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He was a night animal, raised on the streets to prowl by night. He despised authority, responsibility, and stability; his life was chaos, and his by-product was fear. His fellow man detested his attitudes and scorned him as he sought ways to exploit their labors. He was a loner, a user, and an outcast; and he liked it that way.

The night swept across the suburbs as Vince arose from his slumbers behind the warehouse on 32nd Street. Beside him was a crumpled bag containing one last gulp of rancid spirits he had meticulously saved for when he awoke. A foul wisp of unsanitary odors stung his nostrils, as he brushed the gritty sleep from his half-opened eyes. The sky was an unusual musk color he noted, as he struggled to his legs and downed the last of his wine. Patting his left breast pocket, he found a half-burnt butt, and lit it carelessly as his senses became keen to the night world. It was different somehow, but Vince had no time to mince sentimentalities on his quest for sustenance and self-fulfillment. He sauntered down the dark alley and into the sights and smells of his lonely world.

She had watched him from afar with curiosity. Rachel was a night person also, homeless since she could remember, and a prostitute by choice. Up until recently, she had been content to sniff white powder and spread her legs for whoever would supply her need. But now she wanted more, and had taken to following Vince to ascertain if he had what she was lacking. He was a good petty thief, and a smooth talker who had spent more than one night with many of her associates. It was rumored that he was good in bed when he wasn't drunk, but never became personally involved. His competition respected Vince, she noted, and kept clear of him when given the option. Rachel had seen the aftermath of a knife fight between Vince and an older perpetrator once - it was over quickly, and the results were both gruesome and convincing. She moved to follow him as he passed her curtly, smelling the cheap wine and his sweaty attire.

He turned to her, and seemed to look through her soul with his piercing blue eyes. Rachel began to crumble inside and wished she had a quick whiff to calm her sudden insecurity. Without a word, he turned and continued down the busy walkway, disappearing into the nameless masses before her eyes. Suddenly a hand grabbed her from behind, securing a firm choke hold around her throat and dragging her into the shadows. She struggled violently against her assailant as her lungs felt as if they would burst. Her clothing was violently torn away, and she could feel his rough hands clawing at her small breasts unmercifully. With the last of her energy drained from the struggle, she collapsed into the comfort of shock. Her body lost its life as the attacker continued to ravage her violently. From the shadows, Vince suddenly appeared and with one quick motion dispatched of the aggressor.

Rachel awoke in a dark alley covered by collapsed cardboard boxes. Her naked body was covered with scratches and bruises, and her face was covered with dried semen. Vince silently appeared next to her with some tattered blankets and a small pail of soapy water. Without words or ceremony, he began to bathe her wounds gingerly with a sponge. When she began to respond sensually, he abruptly stopped and rolled her in the blankets to keep her warm. He quietly lay beside her, and gently stroked her matted hair and bruised face. She fell asleep quickly, comforted by his presence. As her body began to react to the chemical withdrawal, Vince stood by her continually, offering water and candy and whatever he could salvage from the immediate neighborhood. For three long and torturous days, he offered all the support he could render as her body surrendered to chemical starvation.

On the fourth morning when she awoke bathed in sweat and vomit, she found herself alone. Still confined in the rolls of the blankets, she began to scream in terror as several wild dogs began to sniff at her. A passing patrol car heard her and stopped to investigate. Soon she was rushed to the nearby hospital with a name tag that read "Jane Doe." Vince watched her leave and enjoyed the dog meat he barbecued later that evening. It was the first night in almost a week that he was able to return to the life he had grown to love and he set out to capitalize on his newly gained freedom. It would take two full days before he'd recover from the effects of the night's activities.

Rachel was resting quietly in the drug rehab ward under careful scrutiny by security, when a shadowy figure crept into her room well after midnight. At first she was frightened until she caught a whiff of his sweaty clothes. They embraced briefly before he gathered her tiny form into her arms and bolted for the stairway. The escape was slowed by several unanticipated obstacles, but soon they were free of the antiseptic odors and mindless announcements to disappear over the security fence and into the night.

Once in the safety of the park where Rachel normally sold her body, they paused to catch their breath. Vince lit a half burned butt, and Rachel quickly flipped it out of his mouth and stamped it out defiantly. She then grabbed his matted hair and pulled his face to hers to kiss him passionately. As he groped with the reality of her passion, her hands flowed over his muscular body in a "feeding frenzy" of touch and sensation. They slid down into the bushes where she explored his torso with the urgency of a possessed demon. Her hands tore his clothing away unmercifully, as she peppered countless passionate kisses to the hidden recesses of his sexuality. Her stimulation was both erotic and driven and in no time she was mounting his erect manhood to grind her pelvis against his. The moist slurping sounds of her arousal could be heard for quite some distance, as she rode him with a frenzy.

Her first orgasm was heralded by a shriek that startled the sleeping birds into flight. The moist flow of her orgasmic nectar was so abundant that Vince thought she had wet herself. As his orgasm began to build she fell forward and bit into his neck, drawing blood as his seed erupted into her belly. They both lay in a crumpled heap, panting from their exertions until her hand slipped behind her quivering buttocks to lock onto his ball sack and begin to arouse him with her delicate caresses. Soon their position was reversed as he took command of the encounter to ensure she derived as much pleasure as he was. All to soon their orgasms waned into the night, and they enjoyed the embraces of one another's fulfillment until sleeps warmth engulfed them.

The morning spilled through the leaves as Rachel awoke to a new day. Vince was long gone, as she knew he would be, but she was satiated and content. She slowly gathered herself and began to solicit her wares to the passing businessmen as they scurried to and fro. Across the park, barely within visual range, she caught a glimpse of her hero, as he slipped a wallet from a young sailor who was returning to his duty station after a night of passion. He wouldn't miss his wallet until he tried to board the ship, and by then, his ID card would be on the way to the local dump. As Rachel passed Vince with her first customer of the day, she gave him a brief smile, and reached out behind her john to squeeze his crotch. For the first time in years, he returned her smile.

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