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Louise Ann Padden and Sally's Stories

Grand Old Party (Paula's Story; Lauren's Story) by Louise Ann Padden and Sally

Grand Old Party (Paula's Story; Lauren's Story)

"Below are two stories. The first is by a talented writer, Louise Padden. She sent me her story, Grand Old Party, written from Paula's view and I could not resist rewriting the story from Lauren's view. We hope you enjoy both stories and are we are interested in your reactions. Sally ( & Louise ("

Grand Old Party
by Louise Ann Padden (

I waltzed into the Republican Women's Club bi-weekly luncheon looking drop dead gorgeous. I don't usually wear dresses on weekdays, but I was wearing one that day -- and it was expensive. My hair and makeup were flawless and I had on a pair of heels that were not very comfortable, but were essential to the overall effect.

You see, I am a lesbian in addition to being a Republican and I took the opportunity every two weeks to shatter the stereotypes about "dykes" that these stupid women carried around in their heads. Everyone in this small Nebraska town knew I was a lesbian. It's not as if I wore a sign around my neck that said "lesbian," but I had lived there all my life, openly dated girls beginning in high school and never pretended to be anything else.

The main reason I joined the club was because I knew how desperately they didn't want me there. Unfortunately for them, there was no way they could keep me out. I believe in free enterprise and own a profitable construction firm. My anger at Republican homophobia made me want to be a living proof of the stupidity of their prejudices. I wear jeans and a hard hat when I tour my construction sites, but I dressed to the nines for these luncheons. And I loved being more attractive and "feminine" than most of them.

I stopped at the little table near the door which holds the plastic name tags we put on at every meeting and pinned mine on. It might as well have said "Paula Nesbitt, the lesbian" for all the warmth I received as I took an empty chair at one of the round tables. The other women were less than happy to have me sitting with them and gave me the most perfunctory nod one could imagine. I was used to the cold shoulder, however, and just gave them my most radiant smile.

Feeling a little devilish, I reached into my handbag and took out a button which said "IMRU2?" and pinned it next to the name-tag. One of the other women glanced at it. I could see the wheels slowly turning in her head and then she made a pissy little snorting sound and turned away.

I started nibbling on the usual salads as the formal part of the meeting began. The speaker was introduced by Lauren Leeman, the club's President. Lauren was an attractive woman in her mid-thirties with beautiful thick black hair. But she was the biggest tightass in the whole bunch. From the time she had become President two years earlier she had dreamed of getting me to leave, but to no avail. She was a shrill opponent of gay rights and a holier-than-everyone born-again Christian. I couldn't remember the last time she had said a word to me, but I didn't much care. The few times I had run into her and her wealthy husband socially she had totally ignored me.

I almost fell asleep hearing all about the Governor's task force on economic development. As I fetched my coat after the meeting I came face to face with Lauren and, as always, she looked through me as if I were a pane of glass. I just smiled at her and said "have a nice day."

Two weeks later I flew to Chicago for a building trades convention. After a day of meetings and seminars I decided that I didn't want to stay cooped up in my hotel room watching TV so I decided to go out. Wanting to get out of downtown, I checked a Chicago gay/lesbian guide and saw the listing for a bar in the suburbs called "C.L.I.T." I figured that one would do. I put on a sexy outfit and, after deciding that I liked what I saw in the mirror, went down the elevator and hopped in a cab. I was pretty horny and had already decided that getting laid that night was by no means out of the question.

After a twenty-minute cab ride I walked in and sat at the bar. The music was heavy and loud and the dance floor was full. There were two pool tables in the back and they were being used. I ordered a beer and sipped it as I checked out the women who were in sight. None of them appealed to me so I walked back toward the pool tables to watch for a while. There was a woman sitting at a table in the corner and I knew she looked familiar so I went closer for a better look.

It was Lauren Leeman! She was slutted up but there was no doubt that it was her. If I were a better person I would have slipped away before she noticed me and spent the weeks and months ahead reveling in a delicious bit of secret knowledge. But she had screwed me over too many times and I wasn't about to give her a free pass.

I walked up to her table. She looked up and her eyes became as big as saucers and she went pale. I couldn't believe it, but she started glaring at me as if I had done something to her. She stood up and motioned for me to follow her out of the bar.

I assumed she was going to say something, but not a word was exchanged as we walked two blocks and went into a nice building. She took out a key as we rode up the elevator and let me into her apartment. I knew she had money, but I never would have dreamed in a million years that she spent some of it on an out-of-town fuck pad. There was a kitchenette and a small table, but the main attraction was a king size bed.

She turned toward me and grabbed me roughly and kissed me hard. Her mouth was opened wide and her tongue probed deeply into mine. Her forceful kissing was making me wet.

She kissed my ears and my neck and then quickly removed my blouse and bra and moved to my small firm breasts. She licked my hard nipples, sucked them and then bit them. I could feel my pussy throbbing. She quickly took off the rest of my clothes and undressed herself.

I stepped back, looked her up and down, and couldn't hold back a small gasp of pleasure at what I was seeing. She was an absolute knockout. Big firm breasts with rock hard little brown nipples. She had deliciously full hips and a big triangle of thick black public hair that went halfway up her belly. Lush pubic hair has always gotten me hot and hers was magnificent. I stepped forward and tried to put my hand on her pussy, but she pushed me away. She led me to the bed and quickly spread my knees apart with her hands and buried her face in my cunt.

She was no beginner and she could see how aroused I was already. I was swollen and dripping wet and she went straight for my clit and licked it and swirled it and sucked on it. I squirmed with lust as she started to lick my clit with steady strokes. Then she suddenly slipped three fingers into me and started to fuck me hard. I thrashed and moaned as she brought me closer and closer and then I went over the edge and exploded into a powerful orgasm. I was bathed from head to toe in endless waves of indescribable pleasure as my cunt squeezed her thrusting hand again and again and again.

After a few minutes I came down to earth and saw that she was lying next to me appraising me with her eyes. I started to say something but she put her fingers to my lips to stop me. I reached over to touch her and she pushed my hand away. She started to masturbate and her hips moved up and down as her fingers made a circular motion on her clit. I desperately wanted to shove my face into her forest of public hair, but she suddenly turned away from me.

She reached into the drawer of the night table next to the bed. She pulled out a massive black strap-on dildo. It had a huge head and veins up and down it. She handed it to me along with a bottle of lubricant. I looked deep into her eyes and saw an incredible look of hatred coupled with surging desire. Then I suddenly knew what she wanted. I strapped on the black dildo and motioned for her to roll onto her stomach. She gave me a look of lust and triumph that I will never forget.

I pulled her ass up toward me and very slowly started to slip the huge black cock into her ass. Her powerful reaction made it clear that she was getting exactly what she wanted. She loudly moaned with pleasure and pain as inch by inch I shoved it in deeper and deeper.

Then I started to fuck her hard and fast, slamming the dildo into her to the hilt. She put her hand back underneath herself and started to rub her clit again. She rubbed it harder and harder and then suddenly she let out a loud scream as she started to come. I had to hold her ass tightly as she started to thrash about. A torrent of pleasure wracked her body. I kept fucking her and fucking her and she had powerful climaxes again and again. Soon the repeated pressure of the dildo on my clit pushed me over the edge and I had a huge full body orgasm while she was still having hers.

We both collapsed. I was stupefied by how quickly she had aroused me and how hard she had made me come. She just lay there with her eyes closed, however, lost in her own world. Eventually we got out of bed, dressed and left. Still not a word was exchanged. She walked into the bar as if she had gone out to buy a pack of cigarettes and I called a cab and went back to my hotel. I undressed, lay down and fell into a deep deep sleep.

The next Republican Women's Club luncheon was eight days later and you can well imagine that I looked forward to it with great anticipation. I knew that I wouldn't blurt out to my table mates that I had fucked Lauren Leeman up the ass with a big black cock, but I certainly got wet thinking about it while she was up there talking. I saw to it that we ran into each other afterward and she looked right through me as she always had. I wondered, however, whether she noticed the extra gleam in my eyes.

And so it was until a month later when a note arrived in the mail. It wasn't signed and just said "Chicago July 23." I knew who had sent it and I knew what it meant. I went to Chicago and back to the bar and she was there again as I knew she would be. Things were a little different this time. She let me bury my face in her thick black pubic hair and I got her hot juices all over my face. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. I then strapped on the black dildo and paid her back.

We met in Chicago twice more until her husband was transferred and they left town forever. I wondered for a while whether, given more time, I might have fucked the hypocrisy and bigotry out of her. Then I laughed at myself for trying to ascribe such magical powers to what was, after all, just a good hard fuck up the ass.


* * * * *

Grand-Old-Party, Lauren's Story,
by Sally (

"Ladies, please put your hands together for Lauren Leeman!"

Lauren Leeman climbed on to the stage at the Republican Women's Club bi-weekly luncheon to the ripple of applause and looked around at the sea of faces before her. Lauren was no stranger to public speaking and today, with public morals a key issue in the upcoming election, she had picked her topic carefully.

Many among the faces were good friends of hers, but one in particular stood out, that of Paula Nesbitt. How on earth that woman had the nerve to show up she did not know. Paula was a self-declared lesbian - an affront to all that Lauren thought decent. Paula had no friends in the Club and, as President, she had tried, and failed, to keep her out. Paula made Lauren feel nervous. Lauren knew from bitter experience that women who became lesbians were simply giving in to their own, indecent longings. God knows, ever since the incident she had fought hard enough against hers.

Now as she spoke, spelling out all that was decent and what their party represented, she used all the venom she felt explicitly against Paula. Every time she used the word 'pervert' she deliberately looked in the direction of Paula. Paula did not even have the decency to blush but looked back with a kind of amused defiance. Lauren hated her, not only was she weak in her morals, she was proud of it!

After her speech she walked through the crowd being congratulated and praised by her friends and acquaintances. She was very happy with how the speech had gone - surely the party would regain power this time? Then she came face to face with Paula; glancing at her large lapel badge Lauren noticed that it read "IMRU2?". Lauren was speechless with rage and brushed straight past her as Paula said, mockingly, "Have a nice day."

It was the same speechless rage her mother had been in when she had discovered Lauren and her best friend, Louise, French-kissing in her bedroom that evening. Lauren could not even remember how it started. She had always admired the other girls at school, far more than she'd ever been impressed by boys. She went through her early teens with crushes on one senior girl after another. She never told anyone of course, but she imagined she was in tragically in love. Louise had been the first girl she'd ever admitted this too. She'd been fourteen at the time, Louise was new in the school and Lauren, who was never really popular, latched on to her straight away. Louise was cute looking, straight, shoulder length brown hair and large breasts that caught Lauren's immediate attention. They found they had things in common, particularly politics and both felt very strongly about what a weak president Jimmy Carter was.

During one discussion they spoke about people they admired and Lauren casually mentioned the name of her latest senior idol. Louise immediately agreed with her and they started to discuss how attractive she was, how cool, how sophisticated, how they wished they could both be more like her. Lauren felt a funny feeling in her stomach talking about her idol for the first time to someone like this. She almost felt like she needed to go to the toilet. Also, she suddenly wanted to kiss Louise, deeply, and hold her in her arms. Maybe Louise felt the same way too, her face looked flushed.

Not much later they'd been in Lauren's bedroom one evening, listening to records and sitting talking. Suddenly, they both seemed to run out of words to say. The room suddenly seemed almost stiflingly hot. Lauren looked at Louise, Louise looked back, searching her eyes. Her lips were moist, Lauren could not take her eyes from them. They looked so tender, so soft. The next second she was kissing them and putting her arms around Louise's neck. Louise returned her kiss with passionate intensity, opening Lauren's lips with her tongue, filling her mouth with it. They kissed and kissed for ages, releasing all the passion they had withheld from each other.

Lauren was never sure why her mother chose to enter the room at that moment. She knew her mother was never keen on her closing her bedroom door when her friends were round. "To make sure you keep out of mischief," her mother had said firmly when asked why. Later she suspected that they'd been kissing for so long that the record had finished and her mother had got suspicious at the lack of noise.

Her mother stood in the doorway, speechless with rage. The girls sprang apart. Louise started mumbling apologies but when her mother's voice had returned she said simply, "I think you had better go home now Louise."

Louise had snatched her things and run from the room. Lauren wasn't sure if she was crying or not, but she felt too awful even to cry. A great weight of guilt descended on her. She knew she had done wrong, not because of anything her parents had ever said to her but because of the vague playground whispers about 'lezzies'.

Lauren sat in her room, dumb with shame while her mother proceeded to give her a lecture. Her mother told her that everyone has impure thoughts and urges, but that only the weak let these thoughts run away with them. Lauren guiltily thought of all the elaborate fantasies she'd had about the senior girls she'd been in love with. How she'd imagined that they'd been stranded somewhere alone together and that they'd fallen in love with her too. How they'd been injured and she had nursed them back to health, feeding them, tending to their wounds and cleaning them; especially the cleaning. Lauren would imagine how she would have to gently remove their clothes, taking care not to hurt them, then use a cloth to wipe their sweet skin... She bit her lip. Even while her mother was lecturing her she was giving in to her impure thoughts again! She hated herself and was disgusted with herself.

If it hadn't have been for her father coming up to her bedroom later, putting his arm round her and saying, "I still love you, Pookie," she probably would have killed herself.

Her mother never said anything explicitly, but the next day at school she totally snubbed Louise. Louise wanted to talk about it but Lauren turned on her and snapped, "There's nothing to say."

She hated Louise. Louise had tempted her, had made her weak, had made her make a mistake in front of her own parents. She snubbed Louise from that day on and shortly after started going out with the boy she would eventually marry.

Paula reminded her of Louise. Lauren could not deny she was attractive, even for a dyke, in fact she seemed to be dressed up deliberately to show the Republican women, "Hey, I'm a dyke, but that doesn't mean I'm not attractive and I don't dress well." Lauren hated her the same way she later hated Louise. Someone who had given in to their immoral urges and yet reveled in it.

Despite her successful speech, Lauren returned to her apartment with a heavy heart at the memories Paula had dredged up. The apartment had been her husband John's idea so that she wouldn't have to travel at night when she had been at a Party meeting. Lauren slumped in the comfortable sofa, kicked off her shoes and flicked on the TV but listlessly flicked from one channel to another. She felt edgy. The apartment suddenly seemed too lonely. She had to get out, make contact.

Her apartment was downtown so it was no problem to simply walk past the bars, cafes and restaurants. She found herself walking past 'C.L.I.T', (Lauren had no idea what it stood for) a well-known lesbian bar, and wondered what it would be like inside. Lauren was not a coward and decided that it would be wise to check the place out, maybe use some of her observations of the sort of loose living she expected to find in her next speech. She hesitated then boldly walked in, took an unoccupied table and ordered a drink. At least, she thought, in a place like this I won't get any strange looks from men.

When she finally dared to look around she found that nobody was particularly concerned about her being there, in fact it was much the same as any other bar except that there were no men. Women of all types were there, young, old, black and white, happily chatting, smoking or just leaning on each other and laughing.

Looking at one couple, roughly her own age, with arms round each other's waists, happily smiling and laughing, Lauren suddenly felt a pang of stupid envy. When was the last time she and John, her husband, had felt that comfortable and happy in each other's presence? They barely talked any more. She had given him two healthy children and now he seemed to be no longer interested in her. They had lots of friends and went to parties, but never really spoke to each other any more. They made love maybe twice a month, but it was really just John fulfilling some urge. He'd roll on top of her in the dark, ask, "Are you ready?" then hump her until he came and finally roll off and sleep.

Lauren was unfulfilled sexually, which is why, despite her guilt, she had purchased a dildo by mail order and kept it at the apartment. Half ashamed of herself, Lauren had not spent much time making a choice and when the thing arrived she found that that it was black and much bigger than she had anticipated. The dildo also came with a strap so that a woman could tie it about her waist and use it on another woman. Despite her guilty feelings, just before she made herself come with the dildo she would imagine that a woman was using it on her. She would orgasm, sweating and feeling sick with disgust at what she was imagining. Only women of low morals, like Paula, would think those thoughts.

And then, to her horror, Paula was in the bar, looking at her. Lauren felt stupid. Of course she'd be here - it was the only lesbian bar in town.

Rather than be caught sitting down, she stood up to meet Paula. It was simple. She'd just clearly explain that she was checking the place out... for what? Lauren could not even remember why she'd come in. She was further unnerved that Paula looked absolutely gorgeous and approached her with a suggestive smirk. Lauren was horrified. Paula actually thought she was in the bar because she was a lesbian! It was ludicrous! She had to explain to Paula before she started spreading false rumors and gossip, but not here - they must not stay there a moment longer! Lauren was panicky; she had to get out.

"Come with me," she told Paula and Paula followed her obediently without saying a word.

Lauren walked swiftly back to her apartment, Paula following her. Lauren could think of nothing to say and did not want to be caught on the street with Paula.

When they finally reached her apartment Lauren turned to Paula to explain, but was met by a huge, sensual grin. Lauren looked at Paula s face and felt that familiar feeling she'd had sitting next to Louise all those years ago, with no more words to say.

She leaned forward and kissed Paula passionately, giving fee reign to her feelings, no longer caring about the pretence of being straight. Paula was gorgeous and she wanted her, urgently.

Lauren could hardly control the flood of feelings and kissed Paula frantically on her ears on her neck, showering her with kisses. Paula was large breasted and Lauren had an overwhelming desire to see them and touch them. With fumbling fingers she unbuttoned Paula's blouse, still unable to speak. Paula's magnificent breasts were exposed as she undid the lacy bra holding them in place. The large nipples were so inviting that, unable to resist, Lauren put her head to them and licked, suckled and even bit on them. She bit with the frenzy of someone who half loved, half hated what she was doing.

Now there was no going back. Lauren stripped the unprotesting Paula, then stripped herself too. All that was done in the silence of intense passion, when words cannot, or need not, be said.

Paula stepped back as Lauren silently undressed, appraising Lauren, enjoying what she saw. Reaching for Lauren's mass of thick black pubic hair she found her hand thwarted. Lauren did not need to be touched, yet. Now she only wanted to GIVE pleasure. Pulling Paula to the bedroom, she laid her down then descended to what she had always wanted to taste. Lauren licked and nibbled on the Paula's pleasure button, doing to her what she wished her husband would have, at least once, done to her. Paula's cunt was already dripping and it was easy for Lauren to insert three fingers and fuck her, hard; stabbing strokes that were given in anger and love. Paula thrashed on the bed in response to her new lover's ministrations, and her first orgasm came quickly, but lasted a long time as Lauren continued to thrust her fingers in and out.

When she could no longer take anymore, Paula pushed Lauren's hand away. As Paula lay, exhausted, Lauren had the opportunity to study Paula's naked body. She was younger than Lauren, maybe in her mid-twenties. Like Louise, she had straight brown, shoulder length hair and a cute face, dimples in her cheeks that Lauren wanted to kiss. She had large breasts with large that ended in nipples with large areolas that Lauren had been unable to resist suckling earlier. Further down, her cunt was surrounded by a neat, trimmed bush, unlike Lauren's own mass of luxuriant growth.

Paula watched Lauren studying her and was about to ask her how long she'd been gay but Lauren stopped her. She did not want to any words to spoil the passion, to break the spell. Lauren was so aroused now, the repressed passion of thirty years bubbling up that she could resist no longer and started to touch herself in the way she normally relieved her sexual desire. Now it was Paula's turn to look on appraisingly. It was clear that Lauren was one hot bitch and she wanted some of her.

Lauren was now so aroused that she needed more than her fingers. Automatically she reached for the dildo that she kept in the drawer of the night table. Lauren knew what she wanted. She wanted her fantasy to finally come true. She wanted Paula, who she despised for her weakness to fuck her as the contemptible woman she was. Lauren silently handed the dildo, and lubricant she kept handy, to Paula without a word. She presumed Paula would know what to do.

Paula did. She started to strap on the black monstrosity and motioned for Lauren to roll over on her stomach. Lauren felt sick with excitement, fear and lust. She felt like she was in some wonderful dream.

Lying on her stomach she tensed, waiting for the tip of the dildo but instead she felt it on the ring of her anus. What was Paula up to? Suddenly she felt the monster pressing harder against her anus, trying to enter her. Paula was trying to fuck her ass with the thing! Lauren had never even heard of anal sex with women, she thought it was the preserve of gay men. She tensed, fearfully but Paula was strong, and gripping her hips tightly, thrust the dildo deeper, splitting her open painfully. Oh god it hurt, but in a way, the more it hurt, the better Lauren felt. I'm a sinner, she thought, I am sinning, I deserve this punishment. Please Paula, my love, punish me harder...

Lauren groaned aloud as the dildo pushed inexorably deeper. She felt more penetrated than she's ever been in her entire life. What was this woman doing to her?

Just when she thought she could take it no more, Paula withdrew a little, but the relief was short-lived as she slammed back in as hard as she could, uncaring of Lauren's pain. Paula fucked Lauren mercilessly relieving all the hatred and lust she felt towards Lauren. Lauren held on for dear life as her ass was reamed repeatedly, using her hand on her clit to relieve the feelings building inside her by the repeated brutal penetration. Then she came, her sphincter muscles tensing against the embedded dildo. It was like no orgasm she'd had, and she thrashed around wildly. Paula was forced to hold on like she was on some wild bronco ride. But Paula wasn't satisfied and continued her brutal assault on Lauren's poor virgin ass, causing her to have orgasm after orgasm. Eventually the repeated pressure of the dildo on her clit pushed her over the edge and Paula had a huge full body orgasm while Lauren was still having hers.

Both women collapsed, exhausted and sweating on the bed; the dildo slipping from Lauren's abused ass. Lauren closed her eyes, shocked and shaken by what she'd done. She did not know what to do, or what to say to Paula, her enemy whom she had just allowed to intimately penetrate her. Her ass was incredibly sore and she staggered to her feet and went to the bathroom.

When she got back Paula was up and starting to dress, so Lauren mutely dressed too. Paula still had a triumphant, satisfied smirk on her face and Lauren simply did not know what to say. When they had dressed Lauren was not sure where to go so she simply walked back with Paula to where they had met, still unable to talk. Back in the bar Paula took the opportunity to leave and Lauren sat down, unable to comprehend the events of the last thirty minutes.

Lauren saw Paula again eight days later. Lauren was unsure whether she'd be there, but as she rose to speak she saw the familiar face in the crowd and felt herself blushing. Paula did not speak to her at that meeting.

Lauren thought the incident had cured her of her 'unnatural' thoughts. But late at night, when John was asleep she'd find herself fingering her own asshole and remembering her 'dream' experience. A month later she took Paula's address from the Club registry and sent a note that simply said, "Chicago July 23". The dream was not over.


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