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Gabby: One Hell of a Weekend by Gyre_Surfer

Gabby: One Hell of a Weekend

I want to thank everyone who has sent the feedback (it's all been positive). I've been typing like a maniac for the last few days and have come up with these four chapters. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Rick and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Ever since we met in kindergarten, Rick's family has all but adopted me. Don't get me wrong; I've got parents - they're just assholes. I sleep nine nights out of ten at Rick's and eat most meals there too, his parents don't mind - they like me and would rather feed me than let my parents let me go hungry. I was also very close with Rick's little sister, Gabby.

Gabriel has always had a little crush on me and only lets me call her Gabby. She's five years younger than Rick and I. Gabby constantly hangs onto me whenever I'm around. Not that I mind though, not only is she like the little sister I never had (my parents didn't even want me), but she damn's cute, too.

At the time that I'm writing this, Gabby is twelve. She's pretty small for her age, only four foot six and barely eighty pounds, with short red hair and green eyes. She's also just begun to develop breasts and hips, which add only the slightest amount of curve to her slim little body. Her face is elfin, almost like a pixie, with the prettiest smile ever.

In October of Gabby's seventh grade year, her school was running an Autumn dance - the kind where the boys stand against one wall, the girls against the other and an awkward silence sits over the ultra-loud pop music being played. Anyway Rick and I had just gotten back from school when he asked me.

"Hey, Mike. Remember that dance Gabriel was talking about?"

"Yeah, anyone asked her yet?"

"No, that's what I wanted to talk to you about."


"Well, you know how my parents asked you to watch Gabriel this weekend while they take me to my Judo competition?"

"Yeah, I don't mind. I like hanging out with Gabby."

"Exactly, we were wondering if you could ask her to the dance on Friday and then keep an eye on her for the rest of the weekend."

"Ask her out? She's only twelve."

"It's a school dance. Besides, you know she'd love to go with you; she's had a crush on you since she was five, and think how cool she'll be for bringing a high-school guy. If I went, people would think she's a loser for having to bring her brother."

"Well, when you put it that way....Sure. I'll go ask her."

I found her watching TV in the family room. I flopped down on the couch next to her.

"Hey Gabby."

"Hi Mike!" She always beams at me, smiling like an angel with glowing eyes.

"Anyone asked you to that big dance yet?"

"No." She was suddenly sad.

"Don't worry about it, they're just chicken, they'll grow out of it. Until then, would you mind if I tagged along?" Once again, her face lit up, only a thousand times brighter.

"REALLY!!!" Before I knew it, she'd wrapped her arms around me and was squeezing so hard that I thought I was seeing spots. "You really want to go with me, I mean I'm just a kid and..."

"Yes, I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to."

"Did Rick put you up to this?" she asked, a little suspiciously.

"He suggested it, but I agreed."

"Oh wow, I gonna go tell mom. MOM MOM MOM." She ran upstairs to tell her mother the good news. A moment later Rick sat down next to me.

"You really made her day, you know." I couldn't help but grin like an idiot, I don't date a whole lot anyway - I'm a bit of a nerd.

For the rest of the week, Gabby couldn't stop smiling or talking about how great the dance would be. Her parents really seemed pleased about this - anyone else would have had a problem with a high school senior going out with their dear little preteen, but they knew me.

By Friday, I showed up a Rick's with some flowers for Gabby. When she came down the stairs, I nearly keeled over. I'd never seen Gabby as anything more than a surrogate little sister, but in that moment, all that changed.

Gabby was dressed in a dress that, while acceptable for a twelve-year old, still made her look sexy. The skirt came to mid-thigh and the neckline was as low as it could go and still be allowed for her. The cut of the dress seemed to accentuate what few curves she had. Her short red hair was done up with two pigtails sticking out of the side of her head and her cheeks had glitter on them. She looked incredible.

After a minute of gawking, I gave her the flowers.

"Thanks Mike," she blushed.

"Have fun," said Rick as he patted me on the back. "I'll see you two on Monday."

The dance was pretty average. Once Gabby and I got out on the floor dancing, everyone else joined in too. The whole time Gabby beamed at me, I couldn't help smiling back.

When we got home, we were both still grinning.

"It's almost eleven, you better get ready for bed Gabby."

"OK Mike, and thanks." She kissed me on the check and ran upstairs.

I went to my own room (really the "spare" bedroom, but I'd been sleeping there for most of a decade) and turned on my TV (I'd bought it myself but I keep it here, so my dad doesn't hock it). A few minutes later Gabby poked her head in.

"Can I watch TV with you for a little while?"

"Sure thing Gab." She walked in wearing one of Rick's old T-shirts, her pigtails and glitter still in place. Since I normally watch TV from my bed (due to the lack of chair space), she curled up with me, snuggling into the crook of my arm.

"I really enjoyed myself Mike."

"I did too Gabby." I became suddenly aware that Gabby's snuggling was rubbing her little ass against my crotch. Since I was just wearing my boxers and t-shirt now, I could feel the cleft of her cheeks grinding against me. I was hard in about a second and as soon as my cock was well wedged into her little butt, she stopped moving.

"Mike, could I sleep here tonight?" I was having a hard time concentrating on anything but her sweet flesh rubbing against me, but I sure as hell didn't want it to stop.

"Y-Y-Yeah sure."



"Have you ever had sex?"


"Have you ever, you know, done it?"


"Me neither." She rolled over so that she was facing me. "I love you Mike." Then, she kissed me on the lips. Within a second all conscious thought in my head was long gone and I just went along.

We kissed for minutes, eventually using our tongues. We stopped for a moment and a flicker of reason popped into my head.

"Wa-wa-wait a minute. Gabby this isn't right." She looked at me with the sweetest look in her eyes.

"Please Mike. This just feels so good, I want to, you want to, how can it be wrong?"

At that very point, my heart melted. We both took off our clothes, slowly, and re-embraced. We kissed some more and eventually we rolled until she was beneath me.

"This is going to hurt at first, okay?" She nodded and I moved to aim my cock at her tiny little pussy. She spread her legs as wide as she could and looked deeply into my eyes. It took forever to just get the head inside, she was so goddamn tight!

She winced as my cock pushed against her cherry, but I kept pushing ever so slowly. Finally I got through the hymen and she cleared her teary eyes.

"Keep going," she whimpered.

Now I'm not huge, but my cock is nearly nine inches long and an inch and a half wide so her little pussy gripped me like a fist. I couldn't have gone faster if I wanted to.

It felt like forever before I reached her cervix, six inches in. I stopped and we both caught out breath.

"Won't it go further?" she asked.

"I'd have to push into your womb."

"D-d-do it."

I resumed pushing until the cervix gave way and the rest of me slid into her, by now I was at the hilt. Again I waited a little before I started to pull back half my length and slowly push back in.

We continued this pace for a little while. All the while my little Gabby cooed and moaned into my ear, unable to do much of anything else.

As I accelerated my pace, we both grunted and groaned. At least twice she shuddered a little and closed her eyes tight - she must have orgasmed. Eventually I felt my balls tighten and I exploded into her and she shuddered for three whole minutes.

"OOHH FUCK!!!" I shouted and collapsed. I tried to roll off her but she managed to hold on so that she ended up on top of me, with my softening dick still tucked into her. Even now her cunt was still squeezing my dick, holding it in.

"Leave it in," she whispered before dozing off. I kissed her little forehead, pulled the covers over us both and fell asleep myself. The most contented sleep I ever had.

Chapter 2

The next morning, it took me quite a while to figure out what the hell was going on. The first thing I noticed was the smell of Gabby's hair (cherry blossom shampoo, I think) and the feeling of her snuggling against me. It occurred to me that I must have dreamed last night, my mind using the feeling of her against me as a basis. That was until I noticed that we were both naked and I felt that really nice feeling of my soft dick sheathed in her tight little pussy.

Then I panicked. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit, what have I done? God, what have I done to Gabby...and Rick? Rick will kill me. I deserve it.

She must have felt me twitching, because she woke up and rolled over to face me - my dick slid out of her as she did it. When she saw my face (probably a mixture of horror, grief and guilt), she smiled.

So peaceful, she moved closer and whispered in my ear, "Thank you. I really wanted this." Then she kissed me lightly on the lips.

"Gabby I...." She put her finger against my mouth.

"Shh, you didn't seduce me Mike. I really wanted this, and I think you did too."

She was right. I smiled back at her.

She kissed my nose and then slid out of bed. This was the first I'd actually seen of her nude body - I really did love her. Her skinny little body was perfect. Her long neck flowed down to her slender shoulders. Her little breasts were like half-apples, with tiny pink nipples poking out. Her flat stomach tapered only a little at her waist, leading to her bald, pink mound and the puffy pink lips of her pussy.

I must have been staring for some time, because she blushed and started to cover herself a little.

"No. Don't. Please. I didn't mean to stare, but you really are beautiful." She blushed even brighter.

"I'm not that pretty Mike."

"You are to me."

Still blushing, she smiled at me (I know I say that a lot, but with a smile like that, it's too pretty not to mention, and it really does melt my heart each and every time).

She slid back into bed and nuzzled closely to me.

"Can we do it again?" she giggled.

"Oh, I think I could be convinced." I said in my first moment of actual clear headedness all morning, even though my cock was already half-hard and getting harder fast.

She looked down at my dick, transfixed. "I didn't actually look at it last night," she said as she reached out and grasped the shaft gingerly. I twitched and she backed off a little before she grasped it once again, a little more tightly.

"Ooh, that feels good Gabby," I said.

She giggled and started to stroke it. It was completely hard within microseconds. I moved to put myself over her and bring my dick near her pussy, but she pushed me back and then down onto the mattress. Then she straddled my waist, with my penis sitting against her stomach.

I placed my hands on her hips and helped her get up until my head was against her little pussy lips. Then she slowly began to lower herself onto me. I could feel her tight little sheath being pushed down over by dick. It took a couple of minutes before Gabby was once again sitting on my pelvis and a couple more for us to catch out breaths.

Next she began to push herself up, drawing my dick out of her. My hands wandered over her stomach and eventually settled at her breasts where I lightly brushed over and around her nipples. When I was almost completely out of her, with only the head still in, she almost dropped herself on me. When her ass slapped against me, we both recoiled a little, out heads thrown back, our eyes rolling into the skull and our mouths drawn into an "O".

This continued three more times until I couldn't take any more. I grabbed her ass lifted a few inches from me and pushed her back down repeatedly. Her velvety sheaths clamped down even harder on me at the same time my cock exploded. She collapsed onto me and we both heaved for several minutes.

I took this opportunity to lick and nibble on her ears and whisper to her, "I really love you."

She spoke directly into my chest, "I know."

We must have laid there for an hour before either of us stirred. Gabby pulled herself up onto her elbows, on my chest, and sniffed the room. Her little nose wrinkled.

"We really stink."

"Maybe we should take a shower," I said with a wink. She certainly seemed to like the idea.

We got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She leaned over the tub to turn on the water and, upon seeing her little behind, I took the opportunity to lightly stroke the soft cheeks. She turned and smiled as I picked her up and held her to me by her ass and we kissed. I put her down and we got under the spray of steamy hot water. We took turns soaping each other, very thoroughly, she giving special attention to my dick and I to her budding breasts and little cunny.

We slid down until I was sitting on the bottom of the tub with her on my lap, blocking the shower from my face. We kissed and necked for some time until I laid back and pulled her down to me. I kissed her ears and neck, working down to her collarbone as she cooed in my ear. When I got to her breasts I licked around the nipples, without touching them, and then I grazed over them. This made her shiver and squeak with each pass of my tongue. After first doing the left nipple, and then the right, I moved down further. I kissed her stomach and licked her belly button until I got to her cunny.

The pink puckered lips were just inches from my face. My face moved closer and my tongue extended to touch her pussy. She inhaled sharply and cooed. I got a little braver and pushed my tongue a little deeper, tasting her sweet juices. I licked again and again, listening to her breathing get faster and faster. Then I found her tiny clit, I didn't know what it was, but the way she reacted to my licking it, let me know it was very sensitive. I licked and sucked on the tiny little bud until her body shuddered and a tiny gush of her juices flooded onto my face. She had to brace her hands against the shower wall to remain sitting until she regained her breath.

"That was incredible," she whispered through her ragged breath.

We eventually got out of the shower. We each took extra care to dry the other off, rubbing the towel lightly over the other's skin.

As we stood naked on the bathroom floor, I stooped a little to kiss her on the lips and then picked her up into my arms. She had no complaints at all, wrapping her arms around my neck. I carried her into the hallway and was heading to my bedroom when....

I heard from downstairs.

"We're home!!!"

Chapter 3

When I heard Rick's voice my heart seized and my mind raced, I nearly dropped Gabby but she held on. I bolted into my room, put her down and we both scrambled to put on our clothes - luckily it was still morning so wearing the bedclothes we'd had the night before wouldn't draw suspicion.

We had both just finished dressing and sat on the bed to regain our breath when Rick came in to the room.

"Hey guys."

"What are you doing here, I thought you guys weren't going to be back until Sunday," I said, trying to sound as innocent and un-terrified as possible.

"I got beaten early and didn't feel like staying, so what have you been up to?" He said as he flopped onto the bed between us, putting his arms around our shoulders.

"I....Uh....Nothing...Nothing much, we were about to watch TV."

"Cool." He grabbed the remote from my bedside table and turned it on. Gabby looked back around her brother's head and gave a smile. Seeing her smile calmed me down a little.

We watched TV for about an hour until Rick got bored and decided to unpack, likewise Gabby got up and left. I sat alone and thought - something I hadn't done a lot of since sometime last night - quite a few things occurred to me that there hadn't been time to before.

For one thing had I gotten her pregnant, she's only twelve, but....Oh God! For another, she said she'd wanted it, but she's not nearly old enough to make that decision, I should have known better. Can we keep this a secret? Should we? This can't continue. Can it? No.

Later (I don't know how long I sat there, thinking), Rick's parents called me downstairs. I went down they both stood side-by-side, with Gabby in between them - beaming - and Rick was standing off to the side against a wall.

"Mike." Rick's dad said. "We've been talking, you've been most of your time here for quite a while, and after the way you've been taking care of Gabby." I nearly had a coronary right there but managed to not keel over.

"Anyway Mike, we'd like you to move in here for good. Legally you're old enough and I rather doubt that your parents will complain much (that's the truth). What do you say?"

"I....Uh.... I'd like that a lot, thank you." I was completely speechless.

"Great, tomorrow you and Rick can go get your stuff, I think most of it's here anyway. Now lets eat I'm starved." We all headed for the dining room for dinner (I must have been really out of it).

All through dinner Gabby was winking, smiling and touching me with her foot. I was completely shell-shocked; I don't even remember what I ate.

Afterward, I went up to my room and thought some more. I've been doing a lot of that lately, still hasn't solved anything. My reverie was broken by a knock at the door.

"Can I come in?" It was Gabby.

"Uh, yeah. Come on in Gabby." She entered the room slowly, smiling as always. She crawled onto the bed next to me and kissed me on the lips, for just a second.

"We need to talk," I said.

"I thought so."

"Gabby, this can't go on. It's not right for you and I to be having sex. Hell, I'll be eighteen in a few months then it'll be downright illegal. I mean I could have gotten you pregnant or..."

"Is that what you're worried about?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah that is a pretty big factor."

"Well that's okay," Okay!!! "I'm on the pill, Mom put me on it when my period started. She said it would keep them regular, plus that other benefit." Thank god she isn't pregnant. Well that's one weight off my chest.

"Still Gabby, we can't keep doing this."

"Why not? You said you loved me." She was really hurt.

"I do Gabby, but it's just not right for us to do this."

"It feels good doesn't it? It's got to be right." That look in her eyes melted my heart, again.

We moved closer and kissed, first just with our lips and then with our tongues. We took turns licking the other's lips and into their mouth. I began to lightly stroke her body through her t-shirt, then under it. She breathed faster as I touched her erect nipples.

She reached down and brushed my rapidly hardening dick.

"Whoa, whoa we can't do this. Rick and your parents are right downstairs." I hadn't actually stopped the petting and kissing, but I was trying to get control.

"And they're listening to a movie so loud they wouldn't know if we exploded." Great choice of words, but she was right, I could feel the bass vibrating through the floor. At this point that was all the convincing I really needed.

Within a few seconds, we had arranged ourselves with Gabby lying back and me sitting between her spread legs. I leaned forward and kissed her lips. I put my thumb under the waistband of her panties and slowly peeled them down her little butt and pulled them up, she raised her legs to help me get them off of her. I kissed her again.

She leaned forward and pulled down my boxer shorts, letting my dick spring out. She wrapped her arms around my neck, kissed me and pulled me down with her. As we kissed, I put my dick to the entrance of her pussy. I started very slowly, pushing in just a little at a time. Each time I moved, she sucked hard on my mouth and uttered a little squeak. It seemed like forever until I got all the way in and began to pull out. When I had pulled out halfway, I resumed pushing in again, a little faster. By now we were both sucking hard onto each other's mouth.

My pace got faster and faster until I felt her pussy and my balls tighten, I made one final thrust and exploded within her. Minutes later when my dick stopped twitching and her pussy eased up a little, I rolled off of her, but like the night before she rolled with me to keep me in her and lie atop me.

"It feels so warm, I like it there," she whispered as she snuggled up against me. I pulled the covers over us and wrapped my arms around the small of her back. She was asleep in seconds.

I had almost dozed off when there was a knock at the door. My eyes nearly bugged out of my skull as Gabby's mom came into the room. Shit! We're screwed, well I am at least, I'd say it was all my fault (it probably is but...).

"She came in to say goodnight and fell asleep huh?" she laughed.

"Uh, yeah."

"Mind if she sleeps here tonight? I'd hate to wake her when she's sleeping so peacefully." She bent down and kissed Gabby's head.

"Fine by me."

She smiled at me (so that's where Gabby gets it) "She really does love you, you know." She may have been talking about puppy love, but she was right on a whole different level.

"I know," I said as she pulled the door closed on the way out.

"Your heart is beating like drum." Gabby giggled into my chest.

"Goodnight Gabby." I kissed the top of her head and went to sleep.

Chapter 4

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night. Gabby was still sleeping atop me, the little body slowly rising and falling as both she and I breathed in unison. I looked at her in the dim light and knew that I really loved her. With that thought I fell asleep with a smile on my face and the smell of her Cherry Blossom shampoo in my nose.

My consciousness exploded into wakefulness as Rick jarred my shoulder.

"Come on man, wake up. It's lunchtime."

"Huh, what, oh. Hey Rick."

"Wake up, you too Gabriel." He lightly patted her head lightly.

For a moment, I was afraid that Rick wasn't going to leave and would see us "disengage", but he headed out as quickly as he had entered.

Gabby moaned a little as her head raised up and she looked at me.

"Good morning," I said. We kissed and got out of bed.

Gabby was on her way to the door, when I noticed the bottom half of her pretty little butt below the hem of the t-shirt she wore. For a moment I admired the view, then realized this wouldn't be acceptable attire for lunch with the family.

"Gabby!" I whispered and tossed her the panties that were still on the mattress from the night before. At first she was a little confused until she looked down and remembered that she'd forgotten her panties. She blushed a little, then more when she noticed I was staring at her pussy.

She put her panties on and smiled. I moved closer and kissed her deeply, but the sound of Gabby's mom calling us for our: "last chance to eat before Rick finishes off all the waffles," kind of killed the mood and we went down to wrestle some food from Rick.

While we ate, Rick suggested that he and I go to the mall. Gabby asked if she could go to as we shared a glance, but Gabby's mom suggested that she stay so they could make cookies. She relented, not wanting to appear too eager to be with me.

Rick and I cruised the mall, doing the usual mall stuff. We ate greasy food, court fries, checked out some new video games, and watched girls. I must have seemed a little disinterested in the last activity, which caused Rick to ask.

"What's up with you man, you're always into watching girls, but now you wouldn't care if that one over there came over and sat on your lap." He indicated a particularly hot blonde across the food court. "You'd think you had a girlfriend or something."


"Yeah you're right, like you'd have a girlfriend that I don't know about." The only few dates I've ever been out on have been fix-ups by Rick - bless his heart - but none of them ever panned out.

"Unless you and Gabriel are finally gonna tie the knot." Once again my heart seized into a clenching fist.

"Me and Gabby?" I said, trying to sound innocent. I was going to die of hypertension before the age of eighteen.

"Yeah, you guys have been tight since she was two. We all figured it was just a matter of time before you two were engaged."

"Your parent's would really be cool with that?" I was almost relaxed enough to breath now.

"Yeah, the old man's said more than a few times that she'd be better off with you than most of the creeps out there. So think about it. In four years, she will be sixteen and that's old enough to get hitched. Just make sure I'm your best man." He poked me in the ribs with his elbow at the joke.

"You know it man, who else would I have?"

"In fact," he said. "Maybe you ought to start dating her."

"Dating her?"

"Yeaaaah, show her you care, she'll love it. You enjoyed the dance didn't you - that reminds me how did it go?"

"I enjoyed it a lot actually. Was that a set up?"

"Maybe. Worked out better than the others though didn't it?"

Well isn't this great, I'm being set up with Gabby by her brother - if he only knew how tight we were.

After a little more cruising we eventually headed out, we stopped off at my parent's place (still asleep at 4 in the afternoon, but that's okay because the door is never locked). It turns out that everything there I owned could fit into a backpack. Once we were done, I bid a not-so-fond farewell to that dump and headed 'home'.

When we did get home, it wasn't ten seconds before Gabby had run to the front hallway, and jumped onto me with her arms wrapped around my neck. I picked her up into my arms - having someone dangling from your neck gets uncomfortable fast - and she put one of the cookies she'd obviously just finished baking into my mouth and kissed my nose.

"Think about it man," was all Rick said before walking away.

"What was that about?" she asked.

I finished the cookie she'd jammed in my mouth (not bad).

"I've got something to ask you."

"What is it?"

"Um...Would you like to go out to a movie with me tonight?" That was the first time I'd ever asked a girl out, second if you count the dance on Friday.

At first she really didn't know what to say about it, then a wide smile slowly crept across her face.


"I wouldn't ask otherwise." Before I knew it, her arms were wrapped around my neck much tighter than I would have suspected.

"Gabby, Gabby, I can't breath." I said hoarsely.

She released the death grip on my head, kissed me on the lips and then jumped down. She smiled for a second before running off to tell Rick and her parents.

That night before dinner, Gabby's dad put his hand on my shoulder and said, Son, I'm glad to hear that you and Gabriel are going out tonight."

"You are?" I tried not to sound too surprised.

"Sure, I think you and her would make a great pair, if I didn't think so do you think you would have taken her to that dance on Friday."

"I suppose not." I smiled.

"Now here, take this." He handed me a twenty. "This one's on me."

Right after dinner, Gabby and I got into my car (a worthless block of steel, but it moves) and we were off. I had a hard time paying attention to the road. Gabby was wearing a denim skirt (relatively short) and one of those t-shirts that leaves your midriff uncovered.

I let Gabby pick the movie, which turned out to be an okay flick, though I didn't watch a whole lot of it. Before the previews were even over Gabby and I where kissing like mad. Since there aren't many moviegoers on a Sunday night, we had the entire theater to ourselves. Noticing this I got a little bolder, I pulled Gabby onto my lap where I proceeded to lightly rub her upper body and legs, my hands wandered up her belly-top to play with her erect nipples.

I could tell she was getting hot because her breath was short and rapid in my mouth. She grabbed one of my hands and guided beneath her skirt to where her panties where almost soaked. I lightly brushed my finger along her pussy lips through the thin cotton. The little noises she made suggested she liked that and I continued. Eventually I had enough guts to put my hand into her panties and slowly probed her with my index finger.

I slowly drew my finger in and out of her slick little hole. Soon it was wet enough for a second finger, and then I found her clit (still didn't know what it was, but she sure liked it) and began to rub it with my thumb in circles. Her breathing got faster and faster. Within a few minutes her entire body tensed, her pussy locked down on my fingers and a small gush of fluid poured down on them. Soon she relaxed and regained her breath.

"Thank you, I really liked that," she whispered in my ear.

"I kind of enjoyed it too, I really like to make you feel good," I said as I brought my moist fingers to my lips and sucked on them.

"Do I taste good?"

"Care for a lick?" I offered my hand to her and she tentatively licked one of my fingers, before sucking it right into her mouth.

"Not bad. I like to show you something one of my friends told me about." She smiled devilishly in the dim light of the movie.

"What's that?" He smiling face moved down to my lap while her little fingers started fiddling with my zipper.

"What're you doing?"

"Shhhhh," was all she said as she opened my fly and fished out my rock-hard dick. She kissed the head and looked up at me, smiling. All I could do was sit there with my eyes bugging out.

Next she sucked the entire head into her mouth and flicked her tongue back and forth over it. She pulled it out of her mouth and sucked it back in, this time going a little further down. She continued until the tip of my cock was just brushing the back of her throat. She nearly gagged a few times but managed to avoid it. While she sucked on me, her hands were jerking the shaft and playing with my balls - I wasn't going to last long under this kind of stimulation.

"Gabby...I'm....gonna...." She responded by pulling her mouth back just far enough that her lips where wrapped around the tip. My hips bucked and shot my load into her mouth, once again she nearly gagged but still swallowed it down.

I sat there, trying to regain my breath, while she gave my dick one last lick before putting it back and zipping me up.

"That....was.....great." I said.

"Glad you liked it. Hmm..."


"Lori said it would taste bad, but that wasn't too nasty."

"Thank you."

We pretty much behaved ourselves for the last twenty minutes of the movie and then headed home. After we got in, Gabby went and told everyone how great it was (with a few details missing). At the same time Rick took me aside.

"So was I right?" he said, as if this all was his doing.

"Oh yeah, you were right."

"Good, now remember, best man. I don't want to be some stupid usher or something."

I had to laugh. "You can even make a speech."

"Damn right I will. Feel like some Nintendo?"

"Um, no. I'm pretty tired and I think I'm going to crash."

"Been a busy weekend for you, eh?"

"Uh, yeah." I said as I headed upstairs and he went to the basement where the Nintendo was.

I saw Gabby on the way to my room.

"I really enjoyed myself tonight Mike."

"I did too, are you coming in with me?" I said, leaning my head towards my door.

She smiled, stood on her toes and kissed my nose.

"Mike, I can't do that on a first date," she smiled devilishly and went to her room.

I went to my room and slept. This has been one hell of a weekend.

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If I get any more ideas, I might make more. Let me know what you think.

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