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Allen Bergmann's Stories

Dawson's Creek: Fun at Creekside by Allen Bergmann

Dawson's Creek: Fun at Creekside

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Part 1

Dawson Leary woke up one morning with a strange feeling in his pants. He let out a soft moan. Something was moving in his pants. He could swear that he was jerking off, but he could feel his hands over the sheets so he knew that couldn't be it. He just laid back and enjoyed the feeling.

"Mmmm, feel good baby?"

Damson opened his eyes and to his amazement there was Abby sitting on his bed massaging his dick under the sheets. He leapt up on his bed, he was totally shocked. This was the first time a girl had paid this much attention to his cock.

"Hahaha, relax Dawson. I just stopped by to pick up the new script you were telling me about. I walked in and I saw you sleeping , so I decided to have a little fun that's all. Now come on, I didn't even get to see it. Come on, let me have a peek."

"No Abby. Is this how you pick up your dates?"

"Ok, I can see you're a little embarrassed by showing me your package, after all, you've probably never had the chance to whip it out before have you?'

"That's none of your business Abby, now leave I'm not going to show you anything."

"Dawson, Dawson, Dawson. Not even if I show you this?"

Abby lifted her shirt p above her chest, revealing two firm and rather large breasts trapped inside of a dark purple bra. She then opened her legs to let Dawson look under her tight, black, and very short miniskirt. The panties were exactly like the bra, except a part of it on top was sheer. Now, not even Dawson could resist a female like this.

Dawson began to sweat and said, "Yeah right Abby, you're just teasing with me."Abby smiled and unhooked the front part of her bra, letting her breasts free. Her nipples were light brown, and very hard. Her breasts were perfectly round, they even looked kind of fake, but they were definitely real.

"If you wanna see the rest, you gotta show me now."

With these words she drew back the sheets and looked at Dawson's dick. It was rather small for his age. It was short and had rather only a small amount of blonde pubic hair. Abby looked at it and smiled. She grabbed the shaft and rubbed it for a few seconds. She smiled at it. She then laid her body back and pulled her panties to the sides of her thighs giving Dawson a good look at her gorgeous pussy. Her labia was shaved and the top of her mound and a nicely trimmed black stripe of hair. Dawson had never seen a pussy before, except for the time he caught his mother coming out of the shower. Abby's pussy was much nicer though. Dawson's mom never shaved her bush so it was quite thick , while Abby's was shaved and look so fucking clean. She looked at him and said, "Masturbate for me Dawson please."

At this point she could get him to do anything that she wanted. He began to stroke his dick very fast. She took his free hand and placed it on her thigh and just as he felt the warmth near her pussy he came on himself. However, only a few small drops came out of his dick. Abby grabbed his dick and squeezed it.

"Aww, poor Dawson. Is this all that comes out?" Just as Dawson reached forward to touch Abby's pussy she pulled his hands away and covered herself. She stood up and put her bra back on.

"Hey wait a minute Abby, it's my turn."

She leaned over Dawson and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. She drove her tongue in and out of his mouth like no one had ever done. Then she just parted her lips away and grabbed his penis, which was still hard and said, "Poor Dawson, you're gonna need a dick much bigger than this one if you ever wanna get into my panties." And with that she let go of his cock and walked out of his room. Dawson just lay there feeling both humiliation and amazement at what just happened. He wanted to tell Pacey, but he didn't want to risk anybody knowing about it because he didn't want to Joey to find out. After all, Abby would be too embarrassed to say what she had just done to anyone because Dawson was pretty much a loser at school.

Dawson spent all day long thinking about what had just happened at his house. He had constant erections throughout his classes. He really wanted to get home and jerk off, but he had to go over to Andy's house to study with both her and Pace. Dawson hated being alone with both of them because he was just a third wheel to them. They would spend all day making out and Dawson would just sit there staring. Even though Dawson didn't want to go, he had to; it was a big assignment.

All afternoon long, Dawson, Andy, and Pacey worked on their assignment and it was finally time to go home. Dawson left first, since he wanted to give his best friend privacy to be with his girl. Later on that evening Dawson realized he forgot his school bag in Andy's room. He would usually wait till the next day to pick it up, but his script was in there and his notes for editing his new film, so he decided to go back. After knocking the door several times no one answered. After about five more minutes he decided to go in and just quickly grab his bag from Andy's room. As he went up the stairs he heard snoring. Apparently Andy's mom was sleeping. The door to her room was open and Dawson could see inside from the staircase. All of the sudden he heard a door open and a bunch of steam coming from Andy's room. It appeared as though had just finished taking a bath, and that's why no one answered the door. Then, suddenly, Abby walked out of her bathroom door with a towel wrapped around the top of her breasts.

"Jesus! This is Pacey's girl! What am I doing?" Dawson thought.

Then, as Dawson looked on, Abby took off her towel, revealing her entire body to Dawson's eyes. He had never realized it, but Abby had a fantastic body. Abby had pretty big tits that had nice pinkish nipples. They weren't big, but they were cute, and looked nicely with the contrast of her milky white skin. Her bush easily stood due to her blonde bushy pussy. She had thick pubic hair, Abby was not the type of girl who would ever shave her pussy. Dawson could not believe what he was seeing. Abby jumped on her bed and laid back, but Dawson could still see everything through the reflection of the mirror. Out of nowhere, Pacey came out of the bathroom totally naked.

Dawson was shocked as he thought to himself, "Oh, they showered together! Why wouldn't Joey ever let me shower with her?"

Pacey had a huge dick and he knew how to handle it. After all, Ms. Jacobs had taught him how to use it. It was like 10" inches long and quite thick too. Andy's face lit up when she saw it! She even started talking to it. "Come to mama baby, come here." She then began sucking on it, couldn't get the whole dick in her mouth, but still she tried. Pacey spread her legs and she did so, little did he know that Dawson was watching. Andy had a nice pink interior. Her lips were small and visibly wet. He couldn't see her clit from where he was, but he could tell it was rather small. Pacey began fingering away at Andy and she just starting moaning. The moans actually scared Dawson because he was afraid Andy's mom would wake up. "Oh Pacey! Oh sweetie!" just came from her room. Pretty soon Pacey but his dick on top of Andy's pussy. He pushed it inside, but it took him a while. Andy was not sexually active before meeting her boyfriend and her pussy was still very tight, but after a little while Pacey's dick was pistoning in and out of Andy at a very high speed. Her tits were bouncing up and down with each hump he gave her and after about 8 to 10 minutes of this, he got off of her. Andy turned around and positioned her ass towards Pacey. She starting begging, "Come on honey, you know I like it." Pacey began licking Andy's asshole. Andy just continued to moan and say "Oh, you naughty boy, you like that don't you." After a couple of minutes Pacey finally pushed his cock inside of Andy's ass. They were both moaning now and going at it for like a full 15 minutes! Dawson never knew Andy was like this, so horny and so full of sexual energy. Andy then squeezed her sheets, closed her eyes, and her body began to vibrate, she was obviously in mid orgasm and Dawson was watching. Pacey drew his cock out of Andy and turned her around. He started cumming all over Andy's face. Long cum shots landed on her cheeks, her hair, some even inside her mouth. When the cum shots finally stopped, Andy proceeded to suck his cock. As his dick started to go limp, Andy stroked it. "Mmm, baby. That was wonderful. Wanna go take another shower?" Pacey looked down on his adoringly blonde angel said, "Yes." They both ran back into the shower. Dawson didn't want to risk anything, so he just left the house.

Walking back home he was totally amazed. As he got home he went back and started to masturbate. All he could think about was how Andy looked so innocent. Dawson once caught a peek at her panties under a skirt she once wore, and she was wearing some white cotton panties with little blue hearts, the kind of panties little girls wear. She acts so childish, yet, she is very much a wild and savage woman in bed. She looked so weird with her face filled with cum. Dawson was so frustrated by this point. All he could think about was how lucky Pacey was to get so much pussy, while all he had ever touch was his own dick. Dawson decided not to think about it and he went to take a shower. After he finished, he went downstairs for a glass of water and as he came up the stairs he heard some groaning, but this time it was an older woman's voice. Dawson heard the noises from his mother's room. Dawson immediately got worried and rushed to his mother's room and opened the door. As he rushed inside of the room there was Dawson's mother naked on her bed masturbating. She used to love sex with her ex husband, but since the divorce she hadn't had any. Dawson's mother had her legs spread wide on the bed with a vibrator inside of her dark furry bush with one hand, and the other hand she used it to pinch her nipples. Dawson had caught her at her moment of climax and her eyes were shut, but when Dawson flung open the door he mistakenly knocked over a small bench his mom used to put her make up on, and that caused Ms. Leary to open her eyes. She was so embarrassed, she yelled "Dawson!" But it was too late, he had already seen his mother's pussy spread open in front of him. He had already seen a rather large dildo all the way inside's his mother's pussy. Dawson said he was sorry and rushed out of her room. He climbed out of the house through his window and went over to Jen's house to get away from everything. Lately, he had been getting along well with Jen, and amazingly enough, he told her everything that he had gone through today. He told her all about Abby, Pacey and Andy, and then the scene with his mom. Jen just laughed at him and said, "Boy, Dawson Leary finally got to see some naked women eh? Must have been hard for you if you couldn't touch Abby huh? I can't believe you see Pacey and Andy! What was going through your mind?"

Dawson starting laughing and said, "Well, actually I was thinking how Abby's bush looked just like the hair on her head. Do you have blonde pubic hair as well?"

"Well, that's a rather personal question wouldn't you say Dawson?"

"You're right, I'm sorry."

Jen looked at Dawson's face and felt sorry for him and so she answered his question. "Ok Dawson, you win. Yes I have blonde pubic hair, but I actually shave all of my bush, happy?"

"Wow, you do? That's so cool. I've always wanted to see one of those." Jen smiled at him and she took her t shirt and jeans off. She had on a black bra and matching panties, she looked very sexy. Dawson was sort stunned by all of this. Jen noticed that about him and said, "Relax Dawson, someone has got to finally please you. Take off your clothes." Dawson obeyed, but he was still so shocked that his cock didn't react, it was hung there, totally limp and pathetically small. Jen looked at it, "Aww Dawson, you've got a cutie ten year old's dick. Whats the matter don't I turn you on?" Dawson still could not say a single word. He had never seen Jen acting this way for him before. Before he knew it Jen pulled the front part of her panties up so that it would bunch up between her pussy revealing the two large folds of her pussy lips, all perfectly shaved. Dawson's dick immediately rose. She looked at it and said, "Yeah, I thought that would get your attention."

She then took off her bra and showed Dawson her huge tits, she had the largest ones at Creekside for her age. Dawson once caught a glimpse of Jen's nipple when he caught her with two guys making out at a party and he had to brake it up. As he took her home that night her bra accidentally moved to one side, revealing the nipple. But now, Her light pink nipples were totally exposed for Dawson. They were small nipples compared to the size of her tits, but still, Dawson wanted to cop a feel. Jen ordered Dawson to lay back on her bed. After he did, Jen placed Dawson's dick in between her tits and began to tit fuck him. Dawson had never felt anything better. Both tits had plenty of flesh that covered his entire dick. Right when Dawson was about to cum, Jen stopped.

Jen looked at his dick and said "Not yet." She stood up in front of Dawson in the bed and slipped of her panties. Her pussy was huge. Her labia was large and chubby, and her clit poked out of the sides of her pussy folds, there was not one spot of a hair on it. Jen then went over to Dawson and put his hand on her pussy. Her pussy was wet and dripping all over Dawson's hand. This was the first time Dawson had ever put his finger inside of a girl and it felt strange to him. After a couple of minutes Jen got into a 69 position. Dawson was eager to get his first taste of a pussy and he didn't hesitate. He tasted for the first time the acid taste of a woman's insides. The licked Jen's clit, and continued fingering her. All of this he had gotten this from watching pornos. On the other end of the 69 Jen was sucking hard on Dawson's dick. Dawson was enjoying that more than anything. Jenwas a pro cocksucker and she had his entire dick in her mouth. Every now and then she would stop sucking and stroke it. Dawson couldn't hold it any longer and he came while he was still inside of Jen. She sucked every drop of his cum. She looked back on Dawson and she came herself while watching him lap up her love juices. Dawson tongue fucked her till she came.

They both rested for a while and Jen looked over at Dawson and said, "You know Dawson I'm going to make a man out of you." She spread her legs and said, "Come on in." Dawson was waiting for this moment his whole life. His dick touched her pussy and for the first time it penetrated a woman's pussy lips, but before he could slip his entire dick inside of Jen, her grandmother came into the room and caught them.

"My god Jennifer! What are you doing? Not again child!" she screamed.

Dawson didn't even bother to change, he just dove right out of the window. He went back to his bedroom and thought about his wild and crazy day. "All this and in one day!" After hours of masturbating he finally fell asleep.

Part 2

Dawson had a big sexual awakening that day, but he wasn't the only one. That same night Joey Potter had a sexual experience of her own. After Joey found out that her boyfriend was gay, she was heartbroken, but at the same time very much relieved. She still had strong feelings for Dawson, so now that Jack was gay Joey could hang out with him and not feel guilty. That evening, Joey had been hanging out with Jack. He came over to visit her and pose for her paintings. He had posed for her in the past, but they never talked about that day before. Besides, Joey never got a clear look at Jack's package, but on this night, Joey brought up the subject for the first time.

Jack starting laughing. "What are you laughing at Jack?" Joey didn't understand why he was acting this way. He looked up and answered "Well, I suppose that now, since you know I'm gay, it wouldn't matter if we did it again."

"Well, I wouldn't exactly say that, but I was jus curious would it bother you?"

"Actually, I don't think it would."

Joey smiled and him at jokingly said, "Well come on Mr. Stud you, whip it out." She then turned around to look for a painting brush and when she turned around, to her surprise, there was Jack totally naked. She dropped her brushes, and said, "Whoa, wait a minute Jack. I didn't actually think you'd do it."

"Well, would you like me to put my clothes back on."

"No, no that's not it at all." After all, Joey had always wanted to see a naked guy.

Jack had a much better body than Dawson. His arms were much harder and his stomach was firmer. Then, although it took her a while, he looked down at his dick. Jack's dick was huge. It was like 10" inches ling, and completely limp. Right after she saw it, a strange feeling came over her body. It wasn't that she became wet, it was like a nervous feeling. This was the first time she had ever seen a cock, and she didn't want to make it obvious that she wanted to stare at it. So for the next 15 minutes Joey was drawing Jack, until suddenly out of nowhere Joey's sister showed up. Jack was tremendously embarrassed and he couldn't find anything to cover himself with. Joey tried to get her to leave, "Bessie what are you doing here? I was just drawing Jack, nothing else was going on."

Bessie looked at Joey and told her not to worry. At first no one really noticed, but Bessie wasn't entirely covered up either. She was wearing a t almost see through t shirt that cut off just above her naval. She wasn't even wearing shorts. She had on these white panties that was semi-sheer. Bessie wasn't a teenager; she was a woman and had a lot of hair on her bush. With all her time working at the Icehouse she didn't have much time to trim her bush, and being that her bush was dark brown and her panties were white, there was an extreme color contrast when you looked beneath her waistline. Also, she had finally regained her form from before her pregnancy. So she was looking rather sexy. Joey couldn't believe that her sister just came out of her room walking around like that.

"Bessie, what are you doing? You're practically naked."

"What do you mean? I always walk around the house like this."

"Yeah, but Jack's here."

"Oh don't worry about it Joey, gay people don't mind."

"Well I'm sure he is a bit uncomfortable."

Bessie smiled at Jack. As she started walking towards him she said, "Look Joey, I just came in this room and caught poor Jack all naked, it's only fair that he gets to see me too. Isn't that right Jack?"

Before he had a chance to say anything she continued, "After all, I'm sure Jack wouldn't even try to take advantage of me." With that she smiled and took her T-shirt off. Joey was outraged and yelled "Bessie!" Bessie's tits were a good size C and she had nice dark brown nipples that just poked out into the air. There was no doubt it now; she was trying to seduce Jack. She leaned over and looked at his cock. "Oh my god. That is one big dick you got there Jack. Rather big for a boy your age."

She reached out her hand and grabbed it. She rubbed it back and forth a few times, but it never did get hard. "Oh my, he is homosexual."

"Bessie, leave his thing alone."

"What? Ok, ok. I'll be fair." With that, she looked over at Jack and took her panties off. Her big bush was now a publicly exposed. She took Jack's hand and placed it between her legs. She rubbed his hand all along her furry slit. Each time making sure that one of his fingers fell between the crack of her labia and brushed up against her clit.

She turned around and looked at Joey. "Happy now? Look Joey, don't look at his as nudity, look at it as art. What better painting is there than two people making love. Except, we're not going to be making love, we're going to pose for you."

She went over to the couch and spread her legs. She instructed Jack to get on top of her and to place his dick on top of her pussy. Once they had done so Bessie looked over at Joey and told her to paint. Joey didn't believe what she was drawing. But hey, maybe it was art she thought. Over on the couch, it was jack so was having a hard time being comfortable. His dick was on top of Bessie's pussy and her labia and her thick lustrous pubic hair was cushioning it. Her pussy was extremely aroused by Jack's large manhood that her pussy was all wet. In fact, Jack's balls, which were against Bessie's love hole, were dripping from all of her excretions. Suddenly, Jack's dick began to get a bit aroused. It grew harder, but not to its full magnitude. Bessie noticed Jack's sudden change and said, "We've got a winner here. It seems that Mr. Jack is bisexual after all."

She then moved her hips, grabbed his dick, and before Jack knew it, he was inside of Bessie. You see, Bessie had already had sex many times and her pussy wasn't tight at all. Jack was amazed at how easily it just slipped in. Bessie started rocking her hips and lightly moaning. Joey more than anything, was amazed at how Jack's huge cock fit in its entirety inside of her sister. After about only a minute or so, Bessie climaxed. She then had Jack get off of her and went to get Joey.

She looked at Joey and said, "Now, I couldn't get Jack dick to stand up entirely for me, but I'm sure you could." Joey's face grew red as she said, "No way, I'm not getting naked."

Bessie walked over to her sister and stood behind her. Jack was confused. All he knew was that his dick was still wet from being inside Bessie, and it did feel sort of good. Bessie hugged her sister from behind telling her that it was ok if she didn't want to do it, but as soon as Joey reached her hands over her head to hug her sister, Bessie used both her hands to rip open Joey's shirt. It was a button up shirt, so when Bessie tugged on the shirt, all the button went flying off into the air, along with Joey's breasts. For like a full two seconds Jack saw Joey's nice tits. They're were pretty big, not huge or anything, but the best thing about them was definitely her nipples. They were changing color from pink to a darker shade and the areolas were rather large. As soon as the air hit them, they became hard. Joey, who had been completely humiliated, covered herself up with her hands. "How cold you Bessie!" Joey tried to leave the room but Bessie held her up. She looked at her and said in a serious tone quite enough so that only Joey could hear, "You know Joey, I never wanted to tell you this but you need to get fucked. That's your whole problem. Now I don't mean to tell you to go fuck Jack, but you're too tense. Loosen up. Haven't you ever wanted to do something wild? Look, just join us in the fun, that's all I'm saying."

Before she knew it, Bessie pushed her shirt off and Joey's tits were for everybody's eyes to see. Jack's dick now gained full height. Bessie looked at it and said, "You see Joey, you did make it hard. That thing must be about 12 or 13 inches long."

Bessie stood in back of her sister and reached around to feel her tits. She pinched Joey's nipples, making them hard. "Look Jack, do you like what you see." Jack couldn't answer. He was awestruck. Everything was going by so quickly. First it was Bessie, now Joey.

Bessie looked at him and said, "The best part's yet to come." She then took off Joey's shorts. She was wearing a pair of white bikini cut panties on, and in a matter of seconds they came sliding down her legs. Joey's pussy was perfect. She did have hair on her bush but it was very neatly trimmed. Joey was much more self-conscious about her body than Bessie. "Do you like it Jack? I know you do. Your dick looks like its going to burst." She reached down to touch Joey's pussy. She gently started rubbing her there. "She's wet you know? She likes this. Come over here and try this."

As Jack started coming over Bessie noticed that Joey was nervous and she whispered to her saying, "Don't blow it kid."

Jack stood in front of Joey and said, "Are you sure about this?" She just nodded. So Jack extended his arm and touched her. Her body trembled at first touch. Nobody had ever touched her there before. Dawson had tried once, but she was wearing jeans and so neither of them could feel much that day. As jack fingered Bessie took Joey's hand and placed it over Jack's cock. She then guided her hand, moving his dick back and forth. Both him and Joey came in about two minutes. They had never done anything even similar to this.

Bessie then instructed Jack to put his dick in Joey's mouth. Even though the whole thing didn't go in, Joey still sucked as much as she could. Jack didn't want to overwhelm Joey so they he told her to trade places with him. All Bessie could do was watch as Jack ate her sister's pussy. Jack was pleasing Joey a great deal. She loved the feeling of a man's tongue all over her clit. To her it was the best feeling ever. She even had multiple orgasms.

If not for Bessie, Jack would have eaten Joey's pussy till sunrise, but she broke them up. She said it was about time that Joey be fucked. By now, both Jack and Joey were so horny they went right to it. Jack slipped as much as he could inside Joey and pumped away. She was very tight and was going through a lot of pain, but at the same time she was having the time of her life. As they fucked Bessie lay on the floor massaging her clit. Bessie told Jack to lay on his back as well and instructed Joey to mount him. His dick pierced her hole with great difficult at first, but in no time more than half of it was inside. Bessie then mounted Jack's face, placing his face between her legs. She planted her pussy on his mouth and looked down. All she could she was his eyes through her pubic hair, and said, "Get ready to have both Potter sisters."

And with those words both sisters began to grind their respective areas. Joey rubbed her pussy against Jack's dick and Bessie fucked Jack's tongue with her pussy. It was a night neither three of them will ever forget, and it was a day that had Creekside smell of pussy for 24 hours.

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