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Game, Set, and Snatch - a Tennis Threesome by Captain Squall

Game, Set, and Snatch - a Tennis Threesome

Ok, so I admit to being a mature aged lady, on the wrong side of 50 - but I take care of myself and I reckon I could pass for a woman 10 or 15 years younger than I really am. I stand about 5' 6" tall, weigh in at 120 pound and have, if I say so myself, a well-rounded figure. And since my divorce a year ago I was still searching for someone to have a relationship with, but I was in no hurry. But let me share a secret with you - something very nice happened last week when I was in Hong Kong. Something that I, Wendy Jamieson, will share with you.

I had checked into the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay, just over the road from the Hong Kong Yacht Club. The Club had dropped the "royal" prefix just before the hand-over of the Territory back to China in July 1997.

I guess you could call me a reasonably liberated woman and I found out just how liberated I was, after a day's sailing with some old friends with whom I used to work years ago. On that day's sail, when the 60 foot yacht took a group of local businessmen and women for a 'social sail', I got to talk at length with two attractive local guys, John Leung and Peter Ho. They were very rich by virtue of having a very successful electronics manufacturing plant over the border in the closest Chinese province of Guangzhou. The three of us were enjoying the October sun, savouring the fine wines our host had served, while sailing past the changing skyline of the city and the Kowloon peninsula. And of course we were enjoying each other's company.

Both Peter and John were in their late twenties, and were keen tennis players. So I had invited them to play a game with me at the Excelsior the following day. The hotel had several courts and they played several games with me in turn. Resting besides the court in between games I noticed both Peter and John observing my cleavage in my tennis blouse, so I challenged them.

"Enjoying the view, guys?!" I asked with a laugh. I knew my 38-inch bust, with a well-filled C-cup bra had caught their attention. And just about everyone else's in the hotel, as well.

"Well, Wendy" said Peter, "its just that, well, Hong Kong ladies don't... don't have figures like yours..." he said, nervously, but with a smile on his face, and an obvious bulge in his shorts.

I felt my heart skip a beat and with a wicked smile, I heard myself say suddenly, "Well, maybe you would like to have a closer view... give me ten minutes and come to room 888".

My heart was pounding in my ears as I returned to my room and took a quick shower. I walked naked over the soft carpet and unlatched the door before flinging back the bed cover and slipping between the crisp, cool sheets. Please, oh please, don't be too long, I was thinking...

The two guys meanwhile had taken a shower in the guest facilities downstairs and after what seemed an eternity, I heard my hotel door open, before I heard my visitors locking it from the inside.

Self-consciously I peeked out over the sheet to see Peter and John undressing. I also was pleased to see that these guys were not only financially endowed but their personal "equipment" was also impressive. Both were now sporting huge erections, their cocks pointing directly towards me in bed. I flung back the sheet, and revealed myself to them. They stared at my 38-inch breasts, with their large rich, red nipples, now erect and hard, their stares moving down over my flat stomach to my bushy triangle. They had smooth hairless chests, but little fat on their bodies, but I was concentrating on their 'wedding tackle".

I noticed that both cocks were now twitching in anticipation and both guys climbed onto the bed. They surprised me by starting to softly caress and kiss me all over my body, rather than start to insensitively grope and feel me. I lay back with my eyes closed, enjoying their sensitive affections, their soft fingers fluttering and lips caressing my flushed skin. The musky smell of their cologne reached my nostrils, and I felt myself starting to get wet and hot in anticipation. Instinctively I raised my hips, my bush now dark and moist... Occasionally a hard but warm penis would brush my skin, and I tentatively reached out, my fingers flicking over the firmness of the shaft. God, I wanted something inside me, and soon...

Their foreplay and arousal techniques would have impressed even the most seasoned lover and I was more than grateful for their sensitivity. Peter then shifted his position on the bed, crouching over me, his hips now in front of my face. I opened my eyes before reaching out and clasping his maleness in my tiny hands, before lifting my head to take the bulbous tip in my mouth. Peter gasped as I started to tongue his glans, while massaging his soft balls. His manhood was at least eight inches long, and nice and thick. I savoured the firm knob and used my tongue to flick the sensitive underside of his cock.

Lower down the bed John was crouching between my spread legs, and he was now holding the soft cheeks of my bottom in his cupped hands, while flicking his lips and tongue over my stomach, my pubic hair, and along the inside of my flushed thighs. He then darted his long tongue up and down my swollen labia, taking in the sweet juices seeping from my body. I started to jerk my hips up and down to meet his own movements and he took the hint. I felt him shifting up the bed, and then kneeling between my thighs he held his engorged cock at my entrance, slowly moving it around with his hand, driving me wild with lust and pleasure. When he felt it wet enough he gently eased it into my folds and deep in my throat I groaned aloud as it filled my insides...

John started to gently heave his hips towards mine, with each shafting motion driving me insane with lust, his hot, thick rod burning and stimulating my own hot, wet passage. My hips were now heaving up and down, maximising the penetrations of his movements. I was now hungrily sucking on Peter's shaking rod and I felt him cry out, before his hot, sweet seed burst into my mouth and start to overflow down over my chin, as I continued to suck hungrily. He seemed to jet seven or eight generous bursts into and over me and I continued to heave my hips up and down.

Hearing our groans of pleasure was too much for John and as I approached my own orgasm he shuddered and shook, holding still for a split second, before he shot his load deep inside me. I was gripping and releasing his wet, firm shaft with my strong vaginal muscles, wanting to derive the maximum contact of his cock with my passage. With a low cry I heaved and jerked my body up and down, as he finally spent his seed inside me. My body was on fire as I peaked several times and I shuddered and shook, my entire focus being on that region where our bodies were locked together.

We all collapsed and lay back on to the bed, our bodies sweating and panting from the exertion. It was some minutes before anyone spoke. I raised my head from the sweat stained pillow and said weakly, "Beats tennis, guys...!" and they couldn't help laughing as they started to caress me again. I noticed their hardness returning and my own sensations were re-aroused... this was going to be a very long game, set and match I thought...


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