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Fuck the Charity by UK Snowy

Fuck the Charity

It could have been the ultimate wet tee shirt contest, although the participants were not exactly bothered how they looked. Ripe, young blooming figures to old wrinkled and haggard shapes, every variation you could think of, all gleaming in the wet. Screaming, shouting, pleading to get on my chopper as we hovered above the small strip of land that was once part of Mozambique's fertile plain. Male and female fought to get on board, whipped by the furious blast of air from the blades, the air tearing at the pitiful shreds of clothing.

Each one smelled to high heaven. The body odours and their own personal cloud of flies followed them up as the boys hauled them in to join the grateful bunch cowering in the bowels of my helicopter. When loaded I took off and dumped at the receiving area, where the aid people took over. My mission, as it had been for three days was to pick them up and ferry them.

I took a quick break to have a piss whilst on the ground and waved, smiling lustily at Eve, one of the medics and my girl, who scowled at me unpleasantly as she checked some children for disease. I shrugged my shoulders and went back to my ship, taking off and not fussy on how much dust I swirled into the atmosphere. The bitch! Let her fucking choke on the stuff I thought, as I set a familiar course. Since the crisis, she'd suddenly gone all workmanlike and I hadn't got near those luscious tits of hers. She'd set to work with the deep compassion I knew was there, but to go off sex was just not on and I needed sex like these poor fucking natives needed saving - desperately.

Eve's tits were massive. Great pendulous globes that hung long and low with enormously bulbous nipples that you could have hung your baseball cap on. She wore a 38 HH bra, but was quite shapely, being 5' 4" tall and 138 pounds with a 30 waist and 38 hips. With a narrow back, her tits ballooned sideways, especially if you saw her from behind and she could give a right old smack in the kisser when she dangled them over you. Her butt was tight and her ankles and legs well toned and I adored getting stuck into all of her holes every damned night, but she'd gone all nursy and angelic on me.

I lowered to hover over the last bunch of pathetics as my winch man Wes signalled and rapped instructions over the head set. This would be my last mission today and apart from Wes, the other guy on board was Phil as we were trying to keep the self weight as low as possible of course. I watched the four survivors, two females and two male kids, splash across the few yards of fetid churned brown water towards my ship, watching the down draft catch the female's skirts. Sinuous brown and black thighs gleamed as they frantically waded towards the waiting arms of Wes and Phil. The older of the two females left her skirt high and I glimpsed flashes of white knickers beneath the fluttering shreds of her brightly patterned skirt. The younger one, maybe only a teenager tried in vain to keep her skirt down, but in the dire urgency and the need for my concentration I only saw very black slender thighs.

What I did notice however were her nipples, well the impression of her nipples, stout against the thin material of her blouse. Eve flashed through my mind and what I was going to do tonight apart from getting drunk as I had since she'd deserted me. I'd given her some lip and waggled my nine incher at her lewdly on the first night, thinking she'd want my dick as much as I wanted her juicy cunt but she said she was tired and flounced off into the night. I'd yelled obscenities at her retreating and oh so shapely butt and then drunk some more beer. Falling asleep, still clothed I forgot it the next day and again tried to woo her but no. Three nights without her sucking my ever ready cock and her shoving it with glee into her own arsehole was more than a red blooded man could stand.

Base HQ came over and told me to take this load to another medic area. I rapped the news to Wes and he came to squat near me at the controls.

"You wouldn't believe it, they're demanding food back there for fucks sake," he shouted.

"Shit no!" I answered. "Aren't they just fucking grateful we've picked them up?"

"You'd think so skip. It's the young one, she speaks English with a French accent," Wes added.

"It's Portugese more likely," I advised.

Wes nudged my arm.

"Tell you something skip," he shouted. "She ain't got no panties on. Fair couple of views of black cunt I'll tell you, heh heh!"

"That's the young one eh?" I asked concentrating on the new and unfamiliar course. He didn't answer, he only nodded and went back to his post.

Black cunt eh? I had stayed clear of it for years. Since Eve and I had been sent up to the stricken country as part of a team it was thank you command for the favour they did us. Plenty of poontang around back home and at the base if you wanted and some of the unit wanted. Eve was my bird of eight years and her pale pearlescent skin was a mystery to me, in how she kept it so sheltered in the sun. She had fair wispy hair on her head and her pussy and her nipples were pale pink bulbs growing in a barely noticeable areolae. They were huge bulbs, like spring flower bulbs bursting outwards as if seeking sun and light and my ever hungry lips. Eve could cum with her nipples sucked. No need to frig her clitty, her tits were so sensitive, I could roll them around for fifteen minutes or so and she'd shiver and shudder, flush so hot her face turned white to pink and she'd flop useless like a wet rag, wherever we were.

That was when I usually took over and could slot my knob into where I fancied. I loved to fuck her butt as much as her cunt, but equally she could deep throat like Linda Lovelace did in the film, of which I still had a copy back at base. Eve liked to tit fuck me too, swinging her huge udders together and gripping my shaft between them in mountains of pillowy warmth. She would roll her nipples as she kneaded her bazongers over my leaking length, at the same time as dipping her luscious lips to lick and peck at my engorged knob with each stroke upwards. To stick my face between those two pink cannonballs and smother myself with perfect, sweet tit flesh was one of my thrills every night....until recently.

Suddenly my arm was wrenched from the controls and I whirled angrily.

"Mister mister, you have rice, water?" screeched the black girl, who was by now being wrestled back by Wes.

"No you stupid bitch. I don't, Get her the fuck outta here," I screamed.

Wes already had grappled her backwards and I could study the gauges and get back on course.

The rest of the flight passed and we dropped to the medic area and shut down in the fast closing light, low on fuel and dog tired. There would be engineers, crash space and mess of some sort for us. I could see French choppers across the clearing, but not many people. I went up back to check the ship as Wes passed the two kids out to Phil who was on the ground. The girl who had interrupted me so dangerously cowered in a corner, but as soon as she saw me, she scrambled ungracefully to her feet and I too saw a flash of her crotch.

"Mister we want food, water, mister mister," she moaned, grabbing my arm, her coal black eyes pleading, her big pink rubbery lips pouting and curling as she spoke.

I grasped her bare arms and shook her, shouting at her, trying to get some semblance of sense and understanding. Her tits trembled beneath her torn white shirt. Curves of her cleavage rippled before my eyes and her nipples spoke more words than she could muster. I rubbed over the crotch of my combats as Wes appeared at the door and looked up.

"Pretty shitty place this skip. One or two medics, not a lot of these," he gestured to the girl. "We're about the first in and light is falling. No Eve tonight," he grinned.

"The others, the old woman and kids OK?" I queried.

"Yup!" chuckled Wes. "She's no old bag. Guess about thirty if that. Big fat arse too. Couldn't help grab it when hauling her in you know?"

"They've all got big fat arses out here Wes," I chuckled back.

He glanced at my grip on the girl and then asked in a confidential tone.

"You sending her down...or?"

"Anyone around, counting...?" I quizzed and nodded outside.

"Nah! Not so you'd notice, dead slack, French operation, typical," he replied, raising his eyebrows. "We can keep them quiet, one way or the other heh heh!"

"How old's this one you reckon?" I nodded at the girl, then I turned her round roughly.

I held her arms tight, way behind her making her breasts burst at her blouse. I looked down over her shoulders and drooled at her firm cones, flexing my dick which was already showing signs of interest.

Wes grinned lewdly and gestured I move forward. He reached in, grabbing her skirt hem and he managed a good peek up her skirt before she lashed out with her bare foot. He dodged her easily and slid back to the ground.

"Never know with the fucking natives, but with those tits and hair on her pussy, about fifteen maybe. Looks young don't she?" he chuckled.

"Not a bad arse either," I grinned budging forward so that my semi hardon was pushed against the crack of her butt. Wes nodded knowingly and stepped back.

"I'll shut this door then. Remember we're on a charity mission skip," he chortled.

"Fuck the charity, let's get some action. I fucking need it," I muttered.

Wes winked. "Not quite the same tits as Eve. See you later...enjoy," he added, sliding the side door and closing me and the girl inside my ship.

I let her go immediately, then reached into my cabin and showed her a full bottle of water still sealed up. Her eyes shot open and her mouth dropped, showing the mass of inner pinkness in contrast to her ebony pigmented skin. Her tongue lolled out over the quivering lips as she started to jabber in Portugese. Its an ugly guttural language to me compared to the nicer Spanish tongue, but I was more interested in her physical than her intellectual presence.

I stopped her with one word, "English."

She reached for the bottle I was half offering. "Mister mister, water. I no water, no food..." she pleaded jumping up for the bottle which I raised out of her reach each time, watching her boobs bobble free and easy under her shirt.

I gestured she should open her shirt and she frowned, once she understood, shaking her head. I opened the water and took a swig letting it dribble wastefully over my chin and shirt. Hearing her mew in despair, I offered the bottle to her and she made a grab but I swung it out of reach. Again I gestured and she refused so I let some of the water run out onto the floor amongst the dirty slime we had picked up all day. She shouted.

"No no mister give it me... water... water..."

I gestured at her shirt and slowly she unbuttoned the one fastening and drew it off, letting it hang caught in the waist band of her skirt. I gasped at the beautiful sight before me. Two perfectly formed upright breasts with no sag, complete with blunt stubby black glossed nipples. Her tits jutted at me almost defiantly, gleaming black blue milk flesh quivering as she quietly pleaded, her eyes flickering from mine to the water and back. I held the bottle high over her head and she swung her mouth up, open wide as I let a trickle cascade into her thirsty gullet. With my other hand I grabbed her tits and fondled them feeling the hot hardness of pure young bosoms before she recoiled away and thrust her arms over them.

"More water?" I teased.

The girl nodded and licked her lips, her eyes fixed frowning on mine. I let some more of the two litre waste to the floor. Then I gestured she undo my belt as she moaned and begged. She recoiled again so I backed off and reached into the cabin for a second sealed bottle. She groaned audibly as I spoke.

"This one mine," I told her holding the unsealed bottle to my chest. "This one for you," holding the new one towards her. "You understand?"

"Yes give me water," she answered.

"You give me sex for water, you understand sex?" I quizzed earnestly. My cock was achingly hard and confined in my pants and I wanted to bury it in the native girl's cunt.

"Seeeexxx?" she responded.

I gestured to my belt and tapped the bulge in my pants with the bottle. Her eyes swung to mine then back to my crotch, then the water and round again. Then I lewdly thrust my crotch forward and tapped my cock bulge again. Her eyes glazed over as in recognition with just the almost imperceptible nod. She glanced round the empty hot ticking shell of my chopper, then turned and stepped closer.

"Seexx....Aah! Fazer amor," she whispered, with a slight smile, as she grappled with the stiff buckle of my belt.

I guessed it was the Portugese translation, but I didn't care as my belt swung open and she fiddled with the clasp of my combats. At last, she was compliant.

"Little water mister," she lisped, offering her huge mouth upwards. It was a gentle request and not the grasping greedy demands I'd had so far. I let her drink some and let it trickle on her face which I think she appreciated as she smiled briefly between chomping and licking her enormous lips. I backed off and put the bottles high out of her reach. She glowered moodily at them and then me as I pointed to her skirt.

"Take it off," I said brusequely, unzipping my flies.

She gathered it in a swathe and held it tightly round her thighs frowning. I slithered out of my combats and pants in one movement allowing my erection to spring out and waggle at her. The girl uttered a squeak and stared goggling at my one eyed monster, the knob almost purple to bursting, the two inch wide shaft thickly veined and my balls hanging low, swinging against my thighs.

"Big," she murmured, eyes fixed on my cock.

She was dead fucking right and I was determined she was going to find how big. Impatiently, I roughly grabbed her and cast her down on the slimy caked floor of my ship. She didn't fight or wrestle, she just lay under me and stared at my drooling face as I lowered my tongue onto her trembling tits. I lapped feverishly at the erect buds finding her nipples pliant but firm. Her milkers were sweet hot globes and I devoured them trying to get each whole one in my mouth but I couldn't. Eve's knockers flashed through my mind as I fumbled into the girl's skirt for her crotch.

"OK OK," she mumbled, as her legs suddenly shot wide apart. I lifted my head and saw her nod, as her hands snaked to her crumpled garment and slowly pulled it up.

The vision of black sexual beauty seared through my hardened service brain as I gazed at her flat panting belly and the patch of sparse black curls and then her slit. I slid back on my knees to see it better, the smell was powerful, pee and sweat definitely and all the other secretions that females produce down there. But its sliminess only made it more attractive and I cupped it with my massive gnarled hand.

"We transar for water mister?" she whispered.

I nodded dismissively, presuming another local or imported term, as I delved into the mushy mire of her young cunt.

"I'm going to fuck your brains out for water missy," I grunted.

"Ah fuck fuck," she giggled prettily, her smile making her face shine.

I played around for a while and reckoned she appreciated the minimal foreplay, which consisted of me stuffing two fingers as far as possible inside her and gauging the amount of lube she had to ease my passage. I tried for her clit and found nothing. I fumbled round for more evidence of the button that would really fire her up, but there was nothing, no clit, no reaction and lurching around when you hit it fairly directly. My reckoning on the foreplay was based on her village life when she would probably be mated without any feeling, but the lack of clit suddenly hit home and I realised I was dealing with a circumsized girl. The barbaric act of cutting off the clitoris and often most of the labia, was still widely practised in African countries I believe and here was evidence. That meant she might get some stimulation from me shafting her but nothing from the twiddling around outside. But she had recognised my word fuck. So I thought fuck it, fuck the charitable approach.

Lowering over her body, I aimed my donger and shoved at her pussy. Her big limpid eyes gazed up at me as she felt the brute force of the business end of a 224 pound male impacting on her tender twat. She was dwarfed by my bulk of six feet. I felt my knob lodge firmly in her labia and thrust down. Her eyes flickered and her mouth twisted as she felt the size of the intrusion, Her pink tongue lapped over her slobbery lips as I bore down on her, inducing more of my dick into her snatch.

Fully home I rested, for some reason giving her the chance to feel the scope of my prick and its power. Then I lurched up and down, hard, pounding into a rhythm that squashed her butt flat against the scratched and slimy brown soil stained floor of the chopper. Having that hard surface was brilliant for me, but probably and endurance for the girl, but I didn't care. I was getting my rocks off properly for the first time in three days and it was great.

I could feel my knob graunch against her tight inner membranes and slam against the top of her vagina. I was probably going to cum into her cervix and force sperm up her baby spout, such was my energy. She grunted with each thrust I made, a noisy little bitch really, but at least she was letting me shag her and I didn't have to rape her as I thought initially. I saw images of our child and shuddered. I wasn't wearing a condom and I bet she wasn't protected and then the spectre of Aids reared in front of me. Its rife out here.

God! she was tight and pliable and juicy too. Yeah she stank, her armpits were foul and there was a fishy smell about her in general. It could have been her cunt, but I was driven. Driven by the desire to get my load dumped into the receptive hole of an alien, smelly, refugee, black bitch rather than into my hand as I had done the last few nights. I let my cum bubble in my ballocks as they stirred it up whilst furiously slapping against her buttocks. Suddenly up it came. I felt the gusher start way down and then that hot cringing marvellous pain shot through me as I emptied into the girl's snatch. On and on I rammed, relentlessly pumping, our oddly matched bodies as one. The black native dregs of humanity receiving the rich cream of a prime white male.

With a smothered yowl I flopped onto her, spent, heaving, my limbs trembling, sweat pouring from every pore as I caught my breath and let my weight flatten the tiny frame beneath. All this time she had lain passive, unmoving. No holding, no hugging no verbal encouragement passed her lips, only the shot guttural grunts with each of my massive shunts into her. As I prepared to lift off, I thought on her life, no - her sex life and reasoned it would be joyless, unfeeling, purely as a means to an end. I rolled up onto my knees. She stared at me as I glanced between her legs with a smugness I couldn't and didn't try to conceal.

Her labia was a bit puffy and very wet. Thick cum oozed from her slit and looked appealingly tasty against the contrasting black cradle of her crotch. Normally I would go down and lick Eve clean, sucking the flesh round her cunt, lapping at the lesser dribble of sperm, bearing in mind she had a greater capacity for taking me than this girl. But this wasn't the fragrant Eve.

My brain snapped into first gear and I got up and gestured she should. I got the water down and watched her tidy her clothing, her eyes fixed hungrily on the bottles, mine fixed on those magnificently firm rounded tits with their black glossy caps. I noticed she made no attempt to clean her crotch and mused that her fly colony would be even greater once she was out in the medic area. Her hands reached for the water bottles and I gave her them, plus two more. Sliding the door open, I made her stand well back to check the area. There wasn't a soul about.

I lifted her down and walked openly escorting her to the medics where I was met by Wes. He grinned evilly as he chewed his cheroot. His eyebrows shot up and I nodded with a smile.

"Its OK skip, the fucking place is near deserted. Apparently panic at some post about ten miles away and most are there, staff I mean. Couple of locals on guard and one oldish nun," he told me. "The others are in there. Seem Ok. I gave them water."

I pushed the girl in the direction Wes gestured towards. She trotted off grasping the water close to her.

"You had her then?"

"Fucking sure I did. And she wanted to, no need to jump her you know? You fucked the other yet?"

"Nah! Thought it best to hang around and look out for you skip. No problem, they'll be shacked up in that tent tonight, reckon I can get her out of it with no trouble. You lookout for me?"

"Too sure buddy," I answered. "Might give her another one by then, swap maybe......?"

Wes grinned and joined me on the hunt for our mess tent. END

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