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First Time by

First Time

I had study hall last period of the day, which was unusual for a freshman. Most of the rest of my classmates spent that hour sweating it up in PE, but last summer's broken leg kept me sidelined for at least the first semester.

As the day dragged on, I realized that I wouldn't make it without hitting the bathroom for a healthy piss. I took the pass, a stupid wooden paddle with Rest Room painted across it in bold letters, and headed down the stairs.

This part of our high school had been built in the 1920s. Originally, the back half had been a gymnasium, but just after World War II, they built a new athletic complex, so they remodeled the old gym into two levels of classrooms. The old locker rooms, however, remained in place, though they only served as bathrooms now. To get to the boys, located at the back corner of the building, you had to take a long, steep set of concrete stairs down to the dungeon, too much work for most people. We usually saved our pissing for when we were in one of the newer buildings.

I wasn't trying to be overly quiet, but my Hush Puppies shoes, with their crepe soles, made my footsteps silent. My tender leg kept me hobbling. If I'd have been running, I never would have heard the groan that kept me from bursting around the corner of the old pisser.

The groan didn't sound like someone in pain. As a matter of fact, I recognized the sound as one I made when I lay in bed at night and jack off. I peaked around the corner, and nearly died at the sight. Harold Porter, the school dweeb, stood by the urinals with his pants around his ankles. Kneeling in front of him was none other than Mr. Cornwall, the band director. He had Harold's cock in his mouth, with his head bobbing up and down like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly, Harold pulled his meat, a respectable six incher with an interesting curve downward, from Mr. Cornwall's ministrations and started jacking on it.

"That's it, Harold. Let me see you shoot," grunted Mr.Cornwall.

"Here goes," moaned Harold.

With just a couple more strokes, the cock began to spew long ropes of thick, white cream. By the time Harold's eruption subsided, Mr. Cornwall's face glistened in the faint light, completely bathed in Harold's cum.

I decided to split before they discovered my presence. I hurried up the stairs, no small task with my sore leg. I was further slowed by the fact that my piss-pressured cock had swollen to its full nine inches as I watched my very first live sex act. I decided that no one would miss me, so I ducked out the side door and headed home.

As I walked through the park, my usual shortcut, I realized that though my cock remained stiff, I still needed to piss, and it was rapidly becoming urgent. I decided to stop at the public rest room over by the lake.

The urinal had an out-of-order sign on it, so I headed into the first stall. I pulled my throbbing cock from my pants and waited. Nothing happened. The hard on wouldn't let me piss.

Suddenly, I noticed a movement at my side. A finger protruded from a hole cut in the partition between my stall and the next.

"Come, on, kid. Put it through," a voice whispered.

Now, normally, I would have bolted. After all, I didn't see myself as one of those queers. But with what I'd just seen between Harold and Mr. Cornwall, and the fact that I'd never be able to piss 'til my dick deflated, I decided, "What the hell."

I shoved my cock through the hole, and straight into the waiting mouth of a very talented cocksucker. The way the lips drug along my swollen flesh, and the way his tongue toyed with that spot right under my piss-hole had me ready to shoot in seconds.

Then, the mouth left me.

"Come on, man. Don't quit now," I begged.

I heard a rustling on the other side of the wall, and then felt my cock come in contact with something, soft and wet, but still unrecognizable to me. Before I had time to figure out what was going on, the what-ever pushed hard on my dick, and swallowed the entire length. That's when it hit me. I was fucking a guy in the ass.

I couldn't believe how good it felt. The heat from his insides made me feel on fire, but not in a bad way.

"Go ahead, fuck me, kid," the voice grunted. I pulled my dick back until the head nearly plopped out of its captor. Then I drove it back in. After only about ten strokes, I felt my prostate begin to shudder. Sperm began to gush out of my dick and into this stranger's hot ass like Old Faithful. With each convulsion, I rammed my dick deep inside the guy.

When the tremors finally stopped, I pulled my deflating cock out of the guy's ass. I was grossed out by the brown streaks of shit that now adorned my meat. And I really freaked out when I saw the marble-sized turd that stuck to the tip of my cock.

"Give it back and I'll clean it up for you," the voice whispered.

Not wanting to look at his shit anymore, I shoved my cock back through the hole. I groaned in pleasure as I felt his tongue lick away at my messy meat. As I stood there, in post-orgasmic nirvana, my bladder reminded me that I had an urgent need.

"I gotta piss, man," I said as I tried to withdraw my cock.

"Go for it," he responded.

"You mean you want me to piss in...?" I started.

"That's right, kid. Piss in my mouth," he said.

My bladder overruled my hesitation. The piss started to gush from my cock. I could hear the guy chugging as he tried to swallow my whole load.

As I finished, the reality of what had just happened started to fill my mind. In the last hour, I'd seen a classmate get a blow job from a teacher, I fucked a guy's asshole, and pissed in his mouth. I shoved my dick back in my pants and bolted from the building. I started to run, but then curiosity overcame me. I had to see the face of my first fuck. I hid behind a tree and waited for the stranger to emerge from the bathroom. I didn't have long to wait.

The door opened, and I nearly fainted. Out father.

Let me know if you'd like to hear more of my fantasy.

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