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Free Anise

Anise was free; free of a miserable seven month marriage to Brian Simmons, free of his loser friends, and free of their roach infested apartment. She'd endured the pitiful existence for as long as possible, but she quickly tired of working all day at the grocery store, then coming home to an apartment full of the smells of marijuana smoke and stale beer, and the baby screaming and lying in his own filth. She'd get rid of his friends, clean and feed the baby, and then fix dinner for Brian and herself. After all of that, he would then pressure her for sex. After watching pornographic filth all day with his buddies, Brian was hot and bothered. The sex wouldn't have been that bad, if he didn't have a bad habit of finishing before she got started. Oral sex was out of the question; real men don't eat pussy. He, of course, was not adverse to her performing oral sex on him. The last straw came on the day that her car broke down and she had to cringe in embarrassment as her manager drove her home. He didn't say anything about the squalor she lived in, but his disgust was evident. Through his eyes, she saw the pitiful existence for what it was; pathetic. Brian, of course, was passed out on the couch and the baby was screaming. Anise had tiredly dragged the kid to the bathroom, cleaned him up, fixed dinner, and calmly called her mother. At age nineteen, she was ready to come home.

Cathy Bonham listened to her daughter, and readily agreed to have her baby and grandson home again. She disliked the skinny, shiftless boy that had gotten her older daughter pregnant, then forced her to work while he "looked for work" which entailed a few drug deals and the occasional part time work. She ended the conversation with Anise, then called her friend, Shirley Collings, a lawyer. Her younger daughter, Angela, was dating Shirley's stepson, Oliver, and the two women had become close. Shirley listened, and the two women made plans to meet at Anise's apartment the next afternoon.

Brian was outraged, but intimidated by the beautiful young lawyer that slapped a court injunction in his hands, and calmly took a video tape of the apartment's filthy conditions, the television set blaring a porno tape, and the baby's condition.

The trial was a laugh. Brian had cajoled his buddies into claiming that Anise was a slut, that she'd had sex with all of them, and that any of them could have fathered the boy. Shirley calmly asked each witness if Anise had any distinguishing characteristics. Brian had neglected to tell his five buddies about the heart shaped tattoo on Anise's right buttock. The judge granted sole custody of Brian, Junior to Anise, and further ordered Brian, Senior to pay five hundred a month in child support. As for the witnesses, each was ordered to pay Anise one thousand dollars, or suffer six months in jail, the current charge for perjury in a civil matter. Six thousand dollars and one divorce in hand, Anise was free. Shirley took five hundred for her time and trouble.

Of course, she had not been a virgin when she met Brian. The five foot five inch girl, with her long dark waves, round face and big green eyes, had attracted a lot of attention at Evelyn Heights Public High School. At seventeen, her full breasts stretched out a thirty eight D cup, and her tiny waist and flared hips were built for sex. And she had sex often. Often, though, it left her wanting more. The boys seemed to think that a quick shove in and out should suffice, and weren't very interested in learning any different.

Not that she was a slut. She remained faithful to whatever boy she was involved with. When her old Toyota broke down, and Brian was the garage mechanic sent out to fix it, she resisted dating him, because she was involved with Tom. But, Tom tired of her independent nature, and found himself a docile girl. The next time her Toyota crapped out, a few months after her eighteenth birthday, she accepted the offer of a date. A month later, she knew she was pregnant.

Anise was free. But, within a month, she was bored. She'd kept her job at the grocery store, and with the six thousand dollars, she found a nice little apartment and a good second hand car. Her younger sister, Angela, came and spent a few nights with her big sister, but as she was a sophomore at Sacred Ascension High School for Girls, and lived on campus, she didn't visit very often.

Anise sat in the lunch room and looked around. She crushed her cigarette out, just as Ellen, a very pretty twenty two year old cashier walked in. She'd been working at the grocery store for almost four months, and, although friendly enough, Anise had never really talked to her.

"Hey, Ellen, how's it going?" she said.

The pretty little blonde looked at Anise. She pushed a strand of blond hair from her face and shrugged her shoulders. The motion made her very small breasts push against the uniform blouse, and Anise noticed that the girl wasn't wearing a bra. Her pale nipples were not visible through the dark top, but two tiny points poked against the material.

"Not worth a shit, really," Ellen mumbled.

"Really? What's wrong?" Anise asked, and lighted another cigarette.

"My fucking apartment. Ass hole landlord went up another fifty bucks last month, and I just can't afford it, plus utilities, food, or nothing!" the blond rushed.

"Gee, that is rough," Anise agreed. "So, how long you got to find another place?"

"Three fucking days," the blond said, and lighted a cigarette. "I thought for sure we'd get a production bonus this month, I mean, we sold like four thousand extra this month and.."

"That doesn't come out until next month," Anise reminded her.

Tears welled up in the girl's eyes.

"Fuck! I was really counting on that money!" she sobbed.

Anise put her arms around the girl's slim body and held her.

"And, the worst thing is, my friend wants her God damned bed back, too!" Ellen continued with her tale of woe.

"How much other stuff you got?" Anise asked.

"Some clothes, a stereo, that's it!" Ellen whined.

"Pack it," Anise declared.

She'd made a decision while holding the girl; she had a nice apartment, and a second person in the apartment wouldn't take up that much space. Ellen could sleep on the couch. Plus that, she was kind of lonely. Her mom came by every so often, but she had her own life, and really only came to see her grandson.

"What?" Ellen sniffed.

"You can stay with me. Until you find yourself another place," Anise declared.

"Really?" the girl looked doubtful.

Anise recognized the look. After being kicked around enough times, a dog will still wag its tail, but it will be very wary when approached. She smiled and offered the girl a tissue to wipe her face. She wrote down her phone number and address, and Ellen shoved it into her pocket. They rushed back to their stations and finished off the day.

Ellen rang the doorbell at seven fifteen, and Anise opened the door. Three garbage bags full of clothes all but obscured the small form of Ellen from view. Anise helped her lug the bags inside, and Ellen admired the apartment, and cooed over the sleeping baby. They loaded the few clothes into the large closet, and Ellen held up a stuffed rabbit.

"Um, which side of the bed do you sleep on?" she timidly asked.

Anise looked at her in silence. She looked at her large queen sized bed. She'd anticipated that the girl would sleep on the couch, as it was a one bedroom apartment. She looked back to the small girl, and shrugged her shoulders.

"The side with the clock," she finally said.

Ellen put the rabbit on the left side of the bed, and smiled happily.

"You eat yet?" she asked Anise.

"Yeah, as soon as I got Brian fed, I fixed myself some soup and a cheese sandwich," she said. "But, help yourself, there's plenty in the icebox."

"Oh, no, I ate the last box of macaroni and cheese at my old apartment," Ellen said.

"God, really? That's it?" Anise said.

"Yeah, I told you, between rent and utilities, there just wasn't enough for food," Ellen said, a little defensively.

Anise fixed them both a drink, vodka and apple juice, and they watched a little television together. They bathed Brian together, and Anise could feel the other woman's body pressing tightly against hers as they lathered the baby and rinsed him. Another drink each, and Anise yawned loudly.

"Damn, I'm tired," she announced. "I'm going to bed."

"Me, too," Ellen said, and followed Anise to the bedroom.

Anise could feel Ellen's eyes on her as she undressed. She wasn't ashamed of her looks, or of her body. Nine months after giving birth, her small body was back in shape, five feet, five inches, one hundred and twenty two pounds. Her long brown hair hung in waves to her shoulder blades. Her green eyes smiled over high cheekbones and full lips. Her breasts, too heavy to jut straight out, still had very little sag to them. Her stomach was finally flat again, and her buttocks were firm and round. Her legs, however, she felt, were her worst feature; her thighs were too full, and they were pale, almost pasty looking.

She shrugged into her sleep shirt, an old tee shirt that reached the tops of her plump thighs, and looked at Ellen, who was shucking the tight jeans she had worn. Anise noticed, that not only did the girl not wear a bra, she wore no panties either. Her five feet, two inch frame was slender, almost bony. Her small breasts were barely more than mounds on her ribcage, topped with small pale pink nipples. Her stomach went in slightly, and her bony hips barely flared out at all. She turned to put her jeans on the chair, and Anise looked at the girl's small buttocks. Her legs were also slender. Ellen put the jeans down and walked to the bed. Anise looked at the small triangle of reddish blonde fuzz between the girl's legs, and felt her own shaved pussy get moist.

"You, um, you want a night shirt, or something?" Anise nervously asked the girl.

"Oh! I didn't even think of that! I mean, does my sleeping in the raw bother you?" Ellen gasped.

"Oh, no!" Anise protested. "I mean, I just didn't know if you needed one or not, that's all."

"Um, no," Ellen said, and crawled into bed.

Anise followed suit, and the lights were turned off. The drinks must have been stronger than she thought, because within moments, both girls were breathing deeply.

Anise woke up at two o'clock in the morning. A hand was gently rubbing her breast through the rough material of her shirt. At first she thought it was her ex-husband, Brian, trying to arouse her while she slept, and was about to roughly shove the hand away, when she realised the hand was too small to be Brian's. She looked over, into the soft brown eyes of Ellen.

"Hi," Ellen breathed, and softly kissed Anise on the lips.

Anise jerked back from the kiss. Ellen looked hurt.

"What? I thought that's what you wanted," Ellen said.

"What? What made you think that?" Anise sputtered.

"Well, I mean, you're letting me stay here," Ellen stammered.

"So? That means I want a piece of ass off of you?" Anise angrily snapped.

"Well, what else?" Ellen, now sitting up in bed, exclaimed.

"You ever think I might have just been being nice to you?" Anise demanded.

"Hey, look, I'm sorry if I misunderstood," Ellen apologized.

"Fuck, I didn't even know you was a lesbian," Anise grumbled.

"I'm not!" Ellen protested. "I thought you was, and that's why you wanted me to move in with you."

"So, you were just willing to eat me for a place to stay? God, you're a whore," Anise yelled.

"Hey, fuck you, bitch," Ellen snapped back.

"No, fuck you!" Anise yelled, and slapped the girl across the face.

"No fucking cunt slaps me!" Ellen yelled, and grabbed a handful of Anise's hair.

Anise, outweighing Ellen by at least twenty pounds, bodily picked the girl up, and slammed her to the bed, hard. Ellen released her grasp on Anise's hair, and Anise took the opportunity to pin the girl down. She straddled the girl's nude body and put her knees on the girl's wiggling arms. She sat heavily on Ellen's chest, and slapped her face again.

"I'll slap your fucking face all I want, bitch," Anise hissed.

Ellen tried to buck Anise off, tried to kick her, tried to twist away, but Anise was too heavy, too strong. Anise had to giggle at the girl's feeble attempts. It was just like when she was a fourteen year old, and had wrestled her nine year old sister to the ground. She reached under Ellen's arms and lightly stroked her arm pits.

"Ticklish?" she taunted as the girl squirmed.

"Don't do that!" Ellen gasped and giggled.

"No?" Anise said, and dug into the girl's arm pits a little more forcefully.

"No! Stop!" Ellen squealed.

"Give up?" Anise asked.

"Yes! Yes! No! Don't!" Ellen wheezed.

"Okay, no more fighting," Anise declared, and rolled off of the gasping girl.

Both panted heavily as they lighted cigarettes.

"I'd have won, if you hadn't slammed me," Ellen grumbled.

"Oh, your ass!" Anise whooped. "I had you before it even started!"

"Oh, yeah?" Ellen retorted, and rolled over onto Anise.

They wrestled for a few moments, but, again, Anise's weight won out, and she found herself straddled across Ellen's chest again, this time facing her feet.

"Give up?" she gasped.

The strenuous exertions, the rubbing against another body, had turned her on tremendously, and she'd planned to masturbate in the privacy of the bathroom as soon as she could, but Ellen's hot breath blew against her smooth lips, and she shivered.

"Yeah!" Ellen wheezed.

She bounced a few times for emphasis, then bounded off of the smaller girl. They finished their cigarettes, then rolled over to sleep again. Anise was finding it very hard to sleep, though. She remembered a long suppressed occurrence, one that had excited, and frightened her.

Jerri, her best friend in the whole wide world, was going to baby-sit her nine year old cousin. She invited Anise along, and the two took the two busses from the north side of town to the opulent neighborhood where Mags Brown lived. Jerri Brown was cousin to Doctor Brown, so Mags was actually her second cousin. Anise looked at the small nine year old, and wished she'd brought her sister along. The small girl looked a lot like Jerri, straight brown hair, brown eyes, pug nose, and small teeth inside a small mouth. The Doctors Brown were very polite, very friendly to Jerri's friend, and left them with a full refrigerator and a large television set, VCR, and swimming pool. Margaret Brown obviously liked her cousin very much, as the two hugged and touched each other a lot. She extended the same warmth to Anise, and she felt very at home in the large house, with her best friend. They watched a cartoon on the huge television set, then went outside, because the youth wanted to swim. As the property was surrounded by a large privacy fence, the girls all shrugged down to their panties, and jumped in. Anise couldn't help but sneak a few peeks at Jerri's developing body. The girls, although the same age, had developed at different rates. Anise already sported a full B cup, whereas Jerri was just now starting in a training bra. Jerri still carried most of her baby fat in her arms and tummy, whereas Anise's had shifted to her chest and hips, as well as her buttocks. The white cotton panties, translucent in the water, showed a slit barely sprouting a few dark hairs, while Anise had a prominent thicket of dark curls. They swam and horsed around, and finally got out when their skin began to wrinkle up. They dried off with big towels, and went inside. Once inside, Mags wanted to wrestle with Jerri, who easily pinned the smaller girl. Anise watched and laughed as the two naked girls fumbled around on the floor. Then, Jerri challenged Anise.

She hadn't realized how excited she was, until her legs were splayed open in exertion. She felt embarrassed, and quickly pinned Jerri to the living room floor, which ended the match. They both bathed a reluctant Mags, and sent her to bed at the allotted time. Then the two teenagers sat on the couch and tried to watch television. Anise could feel Jerri's warmth very close to her, and when she would look, she would catch Jerri looking at her. Jerri would look away quickly, then act innocent.

"I bet I could beat you," Jerri finally said.

"What?" Anise asked.

"At wrestling. I bet I could beat you, if you hadn't rolled on top of me," Jerri said.

"Yeah, right! I had you down in ten seconds," Anise chortled.

"Bull!" Jerri shot back.

"Come on!" Anise declared, and the two stood and squared off.

It wasn't much of a match. Anise again easily pinned her friend, but this time, Jerri's legs were scissored around her hips, and she couldn't dismount. They looked into each other's eyes, then Jerri pulled Anise down and kissed her.

The first kiss was soft, on the lips. The second one was harder, and ended with their mouths hungrily sucking at each other's tongues. Their jean clad pussies were rubbing against one another, but soon the jeans were pulled down, and their hot breaths and eager tongues were caressing and nuzzling each other's hot, wet slits to orgasm. Neither one noticed a small girl looking down a flight of stairs as they made love.

The experience was stunning to both girls, and they repeated it a few more times afterward, always starting it under the pretext of wrestling. Both girls soon felt too much shame and embarrassment. When Jerri moved away the next year, Anise was torn between relief and sadness.

And, now, Ellen had wrestled with her, and Anise was wrestling with herself. She felt the slight form shift, and warm breath blew across her shoulder blade. She shivered and sighed. Her hand slid down between her legs, and she gently tugged her swollen lips. They were hot and wet, and her clitoris was throbbing. A few rubs later, she tensed and stifled a scream. She did not see Ellen's soft brown eyes watching her.

Ellen had the morning shift, so Anise gave her an extra key to the apartment. She took Brian down to the small park, and pushed him on the swings, then took him to the daycare center and rushed home for her afternoon shift. Cathy, her mother, would pick Brian up after her own job ended, and would be keeping the boy overnight. She and Ellen were cordial to each other, a little embarrassed by their previous night. Anise breathed a sigh of relief when Ellen's shift ended, and she cheerfully worked the rest of the night. She politely declined a few advances from male customers, telling each that she was already involved with someone. They didn't need to know that the someone was only nine months old. At nine o'clock, she shut down her station, helped the stockers and bag boys, and left. She drove slowly, unsure of what she hoped to find at home. She would not allow herself to acknowledge it, but she almost hoped that Ellen and she would wrestle. She had enjoyed the contact of another body, even if she wouldn't admit it. She also enjoyed the bittersweet memories of her and Jerri. She dug the fifth of vodka and the fifth of whiskey from the passenger seat, and trudged up the stairs. Ellen was not in sight when she walked in, so she assumed she'd probably gone to bed. A fresh sandwich and bowl of soup were waiting for her on the counter, and she gratefully ate the warm soup and sandwich.

"Hi! Found the soup?" Ellen's voice called out.

"Yeah! Thanks!" Anise yelled back. "I thought you were in bed already."

"Nah, I got the late shift tomorrow," Ellen said, and walked into the living/dining room.

She was wearing a tee shirt and running shorts. The bright red nylon shorts accentuated her pale, slender thighs, and when she walked past Anise, her slim buttocks peeked out the bottoms of the loose material. She looked at the two fifths of liquor.

"I like vodka, but, I didn't know what you liked, so I got a fifth of whiskey, too," Anise said, and blushed.

She'd hoped that a little liquor would loosen them up. Ellen played into her hopes, and poured a glass of vodka and apple juice for Anise, and a glass of whiskey and cola for herself. Anise noticed that there was a lot more whiskey than cola.

"That's great! It's not that I don't like vodka, hell, I'll drink just about anything, but I really like whiskey the best," Ellen said, and sat down next to Anise at the small counter.

They drank in silence, and Anise finished her meal. Ellen quickly grabbed the empty bowl and plate, and stacked them in the dishwasher. She then refilled their drinks. Anise tasted the strength of her drink.

"Trying to get me drunk?" she giggled.

"Sure! Beat you a lot easier that way," Ellen shot back.

"Oh, your ass! Even if I was completely shit faced, you'd never beat me!" Anise laughed.

The vodka on top of a hard day was having its desired effect. Anise felt the weariness seep in, a comfortable ache in her stomach. She finished the drink, and Ellen refilled it. She wobbled to the bathroom and drew a hot bath. Ellen's eyes followed her every movement. The few months alone had made Anise careless in her habits, and she did not shut the door as she bathed away the day's sweat. Ellen's eyes watched as Anise shaved her armpits, legs, and crotch. When Anise pulled on her old tee shirt nightie, Ellen was right there, watching.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Ready for what?" Anise asked.

"To get your ass beat," Ellen said.

"Oh, Ellen! Please!" Anise laughed.

"And, I tell you what, we'll make it interesting this time," Ellen went on.

"Oh, yeah? How?" Anise slurred slightly, the excitement building.

"The winner gets to, gets to, the loser has to, um.." Ellen fumbled for words.

"The loser has to give the winner a massage," Anise cut in.

Brian, Senior, in spite of his numerous faults, gave wonderful back rubs. The fact that the back rubs always led to a demand for sex did not overshadow how good his hands could be. Anise did miss those.

"Fine!" Ellen said. "Okay, where are we doing this? Living room, or what?"

They moved the coffee table aside and faced off. Ellen made the first move, and Anise found herself in a strong grip. She reached up and stroked an armpit, which broke the grip.

"No fair!" Ellen screamed. "No tickling!"

"You didn't say that," Anise laughed.

"Well, I'm saying it now!" Ellen huffed.

Anise found herself in another strong grip, and was surprised when Ellen actually lifted her off of her feet. She reached down and spread Ellen's legs, then wrapped one leg around the slender girl's legs. They tumbled to the floor with a thud, and Anise quickly pinned the girl to the carpet.

"One, two, three, four, five!" she counted out, then rolled off.

Ellen wasn't finished though, and gripped both of Anise's legs in her own. Anise found herself pinned to the floor, a flushed and smiling Ellen looking down at her. She had to struggle, but she managed to unseat Ellen and pinned her to the floor again. Again she counted to five, but did not roll off until Ellen conceded defeat.

"Lotion's in the bathroom," she crowed, and pulled her tee shirt off.

Ellen straddled her thighs, and applied a small amount to Anise's back. Anise sighed happily as the small hands worked in the lotion, then kneaded her flesh. Her eyes closed as the hands stroked her shoulder blades and neck.

Her eyes shot open as the small hands gripped her full buttocks. She had dozed off slightly, and now Ellen was travelling down. The hands smeared lotion onto each cheek, and she involuntarily rubbed her crotch into the rough carpet. Ellen's weight shifted onto her, and she was deliciously mauled. She sighed in disappointment when Ellen's hands left her buttocks, and felt a jolt of alarm as the hands now traveled to her thighs. She wanted to clamp her thighs together, so that her engorged pussy lips would not be visible to Ellen, but she fought the urge and let her thighs be pried apart. The hands danced dangerously near her drooling labia, and Anise knew that Ellen had to see her arousal. The hands smoothed out the lotion and traveled down to her calves, after a long time on her upper legs, and especially her inner legs. She gasped and sighed as her feet were rubbed and lotioned. Then, Ellen lightly swatted her buttocks.

"Roll over," she said.

Anise was torn. She did not want the delicious feelings to end, but she did not want to roll over, and completely expose herself, her arousal to Ellen. Another swat landed on her buttocks.

"Come on," Ellen urged.

Anise slowly rolled over. She peered down at herself, and blushed. Her pussy was gleaming with excitement, and her large nipples were fully erect. Then, her eyes opened wide with surprise. Somehow, during the massage, Ellen had shrugged off her own tee shirt. Her small breasts jiggled slightly, and Anise could see that her small nipples were rock hard. She smiled, her soft brown eyes glowing.

"You, um, you don't have to, um, do the front," Anise weakly offered.

Ellen looked at her for a moment then smiled shyly.

"But I want to," she said softly.

Anise groaned out loud as a cold drop of lotion splattered directly onto a hard nipple. Then the warm hands followed. Anise did not fight the groan that escaped as her large breasts were teased and stroked. Then, when Ellen shifted her weight, Anise noticed that it was not just her own moisture that was dampening her thighs. She peered through slit eyes and saw a dark red patch on Ellen's running shorts. With sluggish effort, she reached down and tugged at the waistband.

"Take these off," she husked.

Ellen wasted no time in shrugging the damp shorts off, and Anise watched in fascination as the woman's labia poked through the reddish blonde curls, dark red and glistening. When Ellen squatted down to resume her ministrations, her legs splayed open, and her lips spread apart. Anise took the next step, and pulled the slight frame down on top of her.

Their first kiss was hesitant. The second was forceful, and Aines moaned as Ellen's pubic hair rubbed against her smooth mound. Moments after the kisses began, Anise found herself on top of Ellen, her fingers tracing and trailing along the slender frame, the small hard bumps, the concave stomach, then the wet pubic curls. With trembling thumbs, she parted the red lips, and brought her mouth down to lightly blow her warm breath, then swab her tongue up to the nubbin at the juncture. Ellen squealed as Anise's tongue made contact with her clitoris. Within a few licks, Ellen's thin legs gripped her head, and Anise felt and tasted the other woman's orgasm. When Ellen finally released her head, she looked up.

"Let's go to the bedroom," she suggested.

Drinks in hand, they ran to the bedroom, and flopped onto the bed. Anise scurried on her stomach, to put her drink onto the night table. Ellen took advantage of the position, and gripped Anise's full buttocks. Anise groaned as Ellen pried the fleshy mounds apart and titillated her extremely sensitive anus with a fingertip. When her thumbs spread the rosebud, and her tongue speared into Anise's tiny opening, Anise shrieked with pleasure. She undulated and ground her smooth mound against the bed covering. Long jabs and swipes with a pointed tongue brought Anise to a rippling orgasm. With a gasp, she felt Ellen worm a finger deep into her anal cavity, then another joined the first, and she shuddered in a second orgasm as Ellen jammed the fingers in and out of her clutching anus. When Ellen pulled her fingers out, Anise watched as she sucked the two fingers clean. They rolled about on the large bed, rubbing and kissing each other's bodies. Ellen seemed to be partial to Anise's fleshy buttocks, while Anise hungered for more of Ellen's dripping pussy. They culminated into a sixty-nine position, their tongues swabbing and tasting the other's delectable parts.

With a groan of exhaustion, Anise awoke to the 6:00 alarm. She looked over at the sleeping Ellen. She lightly kissed the girl's cheek, then slithered out of the bed and ran a quick shower, to get the night's passion off of her tingling flesh. A pot of coffee awaited her when she emerged, and a half groggy Ellen kissed her softly.

"I, look, hey, I'm not a lesbian, or nothing like that," Anise began.

"Hey, I'm not either, okay?" Ellen snapped.

"It's just that," Anise fumbled.

"Look, it felt good, didn't it?" Ellen said.

"Well, yeah," Anise admitted.

"Didn't it?" Ellen barked.

"Yeah, I said 'yeah,' didn't I?" Anise snapped back.

"So? What's the big deal? Huh?" Ellen said.

"It's just that, just, I, look, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, or something," Anise stammered.

"Look, Anise, it's cool. I'll look for another place this morning, okay?" Ellen grumbled.

"No!" Anise exclaimed.

They looked at each other for a moment.

"Look, I don't want you to go looking for another place," Anise confessed.

"I thought you wanted me out, since we, we, well, you know," Ellen murmured.

"Look, you're not lesbian, right?" Anise said.

"No," Ellen denied.

"And I ain't either," Anise said. "Right?"

"I suppose so, I mean, you say you're not," Ellen said.

"So, what happened last night, well, it was just one of those things," Anise said. "Look, Ellen, when Brian and me got divorced, I couldn't wait to be by myself, but, now, I hate being alone. I like having you here. I mean, it's nice to come home and have someone to talk to, you know?"

"Yeah," Ellen admitted. "I mean, my last room mate would come home, drink a six pack and pass out. She was loads of fun."

"Plus that," Anise giggled. "I like having a room mate I can beat up."

"I let you win," Ellen laughed.

"Oh, your ass, Ellen! I beat you so bad, you had no chance!" Anise screamed.

"We'll see. Tonight," Ellen laughed.

Anise felt her pussy get wet at the thought, and wondered if Ellen's was too. She finished her coffee and cheerfully waved a goodbye. All day at work she found her mind wandering to the thought of grappling with Ellen. They smiled warmly at each other when Ellen came in, and Anise worked the rest of the day, with her eyes wandering across the three lanes, to where Ellen stood and checked out customers. Even though she was pulling a double shift, she was not tired, and cheerfully pitched in to help shut the store down. She raced to her mother's house and picked up her baby boy. He was asleep by the time they pulled up at the apartment, and she quickly put him in his small crib. Ellen had fixed a dinner of spaghetti from a jar, and they giggled and ate. The bottles came out, and one stiff drink later, the girls were facing off. Ellen pulled off her work blouse, and Anise followed suit. When Ellen slipped off her work pants, Anise groaned inwardly. The dark red lips were already distended and glistening with excitement, as she was sure her own lips were. On the count of three, they lunged at each other, and within moments, Anise was straddling Ellen. She reached down and cruelly pinched an erect nipple. Ellen grunted, and Anise realized that the other girl enjoyed the cruel pinch. With a jolt, she realized that she also enjoyed the cruel pinch, and reached with the other hand for the other nipple. She fairly lifted the girl's back off of the floor with her savage nipple twists, and Ellen groaned, close to orgasm. Fingernails raking flesh, Anise clawed at the small hard bumps and dug a knee into Ellen's crotch. Ellen nearly howled as a massive orgasm ripped through her slender frame. Anise, close to her own orgasm, yanked Ellen over onto her belly, and savagely slapped the bony buttocks. When they were a bright pink, and Ellen was writhing in ecstasy, Anise roughly spread the girl's legs and dove her face into the dripping crotch. She snaked her tongue along the slick lips, then gripped the throbbing nubbin in her teeth and lightly nipped down. Ellen shrieked and grunted in orgasm. A third orgasm followed when Anise roughly jabbed two fingers into her puckered anus. Breathless, she rolled away from Anise.

"Fuck!" she whimpered. "Keep that up, I won't be able to walk for a week!"

Anise followed her and squatted her hairless cunt over the smaller girl's head. She took a handful of hair and pulled Ellen's face to her dripping pussy. Her orgasm came immediately, but Ellen gamely licked her to a second one before shifting her attention to Anise's anus. When Anise shuddered down from her third orgasm, they broke apart and drank deeply. Anise handed her glass to a weakly standing Ellen, and they sat on the floor, back against the coffee table, and drank. Ellen surprised Anise by tenderly kissing her cheek.

"That was great," she whispered.

"Yeah, that was," Anise admitted. "I never thought I'd get off on being rough, but, that was fun."

"Yeah, well, I like it rough," Ellen blushed. "Too bad you don't have a dick."

"I do," Anise laughed, and shakily got to her feet.

She walked rapidly to her room and dug around in her drawer. Her little sister, Angela, had bought a strap on dildo, for a 'joke,' the fourteen year old had claimed. The girl's blushes told Anise that it wasn't for a joke. Intrigued, Anise had went back to the Adult Bookstore, and bought one for herself. She took it out of the box and tied the leather thongs around her waist. Giggling at the way it swayed back and forth, she cinched it tight, and walked back to the living room, her impressive eight inch long, thick member jostling.

Ellen's eyes widened, and she crawled to where Anise stood and modeled. She took the latex penis in her hands, jerked it a few times, then lovingly licked along it's length. She took the bulbous head into her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth. Anise was transfixed by the erotic sight of a girl sucking on her cock. Ellen looked up into Anise's eyes.

"Fuck me," she begged.

"Let's go to the bedroom," Anise groaned.

On shaky legs, they scrambled into the bedroom. Ellen pulled Anise on top of her and groaned as the latex phallus entered her. It was at least two and a half inches around, and it splayed her cunt lips wide. After a few clumsy thrusts, Anise got the hand of it, and was soon fucking Ellen. The base of the cock rubbed mercilessly against her own swollen lips, and after she shifted her weight, it began to bump against her clitoris. Both girls brought their gaping mouths together, and squealed into each other's mouths as an orgasm shuddered through them. A few thrusts later, Ellen begged to be the wearer of the cock. Anise let her tie the dripping object on, and wondered at Ellen's insistence that she flop onto her belly. Her eyes widened in excited panic as she felt her buttocks being pulled apart, and the wet head of the blunt instrument pressed urgently against her tightly closed anus. Ellen gently wetted Anise's anus with saliva, then prodded it open with two, then three fingers. Her next attempt with the strap on was given easier access, but it was still a bit of a struggle.

Brian had often told her that she had an ass for fucking; plump, juicy. She'd watched in mild disgust as he played his pornographic videos, pointing out the anal sex scenes. She never felt open enough to him to allow him this forbidden desire. She'd never shaved her pussy for him either, specifically because he kept begging for her to do it. She shaved it now, because she liked the look and feel of a bald pussy. Anal sex was definitely declined to Brian. But, to Ellen, she felt free enough to give this vestige of her virginity.

She was free to enjoy the orgasm that shook through her when Ellen fully entered her rectum. She was free to demand harder thrusts as another orgasm poised itself. And she was free to kiss and fondle Ellen's breasts and face when Ellen finally pulled out of her gaping, aching rectum.

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