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George and his Ladies Part 1 by Greek Spectre

George and his Ladies Part 1

After flattering letters from readers that liked my first story, titled 'Greek Hookers', I decided to have a go at this one, inspired by my recent high school memories. Please enjoy!

"What's up gay boy, what are you reading this time?"

Athena had launched one more of her infamous insults against George. The class was almost empty, since the teachers had a council, except for George, who was quietly reading a Tom Clancy novel, Athena and two other girls.

Athena was a very attractive girl, almost eighteen years old, with sparkling green eyes, dark blonde hair, a cute face and a killer stare. As for her body, there was no description to match her beauty: small but firm breasts, lovely legs, excellent hips, a perfectly flat belly, and all these easily visible, thanks to the tight jeans and blouses she always wore. Overall, she was a nice girl but a bit too "naughty', having lost her virginity quite some time ago as George speculated.

As for George, a handsome young man with dark hair and brown eyes, in the eyes of the other guys and gals he seemed like a strange person, constantly reading boring books instead of playing basketball, walking at the school yard or flirting with the lovely girls of his class. And so most of them mocked him now and then, thinking he was gay, or egocentric or god-knows-what, but George didn't mind and was always willing to show the world that he was above all a human being, albeit a serious one, if the right chance presented itself, and so it happened.

"Aren't you coming?" Athena's female friends called at her.

"Go ahead, I'll stick around Mr.. Serious here."

"Don't be long."

And when the door closed behind them, Athena took the liberty of sitting on George's desk looking at his book and asking:


George flicked a page of his book and without moving an eyelid, he replied:

"I'm not gay, you know?"

Athena laughed softly in a girlish way.

"Prove it," she said provokingly.

"How?" George asked.

"Fuck me, right here and now," she replied "most of the guys around here have done so anyway."

"I have better things to do," George said, without a hint of excitement in his voice, without taking his glance from his book even for a moment.

"I knew you were gay," Athena concluded in a teasing tone and stepped down from the desk.

George reacted with feline swiftness, letting his bulky novel fall on the floor as he rose and wrapped his arms around Athena in a split-second. Before the girl could understand what had happened, George kissed her hard and passionately, exploring her mouth with his tongue. Her body relaxed in his arms and she responded well to his move, touching and caressing his sensitive parts as he brought a hand on her ass. As they parted, saliva was dripping on Athena's chin.

"Perhaps you aren't gay after all," she stammered.

And without uttering a word, George moved towards her, removing her blouse with slow and romantic moves.

"Oh, baby," he whispered.

Athena's bra came into view, a splendid black, silk piece of underwear, and George made a wink of admiration, not only for the sensual bra but also for her excellent breasts, outlined clearly under the soft fabric, not particularly big, but perfectly round and firm with small pink nipples that were visible in places. There was a silver necklace with a cross around her neck that completed the image.

"You like what you see?" Athena asked.

George nodded and moved his hands behind her back, unbuttoning her bra and watching it fall around her neck. Her pretty bosom was now fully revealed and his masculine hands ran down the lovely breasts, caressing them softly. Then, he bend down and brought one of the beautiful erected pink nipples in his mouth, licking, sucking and biting gently.

"Oh, yes," Athena purred like a cat, "you REALLY aren't gay."

The sexy girl climbed on the desk once more and leaned against it's cold wooden surface. George was standing next to her and unbuttoned her tight jeans without delay, sliding them down her gorgeous legs and removing them. Her panties were black, matching the bra. He removed the panties quickly, leaving the girl naked apart from her silver Nikes and her jewelry. George was impressed once more, now at the sight of her shaved pussy, glistening with her love juices.

George exchanged a passionate glance with Athena and hesitated briefly before bending between her opened legs and starting to lick her cute cunt at a furious pace.

"Oh God!!!" Athena moaned.

George lacked much experience in that particular field, but he knew the theory and managed to perform very well in the heat of love-making. He went for her clitoris, licking it hard, and then playfully sucking Athena's puffy cunt-lips. The girl moaned in ecstasy and used her hand's to move George's head closer to her pussy.

George had finished licking and decided to try something different. He opened up Athena's cunt as wide as he could with his thumbs, and inserting his tongue he begun to tongue-fuck her. The taste of her pussy was incredibly sweet to him, and he kept on until the girl reached a powerful orgasm. George felt her body trembling, and more juice flowed from her lovely cunt, right into his mouth as he drunk her with great pleasure.

Shaking from the ecstasy, Athena stood up and stopped George from his work.

"That was nice foreplay but I can't take any more of it" Athena said, "I want to feel your hard rod inside me. Fuck me!" How could he not obey? As Athena took position by lying down on the desk and spreading her legs wide, George took off all of his clothes. Now it was Athena's turn to be impressed at the sight of his massive 7 inch cock, with it's crimson head fully exposed.

"What a monster you have there," she remarked "stick it in me quickly. I want to feel it all."

George grabbed Athena's legs with his masculine hands and opened them as wide as he could. He momentary rested his dick on her belly, before sliding it in her without warning. The girl grunted in delight as the great tool filled her entirely. Her sweet pussy was so wet and aroused from the foreplay that the cock went in up to the balls with the first thrust.

"That's it. Now fuck me," Athena dictated.

George was still holding her legs. He moved them upwards, bringing her hips in contact with his pelvis and he begun to thrust forward in a furious pace. His great cock was pushing further into her cunt with every move, his hairy balls rubbing against her puffy cunt-lips. The bulging head of his dick was outlined under her belly as he filled her womanhood entirely and brought her to new peeks of ecstasy.

As he savagely fucked her, his hands slid up her sweaty body, cuffing her lovely breasts. He then moved a hand to her mouth, forcing her to suck his fingers one by one. Athena was screaming like a bitch and moving frantically to enhance the sensation of the penetration. Despite her experience and her many past lovers, she had never felt that way before. There was something about George, something about the way he controlled her body and forced himself into her.

George moaned and grunted heavily as he fucked the girl vigorously. His face was bright red and drops of sweat from his forehead were splashing on Athena's body. The pace of fucking slowed down and George, shivering, took half a step back, keeping the head of his cock in her, as he panted and tried to catch his breath.

"Why did you stop?" Athena complained, instantly bringing a finger to her pussy, unwilling to slacken the pace of love-making.

"I... I'm exhausted," George muttered between heavy breathing.

Indeed he had been fucking Athena for ten minutes at a tremendous pace and his legs were shaking by the exhaustion.

"That comes from smoking too much," Athena remarked "Let me ride you."

George left himself to her skillful control and the girl stood up from the desk, and led him to take the position she previously had, lying on the wooden desk. She took a glance at the big cock, it had become purple from the intensity of the action.

With moves that showed more than enough previous experience, Athena mounted George's body, driving his dick in her dripping pussy.

"Yes, it's all inside again," she said in ecstasy.

George placed his arms around her waist, and Athena closed her eyes and begun to ride him, by moving quickly up and down, feeling the shaft of the thick cock rubbing against the velvet walls of her cunt. Her neck-chain with the silver cross was bouncing on her chest.

But she couldn't last much longer, and she was also tired. After a particularly hard thrust, she felt the shockwaves of a powerful orgasm ripping through her body and sending her into a wonderful ecstasy. Seconds later George moaned hard and kept his dick deep inside her.

"I'm cumming," he moaned.

And with a final thrust, his hard cock exploded inside her, filling her with hot cum.

"Yes, fill me with your sweet juice baby," Athena said as she kept humping him.

The thick sperm had flooded her cunt and was now flowing out, dripping on George's balls. Usually, most of Athena's partners fucked her with a condom and splashed their loads in her mouth or on her face, but that fuck with George had something so affectionate and so passionate that it seemed right for him to cum inside her.

"God, I wish everyone could fuck me like this," Athena murmured and then collapsed on top of George, their bodies forming a sweaty heap. George brought his hand to his stiff cock and pulled it out of Athena's pussy with a plopping sound. He pumped his dick softly, splashing a few last drops of sperm on her ass-cheeks, and then he rested his cock on her hip.

George had his arms around her waste and they both breathed heavily, recovering from the orgasm.

"I love you, Athena," George whispered at her ear.

"That was great," the girl replied.

"No, I mean I really love you. I am in love with you, I always was but I never had the balls to say it to you."

Athena reached at the area below George's limp cock and caressed him gently.

"You seem to have the balls for that now," she remarked with a girlish giggle.

That was the first part of a short series of sex stories titled "George and his Ladies." Two more parts will follow shortly. If you have any comments or ideas or requests for the following stories of the series, feel free to submit them at Please put the title of the story you are commenting on your e-mail's title line.

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