right thing, married her before the birth of their son. However, now at the still young age of nineteen, he was no longer regularly having sex as he had been so used to before. He worked full time in order to support his wife and newborn child. At night he came home and helped Donna care for the baby. He no longer had time to go out with his friends or any opportunity to meet women. Luckily his job was just across the street from his house cutting down on the time it would take to get from home to work each day. As the custodian of an elementary school, all he had to do was walk across the street and in less than five minutes he was home.

It was lunch break and also the middle of summer. School was not in session so Rick could take an extra long lunch if he wanted, just as long as he got his work done by the end of the day. He wasn't exactly hungry. Spending some time in bed between the warm soft folds of a woman's legs for a while sounded much better than food., but who would be willing to accommodate him? He often spent time with his wife's best friend, Cheryl, who liked to innocently tease him about his good looks, while secretly flirting with him when Donna wasn't around. He hoped that all her flirting meant that she was sincere in finding him attractive.

As soon as he arrived home, he called Cheryl. Since she was a school teacher, she was off work and stayed home most of the summertime lounging around the pool. He was pleased when she answered on the second ring.

"Hey Cheryl, it's Rick," he said.

"Oh hi!" she replied, sounding excited to be hearing from him. "What are you up to?"

"Oh about ten and a half inches last time I measured," Rick said laughing at his own joke.

Cheryl laughed too. "Wow, your wife is one lucky lady."

"I wish she thought so," Rick replied, then before she could respond he quickly told her why he was calling. "How about having lunch with me?"

"When?" Cheryl asked.

"Right now?" asked Rick. "We've talked about getting together many times. I've been wondering if you were really serious about it?"

"Well, of course I was serious," said Cheryl. "I'd love to have lunch with you. Today is fine. I don't have any plans."

"Great," said Rick. "How soon can you get over here?"

"I guess I could come right now," she said. "What would you like to eat?"

"I'll eat you and you eat me," Rick said, again laughing at his sexual provocativeness.

Cheryl laughed. She was used to hearing Rick talk like that. It was how they always joked with each other, but even though they joked a lot, she truly wanted to have a look at his ten and a half inch cock that he claimed to have. "That sounds wonderful, but I don't think we'd get very full. So seriously, do you want me to pick something up on the way?"

"No," Rick answered. "I have stuff around here we can eat."

"OK, I'm on my way then." Cheryl said and hung up.

Rick raced around the house, quickly trying to clean the place up a bit before Cheryl arrived. He ran a comb through his dark hair and threw on his favorite cologne just moments before the door bell rang. He tried not to act nervous as he hurried to the door to greet his friend.

"That was fast," Rick said to Cheryl, as he let her in the front door. Then before she could say anything he closed the door and embraced her with a hard kiss on her lips. She opened her mouth and willingly let him explore the inside with his tongue. She didn't resist at all, but instead melted into his arms, pressing her body and full breasts close to him. Rick could feel her as she pressed tightly into his already hard cock.

"Wow," Cheryl said, when they finally released each other. "Now that's how I wish I was greeted at the door every day."

Rick smiled shyly and bent down for another passionate kiss, but Cheryl backed away.

"I thought we were going to have lunch?" she said questioningly.

"I'm not really hungry," said Rick as he reached out and pulled her to him.

"Hmm, I think you must be hungry for something," she whispered as their lips met once more.

Without releasing her, Rick began to slowly move towards the bedroom. Cheryl willingly went with him. His hands reached down and began to unbutton the sheer red blouse that was hiding her luscious size 36 D breasts. He slipped it off her shoulders and threw it towards the bed. The bra came off next and Rick couldn't resist bending down to suckle at her ripe nipples. Cheryl groaned and arched her back, enjoying every minute of what Rick was doing to her. Her hands began to explore his body and he could feel the blood begin to pound as she stroked over his hard, engorged cock.

"Is this baby really ten and a half inches," Cheryl asked as she rubbed her hands over the huge bulge in Rick's jeans.

"I'll let you measure it if you want," Rick said.

Rick quickly unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. His dick was already poking over the top of his briefs with glistening drops of precum at the tip. Cheryl's eyes grew wide as Rick pulled his underwear off and exposed the full length of his member to her.

"Oh God! It's so big!" she exclaimed. "I've never seen one that size before. It's got to be more than ten and a half inches."

Cheryl reached down and began to stroke Rick's cock, feeling up and down the length and rubbing the wet goo at the top over the head making it slippery and slick. His dick grew even longer as she stroked it, making Rick want to let off a load for some relief from the ache in his balls.

"I can barely get my hand around it!" Cheryl exclaimed. She bent down for a closer look. "I wonder if I can even get my mouth over it."

She opened her mouth wide and engulfed the top of Rick's penis. She sucked hard and shoved herself down towards the base of his shaft but was unable to get much more than just the head in her mouth. She pulled off and licked her lips. "Hmm, you taste wonderful," she said as she swallowed him once more.

Rick gripped her head. Donna hated to give him blowjobs. He would beg and beg but the only time she would ever give in was after she was extremely drunk. Now Cheryl was willingly sucking him off acting as if she truly was enjoying it.

Rick groaned and began to pant. His balls were pulling tighter. The excitement was too much for him and Cheryl's tongue was driving him over the edge. He could feel the first waves of his orgasm beginning and he reached down to pull Cheryl away. She seemed to know exactly what was happening and refused to leave her new toy. The motions of her tongue increased, massaging the entire head of his cock while her hands stroked up and down the part that wouldn't fit inside her mouth. Rick jerked hard as the first wave of cum shot out filling Cheryl's mouth. She didn't back off, didn't even slow down. She swallowed what he gave her and sucked even harder as if wanting everything he could give. Rick gave in to his orgasm and allowed himself to fill her mouth. By the time it was over, he could hardly stand.

Cheryl stood up and kissed him sharing some of the cum with Rick that was still left in her mouth. "I'm sorry," she said after ending the kiss. "I know you probably wanted more than just a blow job, but I just couldn't resist tasting that big cock of yours."

"That's OK," said Rick. "I'm not finished."

Cheryl looked down and a smile came to her face as she saw that Rick's cock was still as hard as before. She gripped it in her hands and gave it a few strokes. "I can't believe how big this thing is. Have you really measured it?"

"Yeah, but only with this gag cock measuring devise that someone gave Donna as a joke. It said I was the 'home wrecker'."

"I can believe that," said Cheryl. "I bet Donna can't get enough of this monster."

"Actually, since Timmy was born, she hasn't been interested in it at all," Rick said truthfully. "She even told me the other day that she doesn't care if we never do it again."

"Oh, you poor baby," Cheryl said soothingly as she continued to stroke him. "How could she do that to you? No wonder you're in the shape you are right now. When was the last time you had it?"

"It's been a while," Rick admitted. His breathing was starting to get heavy again. Cheryl's hand work was really turning him on and he loved the way she seemed to truly care about him.

Rick reached down and began to work at the zipper on Cheryl's denim shorts. They literally fell off of her as soon as he had them undone and he reached inside her silk panties to feel her wet slit. His finger came away soaked with slippery liquid. He had a feeling she was going to be a really wet ride.

He began to massage her clit, while slowly reaching lower into her pussy. Cheryl's legs gave out beneath her and they both fell to the bed. Instantly, Rick had his face down between her legs. He pulled her panties off and began to slurp away at the sweet honey that was flowing from her pussy.

"Oh baby!" Cheryl screamed out. "Yes. Suck me. Suck me. That feels so good!" Rick continued to cram his face into her slit, working his tongue over her clitoris while fingering her hole at the same time. Cheryl bucked about, continuing to scream out at him to keep it up, and to not stop. She took a deep breath and it seemed forever before she exhaled. Her vagina clamped down hard on his finger, then she was screaming at the top of her lungs that she was cumming. Rick was glad that the neighbors were at work and there was no chance of them over hearing Cheryl's screams of delight.

Rick's cock was once again pounding with excitement. All he could think about was getting it inside Cheryl's tight twat that had just almost squeezed his finger off. As Cheryl's orgasm began to fade, he moved up and fondled her breasts. His cock was ready and trembled at the entrance of Cheryl's downy bush. He began to slowly push into her and she gasped and pulled away.

"Not so soon," she said. "You have to give me some time to recover."

Rick tried not to show his disappointment, but his need was becoming frantic.

"I'm all hot and sweaty," Cheryl complained. "Let's go take a shower and get cleaned up."

This was another new experience for Rick. He had often tried to climb into the shower with Donna, but she always insisted that he get out. She said that showers were for getting clean, not for getting messy, and she refused to allow him to have any fun.

Rick took Cheryl by the hand and walked to the bathroom, his heavy cock pointing the way in front of him. As the warm water from the shower began to wash over their bodies, they embraced in a passionate kiss. Cheryl blindly reached for the soap and began to rub it over Rick's body. She shared the bar with him and Rick in turn lathered her up until she was covered with white bubbles. Rick enjoyed the way Cheryl's tits felt under the foamy soap. He massaged them over and over and every time he heard her groan with pleasure, his balls would tighten up a little more. He was so horny that he could hardly stand it, but he forced himself to wait for her cue as to when she would be ready for him. Cheryl reached down and with a lathered hand stroked over Rick's ready cock. The sensation was exquisite.

"Oh, man that feels good!" he moaned.

Cheryl placed both of her hands on his cock and began to pump him with slow strokes that ended gently at the head of his dick. Rick wanted her to go faster. He knew he was about to come, but she wasn't moving quite fast enough for it to happen.

"Shit!" Rick yelled out as he braced himself against the back wall of the shower. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut and began to pant. His orgasm was building closer and closer with each stroke and she seemed to be slowing down instead of speeding up. His toes curled up. His whole body seemed to be tensely waiting for him to go over the edge into the blissful release. He moaned deeply and just as he felt he was about to pass out, relief came. His white jism squirted out so hard that it plastered all over Cheryl's breasts mixing thickly with the soap that had not quite washed away. Another spasm hit him and more of the hot fluid shot out, this time hitting Cheryl in the face. She simply laughed and licked it away. She bent forward to catch his next load in her mouth then slowly finished him off by sucking him dry. It was the best climax that Rick had ever had in his entire life.

When his legs were finally able to support him again, they finished their shower and headed back to the bedroom. The cool air in the outer room hit them as they opened the door, causing them to shiver and to quickly jump into the warmth of the water bed. They snuggled closely together and shared light kisses, as they quickly warmed up.

Despite having already cum twice, Rick was still sporting a large hardon. He knew the best was yet to happen and he was anxious to get inside of Cheryl. He crawled on top of her and rubbed his cock down between her legs. It quickly became slippery as his dick mixed with her juices. He rubbed the large head around in her wetness until it was thickly covered with the slick fluid. He knew she was ready and he began to slowly push inside of her. It was tight, but it slowly opened up until he was entirely engulfed in her warm pussy. He laid still, allowing her vagina to get used to his size. He could feel his penis twitching in anticipation. Just lying still made him horny, and he wondered if all guys were like him where the more they got the more they wanted it. Rick's cock was begging him to move and finally Cheryl moved upwards as if encouraging him on.

Rick began to slowly pump in and out. Cheryl groaned with every move that he made.

"Oh baby, you're so big and you feel so good inside of me," Cheryl moaned. "Give it to me."

Her words encouraged Rick and his rhythm increased. After five minutes of slowing building up, he was at full speed, pounding hard into her wet pussy with ease, yet she was still tight as if she had been built specifically for him.

"Oh, yes!" Cheryl moaned. "Oh baby, yes! That's so wonderful. Oh yeah! Right there! You've found my spot baby. You're getting me closer. I'm almost there. I'm so close. Oh god, yes! Make me cum. Make me cum."

Listening to Cheryl screaming in delight turned Rick on almost to the point of no return. His cock pulsed, wanting to shoot out another load, but he tried to ignore his need in order to bring Cheryl off. His balls pulled up so tight that if someone had been closely observing, they would have thought he had been castrated. His entire body trembled with the exertion of trying to hold back his orgasm, yet he waited for Cheryl to give him the word, to let him know that she had reached that place and they could finish together.

"Oh baby, yes, yes!" Cheryl continued to groan. "You are so wonderful. Oh, give it to me, yes. I'm so close. Just a few more strokes."

Cheryl's pussy began to tighten up. It was harder for him to push inside of her. The grip on his penis was almost excruciating, but at the same time, it felt so good that he wished it would never end. She continued to scream for more and he reached down for his last reserves to give it to her.

Suddenly Cheryl's whole body tensed up then she was over the edge, lost in blissful oblivion. Her pussy gyrated in convulsions massaging Rick's cock in ways it had never felt before. He knew he could finally give in to his release and it wasn't a moment too soon. He let go and a flood of semen rushed out mixing with the wet cum juices freely flowing out of Cheryl. After almost a full two minutes, it came to an end and they both collapsed exhausted onto the bed. "I think this is the best lunch I've ever had," Cheryl said weakly, still trying to catch her breath.

"I need a lunch break like this every day," Rick said as he slowly crawled out of the bed. "I have to get back to work in a few minutes. You want to take another shower?"

"I think I'll rest for a few minutes," said Cheryl.

"OK. It won't take me long, my lunch hour was over twenty-five minutes ago, so I need to hurry."

While Rick showered, Cheryl cleaned up the mess they had made in the bed, put her clothes back on and tried to make the bedroom appear as it had when she had first arrived. The water turned off in the next room and she heard Rick approaching.

"I've got a going away present for you," Rick said, as he opened the bedroom door.

Cheryl stared in amazement as Rick's large cock in full erection appeared before her.

"You still want more?" she asked in disbelief.

"I could do this all day, if we had the time," Rick told her truthfully, "But how about a quick blowjob before I leave. You wouldn't want me to go back to work like this would you?"

Cheryl smiled at Rick, and was more than happy helping herself to one more helping of his cock. She kneeled before him, and took his cock in her hands. She cupped his balls with one hand and softly, but firmly gripped his shaft with her other hand.

Cheryl sighed with pleasure "Oh this is such a nice gift Rick, how thoughtful of you." She wetted his throbbing cock with lathering strokes of her tongue. "It's just what I was in the mood for, dessert."

Having made his head nice and wet with her saliva and some of his pre-cum she took the head and a bit of his shaft deep into her moist mouth. She was amazed that Rick was just as horny as the first time she sucked him. Both his hands were suddenly around the back of her head, wanting to force it deeper into her inviting mouth. Cheryl tried to accommodate him the best she could. After a minute or two of deeper bobbing in and out of her mouth. She let out a bit of a muffled choke, and raised up a hand for him to see with her fingers straight and open as if to say stop, no deeper please. Rick eased up his hold a little.

"Sorry, it feels so good deep in your mouth, I can't help myself."

Cheryl backed off a little, giving him short quick penetration into her mouth. She could feel her panties getting moist remembering how good he felt inside her. Rick was panting hard now. She switched to wide licks along his shaft, making it nice and wet for her hand to pump it. Rick sighed in frustrated pleasure - he wanted her mouth covering his cock again. After getting his shaft wet she slipped back up to his head and with her tongue extended like a shoehorn she slipped his cock neatly back into her mouth, giving it shallow penetration while pumping his shaft with her hand.

Rick braced himself against the dresser, gasping and then Cheryl switched techniques and without any warning suddenly started taking it as deep as she could, pumping it in unison with her hand. Rick moaned very loud and long, it felt so good. In about 30 seconds he was shooting his cum deep into Cheryl's throat. She jerked with surprise, but then regained herself and took it all methodically into her mouth and swallowed it. She concentrated on not choking because he was so deep in her mouth and he was spurting hard. She hardly noticed his hands on the sides on her head - his trembling fingers streaked her sweaty hair along her flexing cheeks. Finally she released him from her mouth and as his cock slide out she looked up with his hands still barely touching her cheeks. She kept her mouth open in a lazy, naughty fashion. The rims creased with her own saliva.

She tilted her head to one side. "I'm sorry I've made a pig of myself eating dessert, I think I need a napkin."

They both chuckled at that. Cheryl stood up and looked at her watch "I best be going here, perhaps we should do 'lunch' again"

Rick sighed, leaned against the dresser with his cock still out, throbbing undecided whether it wanted to sleep or not.

"Yeah, that sounds like a great idea, thanks for coming over."

Cheryl looked down at Rick's monster. "You better put that thing away before you club someone with it."

Grinning, Rick replied, "Oh right." He tucked it back into his underwear and then zipped up his pants.

Cheryl watched with some amusement, since it was tough fit, and then they quickly parted company with a lingering exchange of gazes and a smile. They both knew that having lunch together was going to become a regular event.

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