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George Gets a Surprise by Cat Douglas

George Gets a Surprise

It had been a long day and George was exhausted. Nothing had gone right. The day's events kept playing in his mind as he drove home, none of it pleasant. He lost a major account, stained his favorite tie with mustard during lunch, the traffic was congested, as always, he had a pounding headache and he couldn't help but wonder if dinner was made. "My life sucks." He said aloud to no one even as he laid on the horn, disgusted with the drivers on the California freeways.

Finally George pulled into his driveway, narrowly avoiding a ten-speed bicycle left lying unattended. Exiting his car George grumbled, "Damned kids don't appreciate anything." He collected the mail from his mailbox and shuffled toward the house.

He unlocked the front door to his modest three-bedroom home in a suburb of LA and stepped inside. He blinked a few times, his eyes adjusting to the dimness within. "Carol?" He called his wife's name, wondering why all the lights were out. He then noticed a soft glow coming from the dining room. Dropping the pile of bills on the entryway table, he shed his coat and made his way toward the light. "Carol?" He called again.

He rounded the corner to find the dining room table set for two. Complete with candles, a floral centerpiece and even the "good china".

"Oh God," he mumbled to himself, "I've forgotten another anniversary!" No, he reasoned, that can't be it. They were married in August and this was only March. Hmmm. He stepped closer to the table, only then noticing a small card lying on one of the plates. His name scrawled in Carol's familiar handwriting. He lifted the card and read.

George, there are martinis in the fridge, get one and meet me in the bedroom. The kids are at Mothers. Love Carol.

"Well, well, well." George smiled as he tucked the note into his shirt pocket and turned toward the fridge. Yes, inside there were martinis and just the way he liked them. He downed one quickly before refilling his glass with a deep sigh. Then remembering Carol was waiting he turned and walked toward the bedroom at the back of the house. He wondered what brought this on? Carol was not usually the playful type, and this was quite the surprise.

But that was nothing compared to the site that awaited him in the bedroom. He eased open the door curiously and poked his head inside. There stood Carol, dressed in black leather. A racy little bra showing her cinnamon nipples. Garters hugged her svelte hips and black boots that ended mid thigh. George swallowed hard as he stepped into the room, those gossamer panties with little silver chains Carol was wearing stirred his cock, and it grew hard as granite in his pants. "Carol?" He couldn't believe his eyes. God, but she was a knockout!

Carol smiled, not saying a word as she stepped toward her husband of ten years. Love evident in her familiar blue eyes as she sank to her knees before him, running her slender fingers up his thighs slowly.

George's eyes grew rounder as Carol then loosened his pants, carefully pulling his throbbing cock free. He shuddered as he felt her silken tongue gliding around the bulbous head of his pulsing cock. "Oh, yes, Carol." He moaned, his fingers found their way to her auburn tresses and tangled within. "Mmmmm baby, suck my cock!" Her hot little tongue danced up and down the shaft, tickling as it teased. She always knew just what he liked. Her velvet tongue circled the crown once more before dipping down to lick his balls.

George moaned again loudly, his cock giving a mighty jump as she pumped it in her small hand, her tongue slithering all over his balls. "Yes, oh baby, mmmmyesssss that's it" Her tongue then crept back between his cheeks, lapping lazily at his asshole. "Ohhhhhhhhhmmmmm" George pushed his ass back against her tongue, feeling it begin to wiggle its way inside him. "Oh, yes, yes, oh God!"

Carol slowly wormed her tongue inside, then began to pump it in and out of his tight ass. Her fingers gripping his cock firmly as she stroked him. Her free hand fondling his balls, tickling lightly at the underside and then massaging them in her warm palm.

All too soon for George, Carol withdrew her tongue, stood, and purred huskily in his ear, "Bend over the bed baby, be a good boy for me now and do as I say"

George positively quivered, he loved the assertive tone in her voice. He did as he was told, his pants around his ankles, his ass in the air as he bent over the bed, whimpering in anticipation. "Carol?"

"Shhhhhh baby" She cooed softly as he then felt her pliant tongue return to his brown hole. Her satiny flesh washing repeatedly over his little hole soothingly. He relaxed, humping his cock against the bed as he moaned.

Carol reached for his wrists, pulling them behind his back. The loud grate of the metal handcuffs making him wince slightly. "Carol?" A little tremor to his voice this time.

"It's OK baby. You're going to love this I promise" Carol whispered in his ear as he heard her snapping something, followed by the unmistakable sound of buckles, all making him curious, and a tad apprehensive as well.

It was then he felt the enormous head of the oiled dildo pressing insistently against his pinched back hole. "Oh God, Carol!" He moaned even as she whispered encouragingly to him, pressing that mammoth dildo into him. Oh how it hurt as it forced his ass to spread, stretching him, forcing those puckered folds to give. "Ccccccccaaaaarrrroooowwwwwwwwwww!" He keened loudly as the head pop into his ass, the burning sensation that immediately followed making him squirm beneath her. Carol paused to allow him to adjust to the girth of the dildo, then pressed on. Sliding that mammoth rubber cock in so very slowly, inch by inch.

He fought the cuffs, wiggling on the bed as Carol filled his bowels with her mock cock. She then ground it deeply inside him, he could feel her supple breasts pressing into his back, her nipples poking into his flesh, her lithe body weighing him down. He let loose another long loud wail. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhh God, Carol!" That cock of hers had to be at least 8" long and a good 3" around.

"Hush baby," Carol whispered into his ear, "Everything is alright. You're being such a good boy. I'm so pleased with you. It's all the way in now darling. Just relax...relax George and enjoy it."

George tried his best to relax as Carol began a wave-like motion. Sliding that cock in and out of his sore ass. But soon, as Carol said he would, he found the pain lessening. Giving way to a pleasurable tickle as that cock brushed repeatedly against his prostate, reaming his tight backdoor. She fucked him as he had her all those years. Slowly and gently at first, letting his body begin to crave more, and it did. Then picking up the pace, slamming that thick dong repeatedly in and out of his ass while he whimpered and writhed. "Oh Carol, oh baby, fuck me, yes baby, oh yes fuck me harder! Carol!"

She complied as he humped the bed, rubbing his swollen cock, dribbling cum from its tip, on the bed. His ass started to tighten as his balls tensed, "Carol!" He shouted. She knew he was close as she grabbed his hips, her fingers biting into his flesh and pounded his ass with gusto.

"Oh my God! My God!!" He practically screamed as he came, shooting his hot spunk between his belly and the coverlet of the bed, great streams of steaming cum shot forth.

Carol gently easing the dildo from his ass and laying her tongue to the widened orifice, tenderly lapping at him as he moaned. Easing his discomfort while his poor ravaged hole returned to normal.

After George's breathing returned to normal, Carol stood and unlocked the handcuffs, allowing George to roll to his back. A goofy smile plastered upon his face as he looked up at her. "What was that all about?"

She smiled in return, "I wanted to do something different, something unexpected."

"Well, it certainly was!" He opened his arms to her as she lay down beside him, nestling close.

George pulled Carol tighter against him and whispered, "Now its my turn." Carol giggled.

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