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Casey B.'s Stories

A First Time for Everything by Casey B.

A First Time for Everything

It was the week of spring break, we were headed south to use a condo that a friend owns, in a little border town, just inside Mexico. My wife and I figured to stay spend the nights in the condo, but shoot over to Padre Island for the spring break action that always goes on over there.

It was almost 6 o'clock at night, we were about five miles from the border, the rain was coming down like some story from the Bible, and I just made out the "Bridge Closed" as we passed it. "Damn," I thought. "That bridge is the only way across the border for about 150 miles, and those miles are mostly dirt roads. Nothing I want to drive on in this rain."

About a mile down the road, we spotted a Ramada Inn sign. I figured we might as well spend the night here, and continue on in the morning. Unfortunately, about a thousand other people had the same idea before us. There were no rooms, and the girl behind the desk said that the other hotels in town were full, too. We resigned ourselves to sleeping in the car, and headed for the lounge to kill time, and try to unwind. Like the hotels, the place was packed. We made our way to the bar, and ordered our drinks. While the bartender tried to help us and a hundred other people at once, I scanned the room for empty chairs. Off to the right I saw a table for four, with only two guys sitting there. There were only two glasses on the table, so I figured they were alone. I pointed out where I was going to my wife, and went over. I asked if they minded if my wife and I shared their table. They looked pretty bummed, and just said, "Yeah, sure, why not?"

I introduced myself as I sat down. While I waited for my wife, I tried to strike up some conversation. I mostly just got one-word replies. Finally, I asked, "Hey, what are you guys drinking? I owe you that much for letting us share the table."

They looked at each other and then one answered "beer," and the other said "Bud." I grinned, and said, "You guys ain't 21 are you?" Sheepishly, they answered no, they were both 18. "No problem," I said, "I still owe you for the table."

When Cindy arrived at the table, I made the introductions, then headed for the bar for two Buds. While waiting for the beers, I could see that Cindy was having more luck in the conversation department than I was. Cindy's a good looking woman, and even though she was almost 20 years older than the boys, her firm trim figure and bubbly personality seemed to have their attention.

When I got back to the table, she had managed to snap them out of their depression, and had them laughing. After a short while, Cindy excused herself to the ladies room, and I watched as the guys stared at her backside as she weaved and wiggled through the crowd. When she was finally out of sight, they turned to see me watching their faces. Both of them flushed, at having been caught staring at my wife. I just grinned. Hell, I stared at her sometimes. She's one sexy lady.

"You guys got girl friends around here?" I asked.

"No. We're not from around here," Pete answered.

"We're on our way to spring break, to meet some girls. But that fucking bridge..." Jim added.

"Yeah, now we get to spend the night in this place, a thousand miles from the chicks," Pete finished.

We continued on this line of talk for a while, and thanks to the beer, Jim let it slip out that the both of them were still virgins. That's why they were so disappointed at not getting across the bridge. They were hoping to leave their virginity on the other side. They both seemed embarrassed at being 18 year old virgins, but I told them that I was nearly 19 before I met Cindy, and that we were both virgins when we met. We talked a bit more, then I excused myself, and headed for the men's room. "Don't give away those seats!," I said as I left.

"Don't worry," they replied in unison.


I waited outside the lady's room for Cindy to come out, and took her aside. "Boy, have I got a wicked idea!," I said to her. "I know how we can get a room here tonight, and maybe make a fantasy come true at the same time."

"Fantasy?" she replied, raising an eyebrow. "Yours or mine?"

"Both, I hope," I answered. "You know we've talked about having a three-way sometime, but we don't know anybody we'd want to do it with, and we wouldn't feel safe with a stranger?"

Both her eyebrows came down into an unsure scowl as she replied, "Yeah, so..."

"Pete and Jim," I said flatly. "They're both virgins. You don't get any safer sex than none at all!"

"You want me to just crawl in bed with two strangers so we can have a place to sleep?"

"No, of course not. I can probably get them to share their room with us, just for buying them the beers. I just figured that if you're attracted to them... because they sure are to you... then this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to try that three way."

"That would be a four way. Or are you going to sleep in the car?"

"Maybe I'll just watch," I answered, not too convincingly.

"Oh, I can imagine that!" Cindy laughed.

"Just think about it. I didn't say anything to them. Dance with them, have a few drinks, just see where it goes. If you decide its something you want to do, then great. If not, then we'll put a blanket across the room. No pressure."

"No pressure," she repeated. "OK, we'll see how the evening goes. I'll let you know if I'm interested."

She headed back to the table, and I went to the men's room. As I was peeing, I thought about my wife with those two young guys, and my dick got so hard I couldn't pee. I had to think of something else to get it to go down.


When I got back to the table, Pete was there, and he pointed to Jim and Cindy on the dance floor. It was a fast oldie, one of Cindy's favorites. When the song ended, the DJ went right into a slow one. I could see Jim ask her she wanted to dance this one, too. When they started, you could see light between them, but Cindy soon had her body pressed against his, with her head on his shoulder. Slowly, her hand dropped to the small of his back as they swayed, and I watched as his made its way slowly down her back. By the time the song ended, his finger tips were just reaching the curve of her bottom. When the song ended, he "accidentally" brushed his hand across her ass, just as he looked back at out table. He saw me staring at them, and knew that I had seen his hand on Cindy's ass. From across the floor, I could see him go red.

Before they got back to the table, Pete was up and asking Cindy for the next dance, another slow one. She went off with him and Jim sat down, not wanting to even look at me. I moved over to the chair next to him. I knew he thought he was in trouble. "She's quite a dancer, isn't she?" I asked.

"Yeah...yeah, she is," he stammered, still not looking at me.

"If you want to feel her ass," I said bluntly, "that's fine with me, as long as its fine with Cindy." He looked at me with eyes and mouth wide open. "If she wants to get her motor running by dancing close to you guys, that's up to her. And if you see that as a signal that you should grope her, then that's up to you. But if you get your face slapped, that's between you and her. She's a big girl, she knows where the line is. All I want you to know is this: If she says stop, you stop! Outside of that you can pretend I'm not even here."

We turned to watch the end of the dance, and saw Cindy and Pete in a tight embrace, cheek to cheek, body to body.

I was glad that the next song was also a slow one, so I could dance with Cindy and tell her what I told Jim. I could see Jim telling Pete.

The next few dances were fast, so the only time they got to touch, was entering and leaving the dance floor. But they both copped a couple of quick ass caresses, just to test the water. Cindy did nothing to discourage them. This was turning her on!

Needing a rest, she went to the lady's room.

The two guys didn't quite know what they should say to me while she was gone. Its a little hard to casually slip "Gee, your wife's ass feels real nice." into small talk.

When she returned, she seemed to have a bit more bounce in her walk than when she left. A slow dance had just started when she got to the table, and she grabbed Jim's hand, leading him onto the floor. As she passed by me, she tossed me her purse, and said, "Look inside."

As they wrapped their arms around each other, I peeked inside her purse, and saw her bra! A closer look revealed her panties, too! I looked up at her, and found her staring at me, waiting for my reaction. I gave her a big smile, and a thumbs-up. Returning my big smile, she slipped her hands down onto Jim's butt. Needing little encouragement, he took that as a sign that turnabout was fair play. He slid his hands down her back, and onto her smooth round ass. As he realized that the panties that he had felt before were no longer there, he made the obvious connection, and squeezed hard on Cindy's ass, pulling her tight into him. She did the same to his ass, and with her head on his shoulder, the ground their hips together to the music.

When the song ended, she pulled away just enough to move her face in front of his, and give him a soft kiss. Then they walked from the floor, Cindy with a big smile, and Jim with a bulge in his pants!

The next song was an odd tempo thing that no one could dance to, so we just sat at the table. Cindy leaned across the table as she chatted, and having unbuttoned all but one of the buttons on the top of her dress, the guys got a great view of Cindy's tits. Her bare nipples, rubbing against the fabric as she moved, kept her nipples hard, and pointed. Finally a good slow song started, and she took Pete onto the floor. She danced with him the way she had with Jim.

At the table, I mentioned that we were going to have to split pretty quick, because we still hadn't found a place to stay. "You mean you guy's got no room?" he asked, not believing his luck.

"Nope," I answered. "We may end up in the car, from what I hear about rooms around here."

"Hey, you can share our room!," he blurted. Then, regaining a bit of control, he added, "Its got two queen size beds. I don't mind shackin' with Pete for a night."

I couldn't help smile at how he thought this was a new idea! "I don't know," I replied, "I guess its up to Cindy more than me. But I gotta say, I think she likes you guys."

When Cindy and Pete returned, smiles and bulges included, I explained to Cindy that Jim had graciously offered half of their room to us. I thought Pete was going to pee his pants at the thought of that!

Cindy decided it was time to come clean, so she leaned in, motioning the boys to do so also. "I'm gonna be frank with you guys, I'm as turned on right now as I've ever been in my life, probably more! I need to get screwed so bad that if I don't get it soon, I may explode! But you gotta know this: We're not a couple of swingers who go around picking up young guys to satisfy some weird game. In fact, I've never made love with anyone but my husband. We're both virgins to each other. So don't think of me as some tramp, or some hooker. I want you to think of me the way I'm thinking of you guys; as a lover. A really, really horny lover."

The guys mumbled their agreement, and restated that they were virgins too. They said they had plenty of "protection" in the car. Cindy smiled and said it wouldn't be necessary, since we were all obviously "safe" from a partner point of view, and she was on the pill.

It seemed like a good time to leave the lounge. Cindy and the guys headed for their room, and taking one of their keys, I headed out into the rain to get our stuff from the car.


When I got back to the room, I opened the door kind of suddenly, and saw Pete jump back away from Cindy, as if he'd been caught doing something wrong. He had been behind Cindy as she embraced Tom, their faces connected in a hot passionate kiss. Tom's hands roamed over Cindy's smooth ass, as hers dug into his ass cheeks. She was grinding her hips against Tom's crotch as she pulled on his ass. They made no attempt to break when I entered.

As I watched them, I could see Pete didn't know where to fit in; he just stood there watching, waiting for his turn I guess. Well in my opinion, the idea of a three way is not taking turns, but group activity! So I decided to be the orchestra leader of the group, and direct the action.

"Tom," I said quietly, "Hold her face in your hands; brush her cheeks with you thumbs as you kiss her." He did as directed, and I noticed a little deeper sound to my wife's breathing. I know she likes to have her face held while kissing, but I think she was turned on by me giving direction to her young lover.

"Pete, move up behind her; rub your crotch against her ass; make a sandwich between you and Tom." Again she reacted favorably.

"OK Pete, slide your hands up her belly, and take hold of her tits; squeeze them while you grind your crotch into her ass." She let out a moan, muffled by Tom's mouth. She later told me that she didn't know what was turning her on more; being groped by the two young studs, hearing me talk dirty, or knowing I was watching her act like a whore.

"Pete, reach into her dress, and take out her tits; pull them out over the dress." He did so, and her lovely tits were pushed up by the fabric, her big pink nipples bulging from the pressure. "Take her nipples between your fingers, and pull on them," I said. He pulled gently on them, not wanting to hurt her. She had other ideas, however. She pulled her mouth away from Tom's long enough to say, "Harder. Pull harder!"

Pete responded as asked, and with a moan, she went back to sucking on Tom's tongue.

By now, Tom's hands had made their way to Cindy's tits too, and she had four hands squeezing and fondling her shapely boobs.

"Pete, pull her dress up, and feel how smooth her ass is." He slid it up over her waist, exposing her firm round ass to his view, and touch. He cupped her ass cheeks in his hands, and massaged the smooth flesh. She wiggled her ass, pressing back at him. I moved around where I could see better, and noticed the wetness between her legs. She hadn't even cum yet, but her pussy was dripping juice. "Run your finger between her legs, Pete; Just feel how wet she is, don't play with her pussy, yet." He did as directed, and if he had left his finger in contact with her dripping pussy lips for about two more seconds, I know she would have cum.

"OK Cindy, why don't you get on your knees now," I said as calmly as I could knowing I was getting my lovely wife ready to give some other guy a blow job. She slid down Tom, his hands never leaving her exposed tits. "Pull down his fly, and reach in and take hold of his stiff dick. Don't take it out; just play with it in there," I continued. "Pete, get on your knees behind her, and pull her dress back up; let's see that pretty ass of hers."

Cindy rubbed and squeezed Tom's cock through his briefs, her hand fully inside his pants. He was bent over slightly giving her more room, and also making it easier to reach her tits, which he continued to squeeze while she played with him. I told Cindy to spread her legs, and Pete to put his hand between her legs and rub her dripping pussy lips. I told him to rub all he wanted, all over her pussy and ass, but not to stick his finger up her hole yet. She rocked her hips into his hand as she hummed little moans of pleasure.

"You think you can get his dick out of those shorts, Cindy?" The question was quickly answered when Tom's rigid cock appeared in front of my wife's face. Its head was slick with precum, and she stroked it, making another drop appear. "Taste it." I said. "Just lap his juice; just your tongue; don't put your lips on it yet." She sexily lapped her tongue around the swollen head, and poked her tongue into the tiny hole that his juice was dripping from. Tom's breath was coming in short gasps as she worked her magic on his cock.

"OK, now you can suck on it, Cindy; suck his dick into your mouth." She quickly had her mouth filled with this strange guy's hot cock, taking him in as deep as she could without gagging. She stroked what didn't fit in her mouth, as she sucked and bobbed her head. I could see by his breathing that Tom wasn't going to last very long.

"Pete, stick your finger up her cunt, now. Finger-fuck her pussy while she gives your buddy a blow job." The combination of the raw sex, the finger up her hole, and my talking smutty, had the expected effect. Cindy moaned around the stiff dick in her mouth as her pussy poured forth a gusher of cunt juice. "Keep fucking her, Pete; use two fingers; make her keep cumming." He did, and she did.

Suddenly, Tom let out a groan as his cock spurted his hot thick cum into Cindy's mouth. Cindy doesn't like to swallow cum, but she will take a load of jism into her mouth, and on her face. And that's exactly what she got. With her cum filled mouth open in front of his throbbing dick, she jerked Tom off, letting his squirts drool down her face, and drip onto her naked tits.

What an incredibly hot scene. My sexy wife on her knees, her tits pulled out of her dress, her dress hiked up over her naked ass. One young guy finger-fucking her dripping cunt hole from behind, as she jerked a second guy off onto her face. I couldn't take it any longer, and I pulled my own stiff dick out of my pants, and began to stroke it slowly, spreading the dribbling precum over its length.

She turned her cum splattered face toward me, and asked, "You approve?" I pumped my stiff dick in her direction, and replied, "Does this answer your question?" With my free hand, I tossed her a towel. She wiped the cum from her face, and turned, still on her knees, to face Pete.

She grabbed him, and covered his mouth with hers. I'm sure he could taste his buddy's cum, but it didn't stop him from shoving his tongue into her open mouth. Their hands roamed all over each other, Pete's finally coming to rest on Cindy's firm ass, pulling her into his crotch. She responded by grinding her naked mound against the rough fabric of his jeans.

I told Jim to pull Cindy's dress off over her head, and he eagerly complied, leaving her on her knees, completely naked. "You may as well get out of you clothes, too," I told him, as I started stripping my own off. I told Pete to stand up, then told Cindy to help him out of his pants. Within seconds, his jeans and shorts were kicked across the room, and Cindy had his rigid, drooling cock in her face. It was a little longer than Tom's, but not as big around.

"Don't touch his dick with your hands," I told her. "Just suck him off with your mouth." She took one lap of the precum that glistened in its head, then plunged her talented mouth as far over the hot flesh as she could. Pete cried out in pleasure as she started sucking and pumping her head back and forth. "Play with his balls," I told her. "Squeeze the cum out of him while you suck is stiff dick." The dirty talk aroused her even more, and she sucked faster as she massaged his cum-swollen balls.

He appeared to be getting ready to cum, so I said, "Take hold of the sides of her head, Pete, and fuck her in the mouth, until you're ready to cum. Then jerk off in her mouth, like Tom did." Cindy continued to squeeze his balls as he held her head still, and fucked his hot cock into her sucking mouth. After about 30 seconds of fucking her face, he pulled back, grabbed his slick cock, and jerked off a giant load of cum at Cindy's waiting mouth. The first long spurt when right in, but as he jerked his dick, the rest of the thick hot liquid spurted over her face, her hair, and her tits. As he finished cumming, she took his dick back in her mouth, and while still massaging his balls, she sucked the last drops from his quivering cock. He fell back on the bed, hardly able to keep his balance any longer.

She looked over at me as she let Pete's cum drip from her mouth down onto her tits. She pursed her lips, blowing me a sexy kiss. She was really enjoying playing the slut, and it made me hot as hell to watch her being so slutty. Still stroking my cock, I stepped over to her, and she looked up at me and opened her mouth. She knew I must be getting ready to cum, and she was more than willing to get a third load of hot jism jerked into her mouth. She only had to wait a few seconds as she lapped at my cock head while I jerked off. My cum spurted into her mouth, and all over her face and her naked body, mixing with Pete's sticky drippings. I moaned loudly as she sucked on my cock head while I pumped the last of my jism from my slippery pole.

The two guys had watched closely as I jerked off in Cindy's mouth, and with their rigid cocks in their hands, I could see they were ready for more. I knew Cindy was, too.

After she wiped herself off, I told her to lie on the bed, with Tom on one side, and Pete on the other. I told them each to take one of her tits, and squeeze and suck on the nipple. They eagerly complied, and Cindy laid her head back, closed her eyes and loved the feeling. She had never had both tits sucked at the same time before, and later told me that it made it feel 10 times better than one at a time. She put her hands on the back of their heads, pressing their mouths tight to her tingling nipples. As they sucked her tits, both guys were rubbing their hard dicks against her legs.

I climbed onto the end of the bed, and took Cindy's legs by the ankles, and spread them as wide as I could. I had the guys wrap one of their legs over Cindy's, keeping her in the spread-open position. I then told the guys to feel how wet they were making her pussy. At first, they took turns, but I told them to do it at the same time. Cindy moaned and her breathing got deeper and faster as ten fingers roamed over her juicy cunt, rubbing her clit, pulling at the tender pink lips, and dipping into the steaming depths of her cunt hole. As Tom rubbed over her whole wet crotch, Pete had a long finger shoved up her fuck hole, jerking her off. I could tell she was getting near her next orgasm, so I told Tom to shove his finger up her cunt, too. With both guys finger fucking her dripping pussy, it was only a mater of seconds before she pumped a river of cunt juice over their hands, her legs, and down over her naked ass. The view from the end of the bed was fantastic. My hot sexy wife, moaning in pleasure as two young guys sucked her tits, and finger-fucked her wide open cunt at the same time. As her orgasm subside, she raised her head up and smiled at me, and just said, "Wow!," then flopped her head back down.

"Who wants to eat some pussy, now that its nice and wet?" I asked.

"Yeah!," Tom replied quickly. He swiftly moved in between her legs, as I got off the bed. I didn't have to give him any instructions. His tongue and lips went to all the right places to get Cindy cooing with delight.

"We can't leave Pete out, Cindy," I said. "Why don't you suck on his dick while your cunt is getting eaten?" Pete eagerly moved to her head, and she eagerly took his hot stiff cock into her mouth. With a dick in her mouth and a tongue up her cunt, her next orgasm was well on the way. I told Tom to shove two fingers up her hole as he sucked her clit. In seconds, her pussy erupted again, and I thought she was going to suck the head off Pete's prick. As her orgasm subsided, she let Pete's cock slip from her mouth so she could catch her breath.

"Think you're ready to fuck, Cindy?" I asked my sweat-covered, panting wife.

"Yeah!," she said forcefully. "I've had cocks in my mouth, and tongues and fingers up my pussy. Now I need some of that cock shoved up my cunt. I've never been so fucking hot in my life! Yeah, I'm ready to fuck! I want all of you to fuck me! Fuck my steaming cunt hole 'til I can't cum any more!"

God she made me hot when she talked like a slut! It got the boys and her going, too. She spread her legs wide, and reached between them to spread her juicy red pussy lips for the boys. They responded by stroking their rigid cocks, and crawling back onto the bed. Before either one of them could get between her wide open legs, I told then to wait. I picked up their pants, slipped their belts from the loops, and climbed onto the bed, straddling my wife's naked chest. I looped a belt around one wrist, and stretched it back to the bedpost, where I tied it. "I don't want you changing your mind while these nice boys are fucking that hot snatch, darling," I teased. She responded by breathing deeper, and mumbling something about "fat chance of changing my mind now!" The feeling of helplessness and total sexual submission made her even hotter than before

I turned around, and got my knees positioned so my balls hung right over her face. I took hold of her legs and pulled them up to my shoulders. It brought her sexy naked ass up in the air, with her hairy cunt right up on top. I love the view of her cunt like this. She has all the hair around her pink lips that nature intended. ( I don't find shaved pussies sexy.) This is one of our favorite fucking positions, and I even get off watching her finger her own cunt like this, or better yet, when she jerks herself off with a vibrator slipping in and out of her juicy up-turned hole.

I lowered myself slightly, and said, "Suck on my balls, Cindy, while your two studs fuck you up the cunt! Then when they get done, they can hold your ass up in the air while I fuck you like a whore!" With only a "mmm" in response, she sucked both of my balls into her mouth, and wiggled her cum soaked ass in anticipation.

Pete got the honor of going first. He got up on his knees, and rubbed the head of his dripping dick over her slippery cunt lips. Then with a long slow push, he shoved his length all the way up her burning fuck hole. When his balls rested against her ass, he wiggled around a bit, then pulled all the way out. I thought Cindy was going to suck my balls right off as he fucked her! He did the same thing three or four times, before he began to fuck her in earnest.

By the moans coming from around my balls, I knew she was getting ready to cum, so I reached down and squeezed her nipples. That was enough to send her over the edge. A loud, muffled "YESSS!" came from her testicle-filled mouth as her cunt spasmed with yet another orgasm. I urged Pete on (and drove Cindy wild), by telling him, "Yeah, that's it, you're making her cum. Fuck that hole as hard as you can. Pump your cum up her wet pussy. C'mon, Pete, fuck her good!" Pete's response was to cum nearly immediately. Groaning and driving as deep into her as he could, he finally pulled out, and flopped to the side, and rolled off the bed.

Tom was in his place, almost before Pete's cum dribbled from Cindy's pussy, and ran down the crack of her ass. After watching the live sex show, Tom was ready to do some hard cunt fucking, and wasted no time in shoving hard and deep into Cindy's super-juicy cunt.

Cindy continued to slurp on my balls as I eased the grip on her nipples, going back to a firm massage of her lovely tits. "You ready for another fuck, sweety?" I asked. " 'Cause ol' Tom sure seems ready to fuck that pretty cunt of yours. You like that juicy fuck, Cindy?"

Her reply was a muffled "mmmm." I could feel her beginning to build to another orgasm, but Tom was hotter than her, and was going to beat her to it. When he started to cum, I heard her moan "No! No!"

"Ohhhhhh! Jesus! Christ!" he called out as he squirted his cock juice into Cindy's hot cunt.

I quickly traded places with Tom, and he and Pete took hold of her legs, to let me have a shot at that cum dripping hole. I shoved into the cunt I had fucked hundreds of times, but it felt like never before. It was so juicy and slippery! I tried to get a hard deep rhythm going, to get her building back towards that orgasm. As I rammed my rod into her still-hot love hole, my balls, wet from her mouth, slapped against her up-turned cum smeared ass. The sound alone was a turn-on for both of us. Without a mouth full of balls, she was free to urge me on. "Oh, yeah, that's it, fuck me, baby! Yeah! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me up my fucking cunt! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

I told the boys to each suck on a nipple, while holding her legs up, and when they did, I felt her pussy tighten around my slippery cock. I slammed into her juicy cunt as hard as I could as I felt her spasm with her final orgasm. The sudden tightness of her pussy was the trigger for my own orgasm, and I told the boys to move away from her tits as I pulled out and jerked my load off all over her naked, sweaty body.


Pete and Tom released her legs, and just laid there beside her, exhausted. I laid on top of her, supporting my weight on my elbows, my softening dick pressed against the tangled, matted hair of her pubic mound. My chest pressed against her tits, gluing us together with the globs of seamen I had just put there. I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her hard, deep, and long. A kiss of love, of passion, of lust, and of undying devotion to the sexiest woman I will ever know.


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