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Grandma's Love Story by Luvysing

Grandma's Love Story

We had started to talk on the internet about innocent topics. I'd tell him about my hobbies; gardening, making quilts, piano. He'd tell me about his: boating, motorcycles and simple carpentry. We found that we shared a passion for travel although I'd been a lot more places in this world than he had.

He was much younger than I but he seemed very mature. You see, I am a grandmother quite a few times over and approaching 70. I know I don't look anywhere near my age and I certainly don't feel it. He was a newly graduated college student, just 28 years old. I sent him my picture. He sent one of himself., a handsome blond with blue eyes.

Our talk over the many months we chatted gradually turned more and more toward sexual topics. He found out that I was frustrated being married to an old grandpa who had quit having sex with me many years ago. He told me he was unmarried and taken up with his new job so that he couldn't socialize much to meet potential partners.

Then we became more graphic in our discussions, sharing fantasies, telling each other what we best liked when having sex. It turned out that we both like oral. He was delighted to learn that I like to swallow. A good hard cock thrills my mouth and when it sort of stiffens up getting ready to shoot I can hardly wait to take that jism. He liked to lick pussy and thrust his tongue into a lady's hot hole. We also told each other about how we had always wanted to try things that were really kinky like sneaking a fuck in a public place or taking part in an orgy.

Little by little the chat became more personal. Instead of talking generalities, we began to say what we would like to do with one another. Of course that eventually led to our making plans to meet. I couldn't believe I was actually planning to have sex with man 40 years my junior. Mike assured me that he loved the idea--- that it would be one of the kinky things we could do.

Gradually our plans took shape and began to change. We talked about meeting in a restaurant - too tame. Maybe we could meet in a parking lot and I could go down on him while he drove to the hotel. Finally we came up with a plan that it seemed would satisfy the desire that we both had for the strange and unusual and exciting. I was to get the hotel room and leave a key for him at the desk. He would call on his car phone when he got near the hotel . At that time I was to close all the drapes, take my clothes off and turn all the lights off. Then I would cover my eyes with a blindfold and get into bed. I would let him come into the room, join me in the bed and enter me then and there. Even then I was not to look but to enjoy the feel and the sense of our making love. I admit that getting together in that way with a man I had never met frightened me a little. I went over and over all the bad things that could happen But Mike's sweet talk and my own desire to do something outrageous calmed my fears and led me to agree to meeting in that way.

Waiting in the hotel for his call was a nerve-racking time. Then the phone rang and a whispered voice said, "Well Grandma, are you ready to get fucked? I'm in the parking lot and will be there in five minutes."

"I'm ready and anxious," was my response.

In bed, in the dark, with a blindfold over my eyes, I waited his approach with a mixture of excitement and fear. Soon he entered the room I felt him draw back the covers and slip his hand onto my quivering belly. His voice was a calming whisper. "Just relax, honey. I am not going to hurt you."

With that he slid into the bed beside me and I felt his strong, young body against mine and the hardness of his cock pressed to my hip. A hand cupped one breast and his mouth covered my other. He lay there beside me and sucked my hardening nipple his hand rolling the other between his fingers.

Excitement sparked from my breast and centered between my legs. Slowly he moved his hand across my belly and began to strike my inner thighs. I found myself begging quietly, "Please. Please. Please. Touch my pussy."

His hand then found my clit and he rubbed it slowly up and down. I began to shove my hips to meet his hand. He slid his fingers inside my pussy and began an in and out movement that I knew would make me cum very quickly. The warm feeling, the thrill that tells a woman her orgasm is about to engulf her centered itself in my pussy and I started to quiver and shake. I moaned and cried his name, "Michael. Michael."

"That's it baby," he whispered. "Cum for Michael."

And cum I did, with an intensity I had seldom known. Before the feeling could subside, Michael slid down and put his mouth where his hand had been. His tongue and his lips and the breath from his mouth once again brought me to a shuddering climax.

"I want to suck you" I sighed. Without a word, he brought his large and distended cock up to my mouth and I tried bravely to take it all. It was so big I couldn't quite manage it but I loved being able to suck the man who had just brought me such pleasure.

Then without a sound, Michael withdrew from my mouth and spread my legs so he could get between them. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my pussy and then slid that marvelous tool into my wet and pulsating cunt.

"Oh my God!" he murmured and it was only later that I learned the reason for the wonder in the sound of those three words. He began to slide in and out and gradually increased the rhythm and the force of those movements. I was crying and laughing and moaning all at the same time Never in all my long years had I been fucked like that. This man was a wonder. He was a lover that any woman would want.

I screamed as I came to climax again just as he threw back his head and cried out, "Yes. Yes. Yes!" He shot a great load of his cum into me and rammed his cock into me again and again. We shuddered. We shivered. We quivered together and lay there panting, exhausted from the energy spent in the marvelous meeting.

Michael lay there quietly and, speaking for the first time in a normal tone, he said simply, "Thank you, Grandma."

That voice! I knew that voice! I tore off the blindfold and there, lying with a big grin on his face was my very own grandson, Michael!

"What? What? What's the meaning of this?" I cried. "You have deceived me. You have done a terrible thing. You have tricked me into doing something I never would have done."

He smiled lazily not at all upset by my yelling. "I know you wouldn't have done it, but, Grandma, I've been wanting to fuck you since I was 13 or 14. Lately all I think about is how it would be to have my cock in you. When I saw your screen name and you sent your picture, I was tempted beyond resisting. I could hardly believe that I was at last going to show you how much I love you. I was at last going to take some of the frustration from you."

He grinned again and said, "Come on, Grandma, you know you liked it."

It was true. I had liked it. It was the most wonderful sexual experience I had ever had. I was torn between shock and fulfillment. The fulfillment won and I slowly moved down between Michael's legs and let myself sample again the marvelous taste of my beautiful grandson's cock. I licked those balls that were full of the manly juices that I really loved to taste. He moaned with pleasure and begged me to keep going, to suck him until he could cum. His cock pulsed and he shot my mouth full. "Oh, yes," he sighed, "I think Grandma and I are going to have some really good times together."

He brought me up where I could look in his face a gave me a long, lingering kiss and I shared with him that cum that he had just given to me.

"Grandma, I am going to spend this night with you and fuck you until I can't fuck you any more. And when this night is over you are going to visit me whenever you can. I want to enjoy the woman I love as often as I am able."

And that is exactly what happened.

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