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Nancy's Stories

Full Moon Ritual by Nancy

Full Moon Ritual

Slipping a simple white shift over my nakedness I let the odd mix of exhaustion and exhilaration wash over my body. Thanking my covenmates, and offering the usual round of hugs, I was aware of my keyed up, ungrounded state, but unwilling to eat or drink to ground, I held tight to this feeling.

Two of my covenmates, Cern and Sami, did not walk out the door right away. Sami, I noted, was still naked, I hardly noticed anymore, Sami was frequently naked, her uninhibited free heart was lovingly teased by all the other coven members. Truthfully, Sami's nakedness was a joy to behold. Lithe, and slender, with beautifully shaped C cup breasts and long tan legs she was a delight. He long blond hair shone like her gentle heart, everyone loved Sami.

Cern wore loose pajama type bottoms his well-muscled torso rising majestically above powerfully built, legs. He was a feast and truthfully, I frequently had to push my concentration abilities to the limit during rituals where he acted as high priest. There was just something so, sexy about him. Also blonde, with a goatee and merry blue eyes his best physical feature was an amazingly shaped sexy ass.

Inviting the two of them to stay and chat, I offered them each some wine and crackers. Sitting on the floor, candles lit and burning softly, the scent of incense in the air, the room seemed soft and inviting. I watched Sami as she formed words with her soft young lips. Sami was the Maid of the group, fun loving, funny and a little giddy, she was a joy to be with. Tonight her mood was soft, her skin shimmered something about her glowed.

Sighing Sami rested her head on Cern's shoulder with a little smile. While Cern was not about to get too close to anyone emotionally, he had been having a sexual relationship with Sami for months now. Softly stroking her hair he looked deep into my eyes. Maybe it was the leftover magick or the energy, maybe it was the Sandalwood in the air, looking back I guess it doesn't matter, but in that moment, in that place I wanted to touch him sexually more than anything. I leaned over and kissed him.

Cern is never one to act surprised at a woman's advances, I have been his friend for years and know he gets laid more than most men, he has turned down more sex than I have ever had, yet his eyes widened before he closed them in the moment. As a High Priestess I had made it a point to never have physical sex with my congregation. I always wanted their to be a caring indifference between me and my charges, recently I had decided that I was missing an aspect of Paganism that was enjoyable and healthy and had thought more and more about dropping my inhibitions. This step, for me, was both calculated and unexpected.

"Let me have some of that," Sami whispered and reaching her hand up she caressed my face breaking my kiss with Cern so her lips could explore mine. Sami's soft tongue invaded my mouth as Cern's lips found the nape of my neck. I am a sucker for having my neck kissed and I melted under the soft assault of lips and tongues in a gentle and ever more insistent caress.

Standing, Cern pulled me to my feet and led me to the couch. Pulling my shift over my head he placed me on the couch sitting facing the center of the room. Looking into my eyes he touched me breasts one at a time, I have nice breasts, large and soft my right is emblazoned with a tattoo, a Pentacle and a triple moon. Shifting my gaze to Sami I watched her slowly spread her legs and touch herself, stroking her pretty pussy and pinching her pink right nipple her eyes locked with mine. Smiling into her green eyes I motioned her over. Entranced I watched her crawl to my feet and look up at me adoringly. "Gods sweet Sami". Was that voice my own? It was filled with as much guttural power as I had ever chanted with in circle. Giving me a wicked smile she spread my legs and fingernails raking my thighs she kissed my pussy softly at first, then with increasing fervor as she applied her tongue to my erect clit.

Cern was wasting no time either, licking and biting first my right then my left breast my nipples were wet, shiny, hard. My left hand was stroking Sami's bright blonde head, my right stroking Cern's cock through his pajama's. Rising above me like a God, Cern stripped his pants off in one smooth stroke, revealing his large thick cock.

Licking my lips in invitation I opened my mouth eagerly as Cern stood, legs on either side of me as I sucked his rigid cock into my warm soft mouth. If I do say so myself I give an amazing blow job. I love to lick a mans balls and challenge myself to see if I can take all of a cock into my mouth. Judging by Cern's groans I was doing a good job of it.

With Sami licking my wet pussy and Cern fucking my mouth it was not long before I felt an amazing orgasm building in me. As my mind and body raced towards my sexual peak Cern pulled out of my mouth. My cries no longer stifled I screamed in my pleasure.

Looking down at Sami she took one last lick and smiled in pleasure at me. I sank down to the floor, pulling her soft, sweet body in my arms I kissed her and held her tight. Heads together we giggled like teenagers and pulled Cern down with us.

"What now?" Sami laughed.

"What indeed?" I moaned throatily as I laid her out on the floor and laughingly pushed my tongue between her lips and onto her hard little clit.

"Oh" she moaned and I laughed into her sweet pussy.

"Hey", complained Cern, "what about me?"

"Oh stop whining," Sami giggled. "Fuck her, make her come again."

Without further discussion I felt Cern kneeling behind me, his large, strong hands gripped my hips as he eased his large cock into my waiting pussy.

"Oh!" I moaned into Sami.

"That's nice," Sami giggled, "but why not something more exotic?"

Gathering her meaning Cern pulled out, a moment later I felt the slippery warmth of the ritual oil tracing a path down the valley between my buttocks. I love anal sex and the thought of having that large powerful cock in my ass was so sexy, I licked poor Sami with fervor, her fingers entwining in my hair she wriggled her pussy in pleasure and protest.

Again grabbing my hips Cern began to push into me, this time though, instead of my warm pussy, it was my tight ass. Entering me slowly, he let me get used to each thick inch, until he was buried to the hilt in my asshole. Pumping me, slowly at first, he finally got me comfortable enough to start fucking my ass passionately. All this time I was licking every inch of Sami's sweet pussy, from her tight little asshole to her hard little clit. With determination I began to suck her clit in earnest and sink my finger up to the knuckle in her very tight little asshole. Her moans filled the room and soon Cern's joined in a chorus of sexy fuck sounds filling the room.

With a shuddering cry Sami came, her wet little pussy grinding into my face in joy. Cern's cries crescendoed as he pumped his cum into my ass.

Collapsing, exhausted we held each other in a tight embrace. Cern smiled, "I will never eat to ground again," he laughed as he kissed us both on the lips.

Gods, I cannot wait until the next full moon.

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