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Grow Up by Amanda

Grow Up

"You really need to grow up!" Chris stood up from the couch and looked down at his girlfriend Kat.. Tears welled up in her eyes as she gazed at his face.. her pretty green eyes began spilling tears.

"Please Chris.. it's just.. I d-d-ont want to" her lips quivered as she tried her hardest not to cry, but realizing it was a losing battle she brushed her long blond hair over her face to try and conceal the tears.

"FUCK YOU" he almost screamed at her. "I take you out, buy you dinner, treat you like a goddess and this is how you are.. ungrateful bitch"

"NO I'm not.. I just.. I'm.. well.. I'm a virgin!" She blushed bright red.. having admitted this.

"Yeah well you don't look like one" He looked at her petite waist, her long legs clad in lovely 3' spikes, the short flow dress... finally her breasts trapped against the thin material with hard nipples due to her crying.. "YOU look like a slut!! and you act like a cock tease! you know damn well the only reason I came to your place was to get a peace of that pretty ass of yours! and as soon as we get into it you stop! YOU'RE such a baby! Fuck you I'm leaving!"

"I'm sorry.." her voice trailed off.. all night he had been treating her so bad then on the couch he just attacked her.. she could enjoy making out, but she didn't want to lose her virginity just yet.. it meant something to her to be pure. Chris didn't respect that at all and for the past half hour assaulted her with demeaning things, she cried not only in embarrassment, but also for guilt... because somewhere deep inside her she liked this! She was getting an odd sensation from being treated like a whore, and she was ashamed to feel like she did.

"Your right you are sorry... you cunt.. I should just take what I want! I mean look at the situation were here.. you invited me.. dressed like that.. making out with me getting me hard!"

He was walking toward the door when he suddenly stopped and looked over at her the idea striking him.. she sat with her face buried in her hands crying as he insulted her. "Yes I should".. only this time he mumbled, and she didn't hear him.

He walked back to her and she looked up.. "Oh I'm sorry he said.. I didn't mean 2 make you cry" he kissed her cheek in a comforting way. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around him wanting to be loved, needing to feel secure. "shhh shhh..." he tried 2 sooth the crying beauty.. "It's ok..."

Soon the embrace turned into a kiss and the kiss turned into gentile pets, and Kat felt uncomfortable once more.. "Chris.. no.." she began the protest again..

"THAT'S IT!!" Chris screamed at her and she cringed in fear. "I tried being nice but your hard ass still wont budge.. so you know what your GOING to lose something tonight.. your life or your virginity you chose bitch!"

His words hadn't actually sunk in and she just sat there shocked, but the hard slap to her face brought her back to the here and now.. "LEAVE!!!" she screamed.. but that wasn't going to happen.

He ripped the light silken material dress from her shoulders she struggled so hard against him. However easily outweighing her he kept her pinned to the couch... "EASY CUNT" he kept up the insults as he then took the bra off letting her large breasts fall free.

Next came the panties.. he ripped them from her body and she sobbed like a child. she was naked and wide open to him.. He held all the power.. what could she do?

While he held her with one hand he pulled his pants off with the other.. his cock sprang out.. "NOW you easy slut your gonna suck this and swallow it all!! And if you even try to bite it I'll strangle you!"

Kat wrapped her quivering lips around his cock.. her crying was causing her lips and chin to tremble, and she did the best she could at her first blowjob..

Something she was doing must have been right though, because the whole time she looked up at Chris.. tears still falling as he just returned her look with a cold stare.. he came...and in her mouth shot more cum than she thought possible..

"HUMM and your trying to tell me your a virgin.. you lied bitch you sure give a good blow" she was so ashamed.. how could she be good at this.. she was blushing from head to toe.. he thought she was enjoying this.

"Now lets see if we can pop that cherry" He didn't stay soft very long. After all he was raping this gorgeous girl.. He had total power over her and she could do nothing but take it. AND she was a virgin.. He was fucking a virgin!

He spread her legs and began guiding his cock in.. She thrashed furiously, but it was no use, he easily out weighed her, and could take her. And that he did.

He pushed his head into her, god was she tight! As he slid further into her she continued struggling... her thrashings causing her pussy to contract on his cock... but as he came once already he was ok... for now..

He pushed in an inch more and came to her cherry.. "I hope this hurts bitch" he said and violently thrust inside her. She screamed! Her inside felt like it was ripped in two and she just fell limp.

He pumped harder and harder into her body she did not move, just lay there hurting, wanting to die, humiliated because she had so often fantasized about rape. When he came inside her it was at least some relief because it lubricated her some, but she still felt dead.

Finally he pulled off her... "Press charges bitch and everyone will know what a slut you are."

He got dressed.. all the while she lay on the floor curled up in a ball crying.. Finally he just left.

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