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Friends and Lovers by

Friends and Lovers

This story is intended for non-commercial use and enjoyment of adults and should be considered a parody. It is not being written for profit or payment of any kind. Any comments or suggestions for additional episodes would be appreciated.

This scene occurs shortly after the group returned from London where Ross's marriage had taken place. While there, if you had followed the episodes, Monica and Chandler had gotten intimate and had kept this secret from the rest of the group. They had clandestinely kept up their lovemaking after they returned. The following is based on their attempts to keep this secret and this, of course, led to many interesting situations.


Joey put his key in the door and walked into his and Chandler's apartment. To his complete surprise, he saw Chandler lying on the floor on a blanket, holding Monica in his arms. When they heard him come in, they both jumped up and Monica stood in back of Chandler. Joey could see that Monica had on only a short slip, which was around her waist and which she was pulling up to cover her breasts and Chandler just a tee shirt and shorts. Pointed at them was a video camera and Joey could tell that it was running, taking videos of them..

"What are you doing home?" said Chandler, "I thought that you had an audition all afternoon."

"It was canceled," said Joey, "But what the hell are you guys doing, as if I didn't know from what I can see. You guys are getting it on, aren't you?"

Chandler and Monica mumbled and mumbled, but Joey was not to be dissuaded from what he could see. Half-dressed Monica was trying to hide behind Chandler, trying to pull the shoulder straps of her slip over her shoulders.

"Wow, you guys, how long has this been going on?" Joey asked.

"Since London," replied Chandler.

"Since London," cried Joey, "and you haven't told anybody? Let's go tell everybody, right now, they will all be just as surprised and glad to hear it as I am."

"No, no, no," exclaimed Monica, "we don't want to tell anybody, not anybody, not just yet, not yet."

"Why not?" exclaimed Joey. "I can't keep this secret, you know that I can't keep a secret, not one like this, you've got to let me tell, you've just got to?"

Monica and Chandler started talking, sometimes both of them at the same time, and talked and talked to Joey to convince him that they wanted to keep this a secret for awhile. He listened and listened and talked back, but they continued to argue with him and he finally agreed to do as they asked. As they were talking to him an idea was forming in his mind and he took his time in telling them. He walked to them and stood beside them, so that they turned towards each other. He put an arm around the two lovers. Monica was trying to cover herself with her two hands, but Joey was able to get a good peek at Monica's breasts. From living across the hall from her for several years, he knew that she had good size breasts and also from her movements when she wasn't wearing a bra they were very firm. So he wasn't surprised that they were conical and proudly pointed out from her chest.

"You are really beautiful, Monica," he said, with a big grin, giving her the big look.

"Oh, shut up, Joey," barked Monica, "just tell us that you won't tell on us and keep this a secret."

"You guys know that I won't be able to keep this secret."

"Joey, you just have to, you just have to," pleaded Monica.

"Well," said Joey, "if you made me part of your secret, I will then have to keep it"

"What do you mean, become part of our secret?"

"Well, if you made me part of your party here, I would be part of your secret."

"Wait a minute," said Chandler, "you mean join Monica and me?"

"What?" Monica almost screamed, "you mean you want me to let you . . . . ." she couldn't finish the statement. She and Chandler looked at each other with amazement on their faces. They then looked at Joey to see if he was serious and he just grinned back at them.

"I'll try and keep your secret, but you know me, I can't keep a secret about another person or a couple like you two, but I can if I'm part of the secret. So, you guys make up your minds. I'm going to my room and you guys talk about it. Whatever you decide is okay with me." And with that he left them. Monica turned to Chandler.

"Chandler," said Monica, "What are you going to do? Do you realize what he wants to do?"

"What do you mean, what am I gong to do, he wants to screw you, that's what he wants."

"To screw me, is that what you want, him to screw me.?

"Of course not, Monica, but what else can we do?"

"What do you mean, we, I'm that one he wants or screw."

"I know, sweetheart, but what can I do. You want to keep this a secret, don't you?"

"Of course I do, but do you want to have him screw me?"

"No, again, sweetheart, but it's up to you, if you want to keep this a secret."

"Yes, I absolutely want to keep this a secret." They continued to talk for some time.

She wanted to keep the secret and she began to realize that she would have to do as Joey wanted. That she would have to let Joey fuck her, if she wanted to keep the secret. As they continued talking Chandler became excited and his cock began to expand again. Monica noticed and reaching out grabbed it and held it in her hand.

"You're getting excited about someone else fucking me, aren't you?" she said.

"Of course not, sweetheart, of course not," he replied, but his stiffening cock betrayed him. She continued to hold his cock.

"You want to watch him fuck me, don't you, Chandler?" She squeezed his cock.

"I'm certainly not going to let you alone with him, I think not, so I guess I have to watch you."

"Do you want me to do this?" Monica asked.

"Only if you want to," replied Chandler.

"Come on, Chandler, yes or no, no hemming around, do you want me to let him fuck me, just tell me, yes or no?"

"With you wanting to keep this a secret, I guess it's yes," replied Chandler.

"Just tell me one word, yes or no, nothing else."

"Yes." replied Chandler. His cock in Monica's hand was now fully erect.

"Then, that's what I'll do. I'll let Joey fuck me." Monica now sat down on the chair, still half dressed, one shoulder strap still hanging down, her breast almost fully exposed. "I guess we can go in his room and talk to him."

With their arms around each other they walked into Joey's room. He was laying on the bed in just shorts reading a magazine. He looked up at them. "You guys make up your mind?

"Joey, please, keep this secret, won't you?"

"I'll try, but you know me, I can't keep a secret, really, but if I'm part of the secret, I know that I can keep it."

"You promise that if I do this, that you will keep it secret," said Monica.

"Of course, I will," he replied.

"Okay, it's a deal, I'll do what you asked," said Monica, "you want to do it now or later?"

Joey moved over on the bed and patted the bed next to him. Monica sat on the edge of the bed next to him. She sat where he patted. "Right now, if you want me to keep your secret. Okay, Chandler, you can leave, I'll take over, now." Joey reached up and slipped Monica's shoulder strap of her slip down and barred her breasts. He cupped his hand over one of Monica's breast. "Mmm, that's nice. Monica, you've nice jugs. I've been wanting to do that for a long time."

"No, I'm staying," said Chandler, watching Joey fondling Monica's breast.

"You want to stay and watch me doing Monica. Then we will really be sharing a secret, won't we? Just like you and I will be sharing Monica. How do you feel about having your boyfriend watching us,. Monica?"

"It's okay with me," murmured Monica, looking down at the hand cupping her breast.

"You won't be upset with him?"

"No, not at all."

"You won't be upset with him watching me with you?"

"No, dammit, Joey, I won't be upset with him watching me with you."

Joey leaned up on one elbow and was able to put his mouth to the breast that he had been fondling. He nibbled at the nipple for awhile and them opened his mouth and took a mouthful of tit and sucked. His hand went to her thigh and slipped down to her pussy. He kept this up for sometime, then sitting up he took Monica in his arm, having her lean back across him and he started to kiss her. Holding her with one arm, he fondled her breasts with the other. Dropping down his hand, he was able to reach for her pussy and inserted a finger into her as he continued to kiss her. She began to respond to his tongue in her mouth and the finger in her pussy. Joey had aroused Monica and she would soon be ready to fuck him.
Chandler had left the room and had gotten the video cam that he and Monica had setup in the living room and quickly set the tripod so that it took in Monica and Joey.

Monica still had the slip on, but Joey just pushed it down to her waist and pulled up the short slip to her waist. He climbed on top of her between her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy. He lowered his hips and touched his cock to her pussy. Very slowly he pushed his cock into Monica's pussy. Monica gasped as he slowly pushed his cock into her. When it was fully buried in her, he lowered himself so that his chest was just touching her breasts. He could feel her nipples pressing against him.

"Wow, Monica, you are really something," he said.

"What do you mean, Joey?" Monica asked.

"Well, you have really nice boobs and a really tight pussy," he said.

"Well thanks, buster, but you better keep this a tight secret, or I'll be serving your dong and balls as sliced sausage and sweetbreads at the restaurant."

"Monica," said Chandler, "do you have to bring your chef talents into this?"

"Oh, shut up, Chandler, watch and you better enjoy this, for you are really going to pay for this, believe me."

"I'll pay? What did I do? You're the one that agreed to do this."

"You know why I'm doing this and it was your bright idea to do it in the living room."

"Well, you thought it was a great idea too, at the time."

"Well, buster, somebody's going to pay."

"Oh, lighten up, Monica," said Joey, "I'll try and make this fun for you. Believe me, I think that I know how to make it so much fun for you that you'll ask me to do it again." And Joey proceeded to do so. He began slowly stroking his cock in and out to give her as much pleasure as he could. He wanted to prolong her orgasm as long as he could. He kept up his slow stroking even long past the point where he wanted to start increasing his strokes rapidly, but he kept the stroking slow and slow. Monica began responding to his stroking by moving her hips with his. He had always known that Monica was muscular and well coordinated, but now her athleticism was very evident. She began moving her hips so that all he had to do was just hold almost still as she made his cock move in and out on her own. He was supported on his arms to keep his weight off her. She wrapped her arms around him and almost lifted her body off the bed to hold him tight as her hips continued to move her pussy up and down his cock.

The timing of the movements were all hers and Joey knew that she was getting ready for her climax. He let her control the movements for that would bring her to her climax just as she wanted. He wanted to make this so good for her that she would come back to him for more. He knew that he would want to fuck her more than this once. He was having trouble holding his own back, but he gritted his teeth and held back as best he could. Monica was now moaning and grunting and he joined her. Her movements were becoming more and more rapid. He helped her grunt with each stroke. With a few more very rapid strokes, she came. She wrapped her legs around his butt, her arms around him and he responded with a grunt and a heavy thrust as he spurted into her as she came. She put her cheek against his and Joey could hear her heavy breathing and moaning very clearly. He whispered in her ear, "Oh, Monica, oh Monica, you are so good, so good. I love it. I love it."

She whispered back, "Oh Joey, oh Joey, yes, this is good, this is so good. Oh, I'm ready to come, yes, I'm ready, yes, I'm coming, coming, coming, hold me tight, ram it in me all the way, tightly, tightly, ram it in, ram it all the way in me, oh yes, oh yes."

With her arms and legs holding him tight, he lowered himself on her and pushed his cock tightly into her as they both came. He lunged with each spurt and she squeezed him tightly with her arms and legs. Her climax went on and on as did his. They stayed joined for some time and as they finished, he lifted his weight off her. She loosened her arms and let her legs fall back on the bed. He rolled off her. She was exhausted. After several minutes she was able to speak.

"Joey, you know, that with a little more practice you could become pretty good at this."

"Boy, that's a deal. I'd like to practice with you anytime you want. In fact, if you give me about ten minutes, I'll be ready to practice with you again."

"Hey, you guys," said Chandler, "I also need some practice too, how about it?"

"Okay, sweetheart, give me a few minutes and I'll take care of you," said Monica, turning towards Chandler, putting her one arm around him. "I see that you got excited watching Joey fuck me?" She reached down and took hold of his cock.

The three of them lounged on the bed. Monica wanted to put her slip back on, but Joey said, "don't, Monica, let us see the treasures while we're like this, we don't get to see you beautiful boobs and the rest of your great body at all. So let's stay like this." The three of them lounged, naked, on the bed.


Part 2

Monica had agreed to have sex with Joey as Chandler watched, in a deal that Joey had made with them to keep the secret that Monica and Chandler had been having sex ever since they had gone to London for Ross's wedding.

The three of them are lying on the bed, all of them naked. Monica was exhausted from the prolonged fucking that Joey had just given her, Joey was also spent, but Chandler was raring to go.

"Joey," said Monica, "you are good, really good."

"Well, thanks, Monica," he said, "it was easy with you, you're so beautiful and sexy that it's just great with you. I've always wanted to do this with you, but never thought that you would let me."

"Thanks for the compliment and remember, breathe a word of this and I'll kill you."

"I know," said Joey, "I can keep this a secret, as long as I get a little of this partying every once in awhile."

"I thought that you would say that," said Monica, who was now aware that for pure animal sex, Joey was probably better than Chandler was. Chandler was a much better at making love to her and she was in love with him, but Joey was different. He was an animal when fucking her, or she thought, a fucking animal. Although making love with Chandler was the greatest that she had ever experienced, even surpassing that with Richard, Joey was different, he was an animal with his cock and she didn't mind having him fuck her to keep their secret. In fact, as long as Chandler would accept Joey fucking her, she didn't mind having the two of them fucking her. She had gone a long time without any and now having two good cocks ready for her, she was ready to accommodate them.

As they talked, Joey's cock had been getting hard. Chandler's was also erect. Joey knew that Monica was ready to have Chandler fuck her and he would have to watch till they were done before her could get at her again. He decided to try and talk Monica into taking both of them at the same time.

"Monica," he said, "you've never had two guys at once, have you?"

"Joey, I've never been with two naked guys, before, each one getting ready to fuck me."

"Have you ever thought of taking on two guys at once?"

"Well, maybe I've thought of it, but I've never thought I'd do it."

"Want to try it?" asked Joey.

"Now, here, right now?"

"Yes, right here, right now."

"Well, I've got two stiff ones here right now, so maybe it's the right time." she said, looking at Joey and then Chandler, who had his fist wrapped around his cock. "Okay with you, Chandler?"

"Whatever's okay with you," he said. The prospect of sharing her with another was making his cock harder than ever.

"Okay, then," said Monica, "how do we do this?"

"Let me hang my legs over the edge of the bed and you can kneel between my legs," Joey said.

"Well," said Monica, "okay."

He moved so that his legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. "Here, sweetheart, kneel down between my legs." She knelt down and as she leaned forward, Joey's cock was pointed at her mouth.

Chandler had walked up to them and was standing over them. His cock wobbled as he walked. Joey motioned for him to kneel down in back of Monica, who was on her knees.

"Monica," said Joey, "you are going to like to having two guys at once, me at this end and Chandler at the other end." Monica raised her head and turning, looked at Chandler, who was waiting for her answer. He was already kneeling in back of her ready to push his cock into her as soon as she agreed. He looked at her with question in his eyes. She looked back in his eyes. She nodded her head slightly.

"Okay, guys, let's do it, I've never had two guys in me at the same time before. This should be a real exciting session." She waited for Chandler as he began pushing his cock into her pussy. He grabbed her hips with both hands and with a strong push, his cock was buried in her. "Oh boy, now that I'm stuffed full down there, I'll have Joey stuff the other end." With that she leaned down and took a mouthful of Joey's cock. She was now stuffed at both ends. As Chandler began slowly stroking in and out of her pussy, she began moving her mouth up and down on the cock in time with Chandler's thrusts in and out behind her. She realized that this having two cocks in her at the same time was really exciting. She and Chandler had very exciting sex, but this, two cocks at the same time, was more exciting than she could have imagined.

Her lips encircled his cock and she started sucking. "Atta girl, Monica, that's the way, Chandler, did you teach her to suck cock like this? She's a great cocksucker. Wouldn't our friends be surprised to know that our little Monica is a great cocksucker." Joey leaned back on his elbows on the bed.

Chandler answered as best he could. Monica heard what they were saying, but her mouth was too full to answer. She also had to admit that she enjoyed sucking cock, so what was there to argue about?

"Monica, doll, give my cock a good suck, will you?" He pushed her head further down on his cock slowly, but firmly, and she didn't resist. She took more cock in her mouth. "You've sucked Chandler's cock, haven't you, Monica? She has, hasn't she, Chandler, she can't talk she's got a mouthful of my cock, so she can't talk, can you, doll?" Monica shook her head. "Chandler?"

"Yes, she has," replied Chandler. He had been watching what Joey had been doing to Monica and at first he was alarmed, but the more he watched the more excited he became and the harder his cock got. It was buried in her, as he watched Monica take the cock in her mouth. Kneeling where he was now, he had an excellent view of what Monica was doing. When she sucked him usually all he could see was the top of her head, but here he had a great view of her and could see her jaw opening wide to take the big cock in her mouth, her cheeks pulled in by the suction she was putting on the cock. She was really sucking. He wondered if she would let Joey come in her mouth. He wondered if he wanted her to do that. It was exciting to watch her.

"Chandler, you're okay with Monica sucking my cock, aren't you?"

"If Monica wants to," said Chandler, secretly, he wished she would for he had never seen any one get sucked off, particularly his girl friend sucking a strange cock. The idea of his Monica sucking another cock was out of this world.

"Monica," said Joey, "want to suck me off? Want me to shoot my load in your mouth." He felt Monica nod her head. She was excited to be doing this. The cock felt great in her mouth. It was a little thicker than Chandler's was and it really filled her mouth and she wanted to have it shoot in her mouth.

"Is it okay if I come in your mouth?" He could feel her nod her head. He wanted to be sure that she was agreeable to his shooting his load into her mouth.

She was very excited at the idea of another man than Chandler fucking her mouth and, in addition, here was her regular boy friend, not only watching her suck another mans cock, but encouraging her to suck this strange cock.

Meanwhile, out in the hall, Rachel was knocking on the door softly and when there was no response in a few minutes, she took out her key and let herself into the apartment. The living area was dimly lit by light coming in the window, but she saw a light in the bedroom that Joey used.

She walked towards the room quietly. The door was partly open and as she approached she could make out a form kneeling on the floor. Oh, my god, she thought, it's Chandler and he's naked and he was fucking a naked girl doggie style. As her vision widened, she saw that the girl had her head down on Joey's crotch, obviously sucking his cock. Chandler and Joey had a girl here and they both had their cocks buried in the girl. Rachel's first guess was that the girl was Chandler's old girl friend, Janice, with whom he had broken up some time ago. Obviously he was back with her, for he was really thrusting his cock in out of her vigorously. Joey had his hands holding her head so Rachel couldn't see her too well, but he also was moving Janice's head up and down on his cock rapidly too. Rachel could tell that Chandler was close to coming for his thrusts were short and very rapid. While she looked Chandler thrust into the girl's rear and held it there. He was coming for he held himself close to the girl and twitched with his spurts. Joey likewise was coming in the girl's mouth for he was holding the girl's head tightly down on his cock and had that expression on his face.

Rachel watched in amazement as the two guys finished there climax and held the girl tightly to them. Chandler was holding her hips tightly to him and Joey was holding the girl's head down on his cock. She continued to watch as the two became spent. Joey released the girl's head and fell back on the bed. As his hands left the girl's head, Rachel thought that the girl was Janice.

"Oh, my god," thought Rachel, "Janice is the one that was sucking Joey's cock and was fucked by Chandler. How did she get into this situation? She was obviously enjoying herself for all her actions were eager participation." Her cheek was now resting on Joey's upper thigh and turned away from her. She saw that Janice had swallowed all of Joey's cum that he had shot in her mouth. Her hand was grasping Joey's cock.

Rachel wanted to stay and watch what the three would do next, but she realized that one of more of them might come out of the room, so she left and went across the hall to her apartment.

Meanwhile, Monica climbed on the bed and lay down between Joey and Chandler. Both of them wrapped their arms around her, Joey in particular fondling her breasts.

"Wow," said Monica, "that was really something, I never imagined that I would be on the receiving end of two guys like that."

"Did you like it?" asked Joey.

"I guess I did," she replied, "it was very exciting and this is a lot more that I ever thought when you made your offer to keep our secret."

"Want to do it again?" asked Joey.

"I do," spoke up Chandler. "I do."

The three of them continued to talk for some time each of them explaining that the combination of three and simultaneous fucking was very exciting.

"I guess that you guys are through, so I think that I'll go take a shower," Monica said.

"Wait, wait," said Joey, "I thought that I'd get to fuck you at least one more time, now."

"You really want to, again, I thought that the these would poop you out."

"No way, I really want to do you again."

"Me too," said Chandler." why don't we do the same as before, except that Joey and I will trade places. Okay with you Monica, want to?"

"Okay, I guess, except that I don't want to kneel down, why don't Joey and I do it on the bed and Chandler can stand alongside the bed and I can take care of him there."

Joe continued to play and suck on Monica's breasts until he felt her respond to his finger in her pussy. He put one leg over her between her legs preparing to climb on her and get into position to fuck her. He was ready, but he wanted to make sure that she was. Chandler was watching Joey sucking on her breasts and his cock was soon ready for her mouth. As Joey climbed on her and pushed his cock in her, Chandler stood alongside the bed and offered his cock to her mouth.

Rachel decided to come back to the living room and this is what she saw, Joey on top of her, fucking her and Chandler standing alongside the bed with his cock in Janice's mouth. She was fascinated at the sight of the two guys having sex with Janice. She wondered how Janice felt; did she really and fully enjoy the two guys at the same time? Rachel admitted to herself that the idea was exciting. She watched again until both of the guys came. Then she left. She wondered how she could approach Janice when she saw her next, but she knew that she would.


End of Part 2.

Would appreciate any suggestions about additional plots and stories for this series. (

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