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Happy Hour by Plesurqwen

Happy Hour

I stood in the doorway, surveying the room. It was dimly lit with candles on all the tables and the bar. Mirrors hung on every wall, illuminating the room with candle light. You could tell by the atmosphere that the proprietor was very clientele privacy oriented. I had to stand there for a moment just to focus my eyes to the light of the room. It was a very elegant lounge, in a very nice hotel. Only those who could afford the very best came in here. That's what I was looking for, the very best. For what I had in mind, I didn't want just anyone off the street. I wanted someone with class.

I was a secretary in a very reputable law firm. I had to look good all the time. But, tonight I must admit, I looked better than good. I looked down right breathtaking. For my plan to work I had to be the icing on the cake so to speak. So, I chose a black velvet skirt that clung to my firm round ass, an ass that I worked very hard to keep in shape I might add. The skirt was long enough to be legal for wearing in public but short enough to show the slightest hint of the soft flesh it concealed. I wore a red satin blouse that buttoned down the front, leaving the top three buttons undone of course to reveal my firm 38c tits. With my long blonde hair falling down around my shoulders, black stockings attached to a black garter belt, no panties of course, and red satin heels, standing 5'' 7," and looking more like 5' 10, I did look good I had to admit. Am I vain, no, not really. In fact I am on the shy side. Thus the reason for my adventure that night. I am pretty I know that. But I have never felt at ease when I'm with a man. I always chase my boyfriends away because I freeze up in bed. When my last boyfriend left me 3 weeks ago, it started me thinking of a way to melt the ice princess once and for all. I am a normal woman, with normal desires. I just freeze up when I have feelings for a man. I can't have sex with him. My shrink said I had a problem with intimacy. So I figured it's like swimming, sometimes you just have to jump in the deep end and sink or swim. My conclusion, have sex with a total stranger. No love, just raw, hot, down and dirty sex. I have always fantasized about it. I just never had the guts till now. I like the thought of getting caught doing it as well. So why not combine the two fantasies.

I spotted my victim sitting at the end of the bar wearing black form fitting jeans, a black silk shirt that showed just enough hair on a very muscular chest. He had dark wavy hair, a little on the long side but cut very fashionably, and he wore shiny black cowboy boots. He worked out this was a given. Nobody could look that good without it. Definitely not the lounge type. But he was there and he looked good so he won the door prize.

I walked across the floor slowly so that everyone in there had a chance to get an eye full. There were several empty chairs at the bar but I sat in the one next to him. The bartender came over and I ordered a martini. I took a sip and turned slightly toward the lucky man on my right. I smiled and nodded not saying a word. He smiled back. He had a beautiful smile. "Yes, he will do just fine," I thought to myself. I was nervous but determined so I just decided to go for it.

I placed my hand on his knee and slowly ran it up his leg till it rested on the bulge in his jeans. A bulge that started getting bigger instantly. He just looked at me surprised at my boldness, but he didn't move or say a word. It was as if he knew it would ruin my fantasy. I started rubbing the ever growing member through his jeans. We exchanged a look that told him what to do next. He unzipped his jeans and a beautiful, thick 8" cock popped out beneath the edge of the bar. I pumped it slowly for a couple minutes as he sat there trying to look nonchalant. I could see he wanted to touch me but he wasn't sure what my reaction would be. So, I took his hand and placed it on my thigh giving him the green light. He slid his hand up my leg slowly as not to let anyone see. He hadn't seen the older man at the table behind us who was watching the whole thing with a grin on his face. I parted my legs to allow him access to his destination. His hand found my soft warm mound and his fingers slid between the lips of my already wet pussy. My clit was starting to quiver. I was getting excited. I couldn't believe it. The sensation was overwhelming. He rubbed my clit for a while then dipped his finger in my pussy. Finger fucking me slowly every once in a while jumping back to my clit. I was on the edge of my chair. I wanted more. I was so close to coming. I needed his cock and I needed it bad. It was getting more difficult to hold still. If he kept this up everyone in the place would know, what we were doing, not just the man behind us. He could tell I wanted, no, needed more!. Suddenly he stopped and zipped up his pants and took my hand and led me to a phone cubicle over in a secluded corner. I glanced at the old gentleman, yes he could still see us. Good!

Once in the corner he unzipped his pants again and out jumped that beautiful cock that I so wanted. He placed my arms above my head holding them with one hand. With the other he started rubbing my clit again. It didn't take long for me to regain my momentum to the point I was at before. My pussy was aching for his hard throbbing cock. I arched my back begging him with my body still not wanting to use words. He understood and positioned his dick at the edge of my pussy and shoved it in so hard my head bumped the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held me there ramming my pussy fast and hard with a forcefulness that told me he was in control now, not me. I started this game, but he was going to finish it. I didn't care I had never felt this good. I wanted him to use my body, take it, own it.

"Please," I whispered, the only word I had spoken.

He continued fucking me till my body started shaking. Not just my pussy, my whole body was throbbing and on fire. waves of pleasure enveloped me. God this was fantastic!" He was coming with me. I felt his body tense up and he held me tight as his semen spewed into my hole.

After it was over he gently put me down and we composed ourselves trying to make our appearance as it was before. I looked at the older man. He had been jacking off as he watched us and smiled at me as if to say thank you. I smiled and nodded a your welcome at him, and we went back to the bar to sit.

Finally we spoke. He told me his name and I told him mine. First names only. We both felt as if we had known each other for years. It was so comfortable. We talked till closing time then we went to an all night restaurant and talked till dawn.

It has been a year to the day since that unforgettable night that I had sex with a stranger. Why am I thinking about it now? Because today is my wedding day and I now know his last name. Because today, his last name, becomes mine.

(Note from author)
I have written a few short stories, but I have never had a story published. I have had a couple poems published and I was a writer for a small news paper. I am currently working on a couple books. If you like what you read, or if you didn't and still have a comment please write me at please write regarding which story or I will delete your mail. Thank you.

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