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Harriet's Big Issue

Harriet's Big Issue

It had been a month since I was first fucked in the public toilets of the local park, by James, my old man lover. Having now gotten the taste for cock, I now sought higher and dirtier experiences to satisfy the powerful feelings of lust that occupied much of my young mind. I talked James into getting some of his friends to fuck me, and none of them, I can assure you, said no to the opportunity of fucking a pretty fourteen year old schoolgirl. My principal interest was cock, and cum, and I had no thought or revulsion for the ages of some of the men that James brought to me--the oldest I think was about seventy, and it just about made his year to push his gnarled old cock up my little pussy, and release his lovely old sperm deep into my womb. I was fourteen and a half, and utterly insatiable. I loved James, and he loved me - but he wasn't so possessive that he didn't encourage my sexual adventures. I guess he thought that he was lucky to have a horny schoolgirl craving his cock at all--and he didn't make a fuss and risk losing me.

I had read on the internet about the "glory-holes" that were so regularly used by gay men--and expressed my interest in being the lucky mouth on the other side of the toilet wall. My heart palpitated at the thought of cock after cock after cock - each one with a delicious helping of cum for my thirsty, slutty mouth. James liked the idea too, and found one such hole in a gents toilet in a multi-story car-park. One Tuesday morning, he smuggled me in and sat me down before the hole, and he spent the next few hours touting for business, asking all the single men who pulled into the car park. Many didn't believe him when he said that it was a schoolgirl whose mouth would be sucking them off, so we got into the routine of letting them peek over the top of the cubicle before they put there cock through the hole. The sight of me in my school uniform, my hair in pigtails, skirt hitched up to my waist, my panties at my ankles, and finger in my pussy, meant that they rarely lasted long. The first few times I pulled my mouth away at the last minute, because it still gives me a thrill to see the cum shoot out of the end - and pretty soon my face and hair were covered in dried and drying cum. Cum, too, dotted my grey school sweater. I didn't know it at the time, but James collected about ten pounds a time for my hot moist mouth, and by lunchtime I had sucked about twenty three cocks, and after lunch, a shower (and a steamy fuck) and a change of clothes we went into the city, and James bought me lots of sexy clothes and perfume. The sight of so many gorgeous cocks that morning gave me a taste for seeing more, but next time I wanted them up my cunt too. I wasn't sure what my next adventure would entail, but opportunity presented itself a couple of weeks later, as I walked home from James' house one dark evening.

As I skirted the edge of the city, it was usual to pass by a hostel for homeless people, regularly frequented by swarthy, ungainly looking men and women. Being now the summer, as I passed, six men were sat on the steps of the hostel, talking loudly and drinking cans of lager. They were all scruffy, in need of a good wash perhaps, and lacking in the social graces that attracted me to men like, for instance, James--but the sight of them gave me a wicked notion almost instantly. Would they like to fuck me, I thought. As I drew closer, they stopped talking and watched me in silence for a moment. Then one of them shouted out, "Oi, love, give us a flash!" My heart beat hard in my chest, and I knew that if I was to make anything out of this situation, then I act. I stopped and faced them. They fell silent, perhaps used to the objects of there lecherous comments hurrying away. I looked around me quickly - all quiet - and slowly lifted up my skirt to reveal my panty-less cunt, and deftly shoved my middle finger into my wet fuck-slot. This must have taken about twenty seconds, and they all stared astonished, before I removed my finger, lowered my skirt and began to walk away. Surely they would take the bait, surely they would know a blatant invitation when they saw one.

Sure enough, after a moment, I was aware that they had begun to follow me, so seizing the initiative I detoured to the park, and they promptly followed where I led. After five minutes or so we arrived, and I sat down on a bench. When they caught up, they surrounded me. The oldest one, in his fifties perhaps, spoke first, "Hello, love, that was a nice show you gave us, eh? Perhaps you'd like a bit of fun." I smiled and said nothing, only taking hold of his hand and leading him, followed by the others, to a clearing in the wooded area, reasonably well lit from a nearby streetlight. Once there, I did a slow strip, and the men cheered--once naked I walked up to the one who had shouted out initially, put my arms around his shoulders and pushed my tongue in his mouth. He wasn't very attractive, a little unclean I admit, but I was caught up in the heat of the moment once more and my tingling little body did my thinking for me. The man responded, as we snogged hard and deep, his rough dirty hands kneeding my arse, and the finger from another hand belonging to another of the men, pushing crudely into my squelchy cunt. Other hands, I felt, ran up my legs and my back, before I was finally laid back on the grass, to see that they had all removed their clothes. Six men, rough, ungainly men, a little unwashed, none of them particularly nice to look at, but it was their cocks that I salivated over, each one erect and throbbing with the promise of the pleasures to come. The oldest man was the first to get on top of me - no panache here, just the desire to release their cum into a fourteen year old slut - and he pushed his big, veiny cock up my slit and thrust away, at the same time pushing his thick tongue into my little girl mouth. He didn't last long, of course, who would? The situation was just too electrically erotic. He blast his sperm deep inside me, groaning loudly, mouthing obscenities between breaths. "Fucking little dirty fucking slag, fucking sexy little slut...", the spirit of which I joined in with wholeheartedly, panting back, "Give me your thick cum, you dirty bastard, I'm a little slut and I want your fucking lovely cum to fill me up." When he had finished cumming, he rolled off me out of breath, and another of the men took his place, pushing his cock into me. This time, as he pounded away, another of the men knelt at my head, lifting my head up, and pushed his cock into my mouth. It was fantastic. A lovely big cock in my mouth and a lovely big cock in my cunt, my cunt muscles squeezed at the shaft inside me, while my mouth sucked hard at the smelly cock in my throat. Within minutes the cock in my mouth released a huge volume of cum, so much that I choked for a moment and much of it dribbled down the side of my face. The sight of this was too much for the man fucking me, and he blasted his load into my cervix with a loud groan.

Over the next hour or so, I was fucked by all of the men, three of them twice, and the other three took turns to unload down my throat. When I had well and truly emptied them of all their precious man juice, I lay back and dozed, vaguely aware of the men getting dressed and expressing their sense of luck at having come across such a horny little slut such as me. When I came fully too, they had gone, and wearily I sat up, examining my little breasts, now covered in love-bites and dried cum. I got dressed and went home--satisfied with my adventure. As I walked home, I passed a man walking a large doberman and I suddenly got an idea for my next adventure -- hmmmm, a doggy cock in my little hole. A doggy blasting a load of thick slimy cum into my mouth. Yes, I was sure that this would be my next sojourn into depravity. Where else was there for a horny fuck-slut like me to go?

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