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Fun with June by Big Tuna

Fun with June

Chapter 1

Did you ever meet a woman who has "blowjob" written all over her face? At the risk of sounding chauvinistic and indelicate, this is the story of just such a lady

I was in my office one chilly October afternoon when a business associate named Bob from California called. Bob is one of these guys whom everyone likes and he has fucked every lady he wanted to from Maine to Mexico. He told me that he had met a lady at a recent convention who worked for a local hospital who was interested in the products I sold. He gave me her phone number and told me to call her. He said it would be worth my while, "If you know what I mean". The way he said that told me that I was in for a good time.

I called the lady whose name was June and suggested that we get together at 4:30 the following day. That was fine with her and so I arrived at her office to meet a rather plain but very pleasant looking lady who was extremely friendly but very professional at the same time. Even behind this very businesslike facade something about her said, "Eat me, fuck me, I want to suck your cock".

We discussed business for a while -- she had very little interest in or need for what I was selling. I suggested that we go out for a drink and thinking it over for just long enough so as not to seem anxious, she suggested that we go to a club of which she was a member. I followed her there and we had a few drinks and chatted amiably between ourselves and with other people at the bar and had a fine time. She was beginning to give me "Come on" signs such as crossing her legs to expose her thighs and touching my leg to let me know without a doubt that she was available. When she suggested that we go to her place for a nightcap I knew that I was going to get lucky.

We arrived at her apartment which was very nice but not fancy and she opened some wine. I sat on the couch and she sat in a chair to my left. We continued having a very lively conversation about what I don't remember, but we got along great. She made sure that I was aware of her rather short skirt and showed me plenty of leg and crossed and uncrossed her legs several times allowing me to almost see all the way up. This was getting me aroused. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and I could hear her tinkle and then she ran the water for a long time and I knew that she was making her pussy nice and clean. When she returned I asked her to sit on the couch with me which she did. It wasn't two seconds before we were in each other's embrace and kissing and biting furiously.

I opened her blouse and played under her bra with her small -- but nice -- breasts and soon started sucking and kissing them. She had her hand all over my growing hardon. As I slid my hand up her skirt I couldn't help but think how much I hate pantyhose. As you may know they make finger fucking nearly impossible. June must have realized this too because she took the pantyhose and her panties down before I could blink my eyes and stood before me wearing only her bra. That was exciting. Ever since then I've liked to see a woman dressed that way. June's cunt was fabulous!! Her muff was ravishingly beautiful even if the rest of her body was only average. It had wild black curls, which were not quite thick enough to completely obscure her vulva. The real exciting thing about her bush was that it left just a little to my imagination and my mind ran wild thinking about how her open snatch would look. It wasn't very long until I found out. I stood up and she had my zipper down and my totally stiff, bulging cock in her hand before I could even get out of my shoes and I had to pull away to get the rest of my clothes off. She led me by my cock to her bedroom. She was really excited and had changed from the cool, professional demeanor which she previously exhibited to a rough talking, hard fucking slut.

She lay sensuously on the bed and immediately opened her legs exposing her cunt. I was in ecstasy over the sight of her pussy and her tightly closed fanny cheeks. She spread her lips wide and slid a finger deep into her hole and put on one of the most unreal cunt shows I've ever seen. She seemed to be in another world and made obscene moaning and panting sounds. I wasn't ready for real heavy action yet as I prefer to try to pamper a lady rather than play, "Wham bam, thank you ma'am". She was still exposing herself and playing with her cunt for me when I sat down beside her and held her. She came from her own masturbation with a loud sound and then calmed down. We kissed and felt each other and I told her to lie on her stomach and I would massage her back. I knelt behind her between her feet and made sure that her legs were spread far enough that I could see her pussy as I rubbed her back slowly with long strokes that started at her shoulders and ended at her fanny. Several of these caresses "accidentally" ended up with my hand between her legs and feeling her nice warm nest which was very wet by now. As I massaged her I kissed her up and down her back and soon I was kissing and gently biting her lovely round cheeks. At this, she raised her butt and as she did so her thighs and cheeks spread enough to give me a fabulous view of her asshole and her wide-open crack. This offer was more than I could refuse and I started slowly licking her all over. My tongue went from her fanny to her pussy and back again and again until my neck got sore. She turned over on her back and with her legs together showed off her closed lips which in contrast to her mound had very little hair. This sight was really awesome!

I lay beside her on the bed and she went right for my cock. She greedily sucked and chewed on it until I had to ask her to not be so rough. She slowed down to a very nice pace of licking and sucking my cock and balls and I could have lain there enjoying this all night. But she had other ideas!! She purred "Fuck me, Fuck me" and turned onto her back and offered me her dripping wet cunt for my pleasure. I entered her and began fucking her with slow strokes, then fast, then slow again. She liked it all and kept calling out, "You fuck, you shoot, fuck me," over and over again. She was a real vixen and I was actually a little shocked at first by her aggressiveness, but soon became accustomed to it.

I raised her legs up to her chest and as you know this caused her asshole to be exposed and wide open. I wet my index finger and started to penetrate her bunger. She tightened up at first but then relaxed and let me have my fun. As my finger went farther in, lubricated by her the fabulous juice flowing from between her legs, I felt her warmth and loved it. My cock was pistoning in and out and I couldn't last much longer so I withdrew and just finger fucked her for a while and calmed down. She was still as excited as ever and said, "Eat me more". She lay down and I slid my tongue up and down her crack from her fanny to her clit dozens of times and she pushed hard against me to get the maximum pressure. Soon I was ready for more humping and lay on my back while she squatted above me and expertly placed my cock back inside her very juicy opening. She moved up and down slowly at first, while I reinserted my finger in her fanny hole, and then sped up to a pace that made me want to come. I matched my motions with hers and soon filled her twat with what was probably the largest load I've ever shot. She continued pumping me until I had to pull out. I was exhausted!! My cock was as limp as a wet rag and her cunt was dripping cum!! I had never met anyone like this before and I wasn't sure I could keep up with her sexual cravings.

She told me how much fun she had and asked me if I could fuck her again. I told her that I would love to but that I would have to rest and she suggested that we go back to the living room and have some more wine. While we were relaxing she put on a short terry cloth robe and I was still naked. She flashed me and sat in the chair and spread her legs and displayed her cunt and played with it to keep me aroused and kept telling me how much she loved my cock and how much she loved the way I ate her and so forth. Soon she was licking me and fingering herself and succeeded in getting me hard and excited again.

Back to the bedroom. She lay on her stomach and I lay on top of her and slid my cock slowly up and down the crack of her ass. She warned me, "no anal".

Guess again June!

Chapter 2

...Back to the bedroom. She lay on her stomach and I lay on top of her and slid my cock slowly up and down the crack of her ass. She warned me, "no anal"!!

This shocked me more than any of her previous behavior had. After all, in the space of about two hours June had exposed herself to me, masturbated for me, sucked my cock, licked my balls, allowed me to play with her tits, finger fuck and eat both her pussy and her asshole and fuck her and later would even offer to give me her worn panties to take home. I really wanted to dip my shaft in her little pucker hole, but since I don't believe in getting forceful with a woman I settled for opening her vagina and sinking my cock as deeply into her as I could "doggy style". I also wetted my finger with her cunt juice and once again inserted it into her lovely backdoor. As we fucked the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her hole was thrilling. With each outstroke her inner lips were exposed as they moved with my motions. I told her how visually exciting this was and she said that she wished that she could see it too. She moaned and went wild with more shouts of "You fuck, fuck me, you shoot" just like before and I thought she would wake the neighbors. The doggie fucking went on for a while and then we turned over and she guided me back into her cunt hole and tightened her pelvic muscles so tight that I thought my prick would break off. I kept pumping with my balls slapping on her fanny until it hurt too much and then withdrew, moved forward and placed my cock which was still wet with her pussy juice on her lips (mouth lips). She said, "don't come in my mouth" -- another surprise -- and before I could answer she started to suck it so passionately that I nearly dropped a load down her throat. Not wishing to be unfair to her I withdrew just in time and made a mess all over her face. She loved that and rubbed my spunk into her face like it was face cream. I brought her to a final climax for the night with my finger and tongue.

Before I left, she asked me if I would like to take the panties that she had worn that day with me to remember her by until the next time we met. I thanked her and took them with me.

We met again two weeks later. This time there was no small talk or excessive drinking. She answered the door in a white shorty nightgown with matching "see through" panties. Being able to peek at her dark muff through the panties teased and excited me and I had a hardon in no time and had the embarrassing problem of having to rearrange my cock so it didn't show. Feeling more comfortable this time and a lot more sober I started playing with her pussy while she still had her panties on and she opened her legs to accommodate me. After pulling the panties aside and finger fucking her just a little bit she wanted to go to the bedroom. This time she didn't strip like before and laid on the bed without any of the previous exposing or masturbating. As I snuggled up to her I asked what she would like to do. She said that she didn't feel like making any decisions and that everything was entirely up to me. I took off my clothes and asked her to lay on her stomach which she did. I then pulled down her panties freaked on the sight of her nice round fanny. I open her cheeks and once again feasted my eyes on her fabulous asshole and slit which was closed. She said, "You like looking at that, don't you?" Being hardly able to speak I said, "Yes" and she told me it was mine to do whatever I wanted to with. I was really hard and swollen. I put my tongue between her cheeks and teased her by licking close to but not right on her asshole. Since she didn't like to be teased she moved to a position on her hands and knees which opened her cheeks and really exposed her hole completely. I got the message and licked all over her asshole and put my tongue as far into it as I could and lapped her for a long time. Then, another surprise. She opened the drawer in the nightstand and produced a bottle of baby lotion and rubbed it on my cock and on her asshole. She then assumed the hands and knees position with her head on the pillow and pointed to her now juicy orifice. I carefully probed it with the head of my hardon and little by little she relaxed enough for me to enter her through her backdoor enough to start some real butt fucking. We slowly moved back and forth until the lubrication was complete and then I became so excited that I fucked her furiously with my prick inserted as far as it would go. While I was fucking her she fingered her clit and cunt hole and moaned the same words as before and went absolutely wild. I left a considerable load deep in her beautiful asshole.

She knew that I needed some time and so once again we rested and drank some wine. She asked if I had sniffed the panties that she had given me and jerked off into them and I truthfully said that I had. She did more outrageous masturbation to get me going again and when I started to get hard she bent down and kissed my cock. That got it going!! I asked her if she wanted to call the next scene and once again she said that she didn't want to make any decisions. I suggested that we play '69' and she agreed immediately. I lay on the bed and she straddled my face. I could see her cunt with its lovely pink opening and enjoyed her fabulous feminine aroma. As I was slowly licking her I felt a strange sensation. She was licking my asshole!! She licked and probed and when she was done she licked and sucked my cock. Her head bobbed up and down and her tongue never stopped moving. I was about to shoot but I remembered her previous admonition that she did not want me to come in her mouth. I told her that I was about ready to shoot and tried to pulled my cock out of her mouth, but she had me tightly grasped and was not about to let loose. I buried my face in her cunt and kept lapping furiously from her clit to her asshole and pumped my cock deeper into her mouth and she kept on sucking. It wasn't long before she had a mouthful of my jism which she savored for a while and then spit out into a Kleenex in a very ladylike fashion.

I had many other similar sexual encounters with June until she got mad at me. She got mad because she asked me how many women I had gone to bed with. I answered truthfully that I had fucked or eaten over 100 ladies. This totally freaked her head. I guess I should have lied and told her what she wanted to hear. I didn't see her for about two years until she called me and said she wanted to see me. Then the fun continued...

Chapter 3

After June got mad at me I didn't see her for about two years although I fanaticized about her a lot. Then one day I answered my phone and who should be calling but June!! She told me that she had just gotten a new computer and that she needed some help getting it set up and mastering the word-processing program and asked if I could help her. I was pleased to do so. We decided to get together at her new condo at 6:00 PM the following day and needless to say I spent the next 24 hours wondering about how this "date" was going to turn out.

When I arrived June greeted me with a smile. She was dressed very modestly in a knee length patterned skirt and a long sleeved blouse which was buttoned all the way up. This was a far cry from the see through panties she wore when she opened the door for me two years ago. She looked very good even though she had gained a couple pounds. She had a sensual maturity about her that was hard to ignore. I sat on the couch while she poured me a vodka and herself a scotch. She hadn't forgotten my favorite drink. She told me that she had left the hospital where she previously worked and had started her own public relations business and was doing quite well. In just six months she had three substantial clients, including the hospital.

After a few minutes of small talk we went into her office that was actually a second bedroom. The next couple of hours were spent clicking, double clicking, dragging, highlighting, copying, pasting, spell checking, printing, etc. She caught on very fast and was soon ready to enter and edit her own documents. It was almost as if she already knew the program! We decided that we had had enough of computers for the day and she left the room to refill our drinks and I took this opportunity to go to the bathroom. When I returned to the office she wasn't there so I sat at the computer. Then I saw it. The screen said, "Join me in the bedroom".

The door to her bedroom was closed and when I opened it she was sitting on the bed still fully clothed. The only thing different was that she had removed her shoes and the two top buttons of her blouse were open. She had that same old look in her eyes as she handed me my drink and motioned to me to sit next to her on the bed. I sat next to her and we sipped our drinks for a while. Then she placed her drink on the nightstand, lay back on the bed, stretched out and opened her legs just a little. I laid down next to her and soon we were involved in a great deep kissing session. She quickly unfastened the rest of the buttons on her blouse and unhooked her bra allowing her small but very nice tits to tumble out. Before I knew it I was sucking and kissing her small pink nipples that grew hard as they were stimulated. I told her how much I liked her skirt and asked if she would mind if I played under it. She told me to hurry and I knelt on the floor in front of her and reached under her skirt and began to feel her nylon clad legs. I moved very slowly in order to heighten my own excitement and she started breathing hard and responding to my touch. When my hands reached the middle of her thighs I felt bare skin which was a very welcome surprise. Rather than the pantyhose that I was expecting, I discovered much to my delight that she was wearing thigh high stockings. She knew how much I hated pantyhose since they make finger fucking almost impossible. I softly caressed the soft flesh of her thighs and she raised her hips to move closer to her. When I pulled up her skirt I got another pleasant surprise. She was wearing a panty girdle with a snap out crotch!! The thought of playing with this put my cock in second gear. It was sort of translucent and her dark triangle showed through it faintly. Before I knew what was happening she had pulled my head up to her crotch and held it tightly between her legs. I began lapping her furiously though the fabric of the panty girdle and she humped my tongue like a wild woman. Soon I couldn't wait any longer and reached up and unsnapped her crotch panel, pulled it away feasted my eyes on her vulva lips and tightly closed fanny cheeks. Her cunt was just as I remembered with its perfect outer lips lightly covered with black, curly hair. When I opened her lips her little clit came bouncing out and when I went down on her cunt hole it was like French kissing and old friend. She pulled her legs up to her chest and reached down to spread herself affording me maximum access to her cunt. I slowly licked around the inside of her now wide-open pussy and teased her clit with an occasional lick or gentle bite. She was not in a mood for teasing and raised her hips up to give herself the greatest pressure against my tongue. My tongue reached deeper and deeper into her cunt and she played with her clit while I ate her. Soon she came with her usual intensity. I stood before her and she unzipped me and pulled down my clothes. Before I could move she was sucking me off furiously. Her head bobbed up and down on my fully engorged cock like there was no tomorrow. She sucked and licked with such intensity that I came before I could even warn her. Her face was soon covered with my hot jism and she hungrily licked up every last drop I spurted. What a broad!

We lay on the bed kissing and she lightly stroked her slit and told me that she was sorry about being so anxious and cheating us both out of a good fuck. I told her that I would be very happy to try again, but that I would need some rest and June suggested that we relax in the living room for a while. She asked if there was anything special that she should wear and I asked her to put on a pair of panties, a bra and to leave the thigh highs on. I went to the living room wearing just a shirt and sat down on the couch to finish my drink that I had hardly started. Soon she entered the room wearing pink panties. She pulled up an easy chair right in front of me and sat down. She opened her legs and put her feet up on the arms of the chair. Her pussy hair peeked out from her panties and the sight of that started getting me excited. She started rubbing her cunt through her panties and as she did this the pink material conformed to her slit and made a perfect impression of them. She masturbated slowly at first and then fast and pulled the crotch of the panties aside frequently to give me a great beaver shot. She fucked herself with one finger and added a second finger. As they slid in and out of her cunt hole she worked herself into a frenzy which ended with a forceful orgasm. After she relaxed a minute she gave me a knowing smile and in a flash was on her knees in front of me. She opened my legs and raised them up to have easy access. She started slowly licking my balls and up the shaft of my awakening cock. When she reached the tip she kissed and licked it before licking back to my balls. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her and fanaticized about plunging deep into that lovely hairy cunt. After several minutes of this fabulous cock sucking she lifted me up higher and rimmed my asshole with a passion. Soon I couldn't take any more of this and moved her head away.

She said, "Is there anything that you would like to do now?"

I told her that I wanted to return the oral favors and then fuck her until she couldn't walk. We returned to the bedroom and I asked her to lie face down on the bed. I straddled her and started kissing and licking down her back. When I reached the pink panties I traced the out crack of her ass with my tongue until I reached her asshole which I licked lightly through the pink fabric. She raised her fanny and I pulled the panties down to reveal her little pucker, which excited me so much that I now lapped it furiously and stuck my tongue as far up it as I could. She was going wild and started in with her usual, "You fuck, you shoot, fuck me".

She turned over on her back and swiftly guided my cock into her drenched nest. Being in her cunt again after all this time felt great and I did my best to hold on as long as I could. After several minutes of fast and slow fucking I spunked in her. Another great time with June!

Chapter 4

Going out with June was like a dream. We got together once or twice a month and had a totally physical relationship. She worshiped my cock and exposed herself for my pleasure. We didn't love each other and didn't expect that. Our relationship was completely physical except for an occasional discussion of current events or sports or philosophy. There were no strings attached and when we were sated from our sexual activities we went our own ways until the next time we got together. June seemed to get more hedonistic all the time. She had developed a fixation for her own pussy and had rigged up a mirror that enabled her to look at it while she masturbated. She also had acquired a collection of dildos and vibrators that she had me buy for her at the local adult bookstore. She had become adept at female ejaculation and could squirt if her G-spot and clit were properly stimulated. We were spending Saturday afternoon and evening together and as usual fucking and sucking were the main things on our agenda. I shouldn't have been surprised that at about 7:00 PM June began to tell me of a desire she had that I had no idea about. I really should have known what was coming when she had me describe in explicit detail all of the visual, tactile and aromatic pleasures of eating pussy during one of our previous dates. She got incredibly excited at my description of how great it is to lick and bite a pussy and how thrilling it is to put your tongue far up a cunt hole. She said she wanted to do a threesome with another woman and me and that she really wanted to get up close and personal with the woman. In all the time I knew her she had never let on that she had any bisexual tendencies but I was quite excited and turned on at the prospect of being able to watch her and another female act out her secret desire.

Neither of us knew any ladies that we could just call up and hop in the sack with and so I flippantly suggested that we hire a hooker. She immediately agreed with me and within an hour we were prowling the bars at the various sleaze bag motels that seem to be everywhere in this certain stretch of Lincoln Ave. Places such as the Spa, the Diplomat, the Embassy and several others were fashionable several years ago when they were built, but no longer catered to the jet set. We were a little early for the action to begin and so we had a couple drinks and waited for things to heat up. When we got to the Spa at about 9:00 PM there was a lady sitting at the bar who obviously was a whore. Don't ask me how I knew. It was real obvious. We sat at the bar and struck up a conversation with her and she introduced herself as Darlene. When the conversation got around to what we were looking for, Darlene politely declined and soon started chatting with a man who left with her a few minutes later. We sat there eyeing other ladies at the bar and wondering if they were whores. After about a half-hour a lady came over and sat down next to June. She said that Darlene told her to stop by and see us. She was tall, reasonably good-looking and about 35 years old. She wore a knee length skirt and a red blouse that accentuated her large tits. She said that her name was April. We had a couple drinks together and she asked us if we were staying at the motel. We told her that we probably would end up staying, but we were looking for a woman who would service both of us. She expressed her interest and we agreed upon a price and got a room.

When we got to the room June went out for some ice and while she was gone April laid down on the bed and opened her legs to let me see up her skirt. She pulled her panties aside to expose a lovely cunt with very well proportioned lips and when she spread them apart I could see her small clit and inner lips. They were a luscious pink color. She finger fucked herself energetically and rubbed her clit and asked me how I liked it. I admitted that I loved it and asked her if she would let us watch her piss. She said "of course" and after June got back with the ice we all poured ourselves a drink and huddled into the small bathroom to watch the show. I sat on the tub facing the toilet and April asked me if I wanted to see her from the front or the back. I hadn't seen her asshole yet so I blurted out that I wanted to see her from the back. She lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties, squatted over the bowl and as if reading my mind spread her fanny cheeks to afford us a really good look at her asshole and before long a golden stream was gushing from her piss hole. She had a lot of trouble controlling it and peed all over the seat. We all had a good laugh at that. When she was finished I took some toilet paper from the roll and wiped her cunt. I took this opportunity to finger her a little at the same time. I then asked June if she would let us watch her piss and she nodded and asked front or back. April and I decided on some variety and told her the front. In a flash her panties were down around her ankles and she sat back far enough on the toilet seat to give us a good look and pissed her little heart out. While she did it I spread her cunt open to give us a really good look. I wiped her also and the three of us went back to the bedroom.

In spite of what she had said earlier June was pretty nervous about the situation she found herself in. Both April and I sensed her apprehension and April sat next to her on the bed and started her out slowly by kissing her on the cheeks, then the mouth. She caressed June's titties and slowly pulled her down on the bed and opened her legs enough to stroke her thighs up to her crotch. When she began to feel June's pussy June relaxed and opened her thighs and invited more of April's foreplay. It wasn't long before the floor was littered with panties and bras as well as their other clothes and the ladies started to put on a show for me. June lay on the bed and spread her legs and April began licking June's cunt slowly at first, but before long she was lapping her cunt hole and clit furiously. April was really enjoying this and had June's lips spread as far as they would spread with her hands. She was lying on her stomach and her legs were spread and hanging over the end of the bed. I knelt down between them and she spread them farther giving me a very good look at her "classic" pussy. It had light colored hair on the just plump enough lips which when open reveal a beautiful clit, very shapely inner lips and a fabulous, pink vagina. Her asshole was more than I could resist and before I knew it I was rimming it and then tonguing it like a madman. As my tongue moved from her asshole to her cunt hole to her clit she got real excited and went down even harder on June who was also moaning with excitement. June asked me to eat her too and so we switched places. Now June was eating April and I was lapping June. June had learned her lesson well and gave April a tongue job that neither of them will forget soon. The two girls really enjoyed eating each other's cunts and fannies. This was genuine. After lapping for a long time, I asked them both to lie back and spread so that I could compare their cunts. We all agreed that contrary to the old saying that all cunt looks alike, that a cunt is just as distinctive as a face. Both of these pussies were gorgeous. Finally I lay on the bed and the ladies took turns sucking my cock. June as usual was real aggressive and April was real gentle. April straddled my head and as I licked her twat and fanny I spunked in her mouth. What a day!

I awoke at about 6:00 AM with one of those, "Where am I?" feelings. The surroundings were strange and I was aware that I had never seen them before. Then I remembered that I was at the Spa Motel on Lincoln Ave. June was laying on the next bed sound asleep with her back to me. She was wearing only a pair of pink panties. I had to piss like a racehorse and as I stood there relieving myself, the events of the previous night began to come back into focus. A quick glance at the dark stains on the crotch of her panties told me that Mother Nature had paid her a visit during the night. When she woke up and realized her situation she thanked her lucky stars that her friend did not arrive the day before.

She asked me if I would like to see something that I probably never seen before. Sensing what was about to happen I quickly said yes. We went into the bathroom and she sat on the toilet and pissed. Between her legs I could see that her hair was matted with blood. After she wiped herself she washed off the mess and reached into her purse and withdrew a tampon. Watching her spread her legs, open her cunt lips and insert it gave me an instant hardon that she took care of by sucking me off as she sat on the toilet. I left her off at her house, went home and collapsed.

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