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For Medicinal Purposes Only

For Medicinal Purposes Only

My wife and I have been married for ten years and have always been faithful to each other. Crystal is gorgeous and despite having two children still turns heads wherever we go. Her blonde shoulder length hair and green eyes top off the perfect body that ten years of ballet training has helped keep fit. After our second child was born she began to develop a stomach disorder that would cause wicked stomach aches after she ate anything. Doctors couldn't seem to explain the pain and none of the medication seem to help at all. The pain would subside after an hour or so but needless to say became more annoying to her than anything else.

This little problem was beginning to put a kink into our sex life too ruining her usual frisky mood. Now we have always enjoyed a pretty uninhibited sex life but these stomach aches after she ate were worse than the occasional headache excuse. This went on for about four months until my birthday came around.

Crystal always made me a special meal and gave me the "royal treatment" afterwards which consists of one of her world class blow jobs followed by a massage. She was determined to continue the "tradition" despite the fact that after our meal I knew she didn't feel too good. I really didn't expect her to go through with it but after the kids were in bed and I was relaxing on the couch she put on one of her many little "slut" outfits and actually crawled over to me on her hands and knees like a tigress. I was sitting with my head back and eyes closed digesting my meal when I felt her hot breath blowing through the crotch of my pants. Crystal likes to tease when she sucks cock because the longer she can keep me on the edge, the bigger a load I feed her. She got my pants off and began her slow tongue torture, driving me wild. She would lightly lick my balls and then slowly sink her entire mouth down on my cock all the way until her eyes would water and she'd just about gag.

With my cock all the way down her throat she would stick her tongue out underneath it and swipe at my asshole. She has so many little tricks that it's almost impossible to sit still through one of her blow jobs. I figured since her stomach was bothering her she would want me to spew all over her face and tits instead of swallowing, but when she finally pushed me over the edge she clamped down tight and began gulping. I felt like I was Cummins quarts in her mouth. She makes these little whimpering noises when she swallows a load and really exaggerates the gulping sounds like her life depended on it.

I looked down at her and her eyes were as big as saucers, cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin to her tits. After she swallowed as much as she could she let the rest hit her in the face. Long ropey shots of cum landed on her cheeks and forehead, when she caught her breath she stuck her tongue way out to get the rest that dripped from my spent cock. What a sight she was ,she looked as if five guys just came on her face. She sat back licking the cum from around her mouth and masturbated furiously.

Rubbing her sopping cunt a hundred miles an hour until she came in a screaming orgasm. I felt great, but the stranger thing was that she felt great too! Her stomach ache was gone! For the first time in four months she said she felt wonderful. Now she had been blowing me right along , but this was the first time she did it when her stomach hurt.

The next night after supper she gave me this look and said she wanted to see if it was the cum that did the trick , but the kids were still up. She took my hand and led me into our bedroom then handed me a condom. I was really confused till she reached under her skirt and slid her panties down. She held them up to my nose and my cock sprang straight up.

Crystal ripped open the condom and smiled a wicked smile. "Fill it" was all she said ,and then turned and left the room closing the door behind her. I was shocked, but so horny that I put on the rubber and held the panties to my face, they were soaked! I started jacking off like a madman and in no time I shot a load in the rubber. I slid it off carefully and held it up. I filled it about three inches up! Now what I thought? I sat there like an idiot on the bed with my pants down around my ankles and a spent rubber in my hand.

Then I heard Crystal coming back up the stairs. She knocked on the door. "Got my medicine?" she asked. She sauntered over to where I was sitting and took the rubber.

She gave me this little girl pout, "My tummy hurts" she whined. My knees were shaking cuz I knew what was coming next. She held up the condom and tilted her head back, with her tongue stuck out as far as she could she dumped the cum in her mouth making a big to do about it. She gulped it down and gargled a little to let it run out over her lips. She looked at me and blew a little cum bubble, then wiped her mouth with her finger and stuck it back in her mouth. "MMnnn, all better now," she said. Sure enough her stomach ache was gone in a few minutes. The next few days were unbelievable, she drained my nuts after breakfast each morning, and after supper each night she would suck me off like a two bit slut again. I was in heaven. For the most part, this arrangement was perfect since she rarely ate lunch. The day at work gave me time to recharge my balls for the next "feeding". Then the other day I heard her making lunch plans with her girlfriend Karen. I figured she'd ask me to whack off in a rubber for her or swing by my office for a quick suck afterwards. But the day came and went, and neither happened. I kinda wondered if she didn't need the jizz anymore, but after supper she was slobbering over my cock like a starving animal again. I didn't think anymore about it, and got ready for bed. When I went to throw my clothes in the hamper I noticed her blouse and bra were crumpled up in there. I went to look underneath to have a little sniff of her panties again.

When I picked up her bra it was wet, I held up her blouse and the whole front was soaked too! It wasn't mayonnaise spilled on her clothes, it was cum! and a lot of it too!, I was shocked, but my cock got as hard as iron just thinking of her sucking someone else's cock.

It had always been one of my jerk off fantasies to see her with another man, especially sucking them off. When I got to bed she was already asleep so I didn't say anything, I figured this might work to my advantage if I could figure out a way to watch her giving head to someone . I went to bed with a raging hard on thinking about how all of that cum got on her blouse and soaked right through to her bra! It had to have been more than one guy! The next week went by just like the previous ones had, with my two blow jobs each day, who could complain?

Then I found out I had to attend a two day seminar out of state for my job. It was on a Wednesday and Thursday, but I told Crystal that it didn't finish up till Friday, hoping to sneak home early and catch some action. She spit a little of the jizz from the next few blow jobs into a jar to save for when I was gone, but I had a feeling she wouldn't need it, she would go for a fresh source! Wednesday and thursday took forever to come and go. On friday morning I drove back and parked my truck in front of my neighbor's yard. The kids were going to my mothers for the weekend so I knew this would be the opportune time for my wife to have fun. I hid in the garage for a while, but when I saw Crystal head out to the mailbox I snuck in the side door and found my hiding place in the den closet.

I peeked out the window and saw her talking to my next door neighbor Ted by the mailboxes so I had plenty of time to make myself comfortable in the closet. When I heard her coming back up the walk, she was talking to someone. They both came in the house, It was Ted my neighbor! Boy she didn't waste any time I thought to myself. Ted is retired, but not very old, he's always jogging and keeps himself very fit, he's very distinguished my wife once said, kind of reminds me of Sean Connery. I could see them sitting at the kitchen table pretty well from where I was.

She offered him some coffee and crumb cake. they made small talk for a little while. When Ted made a comment to Crystal about not having any cake, she floored him by coming right out and saying, "If I have even a little piece of cake, I'll need to swallow some sperm right away or I'll get sick". Ted was stunned, he just sat there flabbergasted while Crystal tried to explain her situation, Mean while she tugged his plate away playfully and popped the rest of his cake in her mouth.

"Now you're gonna have to help me out, o.k?" she said playfully as she slid under the table "you wouldn't want to see me suffer now ...would you?" I couldn't see her anymore, but I watched Teds face contort with pleasure as I heard his belt buckle hit the floor. I could hear her moaning and slobbering and I knew from experience that he wouldn't be able to hold out too long. Sure enough within minutes Ted stiffened and let out a long groan, I could hear that old familiar gurgling and gulping while she swallowed his load. Crystal emerged from under the table and grabbed a napkin dotting the corners of her mouth.

"Thanks," she said, "you're a life saver!" After a few awkward minutes Ted excused himself and left. I wasn't at all jealous, I only wish I could have actually seen her mouth on his cock working it's magic. After Ted left Crystal came into the den and plopped down on the couch, I could clearly see the crusty cum drying around her mouth. and on her face. What a slut! She was sitting not more than ten feet away from me and I had to almost hold my breath so she wouldn't hear me. She grabbed the t.v. remote and clicked the set on, than she got up, went over and put a tape in the vcr. She went back into the kitchen and I heard her nuke something in the microwave for a few seconds.

She came back in and plopped back down on the couch, the slut still hadn't washed her face, she kept sticking her tongue out trying to lick at the drying cum. She pressed play on the vcr and I could clearly tell it was a porno tape. She scooted forward and pulled her panties off, bunched up her skirt around her waste and reached back and grabbed something from the table. It was a "huge" zucchini or cucumber, that's what she popped in the microwave for a minute to warm up to "flesh" temperature. I had a front row seat as I watched her stuff that thing in her mouth and jaw fuck herself while she frigged her cunt. When she was near orgasm she pulled the veggie from her mouth and rammed it in her cunt! I don't mean pushed, I mean "rammed"!! She fucked herself senseless for a good five minutes then came hard! She slumped back on the couch and left the fake cock stuffed in her twat. I watched as it slid out slowly on its own and thumped to the floor coated with her cum. By this time I had already jerked off twice into my old bowling bag.

I thought of jumping out of the closet and pouncing on her, but the day was still young and I thought there might be more to come. Just then the phone rang and startled her. She bolted upright and answered the phone. It was her friend Karen, By the sounds of things they were making plans to go out again this afternoon. Great!! Crystal hung up the phone smiling, she reached down, picked up the zucchini and began to lick it clean! My God! what a woman!!!

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