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Gathering Around the Flagpole by JayBee

Gathering Around the Flagpole

We had participated in two swinging experiences. The one at Brett's house had been a friendly, social event resulting in satisfaction, and a desire to return. The second with Bobbie and Sue had been the most sexually intensive exercise of raw physical exertion that we had ever experienced. And yet, it seemed a regimented routine, we both wondered what might happen if, for any reason, either of us might have refused, or did not meet the expectations of the teacher. We concluded we were indebted to Bobbie and Sue for an unforgettable experience, but agreed there would not be additional contact.

On the more positive side I did discover the wonderful cream that Bobbie used, and Jan found a unique use for it. It happened on one of our special Saturday night sessions. We had pretty well set up the evening as a sexual event. We both showered early, and by 8:00 we were sitting on the couch, with towels around our waists watching a porn tape. We had our usual drinks, and were enjoying the action. This particular show had a huge busted woman going through the emotional trauma of lusting, and screwing a couple of guys who played the roles of her sons. Of course they thoroughly enjoyed their mommie, particularly since it looked like there was only about five years difference between mommie and her brood. There was a lot of good action, but I was getting a bit weary with the mommie plot.

So, I slowly removed Jan's towel, moved down to a kneeling position between her legs, spread her legs, and gently started licking the outside lips of her cunt. She immediately moved down just a little so I had better access, and then reached down with both hands and spread her cunt lips wide. Having just showered she had a fresh taste that was like sucking on a rainbow. I was getting very hard and she was producing more and more of her sweet juices. In my mind, I was content to turn my body slightly, place my prick against her leg, start some movement and just cum right there! The minute I touched her leg, she knew what I was planning and said, "Hey, I have a surprise for you, let's go in to the bedroom." Her voice took me out of my trance, and I slowly pulled back and got up.

I lay down on my back and she then very slowly and carefully started sucking my balls. We had known for a long time, when very close to ejaculation, this action would often not relax the prick, but reduce the excitement level. After awhile, she licked the shaft, and then moved up to my nipples. Yes, I was getting excited again!

Then she said, "Ready for your surprise?" I said, "Sure, anytime." She turned on her stomach, raised up to her knees, and said "I've already put in the cream, now you put your cock in my ass." She gave a short gasp as I inserted, and slowly started moving back and forth. And then I felt something being inserted in her pussy, and I couldn't believe what was happening. She had inserted a turned on vibrator in her cunt, and was moving it in and out and from side to side. It was driving me mad, she held it against the membrane and squeezed my cock against the wall. The action became extremely frantic, and I came. I shot my entire load in her ass as she continued to bury the vibrator in her pussy. When I extracted, she rolled over and continued to fuck herself with the vibrator, her legs spread wide. I got on my knees between her legs and watched her work. After several more minutes she had a strong orgasm pushing her cunt against the vibrating shaft. Soon she settled down, pulled out and shut off the vibrator, and I again buried my face in her cunt, sucking out her juices. She finally pulled my head up, licked all around my wet mouth and said, "I think you liked my new idea. Next time we'll put it up my ass, and then you can suck both your cum and my cum from my pussy." I said, "I wonder if whipped cream would work as good as that ointment!" She laughed, and we were soon sound asleep in each other's arms.

Sunday went it's usual course, and that evening we were idly watching television when the phone rang. To my surprise it was Brett. He apologized, "We have been having a problem getting all the folks scheduled, but it all came together today, and we are set for a party next Saturday night. I wanted to give you as much advance notice as possible, sorry to hassle your Sunday evening." I responded, "No problem", and asked Jan, "It's Brett, says they are having an event next Saturday, want to attend?" Without thinking, she said, "Is Harper going to be there?" When I stopped laughing, I asked Brett. When he stopped laughing, he said, "We are all good loyal Americans and we just couldn't have a celebration without a flagpole!" When I could finally stop laughing again, I told him, "When the flagpole is raised up yonder we'll be there!" When I finally settled down after all of the funny business, Jan said, "I can't believe I did that!" Laughing again, I reminded her I had heard that comment before!"

I didn't visit Brett's city the next week. So we left Saturday afternoon confident the plans were still in effect. It was all the same, the same Holiday Inn, and the arrival at Brett's house just a little after 8:00. We were dressed for undressing. Jan had a loose blouse that showed the curvature of her breasts, a full skirt, sandals and nothing more. To show my growing confidence, I even raised her skirt to make sure she was panty less! I had the collared T-shirt, loose slacks, and slip-ons. Brett and Anne welcomed us at the door. Brett had a housecoat on, Anne with her famous short shorts and halter top. They greeted us warmly. Brett put his arms around Jan and gave her a long kiss. Ann, took both of my hands, pulled them around her back, and kissed me on the lips. I was already feeling a slight bulge below the belt line!

We went in to the den, and I found myself taking a more appraising look at the other participants . I decided to see what some body language might accomplish. Walked up to Tricia, the younger, firm bodied wife of Mike, and held out my hand. She took it, stayed seated and said "Good to see you again." I then went to Ellen, Harper's wife, held out my hand, she stood up, put my hand between her legs, and said "Hi, glad you came back to see us!"

Jan kinda had the same experience, she greeted Mike, and he returned the greeting without touching, then she greeted Harper, he switched his hand from the inside of her's, to the outside, and slowly rubbed it against his crotch, and said "We're both glad to see you again!" Jan smiled, and we sat down on a couch next to Brett and Ann. The drinks were flowing quickly, Harper was telling more than a few jokes, and Brett kept looking at his watch. Finally he said, "Folks this is stupid, here we sit, waiting for 9:00 so we can get comfortable, and get the evening started. I say, let's get naked now!" There was no argument as we all quickly got rid of our clothes. Jan, Anne, Brett and I then sat on the floor, we formed a loose circle.

I looked at Harper's huge prick that was now laying on his leg and said, "Harper, I would give a million dollars if I could have a rod the size of yours," I paused for just a couple of seconds and said, "And come to think about it, Jan would probably pay two million!" When the laughter subsided, Harper said, "Jim babe, that's just about two hundred thousand dollars an inch! You know, after I get it all emptied out tonight, we may just see if we can find a transplant doc in the Yellow Pages!" I replied, "Well, I think I know someone who wants to be your vacuum sweeper" and Jan thumped my soft prick.

Then Ellen spoke up, "Jim don't feel bad about the size of your rod, you can do things with it that Harper can't." I replied, "Well, I'm not really in to having sex with midgets." Ellen said, "That's not what I am talking about, I'm talking about double insertion." And of course I told her of our experience with Bobbie in Jan's ass while I was in her cunt. She agreed that was nice, but still not what she was talking about, "What we do is this, I get on top of you and slide your prick in my cunt, and then someone gets in back of me, and slides his prick in also! If you have never experienced the feel, we'll do it, Mike and I have done it, how about it Mike?" "Hey, I'm ready!" he said.

We had all been setting there, naked, talking about sexy things, and none of us men had experienced even the slightest peter growth. Almost immediately the stage was set. I moved next to Ellen, the minute she touched my prick it was like my entire body was waiting for that signal. Mike moved to the other side of her and got the same experience. Jan took Anne's hand saying, "There's plenty of Harper for both of us, let's get him high in the air. They kneeled down on both sides of him. Anne lifted his prick and held it straight up, and Jan took the head in her mouth. At the same time, Anne was fondling his balls.

I lay on my back in a position where I could see Harper on the left, and Brett on the right who had Tricia's legs wide open as he sucked her cunt. Harper was growing fast, there was plenty of room for Jan to suck at the top and Anne to lick at the bottom.

Both Mike and I were at full erection when Ellen got on top of me, and slid my shaft in her cunt. The first sensation was that I had entered a rather large wet cave! As I slowly moved back and forth it felt like I was in very thick, warm molasses! It felt very good.

I sneaked a glance at Harper as he was setting the scene, "Anne please come up here, I want to tongue fuck your pussy as we did several months ago, and Jan, my cock is anxious to feel the inside of your cunt. This time, Jan went almost half way down before she stopped and raised up again. Anne faced Jan and lowered her cunt on Harper's face. She could see clearly that moist cock rising and lowering into Jan. I looked to my right and there was Brett who had now inserted his cock in Tricia and was slowly pumping her.

Then I felt Mike move his prick in, and it sent a chill through my body as I could feel it sliding up the back of mine. Suddenly the cave was full, Ellen moaned quietly as we changed our approach, I would hold at the top and Mike would withdraw, I would withdraw as he pushed to the top, or we pumped her in unison. I could feel the walls of her vagina contracting as we ever so slowly increased the speed of our thrusts. I felt myself getting close and stopped, and so did Mike, we just lay there with Ellen breathing heavily in my ear.

I could hear Brett and I am sure he was cumming with vigor, and I could hear Tricia repeating the word, "more". And I could see the dramatic action with Harper. Anne was moving her cunt back and forth on his face, and Jan was thrusting his wet shaft deep inside her, and, Jan and Anne were locked in a tongue sharing kiss. As I watched them I saw the perfect sexual circle.

And then, Mike moved, and immediately I responded with a thrust and we were back in motion at an increasing rate, Ellen was responding moving her hips, her cunt muscles flexing, and she was starting to get less moist and the friction was getting higher. Then I felt it, I could actually feel his prick pumping his cum as he held it high in Ellen's cunt. I could feel his juice surround the head of my cock. I held still until he subsided, and then it was but a few more thrusts that I too exploded in Ellen. During this process she too experienced a great climax. We lay still, I could see Jan and Anne were no longer kissing and Jan was frantically swallowing Harper's prick in her cunt. And I saw him cum, hips high in the air. The action was so frantic, I really couldn't tell if Jan had climaxed, Harper was breathing so hard that Anne had moved off his mouth, and as Jan raised up and released his prick, Anne, moved to the side, then next to it, and started licking his still erect shaft. Jan watched, and then Harper, catching his breath, said, "Jan baby, I need to do a little re-cycling, put your sweet pussy right here on my mouth." Jan responded, "Harper you are something else, but I have a pussy full of your cum, how can I refuse!" She moved to straddle his face, he started licking and sucking her cunt. In the meantime, Ann was going for that "second cum" that small amount of sperm that was still held in his shaft. She was massaging his prick vigorously as she sucked and tongued the head. In a few minutes it was obvious he was getting ready to erupt. Jan sensed the upcoming event, and moved to the side. At the very last moment Anne removed him from her mouth, and with both hands massaged his staff and he shot two or three squirts that landed on his stomach, just above his belly button. Now, his prick was very quickly relaxing, and Jan did one of her special things! She dipped her finger in the pearly liquid, and spread it on her nipple, then rounding out her breast. She kept dipping until it was well wiped up. She then turned to Anne and said, "He has a special taste." Without hesitation Anne spent several minutes sucking and licking the cum from her breasts. When she was done, they both lay down. There were eight tired people, satisfied to stay very still, with their eyes closed. After maybe twenty minutes Brett announced "drink time" and Mike, Brett, and I went to the kitchen and fixed drinks for everyone. We almost had to hook up an "IV" for Harper, but he finally gulped down a strong shot of gin. And it helped. From my perspective, everyone as starting to look better again! And we started talking. Harper said, "Jim if I sold you my prick, I'll bet I would never see Jan again, I'm taking the "For Sale" off! The sense of humor was coming back. We were waking up after a totally fulfilling sexual event.

I was lying next to Ellen, and I felt a body come next to me, and then lay down, with her head on my shoulder. It was Tricia, and she said, "You have felt my husband's cock against yours, now I want to feel yours in my cunt." I was just a little surprised at her bold approach when previously she seemed so cool, and of course, after a session of very strong sex, I wondered if I really could get it going again. Very gently, she reached down, put my balls in the palm of her hand, and slowly started cupping them. It was a rhythmic pumping action.

Jan had moved over to Brett, and had started to rub his nipples while he was caressing her cunt with his hand. Mike had laid down next to Anne, and was holding his soft prick against her face as she slowly licked its head. And Ellen went over to Harper and said, "baby, I got a pussy full of cum, before I go pee it out, you want a taste?" Harper replied without hesitation, "hon just spread those legs." She laid on her side, and raised her leg, he laid his head on her leg, and started the slow sucking action.

And I was beginning to get aroused again! Tricia continued squeezing my balls and with her other hand she started massaging my growing cock. I whispered to her, "Let's turn around, I want to taste your cunt." She replied, "You're going to be tasting something else too, Brett almost filled me up!" I first started by licking the very inside of her thighs, and then moved to her cunt lips. They were moist, and I detected the slight musty taste associated with my previous cum eating experiences. I then licked just the inside edge of her cunt lips, and I then pushed my tongue fully inside her wet joy box. I massaged the top and felt her clitoris react almost immediately. All during this activity she was pushing hard with her tongue on the head of my prick. I could tell she was getting very hot, and she said, "I don't want to cum in your mouth, turn around and give me your cock." I turned around, and started rubbing the head of my prick up and down on her cunt lips. And then I inserted, pushing all the way into her vaginal opening. She reacted immediately, her cunt walls contracted and squeezed me, she was pushing hard against me with her hips, and she was saying in my ear "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I couldn't believe it was happening so fast. She held me in her pulsating vaginal vise, I was being masturbated by a pussy love machine. And I came, and when she felt the squirts of my cum her cunt felt like it was sucking the cum deep into her body. She was shivering, we were both covered with sweat, and I slowly turned us both on our sides, and held her in my arms as our breathing returned to normal. I then removed my prick and looked around. In the excitement, I had not heard Ellen and Harper leave. Anne and Mike had obviously had an orgasm and she was laying in his arms, Jan was on her hands and knees while Brett was fucking her ass. He was in the last lurches, Jan was gasping, and very soon it was evident he was cumming. After a few minutes, he withdrew, sat back as Jan slowly lay down on her stomach

Quietly Brett said, I know where there is some cool water in a nice little pool. It wasn't long before we were all relaxing along with Harper and Ellen who has entered soon after he had sucked her pussy dry.

There wasn't a lot of talk, we were all extremely tired. After the traditional cup of coffee, there were passionate good-byes, each woman fondly embraced each man, I thanked Mike and Ellen for the wonderful double fuck, and Tricia said her pussy was still twitching.

We drove back to the motel in silence. Once in bed Jan said, "The next time we come up here, I want to try that double pussy fuck. You looked like you were really enjoying it!" I replied, "It was really a very different feeling, and I think Ellen enjoyed it also." Then she said, "Do you think my cunt it big enough?" I replied, "Babe, if your love box can swallow Harper, you'll certainly not have a problem with a couple of us average guys!"

Laughing, we went to sleep.

The End


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