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Harriet's First Fuck

Harriet's First Fuck

I am a fourteen year old girl, and the event that I'm going to write about changed my life. I'm an average teenager I think, my interest in boys was nothing more than the average movie star or pop star, but one day two months ago all that changed. Everyone says that I'm really pretty, and will grow into a beautiful women, though I remain still pretty short, and my breasts have only recently begun to show themselves. Still, I'd learned that many boys at my school had fallen for my cute face and long blonde hair, yet I had never thought seriously about sex, or kissing, or anything like that, until, as I said, two months ago.

My friend Beki had shown me a porn magazine that she'd found under her brother's bed, full of photos of men and women having full sex - but what made my heart thump and a tingling in my pussy was the hard thick cocks. We giggled about it, and talked about one day when we would get to see a cock in real life - but it affected me a lot more than it did Beki, and I thought about it for weeks afterwards. Then one day during the school holiday, by pure luck, my opportunity came, so much more than I could have wished for, or even imagined.

I was pretty bored, and had taken a walk to the local park to see if I could find Beki, or any other of my friends, but it was pretty deserted - just a few mothers and toddlers - so I slowly made for the gates. Near the gates are some public toilets, and as I approached I had a wicked thought about all the cocks that had been whipped out in there, and if only I could just catch a glimpse. I slowed down and tried to think of a way I could do it, but nothing came to me, so I began to think that I should sneak inside and see what it was like anyway - from a mixture of lust and bravado.

I looked around me, no-one was about, so quickly I stepped in to the Men's toilet. It was a little smelly, and a little dirtier than the Ladies toilet, but I stood for a moment looking at the Urinals and imagined the cocks that had been exposed before it. I felt totally depraved, but also increasingly horny, a feeling I was getting to used to since my first glimpse of the big erections in the magazine.

As I stood there I heard a shuffle inside one of the cubicles behind me. I froze. I hadn't realised that someone else was there, and my first thought was to turn and run. I almost did, but some other instinct kicked in and I realised that if I could somehow get to peek into the cubicle then I might get my wish. In a lusty and excited daze, I moved into the cubicle next to the one that was occupied and closed the door. Now what? There were no holes in the partition wall so I thought that my opportunity was lost. I looked up... if I was very quiet, then maybe I could peek over the top. My heart thundered, and having gotten this far then I knew that I had to try it. I didn't care who was in there, only that if he had a cock then I wanted to see it. Slowly I stood on the toilet bowl, and as quietly as I could raised myself up and looked over and down at the occupant..

What I saw was more than I could have hoped for. The man was using the toilet not for its true purpose, but was sitting back and playing with his big hard cock, well on the way to making himself come. His hand moved up and down, and his eyes were screwed tight with the pleasure of the feelings he was giving himself. The man was much older than I'd considered finding, maybe about fifty-five or sixty, but that cock... oh, that cock, was big and lovely and hard... words failed me, only my lust and adoration of that big gorgeous weapon that he held in his hand.

As I was enjoying this lovely sight, his eyes opened, and before I could move I caught his eye, and he stared at me - suddenly panicking at having being caught. I quickly withdrew, my heart beating, I had been caught too and sat down wondering what I would do next. I heard the man pulling his trousers back up and leaving the cubicle. I waited for what was a reasonable length of time for him to leave the park, before I nervously unlocked the door and crept out. To my surprise, the man had not left the building, and was standing at the mirror combing his greying, receding hair. As I walked past him, my head down, embarrassed at what I had done, he turned and grabbed my arm. I gasped, and almost screamed, as he dragged me forcibly back into the cubicle that he had just vacated.

"Hey, little girlie," he growled. "You like looking at old men's cocks, eh?" My face reddened, but I couldn't speak. He pushed me down onto the toilet seat. "Well, have a closer look then, girlie. Have a close up look at my hard cock."

My heart raced, I shook my head coyly, but I knew that I wanted to. Though this was a dangerous situation, I knew what I wanted to do, and knew that this is what I had wanted all along and I should be grateful for the opportunity. The man took my small hands, and placed them on the front of his trousers. In a daze, I undid his belt, his button, and then the zipper of his pants and pulled them down. His bulge showed through his shorts, I placed the palm of my hand upon it, and felt its heat, and its pulsing hardness. He pushed my hands away and stepped forward. "Lick it" he breathed. I leant forward, and stuck out the tip of my tongue and licked along the shape of his cock, still encased in his shorts. It jumped against my mouth, and the man moaned gently to himself. "Now," he breathed, "pull them down." I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and slowly, excitedly, pulled them past his hips and down. His cock sprang up, and my heart leapt at the beauty of it. It was simply the most beautiful thing I had seen in my life, and I felt in a rush that I loved this man and his big fabulous cock. Without being told, I leant forward once more and licked it once more, this time the sensation of skin against my tongue, the smell of cock filling my nostrils. "Mmmm," moaned the man and rocked towards me.

Before I had the opportunity to take the tip of his cock in my mouth, as I had seen in Beki's magazine, the man grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. "Now," he said, "Let's see you." It was funny, but hadn't even thought about displaying my own body, only about seeing a cock. I felt nervous again, and knew that this man wanted me to undress and who knows what else. I was so naive to think that it would end with just a glimpse of a grown-up cock. Coyly I began to open the buttons of my shirt, but obviously too slowly for the man, as he impatiently brushed my hands away and ripped it open, sending buttons flying off, and my small bra exposed to his view. He pulled the shirt off roughly, and dropped it to the dirty floor. Then he unbuttoned my short skirt and let it too fall to the floor. He gasped, standing back to fully appreciate the sight of this young, diminutive virgin standing before him in her white underwear, her skin white, her face red with embarrassment and an awakening lust. I was now beginning to enjoy myself, and was looking forward to whatever would come next.

He grabbed the front of my bra and pulled it off, ripping the straps, and drank in the sight of my small titties. He stooped and licked each nipple in turn, then stopped, anxious to pull down my panties and see my fourteen year old cunt. He fell to his knees and pulled them down to my ankles and gazed at the sparse blonde curls that covered my little pussy with a lustful awe. Instinctively I sat down on the toilet seat, kicked off the panties from around my ankles and opened my legs wide so that the lovely old man could see my pussy. His rough hands smoothed their way from my calves , behind my knees, along my thighs, feeling the softness of my young skin, as his mouth descended onto a part of my body that no-one had ever gazed at so intimately before. What seemed like an electric shock buzzed through my hold body as gently, softly, he planted a light loving kiss on my twitching cunt. He continued for several moments, just lightly kissing it, occasionally poking out his tongue and licking along the whole length of my seeping slit. My breath was rising, my eyes were closed and I knew that I was not far from having an orgasm. I had made myself come a few times, many more times in the weeks since I discovered my passion for cocks, but this was the first to be induced by someone else, doing little more than gently kissing, licking and nibbling at my sweet little hole. My hips began to move involuntarily, as my orgasm built - sensing this the man became a little more impassioned and began to stick his tongue into my tight little and moving it up and down, spending more time with the tip of his tongue flicking at my clit. I could stand it no longer, and with a whoosh! I came, crying out as if in pain, barely able to catch my breath as my cunt spasmed with delicious ecstasy.

As I lay, recovering my breath, my eyes closed basking in the warm glow of my twitching and spent body, I felt the men stand up and opened my eyes slightly to see him pulling off the rest of his clothes. He had a nice body for his age, grey curly hair on his shoulders, reasonably trim, but it was his cock that my eyes kept going back to - and I knew I wanted to have more fun with that glorious weapon before this lovely experience ended. I opened my eyes fully and smiled at him, a big grin actually, and he smiled back. "Thank you," I said, lamely, "That was nice." He held out his hands and pulled me up so that I was standing close to him. Being short, my head came up to only the middle of his chest, I looked up at him and smiled broadly once more, gazing into his eyes. I felt so much love for this stranger then. Without a word he placed his hands under my arms and lifted me up so that his face was level with mine... and then we kissed. There was nothing gentle about his kiss however, not like the way he had lovingly kissed my cunt, this was passionate and unrestrained, and I have to admit that I kissed him back in the same way. Our mouths pressed together tightly, and our tongues snaked into each other's mouths with fire, lust and the desire to express the incredible heat of the moment. We kissed and kissed for ages, it seemed, just loving each other's mouths, his hand holding my beneath my bottom, and his other exploring the smooth skin of my back; my hands running through his hair and over his back. After a while we broke apart, and gently kissed each other's faces with love - yes, as if this wasn't just some lustful fuck in a public convenience between strangers, but the consummation of desire between two people in love. Every touch of our lips said that we were in love.

After five minutes or so, he eased me down, and sat down himself on the toilet seat and lifted me onto his lap, we kissed a more, before I finally said, "Please, mister, I love you and your cock, I want you to fuck me - I want you to be the first to fuck me. Please, darling, fuck me hard with your fucking gorgeous big cock!" Yes, this was me, this petite little schoolgirl talking like a complete and utter fuckslut, but I so wanted fucking by then.

He kissed me gently on the lips again and said, "What's your name little girl?"

"Harriet" I answered, thinking it suddenly odd that only now he should ask my name. "What's yours?" I added, wanting to know the name of the man whom I felt I loved, whose cock I loved, and who was hopefully going to be the first to fuck my virgin little cunny.

"William," he replied. "And William's cock is going to fuck your lovely little schoolgirl cunt so hard, I'm going to pump all my spunk into your tight little hole, fill your little belly with all the spunk in my balls."

I smiled. "Please, darling William, do it now. Give me your spunk."

He lifted me up slowly, and positioning his cock, gently eased me down upon it. As his knob touched the folds of my cunt, an incredibly warmth flowed through me, and as it eased into me all of the breath in my body amplified. It hurt a little as he broke my hymen, but I was just too turned on to consider the pain over the pleasure, and as his entire length slid deeper into my fuck-tube I only felt fulfillment, and I started coming almost immediately. When it was all the way in, placing my feet on the floor I began to bounce up and down upon it, still coming, each & every one building and rising upon the last, like waves breaking on a shore. As I concentrated on the incredible feelings in my full pussy, William's hands ran all over my little titties, exploring me as only my own hands has done in the past. "William, I love your cock, fill me with your cock, shoot all your lovely thick spunk in my belly," I moaned as if in a dream, totally abandoned to the moment, no longer a demure fourteen year old, but a teenage slut in love with old men's cocks, and all the thick creamy white spunk in their balls.

William's face began to contort, the excitement of the situation began to tell on him. Only fifteen minutes earlier he had been a lonely older man, having a crafty wank in a toilet cubicle. Now here he was with a pretty fourteen year old girl riding up and down on his cock and loving every inch of it. "I'm going to come in you, Harriet, I'm going to.. soon" His face twisted with the ecstasy of it.

"Come in me, come now, darling. Give me a baby, spunk a baby into my pussy." I don't know why I screamed this, but I wanted his baby then - despite of all the problems it would have created with my parents and my school life, but all I cared about at that moment, was that cock, that spunk and that sexy old man.

Next thing I knew, I felt the first jet of his fiery spunk shoot deep inside me with a power that made my own orgasms redouble, and a second spurt, and a third, that made me lose all control of my own body. I flopped forward like a rag-doll coming and coming with a ferocity I had never felt before. As his cock continued spurting his fuck-juice up me, I fell into his chest and he held me tenderly as his cock continue to twitch, sending the last few drops of his juice inside me.

We lay there for ten minutes or so, his cock still firmly inside me, his hands stroking my blonde hair, and caressing my ass cheeks. I might have passed out, or fallen asleep, I don't know, for the next thing I knew he was lifting me up and kissing my lips, his cock slipping out of me with a plop. "Oh, William, that was incredible," I said, finally.

"You're a beautiful little girl," he said. "I hope that we can do that again some time. I'm getting a bit, I haven't had sex in years - I can't believe my luck in finding a sexy little minx like you. What a lovely hot cunt you have."

I threw my arms around him, my head buried in his chest. "My little cunt belongs to you," I cried, "And you can fuck it whenever you like," I added. "But still..." I hesitated.

"What is it?" William asked softly.

"I loved having you spunk inside me, but... I'd like it just as much if you came inside my mouth." I looked down at the thick white spunk running down the insides of my thighs, and collected a little on my forefinger, lifted it to my lips and licked it into my mouth. It tasted lovely. "I want you to shoot it down my throat next time. Shoot your spunk down the throat of your fourteen year old whore."

He bent down and kissed me hungrily, finally breaking away. "What about tomorrow," he asked. My face could not betray my feeling of joy. "Same time tomorrow. We'll go somewhere a little more comfortable, and fuck and suck until we can't go on."' I nodded eagerly, and began to pull on my clothes, leaving my torn bra and buttoning my shirt with the few buttons remaining and tucking it into my shorts, a little dirty and creased from having been on the piss-stained floor, but the warm feeling inside my seeping cunt obliterated every other feeling in my body. "I'll see you tomorrow," I whispered finally, pulling back the latch on the door. We had one final loving kiss, and then I left, emerging once more into the sunny day - but this time with a different perspective on life, no longer a virgin, but a sexy little bitch whose new aim in life was to get as much spunk as she could.


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