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A Guy's First Threesome by Captain Squall

A Guy's First Threesome

Believe me when I say every aspect of this story is true. I relate it here to give you hope that your luck also comes good, as did mine. I've changed the names but if the married couple read this, they should be able to identify themselves..

It was through my work that I met Candy, an attractive lady in her late 30s, and with a body that caught my attention the first time I saw her. Eventually, we met for lunch on a few occasions and as our friendship developed, I thought I was detecting some inviting messages. So one day I asked her to meet me for lunch at a hotel/motel which featured a nice restaurant. As our meal progressed she looked me in the eye and asked me if I had actually booked a room. Trying not to appear overconfident I said yes, which brought a smile to her lips. We tried not to hurry our meal but eventually I passed her the key and she went on ahead, while I settled the account. When I entered the room she was already naked and with indecent haste I ripped off my clothes and we proceeded to make love, but not before we enjoyed some mutual oral sex, in the 69 position. Her body was all I thought it would be and her sexual appetite was just as enjoyable. Thoughtfully she had brought some condoms and I had no problem acquiescing to her request that I use one, despite me being married to another lady for twenty years.

That session was a delightful way of spending an afternoon but what was to follow blew my mind. As we lay there naked and tired after our enthusiastic lovemaking we talked about threesomes. You see she was also in a relationship, and her gentleman partner was also keen in making up a threesome.

It was a warm evening a week or so later that I knocked on their door at their beach-side home. My wife was away interstate and I had a totally free evening, my daughter being with her grandparents. Candy's partner, an educated, professional gentleman called Roger opened the door and smiled in welcome. This was the first time we had met so I was a little apprehensive as I entered. As it transpired, I learned that Candy had talked about our lovemaking experience with Roger, who actually suggested the threesome, to which she enthusiastically agreed.

I must admit it seemed a little unreal, the three of us sitting and sharing some chilled wine, all of us knowing what the true objective of the evening was. They had showered after arriving home so after about 15 minutes I was invited to head upstairs, have a shower and then head for the bathroom. Believe me, I wasted little time in the shower, getting harder all the time, as I thought of what lay ahead. Its an interesting experience, drying yourself with a raging hard-on, but eventually I tip-toed into their adjacent bedroom. Candy was waiting for me on the bed, wearing only her brief knickers, looking as delightful as ever, her large breasts lolling invitingly. Roger was deliberately delaying joining us, to enable us to get the action started. I could actually hear him playing his piano downstairs. He was one cool customer!

Climbing on the bed I removed Candy's knickers, and we kissed and caressed, our sexual arousal quite obvious. I went down on her bushy pudenda, taking her wet vulva in my mouth and she gasped in her pleasure. Twisting her body she took my cock in her mouth and we lay there on our sides, savouring each other's body. Her mouth was working eagerly on my cock when I heard Roger enter the dimly lit room some minutes later, and I saw him undressing, his own cock hard and erect as he saw me and his wife indulging in oral sex.

As he climbed onto the bed, Candy moved on to her back and she passed me a condom, which I put on in record time. As she opened her legs wide to me in front of her man I squatted between her legs and guided my cock into her dripping pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back and leaning on my outstretched arms I savoured the view of this lovely lady, whose pussy was now gripping my cock. Roger leaned forward and stated to kiss and suck her nipples, watching me thrust into his wife, who was heaving her hips upwards to meet my own gentle thrusts.

After watching us for some time, he whispered something to her and she nodded quickly. She then kissed me and asked me to lay on my back, whereupon she immediately threw her leg over my body, and impaled herself on my vertical cock. Meanwhile Roger positioned himself behind her buttocks, kneeling between my own spread legs.

Candy's breasts were now streaked with sweat and as she leaned forward she reached behind her and guided Roger's impressive tool to her pussy. She wanted to have two cocks in the one hole!!

Roger eased himself forward and I felt the hardness of his shaft against mine, and slowly and inexorably it slid in her pussy, hard against my own cock. I also felt his balls swaying against my own. As he gained deeper entry Candy started to moan loudly, as the sensation of her velvet wet passage being stuffed with cock aroused her even more.

There was little doubt that the three of us were all in high state of sexual arousal, as Roger started to heave and thrust into his wife's cunt, now crammed with his and my own cock. So getting in the spirit of things I also started to heave up and down and Candy went wild. Her glorious breasts were lolling from side to side, the nipples dark pink and engorged. A squishy sound emanated from our union, adding to the eroticism of the moment. I couldn't believe my luck, joining in this delicious menage a trois, with two liberated people.

It was Roger who came first, grunting as he thrust deeply, his sperm shooting into Candy's hot and wet interior. That brought on my own orgasm and I gasped feeling the sperm shot into the condom, and it sagged against Roger's cock, as the sperm filed the soft, flimsy fabric.

With a loud cry Candy's cunt gripped both of our cocks, her womb and pussy muscles contracting in her orgasmic throes, her entire body tensing up, her leg and arms feeling hard against our bodies. Her pussy was now full of Roger's sperm and I felt his seed and her juices softly flow down over my thighs and groin area.

We lay there panting, before Candy kissed me, turned and kissed Roger and said in a soft voice, "Thank you, my lovers..."

That was the first of many similar experiences we enjoyed. And I am looking forward to the time when perhaps Roger will join me and my wife in a similar threesome, and hopefully a foursome, with all of us sharing in a sexual adventure. I don't plan to rush things as it takes time to build up enough confidence for such adventures ... but things are looking up...!

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