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Halloween to Remember by

Halloween to Remember

It was Halloween, a day that I normally dread. However, this year was the first one that I was going to dress up for. Had it not been for work, I wouldn't have participated in this ritual. Everybody was dressing up for this event. I couldn't not show up or dress casual.

As I was looking through all of the costumes trying to figure out what to wear, I HAD to run into them. I had not seen either in over five years. I could have gone longer without seeing them. The last time that I had seen them was when I caught them in bed. Him and I were still together at the time.

They were looking for a costume for her. He was carrying an animal costume. I thought that it had fit his personality.

I continued on shopping for my attire. I found an old dress that I wanted to try on, the kind with the binding waist and big hoop at the bottom. I went into the dressing room and tried it on. The top of the dress fit perfectly. I am a 36d bought and paid for. The best investment I had ever made. I bought them out of spite when we had split up many times ago. With this low cut dress on, I was going to be the center of attention tonight.

I sat down to try and get my shoes on. It was extremely difficult with that hoop in the way. I laughed at how I must have looked. I had on white shoes with gartered nylons and matching colored thong. Yet as I sat to put my shoes on the hoop blocked my face.

At that moment, my dressing room door opened up. I kept pushing the hoop away but it wouldn't move. Then, I saw that damned costume. It was the same animal one that he had in his arms. Without a word, the animal knelt at my feet. My thighs were being stroked and kissed. I hadn't felt pleasure like that in years. I had become so bitter, that I only allowed myself to be brought to orgasm by my toys.

They are absolutely women's best friends. It felt very odd when he had put his finger on the button. After all, it was fur covered. When he slid that finger into my cunt, the fur became saturated. He fingered me to multiple orgasms. Just when I thought that it couldn't get any better, he managed to slip his tongue through the mask.

All of the while, I couldn't reach around that damn hoop. I am not used to being defenseless while having sex. I love having my fingers right in there helping to make the mess. I love a man to suck the juices from my fingers. I couldn't touch nor participate at this point. All that I could do was to sit back and enjoy having all of my walls re-introduced to him.

Before I knew it, as soon as it started it was over. When I got up to leave, he was already gone from the store. I didn't really mind much that he was gone. It was nice to have a one last time with him.

The next day I received flowers at my office. The card talked about day before. How sweet my juices had tasted. The card asked me to meet at an address. I couldn't wait until that evening. The card instructed me to wear a dress. He always loved seeing me in dresses.

We would fuck wherever we wanted. I would either wear a thong or nothing at all. The thong would simply be pulled to the side. If he did catch me in clothes, like after the gym, the clothes would make it to my ankles. We would go at it doggie style or standing up in the bathroom.

I wore a little clingly dress that evening. I made sure not to wear a bra either. I purposefully picked out the matching shoes, nylons and perfect thong. When I arrived at the door, there was a note for me. I was to close my eyes and knock. I was already getting horny just thinking about it.

I couldn't contain myself earlier. I had to break out two of my toys. I always fucked myself the same way. I had one in the hole and one on the button. I always orgasm within minutes. My cunt was still twitching from that afternoon.

The door opened and I was led inside. When I got inside I was led over by my hand. I thought that I was going to be sat down. Instead I was laid on my stomach across what seemed to be a weight bench. I didn't find that unusual as he did work out with me previously. However, once I was laid across it my hands were held. Before, I could react my hands were cuffed. Now THAT I didn't care for. I am much a control freak and found myself under his control. I opened my mouth to let him have it and I was gagged. Now I was not amused. My legs were spread and also restrained.

What could he possibly be thinking? We were never like this before. Ok I would not overreact; that is what he wanted. Next, I heard the all too familiar noise of my My ass cheeks were kneaded and my back was kissed. Oh that tongue being dragged down my back....across the crack of my ass? He was not going to.....uh ummmmmmm he stuck his tongue in my *.

I hadn't ever had a tongue in my asshole before. It had felt so incredible. The toy found no resistance in my pussy. I was enjoying his toy fucking so much that I didn't notice the tongue had stopped. He made his way under the bench and was licking my tits. He brought me to the most powerful orgasm that I had.

Though he never licked my pussy like I wanted...when I awoke he was gone and I was left a note. He would contact me again.

The next day I received flowers again...instructing me to go to a strip club. I had never been to one before, but I was game. I was told again what to wear. I wore the same type of dress, nylons, garters and thong. When I had arrived I didn't see him anywhere. I went into the bathroom to pee.

When I came out of the stall I couldn't believe my eyes. Standing in front of me was HER not him. I went up to the bathroom sink to wash my hands. As I was bending over she came up behind. She grabbed my skirt up and ran her hands along the back of my legs. With expertise she pulled my thong aside and shoved her finger up my pussy. She placed the other hand on the back of my head. She was fingering me and it felt so good. I had never been with another woman before. She brought me to orgasm within a few strokes. She turned me around and placed my ass up against the sink. She wanted to continue fingering me while watching. She tried to lick me but I pushed her away. Her friend that was standing behind her was getting excited.

I pulled up the bitch's dress trying to eat me. I told her friend that I wouldn't be touching it. It was free for her to have. She dropped down and dove right into it. You cold tell that she had been with other women before. However, I don't think that the bitch between my legs had been.

She tried to get away but I held her head in place. She wasn't going to be able to taste me until I came into her mouth. She went to work on me with one finger in my pussy. Then she shoved the other up my ass. I got to get my hand down in there. With one finger on the button I told her to open wide.

At that point I came all over her face and into her mouth. She in turn, orgasmed all over her friends face. They both turned and left me standing there. I didn't notice that the door had been opened the entire time.

They went back and sat down at the table. That is when I realized she was the one finger fucking me for the past few days. She went back to the table and kissed him. He sucked all of my juices off of her tongue. He had no idea it was me. I walked up to the table to confront them. He had talked about me so much she had to find out how I tasted.

When I told him what had happened, he didn't believe me. She'd never been with another woman. So I lifted up my skirt and eased my finger into my pussy. I still had juice coming out of me. I reached over and ran it across his lips. He recognized my taste. I turned to walk away.....of course he followed.....licking his lips.

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