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Gwen is 40 by Sweethotcoco

Gwen is 40

Gwen allowed the towel to drop to the floor as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Not to bad for my fortieth birthday, she thought. Sure there was a few extra pounds and rolls and her breast were beginning to lost their battle with gravity but they were still firm. How long had it been since a man had cupped them in his hands and kissed them? Damn, it was two years since that bastard of a husband had ran off with that little tramp that was just two years older then their daughter. When the bitch had dumped him, because he lied about having money, he had called and begged to come back but she had slammed the phone on him. Hell he was behind in his support payments anyways. She hadn't heard from him since.

Now her baby girl had moved out and was living with a futureless bum in a trailer. Most likely they'll end up on the Jerry Springer show. She could have so much more, Gwen thought. Her son was in his second year of college. He had a football scholarship to an out of state school. It had been over a month since she had heard from either of them and that was when they were asking for some money. "Girl you have to get over this," she said to herself. Her voiced filling the empty house only compounded her loneliness.

Gwen rub the form soap onto her legs and took the razor and began shaving her legs. Looking outside she saw that it was sunny so she decided to catch a few rays. She took the razor to her pubes and trim it so she could wear her swim suit. Now she took some oil and lotion and rubbed the freshly shaved areas.

She was startled by the knock at the door. She reach out grabbing her terry cloth robe and put it on as she walked toward the door. No one was expected. She looked out the peek hole and saw a young man about the age of her son.

"Yes," she said.

"You called about a leaking pipe? I'm Tony," he replied as he held up the toolbox. She open the door allowing him inside. She smelled the male musk as he walked by. She noticed that he had a slight limp in his otherwise Adonious build.

She followed him as he went toward the bathroom keeping her eyes on his tight butt. "You look kind young to be a handyman," she said.

"It's not what I started out to be, both my grandfather and father were supers up north and they taught me to fix anything and everything. I had planned on a career in the NFL I was going to be a first round pick but in the next to last game of my senior season I was hit and my knee was totally destroyed." he said.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she said. "No need, I had an insurance policy that paid off and I bought this complex. Figured I could could make a living from being the owner," he replied.

"If you're the owner then why are you doing the repairs?" she asked. "A good owner knows what he owns, beside I'm looking for a top notch super and until I find him I'll be doing the work at least it will be done right," he answered.

Once in the bathroom he took one look at the pipe and saw that it was beyond repair. "See this pipe is rusted out I'll have to order a new elbow and fittings, they can send it over but it will take a few hours," he said. "Well in that case, how about a cup of coffee?" she asked. "Sure," he said, as he turn toward her. She was bend over still looking at the pipe. His eyes looked at her breast as they threaten to fall out of her robe.

She stood up and started to the kitchen. She had seen him looking at her boobs and it sent a thrill throughout her body. It made her feel...desirable and sexy. My god what am I thinking, he is young enough to be my son, she thought.

He followed her into the kitchen. She felt his eyes looking at her. I wished that I had taken the time to put on underwear, she thought.

As she was heating up some water she tried to past the time with idle chit-chat. But she still felt his eyes upon her.

"Your girlfriend or wife must be proud of you owning your own business," she said.

"When I got hurt and the millions I would've made by signing a pro-football contract went out the door so did she," he replied to her.

"Sorry, about that, but it is her loss," she said as she handed him the cup of coffee. Their fingers touched and she felt as if she had been shocked. She quickly pulled away and went to the sink. Girl get hold of yourself, he is way to young for you, she thought.

Was she stood at the sink trying to compose herself, she felt his arms rap around her. His lips kissed the base of her neck and she felt his hardness pressing up against her. This was like a dream she thought. But a dream that she didn't want to end. She turned to push him away, but their lips met in hot desire. Her head was spinning, and her body was quickly responding to him. A soft moan escaped her lips when his strong hand slid under her robe and rapped around her breast.

"We mustn't, I'm too old," she started saying but the quiver in her voice and her responding body said otherwise.

Tony lifted her up and placed her on the table. He untied her robe belt. Gwen leaned back as Tony kissed her neck and fondle her breasts. Gwen's body was hot with desire.

Tony was gently rubbing her nipples as he gave her love bites. "Oh god," she said as she grabbed his head. She gave a sligh push and Tony went to her breasts. As his moist warm mouth locked on to her nipple it sent a wave of passion throughout her whole body.

Tony hands now was at her freshly shaven mound. He felt her heat and wetness. Tony went to her mound and slowly he began to give her wet kisses. In all the years of her marriage Gwen had never felt like this. Yes she enjoyed sex but this was something beyond the desire for just making love, this was pure animal heat. "I've got to have you," she gasped out.

Gwen sit up and unfasten Tony's pants. His already hard cock seemed to forced it's way from his jockey shorts. His cock was the largest and thickest that she had ever seen. She began to rub her tongue over the head of his cock. She was now exploring his tool. She could see that he was liking it as much as she had when he had given her head.

"Fuck me," she begged.

Tony stood up. His stiff cock aimed at her sweet mound. He rub himself over her wet hole. His teasing was driving her wild. She tried to push herself onto him but he wouldn't allow it. "Please," she begged. Tony grabbed her legs and entered her. At first his thrusts were strong and slow. Then he began to pound her harder and harder. Never had anyone fucked her like this. Gwen was thrusting herself toward him with each thrust. His large balls slapping her bottom.

Then just as suddenly as he had entered her he pulled out. For a second Gwen was disappointed, had he cum already, she wondered, but Tony wasn't finished. "Turn over," he said.

Gwen leaned on the table. For her this was rare. Her ex only seemed to know the missionary position. Tony reach around her grabbing her boobs. Now he again entered her. "Oh, yes," escaped from Gwen's lips. Tony was thrusting into her with hard firm stokes. The room was filled with the wet slapping sounds and the odor of their sex. "Yes, oh yes, fuck me," panted Gwen.

Gwen could feel the start of her orgasm. "Harder faster, yes that's it," she gasped as Tony began moaning. Gwen's head was dizzy as her body began to shake and the only thing she was aware of was Tony's stiff hard cock pounding into her. Gwen's legs felt wobbly and if she wasn't supported by Tony's large strong arms she felt that she would have fallen. Tony was starting to reach his point of no return and he could feel Gwen was about to orgasm as well. Now his own thrusts were both harder and faster. He had to hold out for just a few moments more.

"Oh yes," cried out Gwen as her whole body began twitching as she was over come with the best orgasm that she had ever had. Tony held her even tighter as he shot his own juices into her.

Slowly they both sank to the floor. Gwen arms rapped around Tony's massive chest. Never had she felt so spent after sex. Tony kissed her on the forehead.

"Is there anything else that you want me to fix?" he asked.

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