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Fun at the Beach

Fun at the Beach

First, a little introduction. I'm a school teacher at a girls' academy for nine months out of the year. In June I trade the Oxford shirts, rep ties and dockers for tee shirts, cutoffs and sandals. I pack my truck and a u-haul trailer and head for the beach, where a summer job and a comfortable condo are always available. I tend bar in a small waterside cafe that is frequented by well heeled tourists and the more sophisticated locals. The tips are generous, the surroundings pleasant and I have the days off to enjoy the local sun surf and sand. Last summer began much the same as all the previous ones, but little did I know that things would never be the same.

I met Susan at the bar, she was a waitress on the same shift. Great personality, gorgeous figure, recently divorced and ready for a summer romance. We hit it off at once, the sex was great and we were soon a regular couple at all the local watering holes and social gatherings. So I was only a little disappointed when Susan asked me to "watch" her two girls for the day. The bar was short a waitress and she had the chance to work the day shift. I understood, the money was so good that the waitresses literally fought to get any over time at all, this opportunity was too good for her to pass up.

'Aww shit,' I thought out loud. I was planning to spend the day 4-wheeling on the dunes at the federal park nearby. 'Well the kids will have to like it or lump it, I'm still going!'

I arrived at Susan's place about 9 AM, and headed up to her condo. As I went to ring the bell the door opened and I was face to face with a bikini clad nymph-et.

"Hi, I'm Joe," I said, my eyes never leaving the soft curves of this little Lolita's body. She had honey brown hair cut just above the shoulders, beautiful violet eyes, cute little pug nose and a pretty smile.

"Hi, boy mom wasn't kidding, you really are a hunk!"

This must be Alicia, Susan's precocious thirteen year old. 'Like mother like daughter,' I thought, 'same boobs and ass just in a smaller package.'

"Hi, I'm April," a small voice from inside said.

I walked inside and as my eyes adjusted I found who the voice belonged to. April was sitting on a couch in front of the TV. She was a beautiful little ten year old with long blonde hair made up into twin braids.

"Hi April, I'm Joe."

"What do you girls think about spending the day at the park? We can drive through the dunes and swim in the ocean, maybe even see some of the wild ponies!"

"Ohhh can we?" they both chimed out, looking at their mother with pleading eyes.

I gave Susan a little hello hug and kiss on the cheek. She was all ready for the day shift which began in 15 minutes.

"Joe are you sure they won't be any trouble?"

"No babe, I was going out there anyhow, I'll enjoy the company."

"Well OK, but you girls behave and listen to Joe, I don't want to get any reports that you were being brats."

"OK girls," I said, "you'll need towels, some dry clothes to change into and of course your suits. We'll get some drinks and eats on the way."

Five minutes later we were on the way. It was a beautiful sunny day, 85 degrees with a light breeze off the water. I had the top off, the doors were stowed back home, it couldn't be more perfect. Both girls were brown from days in the sun. April giggled like the little girl she was and Alicia tried to act the part of the sophisticated teenager. We stopped, gassed up, filled the cooler with beer and soft drinks and got a large assortment of chips etc. to go with the subs we ordered.

Finally we were at the park, I flashed the season pass to the ranger at the entrance and soon we were driving on the sand with the waves breaking only yards away. When we got far enough away from the few other 4-wheelers I gave a little demo of dune hopping, speeding along the moist sand and going airborne whenever the sand dipped away. We soon tired of this and I chose a nice spot to park and spread out our blankets.

The girls helped unload and we all sprawled out on the blanket. Alicia pulled off the tee shirt she had covering her suit.

My eyes almost popped out and my jaw dropped. The little tease must have changed while we were loading the car. Gone was the demur little bikini I saw at Susan's, replaced with a fluorescent pink thong bikini bottom with matching top. You know the kind, a small triangle held together with shoelaces for a bottom, butt cheeks hanging out in all their glory. The top just a couple more little triangles and shoe laces. I haven't seen many adult women wearing these things, let alone a pubescent girl,

"How do you like it?" she asked as she pushed out her boobs and sucked in her tummy, posing like a playmate.

"Ubba, Ummm Ooo," I mumbled completely surprised. "It's uhh nice?"

"I'm telling mom!" complained April "she's gonna ground you again!"

"You say anything and I'm going to tell her about what I caught you doing in the bathroom," replied Alicia.

April turned red with embarrassment grabbed a comic and sulked away to the other side of the truck.

"C'mon Joe let's go swimming," coaxed Alicia as she grabbed my hand and with little effort dragged me after her into the surf. My eyes were captivated by those little brown butt cheeks jiggling all over as she ran.

'Maybe a nice big wave will come along and rip that suit right off her,' I thought as I dove after her. We swam out to where the waves were breaking. I could still touch bottom but the water was over Alicia's head. Suddenly she threw her arms around my neck, pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around my waist.

"I hope you don't mind?" she pleaded "I couldn't touch bottom."

"No it's OK," I responded as I watched the little triangles on her boobs slip sideways exposing her tiny pink but very erect nipples. Speaking of erect, I noticed ol' John Thomas stirring in my trunks. And every time a wave broke over us Alicia pressed up against me in a very un-childlike manner. In fact she would grind her little pink covered crotch against my now throbbing cock in a distinctive circular motion.

"Isn't this fun?" she asked, grinding slowly again as the next wave broke.

"Yess It's great but..." rub,rub,rub three waves in a row... "but maybe we should get back to April..." rub,rub,rub... 'Ohh shit, I'm going to cum if she keeps this up,' I thought.

"No let's not go yet Joe, I feel a big one coming!" as she watched a particularly large wave build.

"You don't know the half of it sweety," I thought. She pulled closer to me and began rubbing her crotch against me in earnest.

'Well might as well enjoy it cause I can't stop now,' I thought. I pressed my exploding cock into her soft cunt and grabbed those bare little ass cheeks and pulled her against me. She continued rotating her crotch, not bothering to pause at all now. Just as I felt my load starting to shoot that huge wave hit us. Locked together we tumbled in the surf as I spurted wad after wad of cum. But now I felt something else on my cock, a hand that quickly jerked up and down the full length of my ejaculating schlong.

'The little bitch is finishing me off with a hand job, Ohhh Christ and I love it!'

Suddenly she was gone, the force of the wave tore us apart. When I finally stopped tumbling and gathered the strength to stand up, I saw Alicia standing several yards away trying to get the little triangles to cover her tits and cunt which were peaking out.

"See I told you that big one would be special," she said with a knowing grin. Those beautiful violet eyes looked straight into mine and then drifted down to my crotch. "You're a lotttt better than any of my boyfriends."

"Well let's get back to April, OK?" and I gave her a nice slow loving pat on those firm tan little ass cheeks.

The rest of the day was uneventful, so I won't bother writing any more of this episode.

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