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Greek Hookers by Greek Spectre

Greek Hookers

The following short erotic story was based on a true narration found on a site by the author. Please enjoy!

Athens, the capital of Greece was the best place in western Europe for a fast and cheap fuck. Max kept this in his mind as he walked down Sophocleous street with a two-dollar cigar between his lips, smoking like a ship's funnel. Two girls approached him, realising his American nationality.

"Hey sweetheart, are you in for a good blowjob?"

"No thanks. Perhaps another time."

Girls? Pah! Max had passed through enough brothels in the world to know better. They were transsexuals, the kind that cost you four hundred bucks in New York city, available in Athens for only one tenth of that. He always wanted to have his dick blown by a transsexual or fucking one up the ass, but this was not the time.

As he moved further down the street, he found himself in a large square, the Omonia square, surrounded by several shops with neon light signs. These ranged from cheap greek fast-foods to equally cheap hotels or motels. He saw one pink sign that read "The Maxim" and after a quick decision threw his cigar on the pavement and walked towards the entrance.

A stench of fried meat and cheap sex filled his nostrils as he entered the lobby.

The floor was covered by a unimaginably dirty red carpet, torn and worn out in many places. A blonde girl with large breasts in a sexy black-silver dress was standing on a stool, smoking a cigarette with a long black filter. Max fixed his eyes on her, but the manager squatted a fly with a folded magazine and asked: "What d'ya want?"

"A room for a few hours."

"The room is two american dollars per hour, but you have to pay the girl you chose.

Zoe here is available right now. There are other girls at the back, but you would be a fool missing her."

Max turned to face the girl in the black-silver dress, who smiled at him while sensually smoking her cigarette. She stood down from the stool.

"So, you are an American boy hungry for a good fuck, right?"

Max nodded.

"How much per hour?"

"Fifteen American dollars."

"Not bad," Max said, "perhaps I can afford another girl too."

Zoe raised an eyebrow in ironic amazement and laughed gently.

"So you think you are good enough for two girls, you American stallion? Follow me to the back, and perhaps you can find something you like."

Max was about to follow her as she walked down a dark corridor, but the managers harsh voice stopped him.

"Hey you, where do you think ya' going? You have to pay in advance fer the room."

"Two hours," Max said as he left four dollars on the greasy counter.

"Here, room 40. If you aren't down in two hours I'll bash yer face in."

More amused than frightened by the manager's warning, Max walked down the corridor which Zoe passed a moment ago. He found a small and dirty dining-room with a very smoggy atmosphere, where a few hookers were sitting, relaxing from their last "job." Zoe was still smiling as she stood near a young girl in very tight jeans, with ginger-coloured hair, blue eyes and a sensual mouth.

"This is Athena," Zoe said, introducing her companion, "would you like to have her?"

"She's very nice," Max answered "but I'm looking for something else."

Zoe walked a few steps backwards and pointed to another girl who was standing against the wall. She was a young brunette with raven-black hair, brown eyes and a great figure, although her breasts were not particularly big. She wore a very short red dress and smiled crookedly at Max.

"This is Ilea," Zoe explained, "she's from Rumania and many customers think she's a very good fuck."

"She'll do."

Zoe gestured to Ilea to come as she led Max back to the lobby and up the creaking staircase to the third floor, to a door with a dirty inscription reading: "40."

Ilea could not resist and reaching for Max's limp cock over his trousers, squeezing it gently as she asked.

"What's your name, baby?"


Zoe opened the door. The room was small, with dirty walls, a torn out carpet on the floor and an old, dusty metal bed in one corner. As soon as she stepped in, Ilea kicked of her shoes, and unbuttoned her red dress and it slid on her sensuous body, falling on the carpet. She was wearing a set of extremely sexy red panties and bra. Her ass was tight and her breasts were small but firm, with lovely protruding pink nipples.

Her strong point were her fabulous long legs and her long raven-black hair which fell on her naked back.

Zoe sat on the bed, extinguishing her cigarette on the wall and leaving the long filter on the floor. Ilea moved towards Max and french-kissed him hard. Driven by experience and instinct, Max unbuttoned her bra and lowered her panties. With one hand he caressed her small breasts while with the other, he finger-fucked her hot shaved pussy. He took his middle finger out of her cunt and made her suck it for a while. Satisfied, the Rumanian girl stood on her knees and unzipped Max's trousers, taking his half-hard prick and driving it to her open mouth.

"Oh suck me bitch" was all Max could mumble as Ilea licked and sucked his erected penis.

The sensation was unbelievable for Max. He put his hands on the back of Ilea's head and thrust his full cock deep in her mouth. His cock was not particularly long, at five inches, but it was thick and hard, with a plume of brown hair at it's base.

The Rumanian whore made slurping and guggling sounds as she fully devoured the dick, it's head often touching the back of her neck and the hairy balls rubbing against her chin. She sucked Max like he was never been sucked before.

Zoe lifted the lower part of her dress, revealing no underwear but only her sweet blonde pussy, glistening with her juices. She started to masturbate slowly as she watched her colleague sucking the American stud. Max was ecstatic by the blowjob, his own long hair covering her face and sticking to his sweaty forehead.

"That was enough. I am very horny now and I want to fuck your sweet cunt," Max said, and Ilea pulled his cock out of her mouth with a plopping sound.

Zoe took a condom out of her handbag and passed it to Max. The American wore the rubber right away and stroke his thick cock a couple of times to make sure of the tight fit. Ilea was an all fours on the floor, pushing back her tight ass and provoking her client to fuck her. Max was no fool. He kneeled behind her and without any warning slid his prick in her wet pussy, grabbing her from her shoulders and fucking her vigorously.

Ilea was fucked by Max like a bitch in heat. She moved her small butt to and forth, producing a loud slapping sound as the American's cock pounded her mercilessly. She even begun to scream.

"Fuck me you American stallion, go on fuck me."

"Take it deep bitch," Max replied between two grunts.

Zoe was enjoying the show like no other person. She had put four fingers in her tight pussy and was fucking herself in a frenzy. She leaned on the bed and continued to finger-fuck, squirting pussy-juice all over the mattress as she reached a powerful orgasm. And they say that whores don't enjoy their jobs.

On the floor, Max had ridden Ilea like a bull, biting her shoulder and squeezing her breasts as she continued to pound her pussy. The Rumanian girl collapsed on the floor but Max still fucked her cunt with quick thrusts. His stamina was indeed very amazing. It wasn't superhuman though, and he suddenly stood on his knees and pulled his cock out of Ilea, taking of the condom with haste.

"Oh goddamn it. I'm fucking cumming."

Ilea was still panting heavily on the floor when Max's cock exploded. Like a with ribbon, the jet of cum flew out of the crimson head of his dick and landed on the Rumanian girls back and ass-cheeks. He pumped his cock, shooting wave after wave of his load on the brunette whore. Max was exhausted by the fuck and fell on his back, still pumping his cock as the final drops of cum splashed his own belly.

Ilea was about to get up but Zoe stopped her. The Greek blonde walked to her colleague and massaged her back, licking and drinking every drop of Max's sperm that was on it. Ilea turned face up and Zoe stood on her, rubbing her wet pussy on hers and kissing her on the mouth, sharing the remains of the thick cum she had drunk.

Zoe and Ilea were on the bed together, completely naked. Max was once again on his feet, wearing only a white T-shirt he had already stained with his own cum, slowly stroking his cock to help it recover it's hardness.

"I know how to make that birdie of yours hard again," Zoe declared as she found Max's dick on the same height as her mouth. It was her turn to suck.

Her blowjob was much better than Ilea's, since Zoe was quite an experienced girl. She first licked the head of Max's cock like a lollipop and continuing by sucking his hairy balls one by one, driving him to the seventh heaven. She looked at him with her deep brown eyes, and then descended on his fat cock, taking it all in her sexy mouth. Zoe grabbed the base of Max's rod and squeezed it hard while she furiously sucked the rest of his manhood.

The American was in utter ecstasy, having the best blowjob of his life by the Greek blonde's sensual mouth.

"Eat my cock Zoe. Eat it all bitch."

Ilea was watching with great interest, finger-fucking herself at a fast pace. Max noticed her inactivity and nodded towards her. The Rumanian girl first kissed Max hard on the lips, and then stood behind him and massaged his masculine chest.

"Oh. I'm in heaven with you babes."

Despite his earlier orgasm, Max was once again close to cumming and he wanted to stop the blowjob, but Zoe prevented him from removing his cock from her mouth, and continued sucking him like crazy. As she felt Max coming close to climaxing, she finally took his cock of her mouth and squeezed it between her huge tit-globes.

"How about that big boy? You like it?"

"Oh, it's fantastic!" Max mumbled, as the unbelievable rubbing sensation drove him out of his mind with pleasure.

"I can't take it anymore you goddamn whore. I'm cumming..." He had hardly finished his sentenced as he splashed his hot sperm on Zoe's large, round breasts. The blonde pumped his cock in vigorous pace until it was once more dry, and then pushed her huge cum-covered tits up to her chin, and bent her head down to lick all the juice. Ilea joined in, stroking Max's tired cock with one hand while she helped her colleague to drink the hot cum.

The American was standing up with his now limp cock dripping on the carpet.

"Now how am I going to get this thing up again?," he asked the girls.

"Don't you worry about this big boy, we'll fix it" Zoe answered and commanded Ilea to lie down on all fours while Max wore a condom once again.

"Be a good boy and fuck Ilea's ass."

Max liked the idea and kneeled behind the Rumanian girl, inserting a finger into her wet pussy.

"Oh... fuck me," she said with pleasure.

Max didn't particularly like anal sex, but he still took his cock from it's base and pushed it in Ilea's small asshole with one quick move, mounting her petite body.

"Oh God... that's it."

The girls ass was indeed very tight but Max's cock was not yet fully erect and it entered her easily. Ilea screamed in ecstasy and begun to co-ordinate the pace of fucking with Max, moving her lovely hips back and forth.

"Ilea, be a dear and eat my hot cunt while this stud fucks your back door," Zoe asked in a sexy voice and kneeled in front of the other girls head, pushing her blonde pussy in her face.

Ilea liked the prospect and tongue-fucked Zoe's slot as she finger-fucked herself with one hand and fucked her friend's ass with the other. Zoe moaned in delight. They were a hell of a threesome, moving furiously on the old carpet, covered in each-other's sweat and bodily fluids. Ilea, the Rumanian brunette was giving pleasure to both of the others, and as he faced Zoe, Max reached for her huge breasts, still sticky by his semen, and squeezed them gently, pinching her big erected nipples.

"I think I "m going to cum for the third time," Max said as he felt like the happiest in the world.

"No you won't honey. Not until you fuck me at least," Zoe replied. The gifted blonde had taken a liking on the young American. "Ilea, your tongue is great by a would rather have some hard cock in me."

With a loud "plop," Max's dick was out of Ilea's ass, now twice as big as it was when he entered her. The Rumanian girl collapsed on the floor, finishing the finger-fucking as she reached her climax in passionate screams. Meanwhile, Zoe sat on the edge of the bed and spread her long legs apart as much as she could. She glanced the American's hard dick.

"Come here and fuck me, you hot stud."

Max's cock was arching upwards and was even half an inch longer than usual.

He approached the blonde whore on the bed and put his arms around her, pulling her body close to his and feeling her large tits squeezing on his chest. He kissed her hard on the lips, sucking her cute little tongue and licking her beautiful chin.

"I see you know how to treat a lady" Zoe remarked.

But Max's smooth behaviour could only be interpreted as a prelude to hard and violent sex. At the moment their lips parted, he grabbed Zoe's butt-cheeks as hard as he could and slipped his hard cock in her blonde pussy.

"Oh yeah," she moaned.

Zoe's sweet cunt was quite tight for a whore's, but that's what made fucking her so enjoyable for Max. He screwed her with all his strength, his balls hitting on her pussy lips as he pumped her real hard.

"Oh God. Few men have made feel so good," Zoe exclaimed, impressed by the American's talent and determination. "Are all Americans as good as you in fucking."

"They wish..." Max remarked between two thrusts of his cock.

Both their bodies were glistening with sweat. Finding himself in a sexual frenzy, Max pushed Zoe's body back and moved her big ass closed to his pelvis, porking her extremely hard. He was fucking like a machine, like a big metal axle of a steam-engine. The friction between his reamer and the walls of Zoe's cunt was so intense that Max could perhaps light one of his cigars by placing it's tip there.

As he fucked, Max suddenly felt something in his asshole. Turning around he saw that Ilea was back on her feet, standing behind him and fingering his ass. He momentary loosened up the pace.

"What's wrong love, don't you like it?" Ilea asked.

"It's kinky but it feels fucking good" Max explained, crushing down his prejudices.

He fucked Zoe hard with his thick dick while Ilea fucked his hairy ass, inserting three fingers in it. His masculine hands were squeezing the Greek blonde's large breasts while his balls bumped against her. He even drooled on her legs, his face had turned crimson by the strength of the fuck.

"That's fucking it. I'm cumming."

He barely had time to pull out of the sweet cunt he was fucking and throwing away the condom when he shot his creamy load again. He rubbed the red head of his cock on Zoe's blonde patch of pussy-hair, his thick juice flowing on her flat belly. Ilea climbed on the bed and took Max's prick on her mouth, eventually turning it soft like butter. The American collapsed on the bed.

"I'm dead," he said as he fell next to Zoe, the sexy blonde still pumping his cock for what he had left.

Max even managed to sleep for a while, before the two whores woke him up by licking his limp cock.

"Sorry big boy, but the two hours have passed," Ilea said as she buttoned up her red dress. Zoe was lighting a new cigarette.

"That will be fifty-six American dollars," Zoe announced, "Did you like the fuck?" Max rose, paid and wore his clothes in silence. Before he opened the door to leave he paused.

"You are two bitches that are definitely worth their money," he said, before descending the stairs to the lobby and the dark square outside.

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